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Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Dedicate Forever Young To Trayvon Martin! Watch HERE!

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jay z justin timberlake dedicate song to trayvon martin

Beyoncé already dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin, and now her husband has followed in her footsteps.

While performing the Legends of Summer Tour alongside Justin Timberlake, Jay Z gave a heartfelt shout-out to Trayvon who was shot to death by George Zimmerman.

While George was recently found not guilty, stars have been very vocal about their emotions and support of Trayvon.

Jay and Justin were no different as they performed Forever Young in honor of Trayvon.

Ch-ch-check it out…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via Tyrone Beckford/WENN.]

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38 comments to “Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Dedicate Forever Young To Trayvon Martin! Watch HERE!”

  1. JJ says – reply to this


    oh please. The publicity that this case is getting is appalling. We Canadians are laughing at you Americans for this…where were you in your rallies when your young children were being shot in your schools? To want to change the justice system and make this man a marytr is sickening. How about you change your attitude about guns and save the lives of your innocent children who go to your schools? How about changing the system for that cause? Pathetic.

  2. 2

    What's the point of a "heartfelt shout out"? And why is that news? It would be news if he contributed to a charity that helped shooting victims and their families or dedicated concert proceeds to a shelter for abuse victims. Or else if he supported a movement that might help prevent future cases like this.

    Shout outs are great for getting publicity on the back of someone else's tragedy.

  3. 3

    This is what makes America, Canada. We fight for our rights.

  4. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Oh please, pick your fucking battles. What about all those innocent people in Chicago getting gunned down by other blacks for doing nothing but walking down the street. Where's the sympathy for them? Where's their support and sympathy for all the children getting shot by their own neighbors in the inner cities. Trayvon Martin caused his own death by attacking someone he didn't know was armed. That was his second mistake.

  5. share says – reply to this


    Can you post what Charles Barkley said about the case recently? Of course not, the media is so one-sided.

  6. Gj says – reply to this



  7. JJ says – reply to this


    @bladder You comment about fighting for your rights makes me giggle. How about fighing for your right to live without fear- you can't because every single one of you owns a gun! It looks like America is heading to rule by the mob and government control is slipping drastically. President Obama knows exactly what he is doing with his 'non overt" references to this judicial case. The Dems are only too happy to exploit this situation to deflect from all of the garbage from the investigations into : Libya, the IRS, The DOJ, and now Obamacare. The administration is aided by a very biased press, some well organized race baiting, and a population which doesn't have time for facts and that wants "justice" based on emotion.

  8. 8

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  9. Oh Please says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – EXACTLY…there's a whole bunch of child molesters and human trafficking shit that goes on and most of the time those people only get a few years in prison but I don't see any rallies for justice for that, but LORD FORBID a mexican/caucasian shot a black (and yes, I do believe he should've atleast gotten manslaughter because he followed him) but because it was a "black & white" issue all these celebrities have to jump on the racist bandwagon…..PEOPLE ARE FUCKING DUMB!

  10. mikal says – reply to this


    How about we dedicate the song from Freddy Fender. "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights……. for the wasted time this trial took from George Zimmerman for standing up to a thug and defending himself.

    And you wonder why Hollywood is suffering it's worst time for earnings verses cost. They continue to insult 51% of those that have the disposable income to go to their concerts and movies. You on the left are shooting yourself in the foot. Give it a year and you will be kissing the butts of those you now hate. Check your bank account then. Comments "Lefties"?

  11. It's HOT says – reply to this


    Meanwhile in Chicago the dead count continues to rise in the Lame Z buying communities where black on black violence keeps pushing new highs with each passing day. Where's the love for all that black on black murder in the US? Oh that's right they can't blame the white race.

  12. 12

    Re: JJ – My firearms have killed less people than Ted Kennedy's car & I even own an AR-15 & AK-74. If you look at the studies, the cities with the strictest gun control (i.e., Chicago, New York City) have the highest gun violence. Look at the cities that allow citizens to openly carry or the shall issue states. You should really watch Penn & Teller's Bullshit episode on gun control.

  13. texasannie says – reply to this


    dumbass hollywood. jumping on any ’cause' they think makes them look cool and liberal. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, he feared for his life and shot. also the skittles and arizona drink are common things used with robutussin to make sizzurup or drank or other. Trayvon's text messages (that weren't allowed into evidence - bullshit) had him trying to buy codeine and such to complete his drugs. All this bullshit about Zimmerman hunting him down is just that. Bullshit. Trayvon was a wanna be thug who thought he'd beat up a white ass cracka and lost his life over it. now his parents are hanging with Jay Z, Beyonce and Jessie Jackson. Bullshit.

  14. 14

    Shut up and stick to "music" - if thats what you call it…

  15. No OBAMACARE says – reply to this


    What a idiot celebrities we have in America? When will you get it straight crapheads! Shame on JY and JZ for their ignorance and using their so-called celebrity to reap this crap out loud. You are BOTH complete morons!
    There were two people involved in this incident. YESR - TWO! A profiling racial beyotch and wanna be cop, and a drug using aggressive teenager. BOTH WERE WRONG.
    Get it right stupid celebrities and our dumb excuse for of a president Obama.
    Let's incite more violence you idiots.
    It is too bad these idiots are unable to tell their own asses from their elbows.
    How much $$$$$$ have the two (oh, three - including our useless so called leader) have they dedicated to anyone regarding this case?
    Zero, zip. nada!

  16. Stacey says – reply to this


    SMH. Hollywood.All about color of skin. Martin was a thug. Sad, but a thug.

  17. lala says – reply to this


    The attention whores that are Jay Z and Bey made certain they had their mug shots taken with the dead hoodie kids parents and racist Rev. Al Sharpton. Nothing like a bunch of attention shores mugging it up for the media. I hope they sweated their weaves off in the NY City sun.

  18. lacey says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – See, this just goes to show what you Canadians know about America: NOTHING! When the Sandy Hook tragedy happened, it was ALL OVER the news and for weeks, months later, we are still talking about gun laws and the ways in which they need to be changed and over hauled. It has become a long standing, national issue ever since Sandy Hook. So talk what you know about OUR country!

  19. lacey says – reply to this


    Re: irvinegirl – The Trayvon Martin situation had ZERO to do with black on black crime in Chicago, or in America for that matter. It has to do with the racial disparities in the judicial system when it comes to minorites. Period, and when young white men go into schools and movie theaters and people shoot, we don't make these same kind of comparisons and and broad, sweeping statements and we certainly don't vilify the entire white community based on the actions of a few.

  20. JJ says – reply to this


    @Lacey Why didn't your gun laws change /rallies happen after Columbine? Why did it take so many other school shootings for people to begin talking about the real issues? We Canadians are well aware of your news and societal issues. We are bombarded with your media outlets everyday. And from what we see and know through American family members, you society lives off of fear, why? Because you have all bought into the idea that you need to protect yourself from your neighbour. Until your country commits to resolving the underlying issues; there will be more cold-blooded murders and accidental deaths each day due to guns in your land of the free.
    As for celebrities and your President taking sides on this case- it is simply ridiculous and all related to getting another 15 mins of fame!

  21. stephen says – reply to this


    dedicate another persons song, nice. Im sure Alphaville is proud. Thanks for lending your uhs and yeahs J-z, makes s it so much more important and meaningful,

  22. 22

    All hail the the Bey-o-woof. Puleez, They jumped on the band wagon because of skin color only. Otherwise their heads are so far up their own asses they don't know what is going on in the world. JT goes along to avoid looking racist to his new best bud. Can't wait for Perez to post what the ultimate racist Kunt-ye has to say about all the injustice done because of the kids skin color. Oh but its ok to to rant about someone getting more stage time because of being "pink". Funny how racisim only works one way. Its ok to refer to someone as a "Crazy Ass Cracker". No big deal. Let;s overlook that one. And its funny how because of the anger in the black community, it is acceptable to beat two people on a bus stop bench and bust windows in Walmart and loot ,ie STEAL, in the name of injustice. Wow.

  23. lacey says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – Fifteen minutes of fame? What are you taking about? These are very established artists taking a stand. Not some reality television show contestants. Beyonce and Jay Z don't need to use a tragic situation to gain fame. One just went platinum, the other is on a sold out world tour. And our President is not "taking sides". He simply spoke in terms of being able to relate to being racially profiled, a position that perhaps no other President in our nation's history could EVER relate to. It is a profound statement coming from him and it is not the first press conference he has had on the issues of race. You are not American, therefore, you have not directly experienced the remnants of the deep rooted issues that our country's history has fostered in regards to race relations. You are simply on the outside looking in with judgment. Our history is the reason these issues keep coming up time and time again. They have never really been healed. They've just been swept under the rug because people would rather not deal with it. Instead, they would rather act if it doesn't exist. We can't continue to be in denial about this. It needs to be addressed.

  24. G says – reply to this


    Re: irvinegirl – What was his first mistake? Just walking home? I agree with the person that said that shout outs are great for PR and living on the back of someone else's tragedy.

  25. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Get over it people, jury has spoken. Also he is not going to be tried for civil rights violation as there was never the slightest hint during the trial that this was a race crime. There were riots and looting up in Hollywood 2-3 nights ago, people just using this as an excuse.

  26. nicoletta gacos says – reply to this


    Another video closer with them dedicating the song.

  27. Dan says – reply to this


    fuck Jay Z.

  28. caravaggoo defiant says – reply to this


    What about the 1,200+ black on black teen shooting deaths in the past year in CHICAGO under RAHM "JEHOVAH" EMANUEL? This generation is awful.

  29. 29

    Timberlake goes a ways in redeeming himself after the infamous wardrobe malfunction disaster where he left Janet hanging. For a southern boy to outwardly oppose Heavy Z's murderous action is commendable.

  30. What ever says – reply to this


    Re: lacey – no you right because they were there nope it was what they were program to do when they are younger to hate any one that white or of any other race . They got money like you say get therapy for the pain and suffering psychologically .They have no one to blame but there parents and dumb asses presidents like Obama. I guess those other people like illegal immigrants get beat or kill should start hating on white and blacks for there violence because I doubt they can get over it .

  31. Guess why? says – reply to this


    Re: G – Nope throwing punches.

  32. Racism why? says – reply to this


    This go to show you celebrities can be racist too and unlike what spike lee says black can be racist .when they were the shooting in the elementary school where were these celebrities . Oh we'll now it's black and white crime I'm there say Jay Z and Beyonce with there capes on. Funny Jay Z said in an interview with Angie Martinez he doesn't watch the news or read the paper so I guess some informed him.Wrong it wasn't a black and white crime .Zimmerman is hispanic but now he white hispanic.So wait minute if your dad white and your mom's black are you a white African American Ridiculous. So if any person Beat you MAA style you better hope he ain't African American because your a racist .It was self defense .Oh it not Jay Z fault he's traumatized from slavery that happened in the1600 wait minute how old would that make Jay Z now? 393 years old I'm just guessing nope they were program this way by parents and family. Hispanic probably should be program watch your back from whites and blacks because we don't get stop at stores or ask questions all the time like can i see your green card dam I'm American like Cheech born in East La or Hablas English man ask me one more time . Racism comes in all colors . Blacks the new racist

  33. jay975 says – reply to this


    Some of you people are the epitome of what's wrong in this country and why we still have a long way to go… No one knows for sure what happend the night this young man died. And for people to act as if he some how he caused his own death is just idiotic amd irrational. That being said aside from their money… artists biggest influence is with their voices amd not their money.I expected Jay Z to say something… JT was the wild card. I commend him because he had more to lose by this gesture.

  34. Hail Jay Z you say says – reply to this


    Re: jay975 – well no one knows including you no dah . Oh wait were you there. People are entitled to their opinions it call freedom of speech . Jay z is not a wild card it his true self and Zimmerman isn't white so how is it a white on black crime. You must be gal liable you believe anything celebrities tell you read facts .

  35. Michelle says – reply to this


    Oh PLEASE! Celebs need to get off their damn soap boxes and stick to what they're being paid for. Over it! Find a cause that will prevent tradgedies and quit harping on a topic that only TWO people know what really happened.

  36. 36

    Re: Racism why? – Spike Lee should be ashamed for posting what he thought was Zimmermans address…instead it ended up being someone else's and the couple got harassed endlessly because of this irresponsible, racist POS! Its assholes like him that make this world a shitty place. Sick of hearing/reading about this case. MOVE ON!

  37. Karen says – reply to this


    Did anyone dedicate songs to the people OJ murdered? Do we not remember that verdict?? Please..if you ask me, it's a fair trade-off!

  38. 38

    i love they did that but how they know idk i think im not thinking