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All There Is To Say Is…

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16 comments to “All There Is To Say Is…”

  1. Eldomaggio says – reply to this


    Ha ha ha! Take that Mother MONS-TURD!!!

  2. 2

    OMG, she is sooooo young!!!

  3. lucas says – reply to this


    whats this from the silent movie era?

  4. Kippy says – reply to this


    Her current boyfriend hadn't even been born yet. Well, I'm crreped out for the day.

  5. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Untalented fugly grandma Monroe wannabe.

  6. shutthefuckupperez says – reply to this


    you're ugly and no one likes you perez

  7. WhoopyPie says – reply to this


    That's a sign you're ready for the retirement village, when you start living in the past.

  8. 8

    "Wild" Forever the QUEEN.

  9. bukey says – reply to this



  10. 10

    I wish Madonna looked like this forever and ever! She still has some moments where she looks this young, but for me, this was the absolute height of her beauty and power! Long Live Madonna!!! BTW, my avatar is from this era too!

  11. 11

    Re: lucas – Haha, nice one…NOT. This was actually from 1991.

  12. Eros says – reply to this


    first there are people who are jealous of your upcoming as monkey montes petatis + litany and canon laws ecclesiastical laws and it affects everyone
    money attracts a hoard of the hungry

  13. Eros Khan says – reply to this


    ecclesiastical law partially
    It's a little out-of-the-way place, where they administer what is called ecclesiastical law, and play all kinds of tricks with obsolete old monsters of acts of Parliament, which three-fourths of the world know nothing about, and the other fourth supposes to have been dug up, in a fossil state, in the days of the Edwards.

  14. Eros Khan says – reply to this


    Montes Petatis partially

    The aversion in which montes pietatis are held by many, even in our own day, leads to the question of the advantages and of the defects of these institutions; it is held that they promote carelessness in contracting debts, that they destroy love for labour, incite to theft, are often the cause of financial ruin, and, lastly, that they are contrary to the principle of free competition. On the other hand, they are a necessity; for without them the needy would be exposed either to the extortions of private lenders or to ruin, into which they might be plunged by some misfortune from which a momentary loan might save them. Their disadvantages are undeniable, but disadvantages are common to all human contrivances. For the rest the montes pietatis, besides the relief that they brought to the poor, exerted great influence upon the ideas concerning interest on loans; for the rigid views of the theologians of the Middle Ages in that connexion underwent a first modification, which prepared the way for a generalization of the principle that moderate interest might justly be charged, and also the mere existence of the montes pietatis compelled private speculators to reduce their rates of interest from the usurious rates that had hitherto prevailed.

  15. Eros Khan says – reply to this





    1.A series of petitions for use in church services, usually recited by the clergy and responded to in a recurring formula by the people.
    2.A tedious recital or repetitive series

  16. Eros Khan says – reply to this


    "civilization presupposes respect for the law";