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Enrique Iglesias Turns The Night Up In His SeXXXy New Song

| Filed under: LatinoliciousMusic MinuteEnrique Iglesias

We feel another AH-mazing club hit by the super sexy Enrique Iglesias!

In his bumpin' new single Turn Up The Night, the latin lover is letting his fans lead the way by showing club footage of them along with his very own personal concert footage to create the most dance-worth fan promo video!

It's the lead track from his upcoming yet-to-be-titled 10th studio album, and considering it's produced by The Cataracs, you know it's going to be spicy hot!

The song isn't released on iTunes until August 13th, but we're letting you turn the lights down and Turn Up the Night just a little early! Get ready to twerk it and PRESS PLAY (above)!!!!!

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42 comments to “Enrique Iglesias Turns The Night Up In His SeXXXy New Song”

  1. MusicManDave says – reply to this


    too many synthesizers and over produced just like J-lo’s new song. Horrible.

  2. noname says – reply to this


    This is his worst ever!! He really needs to take a brake and get it together or just retire from music!

  3. lauren says – reply to this


    i dont like this song, i do like enrique but this is terrible. i feel bad for him. He also looks really bad and old..

  4. blindsided says – reply to this


    Hes a night fright!!! what happened to him? He is so darn skinny and old looking! I swear i didnt recognize him. I dont care for this garbage of a song. He used to write beautiful music. Where did it go?

  5. goose says – reply to this


    Hes bumping alright!! He should be bumped out of the music business! This song sucks big time!! He does not look like no latin lover to me! I would take his father over him and im 32 years old. His fans should speak up!

  6. dj taks says – reply to this


    Now I'm really nauseated between this song and seeing what he looks like, i need an alka seltzer!

  7. gena says – reply to this


    He looks so sad and bad, look at those bags under his eyes. His face is so thin his nose looks huge and i cant say anymore, its very sad what happened to him and his music.. what is this song about?

  8. anna says – reply to this


    SEXY? I think not! Hot song? I think Not. Enrique get a grip…

  9. flip it says – reply to this



  10. Work it says – reply to this


    I love the new sound, not like anything out there! This will be a big hit!!!

  11. ei says – reply to this


    Most of the comments here, I won't comment on what you said about his song or his looks.(which I this this crazy). But I will comment on him being old!!! That's completely bulls**t!!! Really?! Old! That proves your only haters! You can say you don't like his music, his looks, but looking old is not an opinion it's a fact! And he defiantly looks young and his good looking. What made me laugh the most @goose you will take his dad who is 70, Enrique Is 36!!!

  12. Maria says – reply to this


    the song is good… And he is looking HOT!!!

    Loved it <3

  13. KNM25 says – reply to this


    Enrique use to sing really good songs, nowadays he's singing bullshit rap and all these shit music

  14. tekira says – reply to this


    wow! great! i love this song! Good for Enrique! is not afraid to experiment with music!

  15. Annah says – reply to this


    Re: lauren – yea ur right about the song. not his looks;)
    i hope the rest of the upcoming album is better than this.

  16. jodi says – reply to this


    Terrible! dont like it, cant see it being one of his hits! He better come up with some good songs on this new album to cover this mess up! Btw, i agree he may be 37 years old but lately hes been looking older and something is just not right with him. He never looks happy and i do agree hes to thin for his height and he does not look healthy!!

  17. goose says – reply to this


    Re: ei – Youre dam right i would take his father over enrique….maybe you didnt get what i meant, i would take listening to his father and enjoy looking at a man whose good looking and clean and elegant and knows how to speak over enrique who is none of these! So get your mind out of the gutter! Theres no doubt his father at his age looks amazing and is a very very very good looking man, enrique has lost his looks!!

  18. Staci says – reply to this


    Is Enrique just looking for publicity? He even went so far as to say he would consider collaborating with Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes! Enrique needs to remember who he is and be true to himself and stop trying to emulate what's already out there, grasping at straws. I just wish he'd start to act like the 38 year old that he is (yes that is his correct age for you diehards…look it up) and do some grown up music like guys younger than him (Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars). Take your career a bit more seriously dude!

  19. nestome says – reply to this


    wow Hes only 38 years old? he has aged awful!! i thought he was about 45 years old,not that, thats old but still, what happened to him? i dont like this music for him and i dont care for the song, the video etc… Maybe he will wake up and smell the roses and see he has to go back to his good old stuff!

  20. zaid says – reply to this


    amazing,something different love it!!

  21. ted xx says – reply to this



  22. ei says – reply to this


    Re: Staci – He turned 37 two months ago. he was born in 1976 not 75 as wikipedia stated.

  23. Cali says – reply to this


    Re: Staci – Okay, if you know Enrique like us fans do. You'll know if asked about anyone, let alone other artist! he will have a diplomatic answer. That's how good of a person he is. I bet he didn't even know who Amanda Bynes is! Look at what he answered, he thought she was an artist! I'm not here to state what she is, you all know. About Miley he met her a couple of times and she was down to earth for the fame that she has and genuine good person! Which I believe that he thought she wouldn't be that way. And if you listened to the question, you'll know he was asked who do you want to work with from the up rising stars. That's why Miley came to his mind.

  24. dina gg says – reply to this


    Maybe Miley could help his career!! God knows he needs it after this garbage of a song and video he put out! So he's 37 years ol, big deal he still looks 15 years older then he does and sickly looking! I truly feel bad for this guy, dont know what happened to him, hes got money, fame, his health im assuming, what is he missing that makes him look so unhappy all the time and sad? guess hes the only one that knows…… get it together enrique! much much much more people out there need help.

  25. Staci says – reply to this


    Re: ei – Wasn't relying on wikipedia…it was 1975, but you're free to believe whatever you wish.

  26. Staci says – reply to this


    Re: Cali – Yeah, you Enrique fans know him..haha! I do know the context in which he answered the question and yes, I know that he would never say, Oh God no, I would never work with her, I mean really, how many artists would be that rude? I'm certain the fact that he had just met Miley at the iHeart pool party was another reason she came to mind. You hardcores need to chill out…

  27. terri says – reply to this


    Re: dina gg – How do you know that hes such a good person? Do you know him personally? Do you spend days, hours, weeks, months, and travel with him? You dont know a person until you live with them period!!!!! Just because hes such a nice guy to all his fans (where he gets his paycheck from btw), and in all his interviews, nobody knows him like the people he lives with on a daily basis and maybe the people he travels with alll the time. That goes for everybody in the world!

  28. I-Love_Enrique says – reply to this


    I'm a great fan off Enrique and i sad to say but i really don't like this song at all. I love the clip, Look how he smiles. He is not looking old. I think peeps forget how much he is doing. I never ever met someone like enrique who is doing so much for his fans. There are a lot of stars who could learn from that!

  29. I-Love_Enrique says – reply to this


    Re: terri – You really have to chill down girl. I have met Enrique. He is really a wonderfull person. When I met him the bodygaurds would send me away. It was Enrique who sais it was allright And i could stay so I could talk to him for a moment. I can not amazing that he wouldn't been such a wonderfull person in real life as he is by his fans. Because if he was an asshole did you really think Anna would stay by his side for such a long time?

  30. Sophie says – reply to this


    I REALLY like the song!!! I m Amazed that Enrique,with all the craphe delt with through his career, can still find the strenght to experiment with his music!!!

  31. Cc says – reply to this


    It's all bullshit with enrique and his fans. He's smart enough to know where he gets his pay check from. Do you really think he's going to be nasty to the fans or media or public in this case where he gets his money from!! No. He just got old and his music sucks lately! Yes he does look really old.

  32. miami knows says – reply to this


    Hes also dirty looking and looks like he never changes his clothes! And god only knows what under that stupid hat he wears!!!! Bugs probably eeew he grosses me out!

  33. no fan of either says – reply to this


    Who cares about either of them! Although, Miley is very cool. Enrique i dont know much of him but he could use a good stylist from the looks of him!

  34. i love music says – reply to this



  35. mac says – reply to this


    For the first time i am disliking an Enrique song, i respect him, he is a great musician writer singer producer but again, this song to me is just a fail song, i don't like this song at all, its going no where the lyrics are not good, plus the music is crap sorry Enrique, but this type of music doesn't suit you , you have to make your music like you used to before, i mean i like it and i like how it feels were also different from your previous works but they were nice songs, but this song is completely a waste, and my advice, please don't make this song lead single for your new album, i would say don't even include it on it, cause to me it is not good at all, sorry…..i hope the album would be far better than this…..

  36. fran V says – reply to this


    Re: mac – Finally an enriqu fan with a brain! The song is the worst and he should dump it!!

  37. tim says – reply to this


    Why does he stay with this RUSSIAN WHORE ANNA KOURNIKOVA? She is so hated allover the world! The fans she has are only old men that like this cheap slut look and girls that are jealous because she is with Enrique Iglesias. Little does she know he could care less about her in his heart! He loves another girl from many years ago! He sings for her and this is why he looks so sad and bad all the time because he longs to be with her! If you know his music and are his fans you will hear it in aloooooooot of his songs going back from years ago… mmmm 'WHY NOT ME'?

  38. FAN OF ENRIQUE says – reply to this


    I KNEW IT!!!! I knew there was a reason he looked so bad for awhile, im sure its true that he has someone from a long time ago that he loved and he cant seem to get over her. His songs say it! Enrique, broken hearts heel sometimes, if not just try and move on and be happy with your life!

  39. the heart knows says – reply to this


    Re: FAN OF ENRIQUE – And sometimes they never do heal!

  40. giovani says – reply to this



  41. dina gg says – reply to this


    That is not enrique iglesias!!!!! wrong photo! btw if it is, wtf happened to him? He looks like he was dragged by a truck across the country. No i cant believe thats him.

  42. Dbwillis says – reply to this


    Re: tim – God you make him sound like a life sucking dick!Why in gods name would he stay with a woman for that many years and not love her.Listen to some of his interviews(behind the music)maybe you'll hear about his trust with few.Butif he's still mooning over some other bitch,Anna does not need him!