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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Cultivate Cupid's Love At Cipriani!

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johnny depp amber heard cipriani dinner date london july 2013

What's this? What's this?

There's romance everywhere! …what's THIS!?

There's Depp love in the air! What's this!?

Oh wait… somehow The Nightmare Before Christmas was a Tim Burton movie without the attachment of Johnny Depp, LOLz!

Ahh well, it was fun regardless. But probably not as fun as it would have been to be a fly on the wall of Cipriani this weekend. Because as you can see, that's where lover-boy took Amber Heard for a decadent dinner date after London's Lone Ranger premiere!

Now that they've been spotted together for TWO stops along his international promo tour, do you think we'll be seeing more of them out and about when they get back to El Lay???

We sure hope so! Then again, these heat waves could use a cool-off…

[Image via Craig Harris/WENN.]

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408 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Cultivate Cupid's Love At Cipriani!”

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  1. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    A late start today. So let me get started.
    Re: Mandy
    The 2006 golden globes is when I mentioned there was physical abuse, specifically. That was said by a tipoff, that something happened before that arrived. Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough, but that’s the only time I knew it happened.
    I “wrote lots of negative things about her and her relationship with Johnny” …Did you not read that I said that? And you keep talking as if I’m trying to hide myself on the site. It’s there for people to read. That’s what it’s for. Invite all the people you want. I was never trying to hide in the first place. Whatever gave you that idea? …Is that the schizophrenia kicking in again? Just joking. And all what I said on the site was pointing out something for what it was. Showing up at events with a third party. There’s nothing wrong with that. Showing up at every events so far, since you came out to the public as a couple(not officially confirmed) with a third party? …Is that normal to you? And those pictures of them getting out the car showed something that video did not. You can clearly see that something is wrong with her; her face says it all. And about Johnny being a gentleman. You see the difference from when they first came out. He’s just now helping her out the car? That obviously shows that somebody gave light to him to what the public noticed, and he corrected it. You can beg to differ, but commonsense is what I am all about.-

  2. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy
    -Anyways, I’m not replying to have a discussion about amber and Johnny …even though this is what this section is for. mandy …do you realize that everything you said to me was something that I already said? You seem like you were trying to make a point, but I read nothing that differed from what was already confirmed. The only different thing is you calling me “psychotic”. Is that it? Next time you try to make a point, make sure there is one. And as for you opinion on that site being a place for only insane haters. Do you see how mai tried to drag you in to her venting of her dislike of me? And do you see how you cleared that up and said “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”? You expressed your disagreement about a topic while remaining reasonable in your view. Are you an insane hater or are you just voicing your opinion on something/someone you’re not in favor of? expressing negative opinion while being reasonable in what you say …It can be done. You just gave a perfect example. As you see, what comes around goes around.
    And about relating to someone that you don’t know. If you have all your senses and the person has been in a place of observance(tv, etc.) …it can be done. You don’t have to know someone personally to be able to relate or see that you’re similar …unless you’re mentally impaired.

  3. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    Tega? Did you read where I said “if you choose not to believe this, then I hope you enjoyed my crazy story”? Or when I said “I just gave a colorful imaginative theory to how that could be true”? …Family curses is only where that humor fit. And as for inviting people to call me crazy, 'literally'? No I did not. Have you ever heard of being rhetorical? Or having a sense of humor? If you fail to see or get my humor, oh well. Maybe you don’t have a creative bone in your body, which explains your one dimension view. There are creative people out there, with a vast sense of humor. Let me bring Johnny in this. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of times when Johnny spoke in an interview, speaking nonchalantly about a joke, sounding quite serious, but you clearly saw he was joking …or did you have to be explained that it was a joke? My sense of humor is pretty much the same way. Maybe it got lost in context, but the “I think I cracked something here” was enough of a clue, a humorous phrase, of my joking, or even my “X)” face. It’s okay to have a sense of humor. Maybe you should try it sometime, instead of taking everything seriously.
    And I was not offended. Just amazed at all the irrational replies.-

  4. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    “Get over it”? Maybe you didn’t see where I said …twice …”the subject is closed. Now, back to heard” …? That means, yes, I was over it. Apparently these people are not. You’re talking to the wrong name. You tell these folks to get over it.
    “Heavy medication” and the mention of “an asylum” …You couldn’t help but to joining these fools in their taunting? Leaning on the crutch of name-calling instead of actually saying something to me. How juvenile of you. You knew better than that. You should have just stuck to questioning my story. That was reasonable. But after that comment, you just lost my respect, Tega.

  5. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: mai

    And “mai”. So, we’re back to our original name instead of hiding behind others. You are showing that you’re very bothered by me. At first it was funny, but now I’m finding it alarming. Sure, it’s normal to express your dislike of my comments, but confiding in people on here about me, hiding behind names, and jumping to reply to the folks to venting about me and calling me “psycho”, borrowing their words? Do you realize all this attention you’re giving me? Maybe I should remind you …this is just a comment section. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. You have not observed anything about me accept my opinion on this couple. That’s all you know me by. So where is this anger and hatred coming from? That’s not normal. I don’t know if you’re a teen or what, but you need to not mix emotion over the computer. If you’re not able to get on here without feeling rage and looking for an opportuned moment to lash out at me …there’s something wrong. You should be able to get on here, say what you have to say, and get on with your day. This site does not deserve your anger and rage. There’s plenty things in life that’s going to make you angry. Save it for then. This is not the place to get emotionally involved.-

  6. tega says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Silent Night - go back to bed. You're nuts and everyone here agrees.

  7. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: mai

    -It's your right to continue to express your dislike of my comments …but don’t get yourself riled up over it.
    Disagreement or speaking negatively about something does not mean hatred. I told you that thousands of times. And as I pointed out to mandy, you can remain reasonable, or “sane”, yet express your dislike or negative opinion. It can be done. It was proven by someone else.
    I advise you to check yourself. Are you emotionally attached to this? I can shut off my computer just fine. Can you? I don’t feel the need to put exclamation marks to let it be known there's an upset, which is clearly what you’re doing… Calm …the heck …down. I will continue to express my opinions. I hope you can handle it. If not, then wait for the next opportunity for you to hop on and vent out your frustration.
    I know exactly what I’m talking about when I speak, which is why I always ready to explain if someone questions me. I’m present with all my words. You don’t seem like you’re not in what you say. Just your anger is. It’s like therapy for you…….Ironic that you’re calling me psychotic.
    And now for this not to continue …unless you wanna keep going on with this for whatever reason …the subject is closed. By all means …back to heard.

  8. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    Tega? The phrase is played out. Try something else.

  9. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Let me make this clear. I HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO ANY OF YOUR COMMENTS SINCE OUR LAST DISAGREEMENT OKAY!!! GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK SKULL!! stop accusing me of using other user names, I WILL NEVER STOOP SO LOW! someone else challenged you NOT ME!!

  10. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    Bed? Ever heard of enjoying the day? And excuse me, you don't speak for everyone. Just two other "too slow to catch on" people. Since when do they equal everyone? Not everyone is a stonebrain that can't see past the tv screen or can't recognize humor. They get what I mean.
    Dismissing what I say on account you're labeling me "nuts". Do you see how ridiculous you are? And you were the one to tell me to "get over it" …Well may I quote you? …Get over it.

  11. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – And please stop responding to me cos i honestly and truthfully HAVEN'T responded to any of your comments since the last time. Focus your energy or anger on someone else or other people that have challenged you/ called you out. LEAVE ME BE!! i was done talking to you ages ago.

  12. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: mai

    "Challenged"? Well what are the odds of "psyhco" and "lana" having that same anger that you have expressed. And it is funny how your name appeared right after mandy had her say in calling me insane, a pattern that I noticed you do; agreeing with people that say nothing past a name-call to me. I'll see if they show up again. Sorry. My mistake.
    ~And Mai? …Get some help …Seriously, I mean that.

  13. R says – reply to this



  14. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – For the last time LEAVE ME ALONE!! I ONLY APPEAR AS MAI. I WAS DONE WITH YOU AGES AGO. I have no problem with calling you out so i don't need to hide behind other names. If i have a problem with you, 'mai' i.e me, would call you out without any problems. Seek help?? you must be joking. I am the one being falsely accused here. You should take your own advice…and i mean it. I repeat, If i have a problem with you, i will NOT HESITATE to say it. The fact that i agree with some points that Mandy made does not concern you. I reply to Mandy if i agree with her or anyone else. I am not a coward that needs to hide behind another name. So leave me alone and kindly take your issues elsewhere. I am not in the mood for this foolishness.

  15. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: mai

    Mai, my comment on getting help was from your comment you said just then, seeming very erratic through your words. That was not referring to I thought you were lying. It's not for me to claim on what I don't know for certain. I was just putting two and two together, going by that, like I do with everything else. If you say that wasn't you, then I'll take your words. Everyone is entitled to having their word …and not dismissed as "nuts". Fortunately for you, I'm a fair person. It's just too bad I can't have the same in return.

  16. tega says – reply to this


    I suggest everyone just ignore Silent Night and not respond any more of his or her comments. There is no point in arguing with this kind of person who is obviously living in a fantasy world of what they want to believe.

  17. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    …Are you seriously guiding people to ignore me? I reply to replies. Last time I check, that's normal for everyone to do. If you're calling my opinions a fantasy world, then that's the case for anyone else.
    If you didn't want to talk, then you should have kept your reply to yourself. There's no point in arguing is correct, but if someone replies to you, you have a right to reply back. I'm going to comment back, like everyone else does.
    There you go dismissing what I said , calling it a fantasy instead of hearing me. Not everyone is closed-minded like you. That should have came to mind before you put up the "caution tape". You are in no place to dismiss me from anyone else. Let them decide. You don't want to reply to me. You do that. Let everyone else speak for themselves.
    By the way. A fantasy world is when you believe you have to power to protect people, telling them to beware and use precaution …over freakin comments.

  18. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Mandy. I'm expecting a reply, but I want to end this. People are starting to say ridiculous things, bringing this on a totally different level than what I thought it was. I thought this was a comment section. It has now turned into place where lack of communication and understanding as brought the need of "caution" to be put on the scene *rolls eyes* Scrub this.
    Mandy, I respect your opinion. I see you've shown respect for mine, though disagreeing. That's fair enough. So, to not let this pointless ranting go on any further, let's just agree to disagree. We all go in our separate ways now. A new day has approached.
    Let's end this now …1…2…3…Go! ^_^ Happy commenting folks! :D

  19. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I agree with you and I accept your suggestion. Unfortunately when a person doesn't understand by himself\herself that he\she needs to get help from a mental hospital, there's nothing we can do other than ignore his\her madness.

  20. Logan says – reply to this


    It's really unbelievable that Amber Heard in a very little time has become even more popular than Angelina Jolie. I mean, everybody is talking about her now and about her relationship with Johnny Depp as it happened for Angelina when she started her relationship with Brad Pitt. Amber wanted to be the next Angelina Jolie and she succeeded indeed. But if for me it's clear the reason why she wants to date him, it's not that clear why He wants to date HER. It's not a matter of publicity because actually this kind of publicity is ruining his image and reputation. Many people doesn't like Amber with him, so he would have got a better publicity with any other woman and it wouldn't make sense choosing just Amber. Well then, if it's not for publicity why the hell he keeps dating her? He can bring her a lot of benefits yeah, but what the hell can her instean give him other than sex? Seriously, I don't get the reason why he keeps dating her. I don't buy neither that it's just for sex because after all he already got his d**k suc*ed enough by her. A sex matter can last a brief time because when you have got already many times what you wanted from a hot girl, what else you can do with her? He could move to another hot woman. He's Johnny Depp, he could have all the women he wants, so why Amber? I'm starting to think that he started to have for real feelings for this girl after all if he came out with her instead of dumping her….

  21. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    ??? …Madness is when you start thinking you have a license to diagnose people over the internet. I made a truce, a fair and kind truce and ended this, and you still decide to drag this on? …Who's the mental one here? If you were any amount of "sane" you would have listened to reason… but instead you dragged this on, agreeing with someone that feel off the 'sensible' radar. The only reason you took that last shot is because you have nothing else to say. "If I call her crazy, I'll feel like I accomplished something." Get a clue.
    Believing 'you' can make self-proclamations of labeling people titles and believing 'you' speak for "everyone"…Can you say fantasy world? What hypocrites. You and tega deserve each other.

  22. Mortimer says – reply to this


    Re: Logan – You're naive. You don't have to be in love to date someone. Look, sometimes lust is stronger than love and in this case Depp is blinded by lust. Amber is well known in Hollywood to be a slut. She beds everybody to get what she wants, women and men. She used Tasya Van Ree, a photographer, to get her first slice of fame and notoriety with a lesbian relationship that wasn't monogamous at all from her part and now she's using Johnny Depp for the second slice. Believe it or not she slept with him to get the role of Chenault in The rum diary. It's a well known fact in Hollywood that she had an audition with him in his bedroom for the part and she passed it as soon as she let him cuming into her mouth. They had sex in a very occasional way during these years, they weren't in love or in any relationship, they have just been friends with benefits until several months ago. It's just lust for him. There's so much that people don't even imagine about him and about what he does in his private life and if his fans would know it, you can be sure his career would be over.

  23. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Logan – Yes there must have something to love even if not always seem so.
    Johnny introduce children Amber for a while ago, then I would think so.
    Tattoo and took a tour with by Amber. Surely find it possible the lust of
    and nothing wrong with is (Overseer)? Why is Amber :) when would know.
    Gonna make ever.

  24. DeDe says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – Why didn't they just keep it that way -friends with benefits-? Why come out as a couple now and include the children? Change of heart or PR?
    What is all this: There is so much about him his fans don't know. The way people who wright about this make it sound it must be horrible.

  25. Mortimer says – reply to this


    Re: DeDe – Depp can't be alone, Heard pressured him and PR are doing their works, it's a mix of many things if they aren't friends with benefits anymore. Until several months ago they weren't even a couple and yes, Depp is anything like people always imagined him. His public image was and is totally managed by his PR and there are many sides of him you'll never know while some of these are coming out like for example the fact that he never loved to be an actor. He took this profession like a game just to have fun and because he began to love money that allowed him to do many many things. Depp is a wild soul, he does things in real life that will never be allowed to tell. I worked in Hollywood for many years and I know many things about many celebrities that people wouldn't ever imagine.

  26. Mortimer says – reply to this


    Re: DeDe – It's funny how people are so naive to believe in everything that PR are able to make them buy about their favourite celebrities. Don't you know that many statements they do during interviews are prearranged and concurred with their PR? Don't you know there's an unbelievable sexual depravation in Hollywood and that many facts aren't ever allowed to be told or they come out after many years as rumours just when PR are okay with that? Trust me, PR are always able to shut down rumours even soon if they know it's no good that people hear them. I'm just trying to say that celebrities private life is managed by PR, so open your eyes and be aware that most of you read about celebrities or even their statements isn't true but staged.

  27. DeDe says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – Thanks for your answer, it's kind of depressing so.

  28. Just says – reply to this


    Please, just believe in me - Don't be naive! Amber IS a "mean girl"!

  29. luke says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – If they are both so sexually open minded and depraved, this "relationship" can indeed last forever.

  30. Nicole says – reply to this


    Mortimer, you may have worked in HW, but Johnny is a real artist and he can be a good musician, a good actor whatever his heart desire. He works by passion for art. And I believe in you ,Just, for me Amber is a mean girl, totally selfish

  31. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Did I read correctly that the PR will dictate how Johnny to live? And that Amber
    Johnny gun to the head, that now the public? Amber supposedly ripped off
    Tasyaa without his knowledge, and Tasya been a a decoy Amber
    and Tasya not figured this out? Are you trying to explain that Johnny gay boy and kinky? PR dictated to also be Johnny's life, when he lived in France, Vanessa and the kids? Why Amber should be some really talented famous
    actor? He fit for over the john like that before.
    If they have free relationship, then what. Should we cry and kill ourselves in or something else. He's an actor and entertainer else really even belong to us.
    No matter what anyone claims, so I sleep my nights well and hobbies remains the same.
    My life will not change if Johnny anyone false.

  32. Florin says – reply to this


    I really don't get why many people are doing a big deal about the fact that Johnny dumped Vanessa for Amber. I mean, first of all it's nobody business and second, celebrities split and cheat all the time come on, don't pretend of not knowing this! Famous couple that are lasting after so many years are rare and we don't know if they ever cheated on each other anyway but it's quite possible! And many celebrities when getting older chose very young women, it's quite common in show business, so why there's so much hatred about this invested only on Johnny Depp? Some people are too bigot. Who the hell he's hurting if he's dating Amber, maybe you? Come on, get a life.

  33. Florin says – reply to this


    You should get a reason that Vanessa and him are over and that they both moved with their life, so why you can't do the same instead of speculating all the time silly things? He was unhappy with Vanessa if he cheated on her. It's evident since several years that there was no harmony anymore between then because they both started to dedicate their time more to their work than on spending time together. They both chose to work a lot neglecting each other, so in these last years they really spent much time apart, in separate countries, so they're both to blame if they grew apart. Since nobody of them had the right to ask to the other to stop working, it's a win-win. If they still loved each other, they woud have found a settlement together to fix the problem, but they didn't because they were both more in love with their careers. It happens to many famous couple this thing, so just accept that what they had is over. It happens everyday, but they said they're in good terms, so what's your problem? Vanessa even allowed him to take their childre in tour with him and Amber, so if she accepted the idea that he's dating Amber, who the hell are you to tell he shouldn't do that?

  34. Florin says – reply to this


    Moreover Vanessa isn't that saint that people believe her to be. It has been rumoured that while Johnny was fucking and cheating on her with Amber, Vanessa was also fucking and cheating on him with some french musicians, so stop on thinking that Vanessa is the poor and betrayed woman while Johnny is the devil…. now they're both moved on with their life dating other people and they both told they are still friends, so why some people are upset that they aren't anymore a couple? It's easy to blame Amber for their split but I think that he and Vanessa weren't in love anymore before he met her because people that want to spend more time apart for work rather than to be together are only people who fell out from love and don't have courage to admit it. And now, even if Johnny isn't in love with Amber, but he's dating her for lust, what's the problem? Many couples that keep dating aren't in love for real, just open your eyes to see what's the reality in this world. True love is very rare nowadays, we don't live in a fairtytales. There are more betrayals than love in couples nowadays, so let them being, it's just their business what their feelings are, you all should invest more time about worrying for your own lives than worrying about the life of people you don't even know.

  35. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Florin – What the hell you are trying to explain and to whom? You did not tell anything new, what goes on here
    not already speculated about. Do you understand? No one interested in what you are trying to explain.
    Matter whether it is they have love or lust of the. Tell me something new, something here would not be
    speculated about 1000 times.

  36. SeeHotBabes says – reply to this


    Amber Heard is so hot and sexy!

  37. Florin says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I was telling what I told to all the people that hate Amber and blame her for the fact that Johnny and Vanessa split and that are trying to make Johnny look like the cheater and Vanessa like the saint. I repeat, Vanessa and Johnny didn't love each other anymore far before he started to have his thing with Amber, but many fans don't wanna accept this. Two people that spend most of their time apart in separate countries for work and don't try to find a settlement to fix this problem, aren't in love anymore ad it's evident that Johnny and Vanessa started since several years to focuson their work rather than on their life together. They rarely attended public event together and spent entire months apart working on their movies and music. When he was filming the rum diary Vanessa wasn't in Portorico with him, she just visited him for a few days but for most of time she remained in France, same thing when he was filming Public enemies and other movies. They were both focused on their career rather than doing their best to spend time together as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do for example. In similar cases, it must be mutual the endeavour of following each other everywhere.

  38. Florin says – reply to this


    In Johnny and Vanessa case, they both didn't renounce to work more they really needed and they both fucked with other people while being apart, so why some people tell that it's Amber what caused their split? Come on, don't be hypocrite, they would have split anyway because things between them weren't fine anymore since 4 or 5 years already and it's impossible to not notice that. Why Angelina and Brad don't work at the same time, but when she's working somewhere he follows her with their children and vice versa? Because they're in love and they always find a settlement to not be apart for too long. Well, Johnny and Vanessa were able to do this only at the beginning of their relationship, then when passion and love between them was over, they didn't care anymore about trying to make any sacrifice anymore, so get a reason that the real cause of their split is this and not Amber.

  39. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Florin – I agree with you that Amber's fault
    all of what some claim. The distance and everything else about Vanessa and put
    Suspend his career for a few years and wanted to invest again to the fullest career.
    And I guess there's something to envy in between Johnny and Vanessa.
    Yeah Not All Amber's fault (I personally do believe), but who knows?

  40. Florin says – reply to this


    Finish girl I'm glad that you agree. People should also stop telling that Johnny isn't happy with Amber because it's normal they don't wanna smile or do staged things like kissing or hugging when they are surrounded by paparazzi, that's why they look so serious and seem in rush…. he hates paparazzi and staged things, but I'm sure that in their private moments they feel good and relaxed and not in tension as they are in journalists presence. If he wasn't happy with her, he would have any reason to keep dating her. He would move to another woman since there are many women that would like to replace Amber. If you watch their private pictures while being in Russia inside of a restaurant with some friends, they look relaxed and cheerful, not in tension at all, so stop speculating they're not happy.

  41. Florin says – reply to this


    Can't you all see how happy he's been since he is with Amber and how miserable he looked in these 2 or 3 last years with Vanessa? Are you blind? A true fan only wants him to be happy and he is happy now and you can see it when he goes to premieres or does interviews that he's always smiling and also rejuvenated! Amber is making him so happy! You must respect her. She did not want just fame or money, she kept the silence for almost 2 years and even now she never talks about him. Who got pregnant in three months instead? And who launched a cd telling just for selling more copies that inside of it there are songs about her love-life? It was not Amber! Think about it and try to figure out who really used Johnny to get what she wanted.

  42. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Florin – Just because Johnny is dating Amber doesn't mean you have to respect her. That is complete nonsense. What are you 12? I am getting very annoyed with the people saying if you are a true fan you would respect their relationship. That's bullshit. As a fan you want the best for Johnny but when you see something is wrong you speak up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I will not accept the whole Johnny is with Amber so you have to like Amber. Why should I? I personally never cared for her as an actress so why would I now? Because she's with Johnny? No sorry i'll pass. I personally do not see anything positive about this relationship in the long run. If you want to suppor their relationship go right a head that's your choice you can't expect others to follow you.

  43. MM says – reply to this


    Why is Amber being protrayed as the villain here? Johnny also played a part in destroying Amber's relationship with Tasya. He knew that she was in a committed realtionship with Tasya he could have said he isn't interested because he was in a relationship with Vanessa and she was with Tasya.

  44. Florin says – reply to this


    You're right Liz, everyone is entitled of their opinion, so if you wanna be blind and don't admit he looks happy and rejuvenated lately it's your choice. Are you 11 years old since you think to know better than them if they are happy? You think it's you who must like them as couple instead of themselves? Only them know how they feel and if they're happy, nobody can presume that. You may not like Amber but it's her who is making him happy now and your opinion doesn't matter because anyone who tells he looks miserable lately is only in denial since he's all smiling everywhere he goes while in 2010 he looked depressed and he even gained weight…. While now he's really another person. He often smiles and he lost weight…..

  45. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Florin – You seem very naive to me. You say that they are happy? How do you know that? Because the tabloids said so. They are smiling where ever they go? Yes when they are apart. I haven't seen a photo yet of them together where they are happy. If that' s what you see then good for you. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean we are in denial maybe we just see something that you don't. That was a good come back by saying i'm eleven. You really must be young to come up with that with that.

  46. ??? says – reply to this


    Re: Florin – So in one post you tell everyone to stop speculating because we don't really know what's going on, and that we should stop putting blame on people. And then you go on to do the exact same thing you call everyone else out on by claiming there was cheating on both sides and there was no love anymore. May e you should follow you own advice. Of course we don't know the truth, because they don't want us to and it's their right to have it that way! We're just speculating, killing time, entertaining ourselves, etc. Anytime anyone has gone t

  47. Simone says – reply to this


    end of discussion.johnny cheated on vanessa with amber and he is a dirty old man and she is a homewrecker. this is the true .all else no matter.

  48. Florin says – reply to this


    Liz, you want them to look smiling and happy while being chased by paparazzi? He never smile in front of them, every fan of him knows this thing. Even when he was with Winona and Kate Moss and there paparazzi around them he never smiled so it's nothing new. But while they were walking in Berlin hand in hand they looked very relaxed and calm, not in tension or serious at all and you're also pretending of not knowing that there are pictures of him and her with get Russian friends where they smile and look happy. They were private pictures in a restaurant and she even touched him with affection in these pictures. He looked at her with a sweet smile in a picture but I guess now you'll try to find some excuses to deny someway this evidence, right? I suppose he's happy with her because he doesn't look miserable these days as he often looked in 2010 and in 2011 for example. Did you see how he got fat when he filmed the tourist fir example? And that was a sign he was having a good time for you? Of course something was wrong in his life during that period, he also looked unhappy and for you it doesn't show anything that since he split with Vanessa he lost weight and often smiles?

  49. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Florin – I haven't seen these private photos of them in the restaurant and those photos in Russia with Amber's friends, yes i've seen them and yes they look like they are having a good time. I never said he wasn't happy but I can also tell something is off with him. I just feel that there is something wrong about this relationship. Yes I know Johnny was going through personal problems the last few years with Vanessa and he gained weight and was drinking and partying more. But he also intentionally gained the weight for The Tourist, he felt his character should of had a few more pounds on him. As for the paps, you don't have to be smiling to show you are in love. I was a little kid when he was with Winona and I can still remember how much he was in love with her. You can just see it in their body language and I do not see it with Amber. That is my opinion and you have yours. You don't have to be Amber's cheerleader. She can take care of herself, and also I don't think she cares anyways. She's getting the attention she wants regardless.

  50. Charlie says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – Indeed

  51. Virginia says – reply to this


    when i saw johnny for first time i thought he is an smug ,conceited.He has that expression in the photos ,always ,as ostentatious in his face since he was young.He is diturbing.

  52. Stella says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – Agreed.
    But her premieres are coming around and i have a feeling that they will give us some happily smiling and all loved up pictures this time.

  53. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Stella – Oh yeah I bet they will be out and about in time for Paranoia. My question is if Johnny walks the red carpet with Amber it makes me question why she didn't walk the red carpet for The Lone Ranger. Makes me feel it just brings publicity for her benefit.

  54. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – An "insider" here Conan the Barbarian who claims to know someone connected to Johnny's camp said Johnny will be walking the red carpet with Amber in September and this has been planned for some time. He said there were no plans for that to happen during the premiere for The Lone Ranger. This makes sense for many reasons. He doesn't want to take away from the film and if he walks with her as her date it shows his support for the relationship which is what a lot of people were waiting to see. The PR people seemed to have planned his very carefully from the beginning, slowly bring her out. Johnny wanted to keep it under wraps as long as possible but Amber was tired of having to hide all the time. It has been said that they did break up but Amber said the only way she would go back with him was if he agreed to be seen in public with her so he agreed and then they were seen at Rolling Stones concert. The only thing I don't get is now that she got what she wanted why does she keep her head down most of the time??? Only thing I can figure is all those lights flashing in my eyes like at the restaurant. The videos of those show it would be hard to see and focus on where I was walking.

  55. Mandy says – reply to this


    I have evidence that Manie and Veritas were trolls or maybe just one liar troll. They told that Johnny and Amber had spplit in January 2013 right? Well that's not true because I found out that there have been several significant sighting of them in Paris that month. People reported of having seen them on t-w-i-t-t-e-r. On January 08 indeed there have been tweets of people who saw them in Paris, having a dinner together in the restaurant of Bristol Hotel. The next night it was reported they were seen at "1515" restaurant in Paris (In past Johnny was one of the ownders of that restaurant together with Sean penn and John Malkovick). Then most important is that a clerk of Bristol hotel confirmed t-w-i-t-t-e-r reports stating that Johnny and Amber were actually in Paris for a few of days and he told that they were holding hands and very cozy. It was explaimed that they were there because Amber had an appointment that week for the movie she was about to do with Kevin Costner. Johnny was just accompanying her and there are witness and their words worth more than lies than some stupid trolls!

  56. Mandy says – reply to this


    You want more proof that Amber and Johnny were still dating in January 2013 and that they didn't break up as some liar trolls told? Well, in January 14 Amber came back in LA and she was spotted (I saw also a picture online) getting into his car in West Hollywood. She was alone but she was wearing Navajo bracelets he gave her, so when you split with someone you don't wear his stuff right? And you don't use his car…. he and Amber never split since they started to date seriously and people are just jealous and inveting stories all the time just to discretid them.

  57. Faith says – reply to this


    I don't like Amber Heard she is not good for him she is using him I wish he would have chose anyone else but her and I hope she doesn't get pregnant cause then I will no longer watch his movies I will lose total respect for him. He is my favorite actor but if things with her get more serious than I will not watch him anymore.

  58. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Faith – Sorry, but that's ridiculous. Not watching his films just b/c you don't agree with his personal life is just depriving yourself of watching a great actor in his craft but that's your choice, of course. Did you ever stop to think maybe Johnny might WANT more children and that maybe he is HAPPY with her regardless of why or how he got to be with her? Nobody is forcing him to be in this relationship. A lot of people here think Johnny is thinking with the wrong head but if he is happy then who cares? All that matters is his happiness, not ours.

  59. Mandy says – reply to this


    I agree with you Tega. I wanna add that it's really childish for a person stop on liking an actor just because he/she disagree what he does on his private life. My God, people should just get a life. Fans that tell they're not gonna watch his movies anymore just because he does what he wants in his private life have never been his fans for real because what an actor does in his private life is only his business and I don't think that Faith would like that people told her what to do and what are the choices she should do. Faith must be 12 or maybe she's just a liar who pretends to be his fan but actually she can be just a hater. A TRUE and MATURE fan wouldn't stop to be a fan just because an actor is free of doing what he pleases and a mature and true fan would understand that artists have only to duty to be liked for their art and talent and not because of whom they decide to date. That's is only their business.

  60. Mandy says – reply to this


    Moreover Johnny doesn't need such a stupid and false fan as Faith. He won't lose anything precious losing a childish "fan" like her. I also think he doesn't really care about those false fans. He still has millions of TRUE fans in all the world who like him and respect the fact that he's free like anybody else to date and being engaged with whoever he wants. Just an advice Tega: let's ignore what some trolls and untrue fans of him tell. They don't worth to be neither considered.

  61. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Aww very interesting indeed. I kind of wonder the same thing about Amber keeping her head down but yeah it could be the lights. Who knows, it is strange since as you said she wanted to go public and now she's acting very coy about the relationship and doesn't want to talk about it and when they are seen together she looks away or has her head down.

  62. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – Yes, I would be hard for me to look up with all those lights flashing in my face and it is obvious she is not used to this kind of attention and doesn't really know how to handle it but she better learn b/c she wanted Johnny and got him to go public with her so she better learn to pick up her head because now I agree she is acting like a diva. She never has her head down when she is out with her friends or shopping or anywhere else. Johnny said in an interview his kids know to "play the game properly" meaning putting their heads down so the paparazzi don't get the shots they want. Maybe he told Amber to do this too.

  63. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I would understand the kids looking down. But for Amber to makes no sense to me. Especially if she wants to be a big star and all. I know she said she doesn't want to be a celebrity but it comes with being an actress whether you want it or not. I don't know. Maybe it's part of the game she's playing. Trying to come acress that she doesn't want the attention but in reality she does. But yes I bet it's more attention she was ready to handle.

  64. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – Whether Amber wants to believe it or not she is a celebrity and you don't have to be a good actress to be one. Paris Hilton and the Kardashians are considered celebrities for simply doing nothing. The pictures from the hotel room in Berln show she is happy but she doesn't show it for paparazzi. Maybe when Johnny's PR people teach her how to handle it she will look happier. Conan the Barbarian said here something will be seen in September when she walks the red carpet for her premiere. My guess is that Johnny will be her date and we will see a whole new Amber and Johnny then and all that has happened has been built up by Johnny's PR for this reason. They want people to be prepared and expecting this so it's not a shock to anyone.

  65. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I guess we will have to wait and see. There are pictures of her at the hotel in Berlin?

  66. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – Yes but they are hard to find b/c they were removed very quickly. There are some in videos with these pictures but I did see one where Johnny was standing next to Amber and she has her arm around his neck and his around her waist and he is looking down at her and smiling and he looked very happy. That picture is now very hard to find. I thought it was the rooftop of the restaurant but it is actually a hotel room with some other people.

  67. Mandy says – reply to this


    Tega, is there a site where we can see these pictures? Please tell me where I can find them or if they are no more available anywhere, please can you send me them by email if you saved (which I think) if I'll tell you what my email address is? Please let me know thanks!

  68. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Can you tell me what's the name of the video where you saw that picture and where I can find it??

  69. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I would of loved to see this other side to Amber and Johnny. Getting old seeing them both gloomy together. But as you pointed out maybe they don't want to give the paps what they want but I think it's creating something else which is why everyone including myself think they aren't happy together. Very interesting.

  70. Mandy says – reply to this


    Please Tega, I'm still waiting for you to tell me where I can see these pictures you talked about and what are the exact names of the videos where you can see them! Please don't disappear now!

  71. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Sorry…I had a family plans today. I will find the video of the pictures and get back to you. However, the video I found does now show the picture of Johnny and Amber alone.

  72. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I can't find the video right now b/c it is labeled something different but it doesn't matter b/c the picture I speak of isn't on that video anyway. HOWEVER, go to the website Johnnytim.com and scroll down to the "Galleries" section, then scroll down to the year "2013" and find the picture of them in Berlin, the one they are holding hand and she is wearing a rust color dress. Give a minute for a pictures to load. First you will see the ones going to the restaurant then you will see the pictures with friends from the hotel room.

  73. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – The video is on You Tube labeled" Exclusive Pictures!!! - Johnny Depp & Amber Heard . These are pictures of arriving at restaurant and hotel room with friends but some are different than the ones on Johnnytim.com.

  74. su says – reply to this


    Berlin ? or are you talking about pics of Moscow ?

  75. tega says – reply to this


    Re: su – You might be right. I could be mistaken. Yes, it could have been Moscow. Don' t know why I was thinking Berlin.

  76. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Alright thank you Tega even if I've already seen those pictures! I knew them but since you told they were pictures from Berlin and in a hotel room I thought they were other pictures…. those pictures in Russia have been quite popular for a while. Almost everybody saw them but pretend of not noticing how much Amber and Johnny look happy and relazed there! Thank you in any case, I appreciate it!

  77. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Sorry about the confusion. I still don't know why I was thinking Berlin. Anyway, yes, Johnny does seem to be happy and comfortable with her in those pictures and that's what really matters. I don't know much about Amber but I can see things about her and her personality that attracted Johnny to her. Johnny seems to be attracted to people who live their lives the way they want to and don't give a crap about what anyone thinks. Judging by his circle of friends in the music business, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, Steven Tyler, I would have to say he likes people on the wild side, and she certainly has that quality. She just needs to be more careful when she speaks. I have a feeling some of the interview she did was taken out of context b/c she knew pictures were taken of her at nightclubs, she even posed for some of them.

  78. BINGO ! says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700
    WOW, WHAT A FUSS, SN700/commentnr. 222……..Aren't you supposed to be "SILENT"?….(LOL!) And what a huge waste of your time & energy to react to all those "simple-minded" comments!
    You folks: it's not fair to attack SN like a bunch of HEYNA'S, just for a couple of so called "rumors"…..Nobody - neither the gossip-strewers nor any of you - knows the truth about those "biological fatherships" except the parties involved. But if the parent(s) need a confirmation in this topic they can get the plain truth by DNA-TEST only!
    Beside that I don't know anything about the child's biological American grandpa. However, approximately 1 or 2 years ago I TOO have heard some noises about the little boy, so who knows? Maybe there is some "grain of truth" in SN's allegations…..???
    Anyhow, I'm sure that Vanessa P. is NOWAY that "INNOCENT" as she likes us to believe!
    Perhaps you might be nearer to some answer(s) now SN700?
    For the rest: don't expect me to further react to stupid clamours regarding this comment, folks: just suit yourself!

  79. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I'm a very patient person, Bingo. Thankfully that whole thing finally died down.
    So, you've head about that too? Okay. I'm glad I was not the only one to hear about that rumor. I see there are a lot of crazy and disturbing rumors out there. The whole point was not trying to spread it. I was just seeing if I was or wasn't the only one.

  80. BINGO ! says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700

    Hi there SN700! As you've decently replied to me I like to add the following:
    - No, you're certainly not the only one, I know several people with exactly the same thoughts as yours, but they're not active on PH-sites.
    Somewhere you wrote you already have had those ideas EVEN BEFORE reading the rumors, but as I said: the truth about the issue can get abroad only through DNA-test, which is nobody else's business but the boy's parents'.
    - As to the "family-curse" you've mentioned: of course I don't know if this is part of the Depp-family, but history PROVED that such can be possible indeed. Ever heard of "Les Rois Maudits" - "The accursed Kings" (of France)? A MOST IMPOSING story of a (royal) family-curse, in a MAGNIFICENT TV-series on (European) air in the early (19)seventies, performed by the BRILLIANT & MASTERLY actors/members of the Académie Française.
    - B.t.w., you've heard that the name "Depp" means "idiot" in German, but as far as I know there are OTHER German words for "idiot", such as "blödsinnig(e)" or "verrückt(e)" . Yet, in SOUTH-Germany there is a DIALECTICAL word "deppE" (do attend the final letter E!) that means "idiot/noodle/mug".
    (To be continued.)

  81. BINGO ! says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700

    - However, even more than about the "family-curse" I personally am much uneasier with the making of the Dark Shadows movie…..because it has something to do with the GRIM "after-effects" that are already PROVED OVER AND OVER AGAIN in the past.
    I wish I could have warned JD previously to cancel that movie-project but celebrities seem to be totally inacessible for "common people" like us (and that can be taken for sort of a "curse" too, isnt it?)….
    - You are right concerning the crazy & disturbing rumors in the media, particularly on the internet where some PSYCHOS think to have a privilege for ventilating not only their empty farts but also most disgusting sexual frustrations and fantasies over celebrities, in view of the numberless dildos and shocking "details" flewing about our ears……So look out for a straight concussion of all those filty "missiles"!! Some people are so impertinent today…..

  82. Burungungungu says – reply to this


    silentnight and bingo you're probably are the same person and even if not it doesn't matter because you should get some psychiatric help soon. everybody thinks this of you and nobody believes you. silent is false because he first said that he thought that the fact of jack was true even before reading the "insinuation" and then he denied it saying that he only wanted to ask if anyone knew the "rumour". it's false, he didn't want to know this, he claimed of believing it before. well, I can only tell him to search help in a mental hospital. the rumour you're talking about never was a rumour neither. a rumour is something spread all over the world, on magazines first, through all the media but it wasn't ever spread anywhere instead. only you claim you read it, but you have no proof of where it could be read so shut up insane people and get some psychiatric help. you need it so badly….

  83. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Burungungungu. No, that is not me. Second. No, that is not something I thought of before the "insinuation". I said I didn't see Johnny in him. You read incorrectly. Just because you ran across a few people using that term, you linked it as "everyone". No. There were only "3" people, that are slow in the mind, that had nothing else to say, once they understood what I meant after I explained everyone thoroughly, except carrying on that played-out phrase, whit nothing to back it up. Half the time, nobody knows what they're even saying, because when I question them on their irrelevant claims, they didn't have an answer. So they stayed in torret mode of saying "psycho" a thousand times. This is why you should always be slow to speak.
    If you read my comments correctly, you would see that I was just asking a question, mixing it with my humor, which I explained already. There was no reason for them to accuse me of anything. Calling me "psycho" after a clear explanation was nothing but self-fulfillment in wanting to feel like they actually said something that added up, instead of accepting their foolishness because they knew they were wrong in what they only "thought". But why admit you're wrong when you can pass yourself off as "sane", by calling someone "psycho". A cheap and phony way to cover up a mistake.-

  84. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    And as for your join in, in the "she's mental" ring, I'll point out your irony for even mentioning it, just as I showed the fools that started that. Repeating "incorrect" information, and also dismissing the fact of a deleted page, which do exist and you know that, is not showing yourself as being in your right mind to place judgment on me. You're claiming false things, not knowing a thing about me, deriving on your 'dislike of' the quetsion, instead of seeing it as a question, in which it was. That was everyone" else's mistake. Just because the question sounded wrong/rude or whatever, does not mean fly off the hinges, making it your mission to scold and punish. Realize it is just a question, and also that you are not a detective. Why the extra mile down an unrelated street?
    Those that give psychiatric advice somehow always end up needng to take their own advice, because my explanation read sanely wouldn't produce such irrelvant feedback.-

  85. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Only two people replied to me with some sense, answering me or giving their opinion about it, "not" talking to me as if I made it up, in which I did not, respecting that I was curious and just wanted to know, not taking it upon themselves to label me …Just answering the question.
    Here's some advice from someone that knows exactly what they are saying when they say it. It is common courtesy to take people's word. That is everyone's given right. Accusing and name-calling was uncalled for. Lying or not, it's not for you or anyone to place why something is asked. Their word should be enough. Whatever someone tells me on here, or wherever, I'm not going to take it upon myself to dissect and give my say on why they asked it, telling them that they're lying and giving medical advice. The point is, if someone asks something, it should be answered and ended at that. Where all that extra junk came from, them paying doctors detectives and judges, I have no idea.
    In life. If someone knows they are lying about something(and it has nothing to do with any importance to you, like commenting on an article; etc.), then it is none of our business. If that is what you said of yourself, then I'm going to take it.
    The whole moral. Unless you're on trial? Then there's no need to go any further of "who what where and why" …Just answer the question.

  86. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Bingo. I really was just making up that story. But, however, I know there are crazy things that do happen in life, which I'm always inspired by, letting my imagination and creativity run free.
    I don't know anything about the boy or Vanessa, so it's not for me to comment anything about that, in which I never did. It was never my intention to discuss the matter. I was just asking something. And to see that someone else has heard about it evens out everything, knowing that I was not just seeing things that day. But that's all I'll take and that was always my goal. Everything else about it is not in any territory that I would dare tread on.

  87. BINGO ! says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700

    It's boring to "make up a story" and then try to cut it down….It's like throwing a stone in the water: you can't stop the turbulence on the surface, didn't you realize that?
    Where is your "sense of humour" now, SN700??
    "Just answer the question" or "suit yourself", WHATEVER……

    And who the hell is BURUNG ETC.???….Does that shady customer know "the truth" perhaps or is it in DREADFUL SCARE that TRUTH WILL COME OUT one day???!!………

  88. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: BINGO !

    Actually, if you read my comments on the matter, I said the same thing, when someone was asking me how Johnny or paradis would react to that. I explained that I was not aiming to discuss that. I just wanted to see if anyone else heard that story, making that very specific.
    My humor will always continue. I stop for no one. I'm glad to see you understand my humor and appreciate the creativity : )

  89. BINGO ! says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700

    I don't appreciate anything of your DARK humor & "creativity". My wide additions to you turn out to be "pearls before swine": your comments are fencing and meaningless. You're as SELF-CENTRED as many people - nothing special. So here's my FINAL response: just take a long SILENT sleep and don't wake up until Christmas Eve! Adieu.

  90. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Someone that is "self-centered" is someone that chooses not to see past their own screen/mind, labeling people as something they're not, on account of a unexpectation and not respecting their individuality. In other words …you.
    I take back my comment then. You're just as one-dimensional minded as the rest of these fools, just on the opposite side. I don't need your appreciation. My comments are anything but meaningless …Nothing that I say is meaningless. I am special. You should not have said that. Now I'm going to have to put a curse on you. You crossed the path of The Witch. My incantation~Pearls before swine is what I have in mind~The next time you dine~Spoiled pork's food poisoning you shall find~A long silent sleep~A nightmare you will keep~A trip down the stairs will be the fearful sign……..I was testing you, to see if you were a reasonable soul, but you failed the test. You shouldn't have done that. Now you're cursed, just like the line of "Depp sons". You thank your foolishness for this.
    Am I joking? …Am I? If I were nothing special, you wouldn't have thought so highly of me. That's telling you something. B)
    …This is when my dark humor is now appreciated.

  91. Alice says – reply to this



  92. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Alice

    Ignore that message, Alice. I don't know what his/her problem was, not respecting me respecting a situation. So I played my humor off, because it was just there to do. Sorry about that. Don't get the wrong idea. Normal commenting is still alive and well …And the "witch" is singular lol :j

  93. Raja says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700
    390: I wonder why you were so angry with Bingo that you even have to put a curse on the guy? There were other people who said worse insulting things to you than that Bingo. It's not fair of you to react so malicious to him alone! And why do you think to have the right to test somebody? Pretty arrogant I think.
    Did he not come up to your expectations or do you have something special with this person??
    I think Bingo is right not to reply to you anymore. I'm just wondering what has caused your heated emotional explosion.

  94. JOHNDOE says – reply to this


    Re: BINGO ! – I agree with you Bingo ! I like your humour more than that nasty "humour" of Silent Night - I think that person expressed himself as a CREEPY, UNSTABLE, SWANKY, BLOWED UP HOTHEAD! Don't take him seriously!!

  95. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    That was not anger, Raja, or a heated explosion. That was imitating what he thought of me. All I did was say that I didn't want to comment on a subject of a rumor. A rumor that I asked people about. I was glad to hear that he heard it too; the only one so far. But because I didn't want to talk about it any further, not to set flame to the rumor, he turns on me, after my thank you for replying. That was mean. So to play off what he expected, curses and all, I replied in the only way that my "dark" humor would be appreciated.
    If you're going to take his side as being reasonable, someone that expected me to begin scowling about a rumor, then you yourself are a poor judge of character.
    I mentioned a very clever theory on curses, in which they took interest. I left what I said alone, leaving it mysterious. I did make that up and I addressed that's what I did(I didn't read it anywhere, so, duh, I made it up; they didn't like that I said that, cutting me off and, ironically, calling me self-centered). Imagination runs free for anyone to think what they want. I never halted their thought, what they falsely accused me of. I'm all for being outside the box and I'm glad someone took interest in what I said. I wasn't expecting them to turn on me though. That's what that reaction was.

  96. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Johndoe. Again. If you're going to also take his side, then you're a poor judge of …judging. More irony, calling my humor "nasty" when he's the one wanting to set ablaze a rumor about someone, then getting upset that I chose to remain neutral about it, not respecting my prerogative… and you're calling me the one that's unstable and a blown-up hothead? Seriously? Creepy makes sense. But the rest??? …What's amazing, and happens often, is when someone comments against me, accusing me of something, it never adds up to what I'm doing. They end up talking about themselves, or talking nonsense… What is up with that?
    Like I said, my humor stops for no one. And to put an author's note on my clever theory. Take what you will from the story. If one person wants to believe that could be true, then I'm all for it. If another doesn't want to believe it yet credits my creativity, then right on. But what doesn't fit is the disrespect of my decision to remain ambiguous about it. That was unnecessary. Take the humor of it all. Take it as a possible story. The funny thing is, to be technical, I never denied it, like dude claimed. All I said was "I made it up" and that I rather not talk further about it. That never canceled out a thing, taking nothing away from what they thought… My ambiguity is boss. That's how my humor rolls.

  97. BINGO ! says – reply to this


    Thanks for your support ALICE, RAJA and JOHNDOE! But leave it at that, OK? It isn't worth to spend more time on.
    I think it was just a desperate cry for NOTICE of somebody who is so FULL OF HIMSELF (= self-centred). For he's so "special" and "humorous", has "clever" theories and "witch-powers", etc…..bla, bla, bla…..but who's got upset of any criticism of his image or comments. Oh no, WE ALL have "problems", NOT HIM! Apparently he feels himself so "uncomprehended" by everybody…..and therefore he prefers to be "neutral" and thus MEANINGLESS……How sad!
    I can't stand evasive and ambigious people: they never contribute anything to CLARITY in a world full of suspenses!
    So far as I'm concerned debate is closed now.

  98. BLACKWICCA says – reply to this


    To any interested:

  99. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    "I think it was just a desperate cry for NOTICE of somebody who is so FULL OF HIMSELF" …That's saying a lot for someone that replied in hopes to gossip about something then snapping at me for not joining in, as if you're in a clique of your own and I no longer apply.
    You completely ignored my comment explaining my ‘imitation’, replying "thank you" to people as an attempt to lean on being in the right, when that's not obviously so. But what was the point in doing that when I explained what I did? You're responding as if I didn't clarify an explanation. It's understood now, so…?
    I told them what you were up to. They didn't know the whole story, but I'm sure they now I have different of an opinion by now. You were not fair to me. And you're still not being fair.
    …What in the world are you talking about? Are you even talking about the same subject? I said I remained "neutral" about stating an opinion about the "rumor"; that was specifically referring to that. Where did “I the only one that has problems in life” even come from? I didn't say I'm not comprehended by people. I said that I often receive accusations that don't add up. If anything, I am comprehended by people, but they insist on acting as if they don't.-

  100. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    What were you trying to accomplish with this reply? You ignored everything I said, and on purpose. I bet even though your thoughts are now corrected, you would still repeat the same thing. This isn't the matter of understanding. You’re not even trying to. This is a matter of wanted to be right, which is stupid.
    I told you I took nothing away from what you wanted to believe, and even encouraged you, and you replied that mess.
    This is like me thinking something of someone and they nicely corrected my thoughts and thanked me …and then I insult what they said and call them a name. If you can’t look at that and how rude and uncalled for that was, then question yourself on your comprehension skills. And that goes for anyone else. Don’t lean on those comments, because if they have commonsense, now understanding that mock, then I’m sure their words would be different toward you now.
    You’re right to not reply. Even though you said that out of the motive of being patronizing, it’s best, because there is no response for something as ridiculous as you made this. Your accusation was wrong, your observation was not even close to relating to anything I said, and you invented a whole other story all together…I barely even knew how to respond to this, because of how this turned all wack. I had to go over all what I said to connect what you were even talking about T_I

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