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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Cultivate Cupid's Love At Cipriani!

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johnny depp amber heard cipriani dinner date london july 2013

What's this? What's this?

There's romance everywhere! …what's THIS!?

There's Depp love in the air! What's this!?

Oh wait… somehow The Nightmare Before Christmas was a Tim Burton movie without the attachment of Johnny Depp, LOLz!

Ahh well, it was fun regardless. But probably not as fun as it would have been to be a fly on the wall of Cipriani this weekend. Because as you can see, that's where lover-boy took Amber Heard for a decadent dinner date after London's Lone Ranger premiere!

Now that they've been spotted together for TWO stops along his international promo tour, do you think we'll be seeing more of them out and about when they get back to El Lay???

We sure hope so! Then again, these heat waves could use a cool-off…

[Image via Craig Harris/WENN.]

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408 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Cultivate Cupid's Love At Cipriani!”

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  1. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I meant "is about understanding".
    You completely missed the whole point of what I said. I said I wanted to remain mysterious with that story. I basically said think what you will and I'll leave it at that. I was telling you that was cool that you took interest, but left my say about it a mystery, adding onto the "is it true or not". You accused me of saying I took back what I said and I explained that's not what happened at all. I remained mum, letting you believe what you want. And even if I did, your rudeness was uncalled for.
    That "witch" humor was also mocking you and your sudden snapping at me for no reason. Do you see how unnecessary that was?
    It was you got that upset, sir. You're the one replying, calling me swine for absolutely no reason, just because I no longer fit what 'you' thought of me. That was rude. I had no intention of any conflict, but you brought one about …for no reason.
    You can taunt all you want, but let me remind you, that it was you that took an interest in something that I said. If it was meaningless, it wouldn't have gotten you to think. This reply was no more than your sad attempt at a spite…This is what you call "meaningless".

  2. Raja says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700

    Pretty late reply but I know now why you're that angry with Bingo. You think he was calling YOU a "swine", but THAT IS NOT TRUE. You have misunderstood the man, for in case you don't know: "PEARLS BEFORE SWINE" is just an English TERM, a SYMBOLICAL EXPRESSION of how he thought about the matter, NOTHING PERSONAL!
    So I think your reactions are much over the top, losing all senses of proportion with "cursing" and calling him "foolish, stupid" and so on. Particularly that witch-curse is a BAD JOKE, you know?
    I hope you also are enough a sport to offer your APOLOGY to Bingo now, because you really owe him such! And he already keeps quiet now.
    I believe Bingo was just disappointed over your response and he has as much right to express his feelings as you did over your frustration and in my opinion he did NOT "caused a conflict" with you. It was YOUR OWN MISUNDERSTANDING AND GUSHING COMMENTS that tear things from the context!
    And how for goodness' sake can you expect somebody's "respect" for your person if you in your turn don't respect another by bringing false charges?
    So SilentNight, make peace now, there's already too much struggle in this world, don't you think so?

  3. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I know what the term means just fine and it makes no difference. The point is he didn't need to snap at me just because I wasn't a expectation. You approve of that? You see no fault with him and yet you find fault with me, after I imitated exactly what he did(also mocking the "cursed" topic) and explained how rude that was?
    I didn't call him stupid. I said trying to be "right" has nothing to do with this situation. That's what was stupid. And that "foolish" remark was within that imitation, reflecting his "English" remark. Don't get it twisted.
    "I believe Bingo was just disappointed over your response and he has as much right to express his feelings as you did over your frustration and in my opinion he did NOT "caused a conflict" with you." ….Yes he did…You don't call saying "you're as SELF-CENTRED as many people - nothing special. So here's my FINAL response: just take a long SILENT sleep and don't wake up until Christmas Eve! Adieu." …You don't call that being rude? He could have been disappointed all he wanted, but that mess was uncalled for. There was no "misunderstanding" in that. It speaks as is. It's rude no matter how you look at it.-

  4. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I don't know how you can't see that, especially after I explained myself. Anyone with any ounce of sense would see that as rude.
    And for the last time… I was copying exactly what he did. In case you don't understand that, that means I mirrored his response. His was the reaction that was "over the top". He was the one that placed unnecessary(and incorrect) judgment on me. What you saw in my message? Was what I saw in his message …Do you get it now?
    You're not observing this situation from the correct angle, or you just didn't read enough to even have a fair opinion on it. Or maybe you're just oblivious. You're not seeing anything on my side of the story, because you're too distracted by that "curse" …which I explained many many many times that I was mocking him. You don't seem to be getting that. The key word here is "imitating". I think I said that more than enough times now for you to finally get it. And if you still call me out as being the bad guy, after knowing where the inspiration came from …then heaven help you if you ever end up in court with your case being in the hands of a juror like you. You make as much sense as dude, inventing your own logic, so there's no helping you.

  5. Raja says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700
    Oh gee….you're hopeless SilentNight……sigh….Maybe YOU can make an attempt to observe one thing and another from a different angle??….Bingo didn't "snap and be rude" to you before you were "mocking" him. He was just saying he didn't appreciate your "dark humor and creativity" that obviously were also "misunderstood" by more commentators on this site….You cannot "mock" at things like "curses"….(read Blackwicca - 398). So, don't "copy & imitate" anymore, JUST BE YOURSELF!
    Anyway: I REALLY CARE FOR YOU as for anyone else! So don't "snap" at me too now, O.K.? Have a nice time!

  6. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Raja

    ??? Are you dude in disguise? You gotta be.
    Why would I have to observe from a different angle when it is I that is the other half of the situation? I said that to you because you're on the outside, able to view both sides. Do you see how ridiculous you sound? That's like the judge telling the defendant to agree with the plaintiff…?
    The copy and paste was the evidence to prove what I meant. What does that have do with me not being myself? How the heck was that even relevant to say in this?
    That "misunderstanding" was explained, therefore this should have been dropped, but you're still replying garbage… That means, if an explanation is explained? Quit bringing it up. That's original logic. Try it sometime.
    It doesn't freakin matter. I know everything he said, so quit repeating the same junk.
    …What is your problem? If I said he was being rude, he was being rude. Who are you to tell me that he wasn't? That's how I took it, therefore that's all that counts. And who are you to tell me what I cannot mock? I just did. And it wasn't wicca I was mocking(to set it straight, I ain't no wiccan). "I said" I was mocking dude. The witch stuff was a part of his complaint, so I brought that along with it.-

  7. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    …I see your game here. You're just wanting to be a troll. And before you try using my words against me again, make sure it makes sense. That means, don't even try to call me being a troll, because you know that's not what I'm presenting. I was seriously thinking you didn't understand, but now I see you're just nitpicking. Ain't nobody got time for your juvenile mess. Get outta here with that.
    And before you try to reply, as if you think you can teach a lesson from your illogical wisdom, repeating junk? Know that I do not care. There's nothing you can say to me. You lost my respect of even talking rationally, since your goal here is to troll. If you're not even trying to listen to reason then the heck with this.
    One last thing. I curse you with the same curse of your boy you're trying to defend(risking a lot of neck for someone that you don't know, what a shame). Now I know you're not the same dude, because I recognize the souls of whom I cursed. So fall down some stairs, have a nightmare and eat rancid pork food poisoning :D There's no need to defend my humor anymore. Take it or leave it. You have no power here. Go tend to the "struggles of the world" with the one just now added.
    See how unreasonable I'm being? This is the imitation of you this time ^_-
    …This is where my humor 'would have' been appreciated.

  8. Lola says – reply to this


    Here is a bit of info you may or may not already know or have figured out by now. The talk and well, pretty much fact around Hollywood is that Johnny Depp got Amber the Guess model gig. She is the new Guess girl with huge posters of her in every store and billboard in the world. She was about to dump Johnny because he was not making her a star as he promised her. The acting thing didn't work. The feedback from all of her movie and t.v. roles are negative. So boom, Johnny pulled some major strings and she is the face of a major designer. She is working him for all she can get.

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