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15 comments to “Alec Baldwin Calls Out Anderson Cooper As "The New Gay Sheriff"!”

  1. 1

    Wonder how his foot up your ass feels Alec. Bend over and enjoy the ride.

  2. 2

    he's absolutely right about Cooper he's a smug righteous hypocrite who deliberately kept his sexuality a secret for his entire career coz he wasnt brave enough to take the consequences of coming out. Now he's camper than christmas and just another cliched homo in the media…like there werent enough stereotypes already. So sick of the likes of him screaming victim at the slightest gay comment. is your skin really that thin, Cooper?

  3. chanel says – reply to this


    Alec Baldwin is a nasty old drunk. Alec, do everyone a favor and shut your mouth. Every time you say something publicly you show what a jerk you really are.

  4. f says – reply to this


    anderson was not in the closet just because he hadnt announced it to the public. alec does not know what he is talking about.

  5. 5

    Howard Stern humours the likes of Alec Baldwin by day and in the evening is on the Gong Show trying desperately to be a role model to young people.

  6. 6

    Anderson Cooper used to be important in the news world, but his stupid ass talk show showed what a sell-out he's become. Interviewing Bethany Frankel is NEVER news. That's the crap that Mario covers.

  7. 7

    Lolollolloll, you go, Alec.

  8. PM2901 says – reply to this


    Anderson was NEVER in the closet! Everyone in his personal life, as well as his colleagues, knew that he was gay. Just because he didn't start every news broadcast by saying, "by the way, I'M GAY. . ." doesn't mean he was in the closet. Now, as for Alec. I have mixed feelings about him. I think he's a BRILLIANT actor, and very good looking (whether slim or fat), and is funny as hell. However, his Irish drinking and quick temper are very off-putting. You can tell that he's a nightmare in his real life if you anger him. I bet he's really scary when he gets in one of his sarcastic-laden, condescending-filled tirades. You had better duck! I think he needs therapy, but is too egotistical to believe that someone could actually educate him. It's too bad because he really needs to get to the root of his issues. All of those Baldwin boys (except for Billy) have issues.

  9. 9

    Let me tell you Anderson is a right wing sucker!

  10. 10

    Hmmmm… I can't believe I'm saying this: What Alec said about Anderson is 100% true.

  11. lovetohate says – reply to this


    Re: chanelRe: chanel – Lasqueesha i think you need to educate yourself a little more….its up to the individual to decide when to come out not for anyone else to say they are scared and cant handle the consequences. Id like to see how youd deal with being in the media. Camper than christmas….. get real queesha who's the real homophobe?!?

  12. 12

    Leave Anderson Cooper alone he is a fine looking gay as guy. Darn.

  13. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Alec is right. Obviously, Anderson was ashamed to be part of the gay community. Didn't come out of the closet until he was 45 years old…even though everyone already knew.

  14. JR says – reply to this


    Really ! Baldwin is known for being a creep ! Look at the way he treated his own daughter. Cooper is what he is ! A human being moving forward with his life. Baldwin is cocky figuring after his success on 30 rock he's set…..Ha Ha…..Lets see how long it takes him to blow his wad and need us again ??? Anderson Cooper calls out Baldwin and you bunch of self loathing queers defend Baldwin ????

  15. Dr. M. says – reply to this


    Alex Baldwin has always made inappropriate remarks related to Gays and while he may not fear homosexuals, he is a useless source of information on sexual orientation, politics, and life in general. He appears to be a sociopath and total narcissist. Anyone who would take this creep seriously has a mental disorder.