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Miley Cyrus Is A Dykon!

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All hail Queen Miley!!!

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13 comments to “Miley Cyrus Is A Dykon!”

  1. 1

    Miley Cyrus is an unstable, attention-whore, tacky, trailer trash asshole. She's right up your alley, ape face.

  2. Kansas says – reply to this


    If anyone around here had any sense of time, or an attention span that lasts longer than ten years, we would see that Miley Cyrus is simply ONE MORE braindead whore who pulls down her pants in a video, spanks another chick, and thinks she's special.
    Oh, please.
    I mean, seriously… just how many sexually hyper ignorant and stupid chicks in music do we really need?
    She's nothing original.
    Just another fucking skank wanna-be who's figured out that to get ANY attention in this ridiculous business is to become a skinny twat who does nothing more than bounce around half-naked in "shocking" videos, believing somehow (YAWN) she's a trailblazer.
    What the FUCK is so goddamned original about yet another DUMB ENLIGHTENED BITCH who erroneously believes that "sexual liberation" means behaving like a slut in YET ANOTHER x-rated cheesey "let's make all bitches hoes!" video?!
    Miley, get a fucking life. You're just another naked whore desperate for us all to approve of you.
    We've seen the likes of you before, and gawd help us, we'll see more of your type yet.
    The world is FULL up of semi-talented chicks who want to prostitute themselves for attention.
    Stupid tramp.

  3. so sad says – reply to this


    My problem w/ miley is that she doesn't do stuff just because she wants or just to have fun and be care free I feel she does it to get attention and stand out…. like her hair I mean who really cares what she does w/ it but the way she went about it was totally just for attention … and lets be honest would you rather look too much like the girl next door or too much like the prostitute on the corner… hell hand out some designer clothes we may not even be able to tell the difference between her and the prostitutes… having money doesn't make you any less trashy u r how you act end of story

  4. Kripke says – reply to this


    It no longer surprises me that men in middle-Eastern countries think Western women are all a bunch of easy fucking stinky whores, DESPERATE for attention.
    Any attention.
    It's pretty simple understanding just why these ignorant and grossly unenlightened pieces of shit come on over here to "fuck our bitches."
    (I mean, it's not as easy over there to hook up with a smelly gangsta bitch.)
    From a distance, if one lived in another culture, & turned on our radios and TV's, pretty much one SEES is a bunch of whores and sluts!
    Stupid women and misguided bitches who think that they are "liberated."
    THIS is the reason women are continually treated like garbage all over the planet.
    WHEN is is gonna fucking stop?
    If you don't want your women peers on this globe treated like second-class whores and ignorant skanks, then why act like you think it's ok?

  5. 5

    Jealous bitches always complaining. go hop on someones dick and take some tension off your sorry and miserable lives. PS Kansas? You sound retarded. are you a member of the Westboro Baptist Church? I'm thinking you are.

  6. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: Kansas
    Whoops. That's dumb "UN-enlightened" bitch.

  7. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay
    Hit enter too soon, therefore asswipe, read my unfinished sentence:
    WHAT are you, 12?

  8. 8

    Re: Kansas – fuck you and your unfinished sentence. To me you were a moron long before I finished reading your hate filled tirade.

  9. Garry says – reply to this


    Miley cyrus is insect of gutter.I mean she is very dumb but sometimes a thought come to my mind that why her parents didn't advice her to give up drugs,stop posing nude on magazines,stop pretending to be a lesbian.THAT'S WHY I JUST HATE MILEY CYRUS!

  10. shelby says – reply to this


    So sick of this skank. Go away.

  11. fatal says – reply to this


    you mean "queen" as in man that dresses like a woman-right?? because the Smelly Circus is more like the town hore or a clown of some kind-certainly NOT royalty on any level

  12. moose123 says – reply to this


    i used to like miley even when she cut her hair….who the FUCK cares about what she does with it! but the fact tht her whole song is about about FUCKING DRUGS…..she lost almost all of her fan base trying 2 get FUCKING attention…..u know what miley no one likes u now…ur a DRUGGED SKANK ASS BITCH THAT NO ONE LIKES!

  13. fufv says – reply to this


    Fucking classic. This girls a byproduct of her upbringing and is everything that's wrong with the US at the moment. It's sad really that she goes from this wholesome image to an absolute fucking skankwhoreslut. The unfortunate thing is that how impressionable young girls are to see this fucking shit from NTV. Possiblly follow this thinking it's ok for a girl to act like a classless pig like she does. I want this bitch dead in so many ways.