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Bruce Willis Gives The Most Awkward Interview Ever! Watch HERE!

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bruce willis

Bruce Willis clearly wanted this interview to die hard with a vengeance. Sorry Joaquin Phoenix, but this is the most awkward interview ever.

In one of the most cringe-worthy conversations ever, Bruce Willis chatted with Magic 105.4's Jamie Edwards to promote Red 2, and became red, too, with anger.

Bruce, who acted like George Everett Wilson if he was being interviewed by Dennis the Menace, had some serious putdowns in their talk. Regarding the interview, Bruce said:

"Has any actor ever told you this Jamie? This part is not acting, what we're doing right now. You might be. But we're just selling the film now. Sales. That fun part was making the movie."

Watching Jamie's reaction is like witnessing a child drop his ice cream and having that ice cream stomped mercilessly upon by Bruce Willis.

Trying to save the interview, Jamie asked the follow up about how Bruce would sell the film, to which Bruce replied:

"I wouldn't. I'd slash my hooves."

Slash his wha? Hooves? Is Bruce Willis secretly a demon? Because he's certainly acting pretty hot tempered!

Poor Mary Louise Parker clearly tried to diffuse the mounting tension, but in the end, it was too great to overcome.

Ch-ch-check out the awkward video (BELOW)!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “Bruce Willis Gives The Most Awkward Interview Ever! Watch HERE!”

  1. redgti89 says – reply to this


    They're both acting like fucking weirdos. Condescending pricks really. Who do they think they are? Also, look at the way Mary is feeding off of Bruce's horrendous behavior, only to act almost worse than Bruce is!!!

  2. 2

    I'd rather he be honest than full of shit.

  3. 3

    All round awkwardness. Oh my…

  4. 4

    Is he on heroin? or as weirdo as his ex Dem Moore. OMG. If ur not in the mood DONT DO THE FKG INTEVIEW and don't b such a d!ck as ur head loooooks. Next!

  5. 5

    THANK YOU BRUCE WILLIS for reminding me to NEVER pay to see another movie you're in….EVER. You obviously have far too much money and think yourself above some radio personality who is doing his job. I work too hard for my $$ to just hand it over to you at the box-office. WHAT a C*#T. Mary's attitude isn't much better. For shame.

  6. locolocker.com says – reply to this



    i know you'll love it !! check it out..

  7. 7

    Showing the media and the major studios how much you abhor honoring your contract obligations in promotional interviews is not a good move on your part Bruce Willis. The days when you were a box office draw have long passed, and Mary Louis Parker is now at that age where there are not a lot of roles for women of a certain age and she should be grateful a studio has hired her. Promotional junkets like this is part of the game for actors and many times it is written into their contracts with the studios. A foolish move on both their parts.

  8. 8

    There is way more to this story that what you reported here Perez, why dont you act responsibly and get the full story? Obviously Jamie Edwards did something to piss off both Willis and Parker. Quit being so lazy.

  9. 9

    Time to get over yourself, Mr. Willis.

  10. 10

    This interview is sooooo unstuck that it's painful to watch the whole thing. I feel really sorry for this poor interviewer. I think Willis is stoned. No one can behave that way when sober. And if he is stoned than he is one s.o.b for dragging his sorry ass there just to ruin someone's career. To think that I used to (emphasis on the "used to") liked watching movies with Mr. Willis. Shame on you man!

  11. Ashfate101 says – reply to this


    Bruce should try taking his own advice and "just be nice". Poor guy interviewing.

  12. Daniel says – reply to this


    I know this doesn't justify the interview in anyway. But maybe they had 20 other interviews before this one in the same room and he wasn't feeling it anymore. It is possible. But he could of been less of a dick to the interviewer.

  13. amy says – reply to this


    Arrogant prick. So sorry that you have to promote the movie you were just paid millions of dollars for. Your life must be so hard ! Imagine if you had a real job like the rest of the world, how would you cope? What a fucking joke. Bruce Willis you are a disgrace.

  14. Nikki says – reply to this


    Bruce Willis, do us all a favor and take ur dick out of ur mouth and appreciate the fact that ppl still even want to interview ur irrelevant ass.

  15. Woman says – reply to this


    It wasn't awkward. Willis & Parker were purposefully arrogant dicks who were making this DJ”s job, difiiicult. It's his job. The DJ probably makes a crap salary while these two actors make millions. Bruce and Mary think they are so important. NOT!!!

  16. 16

    Mr. Willis–your fans buying tickets to see your movies have made you the star that you are.

  17. Ms. Elisss says – reply to this


    What a douche! the interviewer seemed nice enough and of course they are selling the movie but it's not the poor's guy fault… why take it out on him? Imagine attacking every interviewer like that…if he was having such a bad day maybe he should've stayed at home… douche

  18. texasannie says – reply to this


    I've always loved Bruce Willis, all the way back to Moonlighting, but this just sounds like he's being a total jerk. not cool Bruce. >:(

  19. 19

    the most stupid PEREZ post ever! Oh, wait. No it's not. Just one of the thousands of asinine BORING-AS-HELL posts Mario lazily uploads. Pathetic.

  20. chey says – reply to this


    Bruce has always been a bad interview, he wants to promote his movie but he is always always a rude interview…… he thinks who the heck he is, big turn off for many…..don't do interviews if u r gonna be rude……sheeeessssshhhhhhhhh such a child…….

  21. chey says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – ditto bruce is an ungrateful jerk……..

  22. chey says – reply to this


    Re: RdRydngHd – no not so as i have seen bruce in many interviews and he is a prick in every one, like he is way too good to be talking to whoever…… talk shows too, awkward awkward to say the least for the interviewer!!!!!

  23. kjg says – reply to this


    People have to relax, they were just having fun with some really stupid questions. I thought they were both hilarious. People really need to chill out.

  24. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: kjg – I really doubt anyone would just 'chill out' if someone treated them like shit

  25. 25

    No, the host didn't know what he was doing. They were on a pitch, period. Not on a "how did I like the food on set" interview.

  26. jack says – reply to this


    What a turd. How unnecessary. He's making this guy feel all uncomfortable and everything… and for what? Why didn't he just stay home if he can't be decent.
    Lost total respect for him when I saw this. Total asshole behavior.

  27. yuck says – reply to this


    The old dirty man felt too proud of himself with the young chick as life partner. His mind is full of SE*****. He should have treated DEMI MOORE the best for the past 13 years ago. If he still with DEMI MOORE till now. He could surely said to be one of the Most Gentleman man or HUSBAND in Hollywood. Otherwise he just as a ………. I wont watch his MOVIES for his such Bad Attitude. Thanks.

  28. Dee says – reply to this


    I think Bruce Willis and May Louise Parker were offended when the interviewer told Mary Louise Parker to remind her to talk in her mike. They came across like using the mikes were stupid. I don't think the interviewer meant to be rude he was just nervous and Bruce Willis was upset over Mary being told to remember the mike like she was fresh out of school. I think Bruce was over the interview at that point.

  29. Dee says – reply to this


    Had to watch it again.. I think Bruce Willis was seeing (RED) lol and had Mary Louise Parker's back over the interviewer telling to remember the mike like she was a novice to being interviewed. At one point Mary made fun of the mike saying she feels like breaking out in song. The interviewer just screwed up by insulting her/them and lost them at that point and tried to salvage what he could by gushing to them but it was a train wreck of an interview. Think the poor guy just screwed up and Bruce Willis was just being chivalrous to Mary just as she hinted in the interview.. JMO

  30. Daleman says – reply to this


    The interviewer started the interview with an insult, "At least I've seen the movie" which was making fun (intentional or not) about how bad it is doing at the box office. Bruce was pissed off about that and was sarcastic. He then tried to be nice, but it was downhill after the first 5 seconds. I love Mary she was sweet