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6 comments to “Jennifer Morrison Addresses LGBT Support After Once Upon A Time Comic-Con Announcement!”

  1. Luther says – reply to this


    This is why we can't have nice things. Someone please tell me why there HAS to be a gay character on the show???? If they do yay, if not . . . oh well. The show is based on fairy tales. I support LGBT but they can tone it down a little on things petty like this. This behavior pushes the equality agenda back several steps.

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  3. Anon says – reply to this


    People are upset because the writers and actors treated Swan Queen as if it was a dirty little secret that should never be brought up in public while the other hetero pairings were pimped and mentioned every 2 minutes. Since SQ is an f/f ship, LGBT people took offense.

    JMo was attacked (I didn't see any hate but I will say that every fandom has its bad apples!) because she purposely avoided SQ and pretended like it didn't exist. When she wrote that on her FB, people got even more upset because it felt like she was attacking them back instead of just defending herself. She made LGBT people seem like they were the ones bullying her.

    Eddy could've worded his answer much better. Jennifer, Adam and Lana should've said something too. Robert Carlyle was the only actor who didn't look terrified when the girl brought up Swan Queen.
    All the ther shows at Comic Con handled LGBT questions in a much better way. Especially the Hannibal cast and writers. They acknowledged the fanbase, TOOK THE TIME TO DISCUSS THE QUESTION(S) (which, seriously, OUAT?! The SQ question was the only one that didn't involve any kind of discussion) and didn't make them feel marginalizaded or delusional for seeing the subtext.

    The fact that SQ will never be canon is sad, yes, but the lack of respect that SQ shippers got from the cast + writers is much sadder. It's the 21st century. They're all adults. For fuck's sake!

  4. Winter says – reply to this


    Not 100% up to date with this show, but I'm confused by the statement that the show had some unconventional romances already. I'm at the end of season 2 and I have seen nothing at all in the romance department that's not traditional in every sense of the word.

  5. people are dumb says – reply to this


    Eddy handled the question fine, i think he was just annoyed with it. I mean, the girl said SQ was in the writing and the acting which it clearly wasnt. She was reading way too much into SQ, the pairing doesnt even make any sense whatsoever. I support LGBT but they seriously need to calm down, whats the point in attacking Jennifer MorrisonÉ She had nothing to do with it and no she didnt have to say anything. They clearly and rightfully didnt want to give the the girl hopes of SQ like Teen Wolf is doing with Stiles and Derek. I mean, Sterek is thankfully never going to happen, they dont make sense but the show runners keep giving the fans of that couple false hope. People need to stop bothering Jennifer Morrison, its just frustrating and annoying.

  6. Oncer says – reply to this


    Leave Jennifer Alone. She did nothing wrong. We Love You JMo!!!!!!