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Katy Perry & John Mayer Are A-DOOR-able In El Lay!

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katy perry john mayer romantic dinner date

Katy Perry and John Mayer have gone through a lot of phases in their on-again, off-again relationship, but it sure looks like they're entering a new one- honeymoon!

Yep! Just skippin' the nuptials, we see! LOLz!

The celeb couple were spotted leaving a fancy dinner date in El Lay late Tuesday night looking as lovey dovey as we've ever seen them.

They may look mismatched in denim and an LBD but hey, opposites attract, right?

We're sure gentleman John knows he's supposed to let the lady through the door first! But he's just too in love to even part Katy's company for a second!

This pic is worth 1,000 words alright! Truly, madly, deeply… OK, we're not going to list the other 997, but you get the idea!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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16 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer Are A-DOOR-able In El Lay!”

  1. rana says – reply to this


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  2. 2

    hes back on

    very sharp eyes perez body language analysis
    legs in sync one forwards on each side hands in exact same position and heads tipped now .. walking thru the door together EXACTLY can mean 1 of 3 things

    1. hes just a dum douche who doesnt know any better (in this case i dont think its that)
    2. he knows the paps are there and is making dam sure hes in the shot (likely)
    3 hes sheilding her from the paps (i doubt it)

    now i do notice also her head is tipped more than his which could mean shes trying not to be the bigger star eg go lower for her (already low) bf as a lady sometimes trys to be less than the man (not easy in this case)

    clothes wise about the same level

    reminds me of heidi and spencer when they werre supposedly not together

  3. MB says – reply to this


    I think they actually look good together TBH. I seriously think these two should stick together. Be true to each other, and they both have something good, at a good age for both of them.

  4. Body language says – reply to this


    John is not that into her, you can tell. She just made him feel guilty because she trapped him when he was sick and he feels like he owes her. His body language says is all. She always tries to cling on to him. He looks like he is just there for the moment looking uncomfortable.

  5. Wow says – reply to this


    He wants to be @ the pic too! Like she's superfamous around the world for her music and boobs and so, and he's famous just because he dates famous stars.

  6. Yep says – reply to this


    Re: Body language – I agree with you 100%. She always looks way too clingy and he never looks comfortable. Some people claim he's just uncomfortable around the paps but he never looked like this with Jen Aniston or even Jessica Simpson. For being a woman who claims she's independent, Katy sure doesn't look like it in this relationship.

  7. 7

    what u could do is scour old photos and see if john has the same body language as his exs if so this could make him a chameleon who changes to suite the woman which might explain how he mananges to get with them in the first place …copys them and says all the right things …if hes uncomfortable it could be because she always seems so uptight she couldnt even take a joke when russel posted that picture of her in the morning that was hilarious.. she always has this look on her face like shes just sucked a lemon.. mayer is prob on guard (chameleon working double time not to piss her off )

  8. Thoughts Nothing More says – reply to this


    I think he is very into her. My fantasy is she has been his emotional rock through some very tough waters and he is deeply, madly connected to her, as is she. I never would have pictured them together, but who knows what will happen in the long hall. I also think she's good peeps. Sure she is strong and, perhaps, controlling but I also think she's pretty traditional when it comes to marriage. BTW, it is not just JM she clinged to. She has had that kind of body language with every guy she has publicly dated. It's the way she is.

  9. Body Shmodys says – reply to this


    Interesting. I remember reading an anlalyst by a body language expert long ago of Mayer with jessica Simpson. She said he was always walking ahead of her which meant he was clearly not that interested in her. I guess, if they had been walking side by side, she would have considered them in sync. She also showed pictures of John standing in front of Jessica with one leg crossed in front of the other. She said it indicated he was not open to her. This made sense to me. He looked on guard. I have not seen that kind of distancing in his body language with KP.

  10. 10

    Re: Body Shmodys – i would of said if hes crossing his legs around jessica he was protecting his balls from the napalm lolol his balls were not open to her …haha

  11. 11

    Katy, you're going to get hurt….oh fuck it might as well enjoy your summer.

  12. yeep says – reply to this


    ugh…for such a beauty, she has terrible taste in men….Women: NEVER settle for players, men who cheat or just generally jerkiness…you deserve better. John Mayer is revolting…

  13. los angeles says – reply to this


    Who gives a damn? Mayer's music sucks snake yesty a s s. He's probably with her because other chicks rejected Mayer because by now, they hate him as a person, hate the mention of his name, hate his music and every single thing about this scum pond douche bag. His music is now hill Billy a s s Noise. My bet is that Mayer will never be able to go near or have contact with a few women he ran back to between break ups with Katy. I'm willing to bet that he can't go near the other chicks who have self respect. They kicked him to the sewer and past the curb. This guy has no idea just how much he's hated.

  14. los angeles says – reply to this


    He's a piece of shat. His other girls found good men. They got tired of Mayer. He doesn't tickle my fancy either anymore. He's just blehhh now and so is his last album and his current songs! :)

  15. JJ says – reply to this


    Re: Yep – You have no idea what you are talking about. John was a famous Grammy winner before anyone knew who Katy Perry was.

  16. Miranda says – reply to this


    Why are Katy's Louboutins two sizing too big??!!