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Selena Gomez Is Not The Goody Goody You Think She Is!

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Damn, girl!

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171 comments to “Selena Gomez Is Not The Goody Goody You Think She Is!”

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  1. Chloe says – reply to this


    I'd cut it short if you were ranting about my ex or Evan asking me about him, it's about her stars tour your meant to be talking about not jb, just because she hung up it doesn't mean she's a bitch? Just that she's had enough of talking about him. Leave the girl alone we're all allowed time to be upset about a break up let her have that time to,

  2. Blhdg says – reply to this


    okay i'm ot that big of a fan for selena but mist of you are probably justin bieber fans and some of you aren't but that doesn't mean you can trash someone just because they have moved on….we all have a right to an opinion yes but that doesn't mean we should lash out cause for all we know she could read these comments then she will like crud from all the hate she is a person who is self consious just like the rest of us so please think before you type because it is also considered cyber bulling

  3. Downs says – reply to this


    Back of people you guys should stop yapping cause none of you will ever be as beautiful as her even in your dreams so stop benign freaking assholes

  4. melody says – reply to this


    Ummm no she was just being a little Bitch

  5. 105

    Like, no sh!÷. Obvious

  6. open your eyes says – reply to this


    She's smart. She knows how to work the media. She knows how to get everyone to think she's the sweetest person alive, I mean she has all you fooled right?

  7. Brad Elenes says – reply to this


    Perez wash your hair please.

  8. Ammy says – reply to this


    um, ya i USED to look up to Selena but ever since "come and get it", shes been nasty and very inappropriate, i guess she sort of is the Disney girl though, ever think about the fact that her character (Alex) really wasn't a good girl either

  9. Ammy says – reply to this


    Re: Chloe – just to remind you, SHE broke up with HIM. i don't know why she should care, and if she did then she should just get back together with him. and no i'm not crazy obsessed with celebrities, i think that those people are just dumb and should obsess over someone they KNOW not a celebrity who could be acting at any moment. and to all the people saying shes nice, i would like to see a picture of you two together doing your nails or something, otherwise why should i believe you? and maybe she is nice, i just think people should stop defending for people they know nothing about!

  10. chris says – reply to this


    Rather you think if she fake or not. How would you like to be asked over and over about your bf or ex bf? I am sure there more to it. Just cause you want answer does not mean she didn't do a damn thing wrong. she handle that perfectly fine.

  11. larabieber says – reply to this


    i love u perez "she is sassy!!!" i cracked up :)

  12. maria says – reply to this


    selena is awesome im just sorry she wasted her time on Justin

  13. I hate u says – reply to this


    I hate u perez.
    I love selena :)


  14. Mrs. Bieber says – reply to this


    Nobody ever said she was a goody good. She's a fame whore :|

  15. Carl says – reply to this


    Holy fuck Perez! You're ugly as fucking sin. Go shave that mug and wash that greasy ass lookin weave you got goin on.

  16. serena says – reply to this


    she not fake maybe she did not want to talk about justin so fucking leave her alone!!

  17. CityOfCyn says – reply to this


    Perez looks like he is completely on drugs…. comb your hair man, you are on tv

  18. Sammy258 says – reply to this


    She didn't really do anything wrong on the interview. Its not so easy to smile in situations like that (or even be a celebrity). i think the title of this ish (video) is extremely over-rated. @Perez, i don't really get your point. do u hate her or not? The interview was cut short, so what? big deal. they could always re-do it some other time.

  19. jj says – reply to this


    selena did the right thing and when she got rid of him i mean she can b a bitch but she dont treat people like dirty and stands them up like he does

  20. Sally says – reply to this


    OMG calm down everyone, she probably didn't want to tak about him, would you like to talk about ur ex. Selena is really sweet and has loads of haters so take her feeling into consideration

  21. Alexandra says – reply to this


    I love selena gomez.she is my favorite singer ! She is beautiful !!!!!!!! She is NOT FAKE!!!!!!

  22. Alexandra says – reply to this


    I love selena gomez.she is my favorite singer ! She is beautiful !!!!!!!! She is NOT FAKE!!!!!!

  23. 123

    are justin and selena still going out yes or no just wondering how they are doing with them seeing each other

  24. Anouk says – reply to this


    Anyway shes not like this fucking miley ! I like Selena and Taylor :)

  25. samanta says – reply to this


    odio a selena gomes y taylor swif se cres perfectas cuando en realidad son unas perras y lo esconden

  26. Marie says – reply to this


    She has always seemed so fake to me. I lost respect for her when she boasted and publicly spoke badly about her ex, when she owes the majority of her popularity to him. She can't sing, she can't dance, and she's a mediocre actress. There's nothing interesting about her except for the fact that she dated Justin.

  27. peter says – reply to this


    I noticed most of the people here complaining and calling SELENA a bitch, fake , blah blah are girls, so Im guessing, one they are UGLY BITCHES, jealous and TWO JUSTIN BEAVER fans but I'M sorry but JUSTIN BUTTfer is a dog, no class, tries to be cute and sweet and we know he is a player and SELENA was too classy for this terd and about this interview.. SHE WAS ASKED TO TALK ABOUT HER ALBUM not her ex or some loser named JUSTIN so she did good in cutting the interview short.. SO YOU HATERS.. ARE ALL UGLY ASS WHORES who are simply jealous!! SO the more you hate.,. THE MORE FAMOUS SELENA will become.. THANKS LOL

  28. vaileth says – reply to this


    let hem live there life.who knows the truth only them

  29. TG says – reply to this


    Perez, I love your website but you are so fucking annoying. Make your videos shorter nobody cares about what you fucking think.
    Dont ruin your website.

  30. Tasha says – reply to this


    I really don't blame her! The guy was MAKING the interview about Justin and to all of you saying they want to know about their relationship–it seemed to me that he was JUST asking about JUSTIN…NOT even about their relationship.

  31. SaraJ says – reply to this


    Who is that fugly hairy guy who has nothing else to do with his life?

  32. fgt says – reply to this


    jhdojddyhb,oijdh dhdwyhgbakue hhgdumnn hhfhyl fbjue;kf;a iehgnvbfyeikfmbj bfkjyuwhhnbbvej bdnbvj jdkdd hhu dkdj djh ddkfhvjddj fjfhfnvbbyeuilc jbmb kj7679e jnxns,slkd dmddsndm hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhhahahahaha :)

  33. mrslynndavis says – reply to this


    Re: pail – you're an ass. how is your husband, what does he do for a living, where are your children, where are your parents, what town are they from, who are your friends, where do they work, where are their husbands and wives, where are their children, where are their neighbors, where are their homeless, where are the cats and dogs, why is the sky blue, why is the color green not purple, why does the streets say street? STUPID QUESTIONS RIGHT?! exactly the same thing about asking that baby girl why does Justin Bieber do anything that he does. are you who you are because of these things i just asked you? no they are just stupid questions for stupid reasons and most of them are not anyone else's business. and that's why i think that you and all the negative comments that have been said are stupid. it's not our right to know and if you think it's your right, you and anybody else, THEN YOU ARE ALL ASSHOLES!!!!!!

  34. steph says – reply to this


    although i am not a fan of selena gomez i think what she did was justified. why is it that interviewers have to ask about personal lives. It's rude to ask questions that make the person feel uncomfortable.

  35. anonymous says – reply to this


    props to Selena for ending the interview

  36. -CHris. says – reply to this


    I wish we didn't have to watch Perez talk. Why couldn't I have just read that shit? I'm more a reader…

  37. Teresa says – reply to this


    I don't hate her, yes we know her because her boyfriend, but shel really ooks very pretty, very lovely, she had to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend, she will never be very poor, we need to know more about her

  38. 138

    Re: Dania – yea, lyk ure any better. I say STFU haters. If u don't lyk her then u obviously shouldn't be commenting. Nobodys perfect u know!

  39. 139

    Re: Susie – you said it.

  40. monica says – reply to this


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  41. ed says – reply to this


    perez whoever told you to get in front of a camera and talk was wrong.. stick to writing.. seriously.. as a friend.. not good

  42. Karen says – reply to this


    i bet most people commenting on her hating are Belibers……honestly give it up selenas human i bet if you did some of the stuff she was accused of it would be brushed off, also selena is beautiful but it doesnt suprise me that people say she is ugly i mean what is a celebertiy without their haters. you just make her more famous . all publicity is good publicity

  43. Denise says – reply to this


    Selena is amazing all the haters need to stop most of you i know are belibers. What you dont realize is all your hate makes her more famous you spend your life commenting on how you hate her yet you hate her your just addig to her web fame. Selena is beautiful so stop cyberbulling. Selena is human she can make mistakes just because shes a celeberty doesnt suddenly make her some sort of alien. give her a break damn.

    Alll publicity is gopod Publicity.

  44. betty says – reply to this


    selena should thank justin because if it wasn't for him she is not that famous like she is no, i mean i dont like her but she's doung tours not beacause of her voice but because of justin bieber .. she is not known for her voice either, she is where she is now is because they remember her as justin bieber's girlfriend.. I dont want them to get back together. justin deserves better

  45. cecilia says – reply to this


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  46. Funhouse says – reply to this


    I wasn't paying attention to the clip at all. I am just amazed at how different Perez looks. wow that is some transformation…

  47. julie says – reply to this


    you all are so mad that she is HOT and your not.

  48. xoxo says – reply to this


    Pink wannabe

  49. Nosha says – reply to this


    are u gay?????

  50. Ari says – reply to this


    Oh okay, so face to face with her, you're like her bestie. But then you go and do this shit behind her back? She's such a wonderful human being. She was hugely famous before dating Justin. They're both young and in the same situation, they have every right to date. Just leave her the fuck alone. If anyone's fake, it's you, Perez.

  51. golden graham says – reply to this


    lol perez is hella funny i love this website he be keeping it real .

  52. sophia says – reply to this


    BIGGEST mistake she ever made was lowering herself and hooking up with that douchebag JB

  53. 153

    u are a slut for dumping Justin bieber any way u wrong about Justin and the other boy u with is such fake

  54. jacquiline says – reply to this


    she is hot n dats why u dislike her

  55. chocolover2013 says – reply to this


    Selena's sick of getting asked that. Giver her a break!

  56. e l i z a b e t h says – reply to this


    I would've done the same thing if I was her. In every interview, she is asked about her relationship with Justin EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  57. Jamck says – reply to this


    She didn't cut the interview short, her managers/handlers did.

  58. kinder says – reply to this



  59. thomas takalos says – reply to this


    shut up perez you are rude and you insult my idol…. you think it is good?? you say anything that exist in your brain selena felt uncomfortable with this question and she has told that she has overed with justin and she dont wants to ask her anymore for this relationship… selenators here for selena <3

  60. pema says – reply to this


    Perez honey, please wash your hair. And time for a cut too.

  61. nov4lady says – reply to this


    hahahah I thought that shit was funny. Once you end a relationship, would you still want to talk about that person? Some things you want to keep quiet. I would have done the same thing too!

  62. sara says – reply to this


    She's a b*tch. Justin Bieber deserves better.

  63. selena rules says – reply to this


    Re: pail – leave Selena alone what has she ever done to you she is amazingly talented and just because u r jealous doesn't give u the right to hate someone for no reason. The question was personal and the interview was supposed to go over her career not personal life so she had all the rights to do what she did

  64. Amonymous says – reply to this


    …wow I just ended up here by accident. Anyone who watches/reads this crap on a regular basis should shoot themselves.

  65. booby says – reply to this


    Re: kali
    Maybe thats why she became Ambassador.

  66. SelenaGomezEVER! says – reply to this


    Um there are like a billions selenators in all around the world so just talk about yourself!It's not my falt you are UGLY AND JEALOUS OF HER!!

  67. Janaice says – reply to this


    Selena is like anyone else there is good and bad in her…she is not perfect and I never saw a quote stating she was perfect……Like her EX Bieber she is a young person growing up with cameras in their face..and as young people they will make mistakes some make more then others…But stop hating on these young folks and try to fix yourself

  68. enara says – reply to this


    funny isnt it how the bitch aint sorry to hide who she really is anymore? the actress acted long enough to make him fall in love

  69. xxx says – reply to this


    She personally did not end the interview, her team did. They probably told them that Justin is not to be discussed but he did anyway so they cut it off.

  70. Anonym says – reply to this


    Re: kali – holy shit! Wow! Do you believe Santa Clause too? Wtf! So you think because Unicef is a good organization who they do business with is aromatically a great person?? Wtf. You do realize that those people are so called ambassadors because they are famous and not because they are such good people, right? Damn you are one shallow and gullible person.
    This girl is hot and has a good voice that is all that makes her special. Get a brain.

  71. hidden_agenda says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa

    You would have done the same thing? LOL, bitch, you aint no star. Don't put yourself on the same pedestal as Selena Gomez. You are nothing compared to her.

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