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Enrique Iglesias Teases Our Minds With Possible Miley Cyrus Collabo!

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In a recent interview, Enrique Iglesias made it very clear about how eager he'd be to work/twerk with Miley Cyrus!

On the subject of Miley, Enrique had this to say:

“It’d be cool to do a song with Miley Cyrus. I like her.”

The last time the two interacted was when Enrique serenaded Miley at the second annual iHeartRadio Pool Party, and judging by the way their not-so-great chemistry, we're not sure if a collaboration is at hand. Especially a hand filled with pink goo.

Well, do you think Enrique can pull off a grill? Maybe while Miley makes out with Barbie, Enrique can make out with Ken? Thoughts?

Whatever the future brings, it's obvious that the Hero singer is Miley's hero worshipper!

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN.]

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60 comments to “Enrique Iglesias Teases Our Minds With Possible Miley Cyrus Collabo!”

  1. kiley says – reply to this


    He needs her or any help he can get!!!!!!

  2. sammi says – reply to this


    Have you heard his new song "Turn the night up" ? please shit!!!!!!! he needs to either go back to his other music or get lost!!!!!

  3. lauri M says – reply to this


    LOL I dont think Miley or her managers would want her to collaborate with enrique iglesias, hes to old for her and her music. Shes way more talented then enrique!

  4. me says – reply to this


    Hahhahahaha To funny!! miley with this old jerk? noooooo waaaay!

  5. sheila says – reply to this


    Love Miley! Shes on fire now!!! Her new song is awesome!! I doubt it very much she would do anything with enrique iglesias! he's a douche1

  6. lili says – reply to this


    I am LOL just the thought of this old man with this young hot Miley!!

  7. gia says – reply to this


    Enrique should stop while hes ahead, he cannot compete or keep up with the young artists today. Hes trying to hard and he looks older then he is!

  8. lynne says – reply to this


    Ill be very surprised if this happens, Miley is just to much for him! What happened to enrique anyway? He looks so bad!

  9. 9

    Here are two talentless people who are riding the coattails of their parents. A stinky trailer park skank and a sweaty spic. Neither one is worth a shit.

  10. van XX says – reply to this


    Miley is so much more talented and shes far from a skunk, i can name 100's of other famous girls that are, LL for one and i can go on and on but Miley is talented from a young age and can play many instruments she learned on her own and she can sing! enrique i would say hes done with!

  11. Annah says – reply to this


    Re: gia – u should just stop talking there is no age limit when it comes to making music. if you don't like him then don't comment. Enrique is 38 so he is not that old. yea this new song might not be that good but he still can his thing. if ppl want auto tuned electronic shit in stead of real music then that's what Enrique gives us. he just giving ppl what they want and sell it.

  12. Annah says – reply to this


    you ppls should stop give Enrique bad critique about his looks. just say ur opinion about the new song in stead. Enrique is 38. he is not that old. and btw what can he do? ppl these days only want auto tuned electronic shit in stead of real music. it's sad that the world dosen't want real music anymore. Enrique seems to feel like he has to do more auto tuned disco music then that's what he does then. Enrique is just trying to sell his music.
    but i don't understand why he wants to work with Miley she is just trash these days. i wish Enrique&Shakira would work together someday.

  13. Anita says – reply to this


    Re: van XX – Spic? Racist much?

  14. Anita says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – Sorry VanXX that wasn't for you. My comment was towards Idiot….

  15. SS says – reply to this


    Sorry we can post and say what we feel. I think enrique has lost his good looks lately also actually ive noticed this for a few years now. He got really thin for his height and size of a man and he just looks unhealthy and unhappy, and btw im not the only one saying this alot of people have been posting this. I dont know whats going on with him and its nobodies business either but for 38 years, he looks 15 years older. As for this new song, its terrible, its not him and its not his kind of song. To just keep up with the times and music, if thats what he wants to do then hes going to be crucified because it just aint fitting!!!!!!

  16. honestly speaking says – reply to this


    Re: Anita – Miley is trasH? Shes young and hot and in high demand!!! Btw her song is #1 now and being played all over. Enrique should stick his head in the toilet bowl and flush it and get a good wake up call! This is the worst shit i ever heard!

  17. essie MM says – reply to this


    Enrique does look terrible but the song is worse!!!

  18. nonae says – reply to this


    Is this the father?

  19. ooops says – reply to this


    Its really no joke about enrique iglesias. Has anybody really listened to this song? I was floored!!!!! The cover is just as bad. I could not believe what i was hearing, i didnt even think it was him, really really bad! The cover is like he wants to hide himself, i did not know that was him either. Dark, at night, with sunglasses and his face looks shiny like hes wearing alot of makeup. None of it makes sense! Its all bad in my eyes and he definitely needs to eat more!

  20. Jansb says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHA at you all. They're both talented artists. But of course you are all biased towardmiley and its pretty damn evident. Both of their current singles are great!

  21. noname says – reply to this


    There is no comparison between Miley and Enriques new single out…. thats out now. I just read and heard Mileys song is #1 and has been playing on many radio stations have not heard enriques stupid ridiculous song! He needs help bad!

  22. ppl know says – reply to this


    Thers no way Miley will collaborate with Enrique, she knows hes done with. Shes way to cool for him and young. Remember when there was the rumor of Britney Spears wanting enrique iglesias to tour with him? Never true, she bumped his ass right to the curb!

  23. GRIP IT says – reply to this


    Miley needs no one to help her career! Enrique should kiss her ass to collaborate with him. Let him stick to that Pitbull guy, hes crazy and stupid also, perfect for enrique.

  24. Lindsay says – reply to this


    I never liked Miley and I don't think I ever will.I am a fan of Enrique's, but I admit, he can do a better song and find someone better to collaborate with. I am not really asking for him to go back to the old genres he used to sing, just to lay off the dance charts unless there is no techno/house with it. I still find him talented.

  25. deana says – reply to this


    Hes done with! Enriques ego wants to keep him up there with the young and the talented! Cant happen, you do what youre good at and he is not doing what he used to do, maybe he can't anymore who knows, but the shit has to stop! everyone is laughung at him, except of course his die hard fans! sad….

  26. Enrique's Fine says – reply to this


    Enrique is very talented and has been successful for over 18 years. He is still a very attractive man

  27. giovani says – reply to this


    yes Enrique look so ugly and so old like have 45 years old better is his father which have 69 years and the song is totally shit bad song bad Enrique.. unfortunately is no longer what it was, and it must all accept the old and the song was not even the toilet in the last couple of years so changed that it is not to believe all the wrong she's a whore slut prostitute Anna Kournikova garbage Russian

  28. giovani says – reply to this


    Anna's fault until it Russian slut trash and did not appear in his life, everything was better, and his job was going to be, and now look at how Enrique looks like an old man of 70 years, so Anna broke his job and personal description whore slut fucking bitch to her head with the sword slit cut off her head and impale

  29. giovani says – reply to this


    that the saber cut off his head and throw the sharks to eat for dinner so Anna slut deserved criminals and pjandura drink three liters of vodka a day she slept with more than 6,000 men, among them Tiger Woods, Mark whalberg mark philipousis pablo montero Pavel barrel, and many other tennis players, football players hockey players cast a Mexican singer. that whore Enrique ashamed of these bitches that you have little brain and mind ashamed to these whores with her and would not even stop at 1000 meters …

  30. True story says – reply to this


    Re: giovani – you are so right!!! Anna is nothing but a money hungry Russian whore like all the other Russian girls that come to the USA. They come to meet rich men married or not or in relationships. Anna has the worst reputation. She even looks like a prostitute. Enrique's life changed immensely since she's in it. I wish the rumors I read about him are true that this gorgeous girl he met years ago and fell madly in love with but she broke his heart and left him for another man are true. All his beautiful songs are written for her. I hope this is true also. He does not look the same act the same and never looks happy. He messed his life up staying with this slut! He still loves this girl and you can hear it in some of his songs alot of his songs rather. She will ruin his life if she didnt already!

  31. blows!! says – reply to this


    The song is bad not as bad as other songs from other artists but what worse is what the other comments are saying about his personal life with his girlfriend anna kournikova, i must say she is really tras and there is a change in enriques appearance and looks and his self being, he does not look happy, i hate to say it but if there was this other girl in his life and hes longing for her he has to find a way to get over her, sometimes love is beautiful and sometimes its a killer! From the looks of enrque he looks like she ripped his heart out of his chest. Im sure this girl sees this and hears this and she must feel terrible for him.

  32. olivia says – reply to this


    They are both good artists! Leave them alone and let them do their music. If they want to collaborate its their business!

  33. sammi says – reply to this


    Its hard to like this song but i feel bad what they are saying about him personally. Whats going on in his personal life is his business!

  34. nobodies business!! says – reply to this


    Listen, if enrique has personal problems, its nobobies business but his! Leave him alone!

  35. 'T' says – reply to this


    Leave the man alone!!! He has enough to deal with….Get off his fucking back already!!

  36. I KNOW says – reply to this


    Anna ruined his life! Did you ever notice how happy he is without her around? He likes his dogs better! She is garbage!

  37. rules says – reply to this


    I like the song, not great but ok, but i wish he would dump the whore anna and go get the girl everyone else here is talking about. She must be better then anna, anyone at this point is!!! PEACE!!

  38. giovani says – reply to this


    RE: true story Yes it is true that Anna Russian garbage and criminals Russian slut guilty for his entire life I must admit I'm sorry Enrique but he must svati with whom they associate, and who has a bad influence on his life and his career, and how I see it nothing everyone's who is Anna and what Anna .. Only garbage Russian

  39. giovani says – reply to this


    Yes it is true that Anna Russian garbage and criminals Russian slut guilty for his entire life I must admit I'm sorry Enrique but he must svati with whom they associate, and who has a bad influence on his life and his career, and how I see it nothing everyone's who is Anna and what Anna .. Only garbage Russian

  40. MQZ says – reply to this


    If enrique iglesias wants to work with Miley, He has his choice, nobody tell him what to do. I agree this new song he has is not good but on new cd maybe better songs. wait fans

  41. lili says – reply to this


    I know alot of fans that have stopped listening to his music and have stopped being a fan because of his change in music that does not suit him and as far as his girlfriend this Russian RUDE SLUT BITCH, NOBODY REALLY RESPECTS HIM ANYMORE!!! I guess just his die hard fans.

  42. tiptop says – reply to this


    Re: giovani – YES SIR!! thats what he chose to live hius life with a no good russian loser. Shes not even pretty. Ever see her without makeup? eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww bow wow!! Her body is not so good either, kind of strange and not feminine. shes disgusting. Does enrique have poor eyesight??

  43. we kips says – reply to this


    Isn't this about enrique and miley collaborating? Why so much on him and his girlfriend anna? who cares about her!

  44. we can says – reply to this


    Re: we kips – We can comment on anything we want to, his music his life his appearance his song, anything we want too, freedom of speech! Yes the song sucks! Yes his good music turned deadly! Yes he looks scary skinny and always down in the dumps! Pictures dont lie, neither do your eyes!!!

  45. the facts of life says – reply to this


    As a fact of life being in the music business, its a fact that enrique indeed has lost the love of his life many years ago. In the music business shit goes around and he definitely fell for a gorgeous girl years ago and never got over her, she dumped him for another man and he was and is devastated. He may never admit it, but it looks like it has taken a toll on his life, his looks, and now his music. He does not sing beautiful songs anymore because he can't, because they are for her and it kills him to sing them which is very sad because those are his most beautiful songs. I hope he can at least try and move on, but it does not look like it.

  46. kathy says – reply to this


    Re: the facts of life – If this is true, he will have to deny it to the end of his life because of his girlfriend anna kournikova now, evn if they dont stay together forever because it makes him look like a liar! He does not want that to be proven.

  47. curious says – reply to this


    who jus this fir? Where is she from? How does anybody know this? It can all be rumors! I will admit his music changed and not for the better and i will also admit he does not look well healthy or happy but that could mean other things, like working hard which is very stressful and everyone has personal problems in there life, even the rich and famous! Dont jump the gun!

  48. the facts of life says – reply to this


    NOPE! Baby its true!! BROKEN HEART…..

  49. Cape code says – reply to this


    I like the song and btw, perez checks on who is posting her so if anybody thinks these post are from one or two or three people only, you are wrong!!!!! Just face the facts, people all over the world post on our beloved perez site. Enrique fans just cant take the heat and the truth!!!

  50. miley fan says – reply to this


    I happen to be a miley fan and i think it would be great if these two collaborated, would be different.

  51. luv miley says – reply to this


    Yeah mileys always taken the heat. Now they say one or two people on this thread are posting about this.. So not true she has tons and tons of fans also the really bad comments are coming from enriques fans who obviously are jealous of his beautiful girlfriend anna kournikova!

  52. giovani says – reply to this


    Re: we kips – it is true Anna look terrible without make up she is ugly bitch ugly whore. ha ha ha bad bitch ever she is ugly

  53. guest says – reply to this


    Re: giovani – Enrique doesnt look so good without his makeup either, yes he wears alot of makeup when hes performing and you can tell the difference when hes off stage and on, but i guess alot of musicians do this too, not to many that ive seen though, he has bad bags under his eyes and is really very pale skin tone. I still love his music. Not this new song though.

  54. giovani says – reply to this



  55. giovani says – reply to this


    I? what you say I see a lot of comments and we are all so that Anna Kournikova is guilty of all the slut whore if drunk if Enrique is listening it will completely ruin what she knows an idiot she is ready to psychiatric hospitals for psychiatry that is closed and fresh and that injections into dreamland .. Russian stupid trash where the dog gives watermelon see that is not normal

  56. belle says – reply to this


    I have seen enriquie new song its awesome. To include his fans
    In his latest music video.luckey to all of the fans who got to do.it
    .iam. such a fan of enriquie no matter what language he. Sings or talks he great
    A fan of enriquie who stands by him100 perfect. Anna Hughes new Orleans. Louisiana. Who a enriquie fan love enriquie all the way.

  57. Concerned says – reply to this


    Perez you really should have someone monitor the comment section . People say some really wild sick things in your blogs not just his one . It turns people off.

  58. get over it!!! says – reply to this


    Re: Concerned – Hey this is freedom of speech, i dont know what country you are from but i live in LA and in the USA you have freedom of speech and Perez Hilton is smart enough to know this!!!! Hes loving all the attention and btw enrique iglesias is not the only one being wiped across the floor with comments here, so is miley. If you know Perez Hiltons site there have been so much worse comments made about other celebs and people, so take a pill and relax and deal with it.

  59. orlando says – reply to this


    yeah yeah yeah yeah enriques new song is awesome!!! why the hell arnt they playing it? only his fans care about this song, nobody else.

  60. Mily fans says – reply to this


    Hey Miley fans her new single is #1 on ITUNES!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!