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Lea Michele's Confidants Rotate Caretaking Shifts While She Mourns Cory Monteith's Death

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lea michele mourning cory monteiths death

She may not be in communication with her Glee co-stars, but Lea Michele is letting a few people in while she grieves the tragic death of love Cory Monteith.

One insider has even revealed how her closest confidants are taking shifts to make sure she's never alone while she takes the time she desperately needs to mourn her loss.

And a source has now revealed how she's handling the situation:

"The nighttime is when it’s really difficult. Everyone’s [made up] their schedules so there’s always someone there with her. It’s been like a horror movie, watching Lea crumble. She’s always been so positive and happy, always smiling. Now her face is totally swollen from crying. She wavers between sitting down and writing a eulogy to sing at his memorial to total denial."

How have we not waken up from this nightmare yet?

We wish there was some sort of magic potion to go back in time and stop him from taking that lethal dose of heroin and alcohol, but there's not… and we just don't know what to do with ourselves.

Poor, poor Lea. As strong as she is, we honestly can't imagine anything worse for a person to endure. Losing the love of your life has to be the cruelest fate of life.

We're here for you, Ms. Michele.

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Lea Michele's Confidants Rotate Caretaking Shifts While She Mourns Cory Monteith's Death”

  1. kitten beans says – reply to this



  2. bobel says – reply to this


    Okay… you have posted three pointless stories about him today. Stop.

  3. 3

    Re: kitten beans – um if you have such an issue with these stories STOP GOING ON THE WEBSITE! it's not that difficult so shut the hell up idiot

  4. NOHEM_CS says – reply to this


    I felt like that when my dad passed away. Nighttime was just horrible, you can't even sleep

  5. enough says – reply to this


    Perez, leave this poor girl alone and stop posting "sources" about her, she is with family and close friends and of course they wouldn't go rating to magazines about her now

  6. So sad says – reply to this


    Re: NOHEM_CS – I agree..the night is the worst, you can't sleep and just wish that when you do wake up..the nightmare will in fact be over…it's so sad. I really feel for her, and I'm sorry for the loss of your father as well.

  7. 7

    Her and Michelle Williams should have a little chat session. Who knows better about this sort of thing? Michelle could really be a help to Lea…

  8. 8

    Oh for chrissakes, leave the woman alone already. I can guarantee that the last thing this actress cares about is having her grief (if it truly is sincere) splashed all over the place. I think it's absurd that she needs "caretakers" but such is life. Actors are a special breed, most of them can't handle being alone at any given time, let alone during death and all that accompanies it.

  9. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I feel so bad :( Hope she knows we're all here for her.

  10. 10

    Are you kidding me????? She needs round the clock caretaking??? There are plenty of other broken wing/ addicts / abusers that she "fix" waiting around the corner for her. Try being married to someone for 17 years and watching them wither away from cancer or ALS.

  11. Amanda says – reply to this


    I adore all of the stories you keep posting about Cory, Lea, and Glee in general. I am what you would call a "gleek" and its been unexpectedly hard. Please keep posting information you keep getting Perez. Thank you :)

  12. Annonymous says – reply to this


    Re: bobel – if you dont like it that they post, don't read simple.

  13. brattygal202 says – reply to this


    Re: bobel – If you dont like what they are posting, then stop whining and don't read and don't comment. simple.

  14. annonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Elizabeth – Dont like what they have to say, don't read and whine like a two year old brat. Dont like the article why read and comment? I know it's sad what happened and all but if they want to post it,let them. No one is forcing you to read it. so dont read and comment if you dont like what they are posting. It's their site not yours.

  15. annonymous says – reply to this


    Re: So sad – But it's their site they can post what they want though. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple. No one and not even Perez is forcing you to read do dont bother reading if you dont want to read what they have to say.

  16. mark says – reply to this


    You're a goddammed vulture, you low class parasite.

    I hope one day you do something and get exposed and get to feel the type of hurt you cause people on a day by day basis .

    You could be doing so many positive things with the readership you have .

    You and The Dirty are both the same - you may like to think that you're not , but you do the same thing .

  17. Kara says – reply to this


    I feel very upset to know someone you love tremenndously is gone I do not want that to happen to me at all that scares me to death now lea please stay strong we will stay strong for a very long time in every way for you and and your whole family plus his love you lots

  18. Marie says – reply to this


    So sad. I hope she'll recover soon. We are here for her.

  19. 19

    wow, around the clock care? Someone's being dramatic. i'm sure it's a terrible thing to go through but they'd known each other for what? like 5 years? My dad lost my mom after 36 years of marriage and not even he reacted a way for us to be around him like that. Although, he did mention nights were hard…

  20. 20

    Re: SPNfangirl83 – no importa cuanto tiempo estuvieron juntos… el sufrimiento es el mismo y cada persona hace el "duelo" a su manera

  21. sharon says – reply to this


    Amanda, I am with you. I am grieving so deeply myself. I'm not sure why. I have lost loved ones in my life but for some reason, I am grieving as if Cory was a member of my family. My heart is so filled with sadness and I'm not bouncing back. I look forward to the articles even if somewhat sad, because I think that we are not alone in our grief.
    Funny sounding isn't it?