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88 comments to “twitter-think-i-have-body-dysmorphia-been-feeling”

  1. 1

    you've come a really long way. your body looks great. wow. seriously, an inspiration.


  2. Todd says – reply to this


    True butter face

  3. Matt says – reply to this


    Good job with taking care of your health and getting into shape. You should be proud. Please though stop with these shirtless photos of yourself so often, cultivate the deep pride within and release this need to show it off so much, it's not very becoming.

  4. Really? says – reply to this


    Perez. You have a kid. That means you're a parent. Start setting an example. Half naked selfies is NOT setting a good example.

  5. Charlene says – reply to this


    How disrespectful to real sufferers of body dysmorphia. Don't use their pain to promote your own narcissism.

  6. 6

    eww, take the sock off

  7. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Well, there goes my dinner!!! YUK!!!

  8. MorueSalee says – reply to this


    OH My Fucking BARF!!!!! wtf dude, you have a kid now. and you take selfies in your bikini like a 16 year old girl?? you embarrass him. you embarrass yourself. you must be REALLY desperate for attention. sad.

  9. Hmmm says – reply to this


    I think you have cologne choice disorder. There is what 20 bottles in the background. Pick a Mario.

  10. Laura says – reply to this


    Really? That's the kind of example you're setting for youth?! No wonder I only came to your site because all of the other celeb news is full of the royal baby(booooring). Ug. I like you less and less every time I visit your site…. And I used to be a die hard perez fan. Sad face!

  11. 11

    oh christ. i just threw up in my mouth. you do not take a selfie. you need a therapist. if you have one, you need a better one.

  12. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    You put down people who have done the same. Do you think your life is an accident? I feel sorry for you. Too bad you can't take a picture of your soul.

  13. 13

    p.s. Amanda Bynes was right.

  14. Hypocrite says – reply to this


    Really Perez?! You sit behind your computer and bash Gagas monsters for posting similar pictures to Gagas v mag cover and here you are 2 days later with your dick in everyone's face! You're such a fucking hypocrite it's ridiculous. You're little vendetta against gaga will burn you good when everyone sees you for what you are and always will be…. A FAT ASS HATING LOSER! Kara's a bitch Perez, lets not forget Will.i.Am ;) and one of these days someones going to knock your fucking block off AGAIN! GROW UP PEREZ AND LEAVE LADY GAGA OFF YOUR SHITTY WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO POST BUT SLANDEROUS BULLSHIT!!

  15. Samantha says – reply to this


    Congratulations on your amazing transformation! You look amazing and your dedication to fitness is truly inspiring. However, body dysmorphia is no joking matter. Please try to be a little more sensitive about your word choice because people who actually have that disorder may not appreciate it being used in a joking way. Thanks xoxo

  16. Arty says – reply to this


    Please do something with that face. BARF

  17. namers says – reply to this


    My eyes just threw up a little.

  18. Carolyne says – reply to this


    Mario? Really? Where is the boy we use to know? You know the good guy who was sometimes a little too bitchy but not a total narcissisistic ? I don't recognize you anymore. I use to dream about meeting you one day, thought you were an awsome guy. I didnt mind at all that you were a little bit overweigth. Now you know what? You took care of ”outside” you need to work on the ”inside”…I know you think you are a better person now…that's what make you blind.Please just take a minute and take some of that old you into that new guy. Not the bitchy side , just the funny soul you were…I guess you'll start soon to notice all the like and the comments are fading away…Something isnt right dude. If you don't change you'll loose them all.Even the Publicity Dealz.

  19. Carolyne says – reply to this


    I wanna cry when i see Perez writing such nonsense…just wanna shake him and be like ”Dude? What r you doiing?” ”What r you saying”… You were so up that shit. Youre really becoming narcissistic, begging for attention in a negative way instead of a funny way? If someone else was writing the shit you wrote you”ll be the first to burn them on public for saying so much nonsense! Hope you wake up before its too late.

  20. Kelly says – reply to this


    Perhaps you should whip out Google and look up the definition of body dysmorphia.

  21. 21

    You poor sick man.

  22. alapri says – reply to this


    i think karma gave him an ugly baby because hes an attention seeking asshole that will stop at nothing (including ridiculing people) to make him feel better about himself. The reality is no matter how much he changes on the outside he will always be just as ugly as he was when he was fat with acne and pink hair on the inside.

  23. Arlene says – reply to this



  24. adorejunk says – reply to this


    Your body is great. Hard work has paid off. BUT Please get a hair cut, its a mess.

  25. marie says – reply to this


    You have a baby. if a single mom had a blog showing her baby in one picture and half naked in the next she would be attacked on line, why is there a double standard?

  26. 26

    I actually read all the comments posted thus far. If 26 strangers are pointing out the same thing, maybe it is time you take a good look at yourself. You are incredibly tactless and you try way too hard. The harder you try, the less people are amused. Give it a rest.

  27. Stacey says – reply to this


    You do look great and good for you that worked the confidence to show the world your new body, but isn't it hypocritical that you make fun of Justin Bieber for being shirtless during his shows when you keep on posting pictures if yourself?

  28. al geral says – reply to this


    so damn gay!!!

  29. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    it's like the head doesn't match the body, not good, you have a large head. i would normally keep opinions like that to myself but if you;re going to thrust this in peoples faces you deserve honest feedback.

  30. Cynzera says – reply to this


    You go P! Proud of you!!!!!!!!

  31. porkvsperez says – reply to this


    obviously you're the victim of some soul karma after building your career by judging and making of fun of other people who weren't looking for your nonsense. even though you've softened and become a kiss-ass site, you're suffering and desperate for acceptance and praise.
    save it for your grndr profile, dude. you should try to retain the dwindled numbers you're receiving.

  32. 32

    Stop being so self-obsessed and try making your blog fun to read like it used to be! It's gone downhill since you became a celebrity ass-kisser, Perez.

  33. Taytayyy says – reply to this


    Damn you still look like my butt hole

  34. WhatDaFuk says – reply to this


    Receding hair line, Herman Munster face, droopy nips, teeny weeny peeny.

  35. Dominique says – reply to this


    You look great Perez!!!!

  36. Aida says – reply to this


    Now you sound like Amanda Bynes… Smh

  37. JualJual.my says – reply to this


    Hi perez! Classifieds website here!!


  38. fluffygalore says – reply to this


    look at your teeny bikini undies!! ahahaha

  39. ozmed says – reply to this


    Seriously share your semi nude pics with your lover or even close friends, not the world. This just further shows your deep seeded insecurity issues.

  40. Marc says – reply to this


    Scary, you look like Greraldo Rivera in this pic.

  41. 41

    have u got enough cologne?? it looks like ur cologne imelda …

    perez u look effing hot

    i used to be very slim and when i put on weight i still felt like i was slim so i understand what ur getting at its like ur brain didnt remember ur hot as shit

    can i smell ur hair lolllllllll (crikey im joking commonnnnnn) but with all that shit in there u must smell dam nice imelda..

  42. 42

    what a fucking disgusting pig.

  43. 43

    AND FYI Body Dysmorphic Disorder isa for people who are beautiful who think they look ugly. You are the reverse fuckwit

  44. Phloi says – reply to this


    Just because you are a parent, doesn't mean you should stop grooming yourself. You look great but clean up a bit. When you go to award shows and what not, your outfit is not completely together if you don't look the part

  45. Aaron Carney says – reply to this


    sorry perez, but as much as you are proud of your weight loss, NO ONE wants to see this!

  46. suzanne says – reply to this


    GROSS GROSS GROSS !!! Please keep your clothes on ..

  47. 47

    You should be so proud of yourself! I know what you mean, I lost 89 pounds and at times I felt SO guilty if I ate something bad and wondered if I looked fat. It's very difficult when you have been overweight to accept and love yourself when you have become thin. I LOVE the new you and most importantly, I LOVE THE NEW kindhearted Perez! Also, your hair is amazing! Christa

  48. 48

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – <<<<<<<<<stalker…(rayyyyyyyy)

  49. blumpkinjr says – reply to this


    Fuck you Perez. From someone with true body dysmorphia. I'm 5'10" 170 lbs but am agoraphobic have social anxiety am sacred of having my picture taken and have had CBT therapy. For this you are a sack of crap.

  50. 50

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – im surprised u had time to post ray as u were too busy printing out a poster size picture of perez for ur wall…
    perez has many many fans im just a very exhuberant fan becauseim born in the year of the fire horse i dont expect u to know what that is ray and btw rayyyyy my dads name is RAY … u can see my picture at goeatchit.comkrunt and everyone thought u were dead ..

  51. 51

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – lololol krunt

  52. Veruca271 says – reply to this


    Perez, there are some brutal people on here and who the fuck says that about a kid? Nasty people on here yet they still come to your site. Tell them to go fuck themselves. You look great.

  53. farnkj says – reply to this


    What a disgusting photo, get real dude……..!

  54. Zainab says – reply to this


    Body is ok, but now you have OLD face, major wrinkles on your forehead, and major loss of elasticity by you mouth, and under your eyes, that's why your eyebrows look huge. But great job with the body.

  55. 55

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – i think ur just JEOLOUS OF PEREZ because he gets paid to be a asshole and ur forced to do it for free…suck it up…

  56. kales says – reply to this


    so happy for you! you look amazing!

  57. 57

    ew, in your underwear? that is really disturbing. start taking selfies when you reconstructive surgery on your face. Even so, I don't know if that will save your ugly ass.

  58. rox says – reply to this


    at least put some pants on. FFS.
    body dysmorphia? Way to make people suffering from it, FOR REAL, fell like shit.
    Bully. Your lack of common sense and respect of others completely baffles me.

  59. Ceee says – reply to this


    This screams narcissistic disorder :/

  60. Ceee says – reply to this


    Re: rox – I thought the same thing…please don't make fun of conditions that people are actually struggling with, Perez…you'd think you would get that.

  61. liz says – reply to this


    Dont u dare, you look great, as a former fat person I can totally relate but its a slippery slope (mine usually pushes me to eat more froyo and feel even fatter). You MADE yourself not just career wise but body wise and thats amazing so no feeling fat, get ur ass to the gym and no complaining!

  62. 62

    Come on, Perez, is this really necessary? It's like Anthony Weiner and Geraldo.

  63. Sharon says – reply to this


    Running for Mayor?

  64. jnp says – reply to this


    God, that pic was really unnecessary. In the words of Sweet Brown ain't nobody got time for that. Work on the celeb content on the site Perez. We don't care about you. Create another site to post your narcissism on. PLEASE!

  65. Crystal says – reply to this


    You do look great, and as many others have already said - this is not a tasteful way to show it. You're a grown man in your thirties, a father, and a role model to many. I think it's great that you have chosen to become a single parent, with all it's challenges. However, at the same time, you plaster pictures of him all over the internet. Don't you think he deserves some anonymity? He cannot speak for himself right now, but some day he will grow up and think that that's just the way it is - but don't you think he deserves that choice? Aside from all the nasty comments on here, you have good people with good things to say, and I hope you listen to them. I know you're only human and you make mistakes like the rest of us, but just try to consider the world your son may grow up in and the examples you set for him. Been here with you since the 2004 Mario, I know how much you've grown as a person!

  66. scaldala says – reply to this


    Your perverse narcissism is so boring. You look great. Now put your clothes on and stop giving a shit what other people think. This post shows 100% clearly that despite all of the physical work you've done NOTHING has changed for you spiritually. If you were whole - and loved yourself - it wouldn't even occur to you to post selfies. Get help. You have a long road toward actually becoming a human being.

  67. Wendy says – reply to this


    You look great but the whole world does not need to see it all of it!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68

    Its not so much that I personally think PH is hideous looking, its more because of his hideous nature that mostly forms my opinion. He's basically vile no matter how hard he tries to pretend to the contrary.

  69. Al says – reply to this


    You may have improved your physical health, now work on your mental and emotional. This desire to have everyone look at you is truly sad.

  70. Don Mendenhall says – reply to this


    It's like listening to Madonna talk about her 'fat thighs'. …You look fantastic, now put some clothes on. ha

  71. jmc5682 says – reply to this


    You need to fix your UGLY face!

  72. 72

    wtf is wrong with you Perez? who posts pictures wearing their underwear? and body dysmorphia? REALLY? don't you think you're being a bit dramatic?

  73. cam says – reply to this


    Sorry but when I come to your website for gossip, I really dont want to see pictures like this. Further, your website feels really rauncie and I feel dirty after reading it.

  74. t says – reply to this


    I'm beginning to be really turned off by the "new perez"

    While I was once into the idea of anti-bullying and turning the site around, it is clear that he only seems to have changed so that he can seem like he has aligned with celebrities. Every post is ALLEGED GOSSIP followed by an "oh, yeah, but we're praying for you girl!" followed by this crap. narcissism.

  75. chelsea says – reply to this


    Perez as a father you should know better then to post a pic of yourself in your undies. As a father lead by example.

  76. rere says – reply to this


    Perez, you're starting to look like a bobble head. I'm proud of you for taking care of your health, but you're looking scary. I think you could use just a little bit of fat, or at least build up your neck muscles so your head doesn't look like it's about to tip your body over it's so huge!

  77. shelby says – reply to this


    Looking good, but what's with all the people desperate for attention taking these selfies? Good god.

  78. Wooooooooo says – reply to this


    I wish i looked that good in briefs.

  79. 79

    Great body, but what about a great haircut huh Perez!?

  80. Sarah says – reply to this


    Now you just need to cut your hair =)

  81. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: Todd – True douche.

  82. anna says – reply to this


    Not For nothing…but people who "feel fat" don't take almost totally nude pictures of themselves and post it for all of the world to see. Let's get real here…you still think you look hot and you do! If you need compliments though, just ask for them outright.

  83. kelly says – reply to this


    Have you thought of doing a separate blog where you post pics of yourself and your baby? I kind of get a bad feeling when I see selfies like this, then a picture of your baby, then an Amanda update I feel like those are three very different types of posts.

  84. Terrin says – reply to this


    this site is for checking up on ur fav celebs not to show everyone ur peice print and then a pic of ur son.wtf and cut that greasy ass hair mario

  85. 85

    im such a fan of your journey , but seriously , you are a father now and flaunting your body like that really just makes me loose the respect i had for you.

  86. preggomommy says – reply to this


    you look hot! but your hair could use some attention! love ya!

  87. Mathea says – reply to this


    wow. You just proved how big of an ass it's possible to be. I myself suffer from body dysmorphia, which makes me unable to exit the front door at times because I'm that unsatisfied. But you're just a narcissistic ass. You don't even look that good. HA! (I don't ever say HA! but you always say that as if you have valid points lol, you don't.)

  88. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Nice scar on your hip. Underwent liposuction eh?