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Amanda Bynes Postpones Release Hearing, Agrees To Stay In Psych Ward Until Drugs Begin Working!

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amanda bynes cancels release hearing reschedules psych ward medication drugs need time

Whoa!!! This is HUGE!

Earlier Amanda Bynes demanded to be let out of the psych ward ASAP, but she just rescheduled her release hearing!!!

Amanda is allegedly agreeing to stay under doctors care for the next week and let the medications prescribed to her run their course before stepping back in front of a judge and asking to be let free!

This development is HUMONGOUS because it basically means Amanda is finally consenting to treatment!!!

Yesterday, the judge decided she needed to spend two weeks under psychiatric supervision and by postponing her appeal for a week, she is basically agreeing that the medical intervention was for the best!!!

Recognizing the problem is a CRUCIAL first step and, regardless of what happens next, it's wonderful to see Amanda committed to making her mind healthy again!!

Keep up the good work, Amanda!!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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15 comments to “Amanda Bynes Postpones Release Hearing, Agrees To Stay In Psych Ward Until Drugs Begin Working!”

  1. ABSucks says – reply to this


    Yeah, yeah, she is full of shit. The second she is out of that facility, meds will go in the trash. Hopefully, she'll jump off a cliff and no one will remember her name.

  2. 2

    :( she wants to ensure she has more than one lucid hour of ten so she can appear ok.. bad move by this judge, gurl needs help; allowing her meds to let her appear lucid for hearing is exactly what she is doing, 'bad amanda' knows what she is up to

  3. 3

    I am so tired of hearing about this girl again…who is she anyway? She is such a nobody and who cares..

  4. Whitney says – reply to this


    What good work? She hasn't admitted to a problem. She's only doing the bare minimum in hopes of getting out of there without a conservatorship, then meds in trash and her crazy ass is back on the streets reeking havoc.

  5. skeeter says – reply to this


    Looks ta me like Perez just posted a press release on behalf of Amanda and her attorney.

  6. 6

    that's not what shes doing!. shes only taking it so she can appear in a better state when she sees the judge so he will release her!.

  7. 7

    Agree with what most people r saying. She will toss the meds as soon as she gets out and if she does somehow get control of her money, she will piss it away within a year or 2.

  8. 8

    it's so so clear to see that this is all a publicity stunt to get her career back on track and perez is in on . He and amanda are best budz for years , basically she goes off the rails he documents it , is shocked by it , tries to reach out to her , she then denies his friendship but then when she hits rock bottom , she agrees to treatment , he documents this , she starts doing better , rebuilding her rep because she is doing so well and by the end of it she is a hero , has her career back and they both come out looking llike saints… aint no fooling me

  9. 9

    Re: jackie7Re: jackie7 – And yet you went out your way to read this article and then post a comment….ummmm

  10. 10

    Can I have her Chanel purse after she gets out and OD's!

  11. 11

    Amanda Bynes use to be one of the cutest actress's in Hollywood. I don't know what went wrong, but I was so very sad to see her take a fast nosedive. Look at her in this pic. She's perfect from head to toe. As a matter of fact, I loved her hair and light shimmering highlights. I had my hair done the same way. Why did she get a nose job? What DR in their right mind would agree to doing one on her. She had a perfect little nose. I loved her in the movie with Collin Farell. She was beautiful. She was one of the most beautiful actress's in Hollywood. I loved her and I'm rooting for her.I hope the medications work. She was so level headed, she seemed so intelligent and she was a very good actress. Hope all goes well. The person who was parading around these last few months, wasnt the Amanda Bynes I knew. The Amanda Bynes I knew was as cute as they come and was very funny.

  12. Cool Brotha' Morty says – reply to this


    Re: Poddy10 – It's way beyond that. If she wanted to revive her career she would hire an agent, do readings and auditions, be responsible and on-time and be lucid and she would get roles no problem. She's ill. Nobody is stupid enough to go to these lengths to "revive" their career. It costs motion picture companies millions if they hire someone who is unstable and then have to scrap footage and fire and re-hire actors. Wake up!!!

  13. debby says – reply to this


    Why is everyone giving poor Amanda a hard time, she is not well, she is not looking for attention. Her mind is unhealthy right now. She has a chemical imbalance, no fault of her own. People just need to be more supportive. You don't kick someone when their down. You listen, she did not mean all those ugly things she said , or did. All those times she called people ugly, she was referring to herself Remember she was thrown into acting as a young girl, most of us would have a hard time with that as adults. That's a lot of pressure. So be kind and understanding to her. She needs everyone's help. Get well Amanda….Best Wishes… and God Bless.

  14. debby says – reply to this


    Re: Whitney – How can you admit to having a problem, when you dont know you have one. And why would people say jump off cliff, what has she done to you? Nothing! For all those haters, watch what you wish for, because Karma's a bitch. You would think people would be more compassionate. And show empathy for someone with mental illnesses. One day it could happen to you.

  15. debby says – reply to this


    Re: Debsays – Now wouldn't you feel bad, if that happened especially after you said it? Why do you dislike her? No ones telling you to read about her. You dont have to go to these blogs, and hear about her. Just so you can make nasty comments.