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Ian Somerhalder & Garrett Hedlund BOTH Out Of The Running For Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

all the 50 shades guys doodle


This news hurts worse than a night in the red room of pain!!!

A new report says BOTH Ian Somerhalder and Garrett Hedlund are out of the running to play Christian Grey in next summer's sure to be hit flick Fifty Shades of Grey!

We really thought Ian had a shot at this role and Garrett would have been oh so naughty playing Mister Christian!

But we hear Garrett actually REJECTED the role because he didn't want to be tied down to the trilogy. Or maybe he just didn't want to be tied down, period!

The erotic novel's author E.L. James attended Comin-Con last week, and while she didn't announce publicly who will play the S&M-obsessed lead in the movie, she was overheard at a party saying Ian will NOT be the one chosen to tame Anastasia.

Ughhhh, stop teasing us!!! Who will it be already???

Rumors are swirling around a short list of names that include Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer and Robert Pattinson.

Um, yeah. We'd be down with any of those dudes giving us a good whip!

Who do YOU want to see get rough on screen in Fifty Shades of Grey???

The first installment hits theaters August of next year!!!

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123 comments to “Ian Somerhalder & Garrett Hedlund BOTH Out Of The Running For Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!”

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  1. Leslie says – reply to this


    The only people who want this part are Alex Pettyfer and Alexander Skarsgård, but the author of the book doesn't want them. Good luck with that. I doubt any really A+ actor will take this role. She's going to have to set her sights lower.

  2. Chris says – reply to this


    Robert Pattinson is too familiar and if it were him, it's like watching 'Twilight' all over again. Someone really unfamiliar but oozing with sex appeal should play Christian Grey. I saw Oliver Jackson-Cohen from "World Without End" a few months ago and googled him. Ithink I found my Christian Grey already.

  3. 3

    I love Garrett Hedlund, but he's a little bit too scruffy (which I love about him) for the role. I picture Matt Bomer in the role, that kind of pretty boy, suit wearing look.

  4. miu mu says – reply to this


    matt bommer is cristian perioooooood

  5. Michelle says – reply to this


    The King of the North!!! Robb Stark (Richard Madden)

    Google him while I oogle him <3 <3 <3

  6. Tay says – reply to this



  7. Renee says – reply to this


    Re: miu mu – lol, the role dosent just require a pretty boy,and wearing a Suit,( I have seen Tons of actors that look better in a Suite). especially not one that looks totalt uneasy in a love scene with a women. he doesn't have that danger about him or sexiness, and he dosent have mesmerizing eyes, his are dull. They will never cast him because the Movie would be a total Flap.

  8. Calamity says – reply to this



  9. jackie says – reply to this


    just say it again…Cillian Murphy can play very greepy and Emmy Rossum, she looks like she´s reading…they could make a real film out of a mediocre book…

  10. J says – reply to this


    Re: Calamity
    I agree..I only picture Henry Cavill when I read those books.

  11. annie says – reply to this


    Ian is Ugly,I want Alex he is perfect…

  12. sama says – reply to this



  13. Christine says – reply to this


    Arrest looks NOTHING like Christian is described, so it's fine by me that he's out! Ian didn't fit the part either. He is too old and doesn't physically look the part. They need to get their hands on Henry Cavill!!

  14. sami says – reply to this


    Ian is worst actor,i am happy he has lost the role,he is too old for the role.

  15. Lauren says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill! They need to snag him before it's too late! Garrett didn't have a big fan support for CG, so it would've been a disappointment if he were cast. Matt Bomer is too old. Garrett is 28, so they're probably aiming for more he appropriate actors.

  16. jennifer says – reply to this


    Alex is perfect for Christian grey

  17. Annie C says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill as Christian and Emilia Clarke or Felicity Jones as Ana!!

  18. Christine says – reply to this


    Garrett** not "arrest"…thank you auto correct.

  19. Sara says – reply to this


    Matt is too old, like Ian, Alex is WAY too young to play Christian, but he can play Ethan, and Rob is a big NO because of Twilight. Henry Cavill is the BEST guy for the part!! :)

  20. Emely says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill is too GOOD for that awful books, I don't want him to do that sh*t

  21. J says – reply to this


    I think Henry Cavill and Emma Stone (with dark hair) would be perfect as Christian and Anna. However, I'm sure neither one of them would do the movies.

  22. Amie says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – I agree, Alex is too young! I think he's perfect for Ethan though! Henry Cavill is perfecttttt for Christian!

  23. Melissa says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill has shown an open mind to playing the part! He should get the part for sure, he has the right look and everything! Emilia Clarke would be perfect for Anastasia Steele!

  24. mary kay says – reply to this


    Ian was perfect! I almost dont want to watch the movie now. He has the emotionally cut off thing down pat and he also shows in more than just vampire diaries he has a sensitive side down too plus he has the face and body to be mr grey

  25. Samantha says – reply to this


    Garrett and Ian don't look like Christian in the book so I'm okay with this!

  26. Shaindel says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer <3

  27. Ian FTW says – reply to this


    Ian is without a doubt the best Choice! No one has eyes like him, a smirk like him, hes got the whole Package! And he's super talented and if he's not Grey i'm not going to watch it.

  28. Maya says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey in my Book! <33333

  29. LovesIan says – reply to this


    This better be a frickin rumor! I WONT WATCH IT if Ians not Christian.

  30. Jeane says – reply to this


    Gabriel Macht from "Suits" is perfect to play Christian. Harvey is dangerously sexy !!

  31. 31

    I'm well gutted, i thought Ian Somerhalder was a perfect Christian Grey or Henry Cavill, why not consider Henry Cavill for the part, as these two were perfect :-( :-(

  32. Stepy67 says – reply to this


    Skarsgaard for the WIN. He would be absolutely perfect for this. And the girl that plays Willa this season on True Blood would be perfect for Anastasia. As soon as I saw them act together I was like….holy fuck. its Christian and Anastasia!

  33. Amy says – reply to this


    These actors that are being mentioned are just boys. She needs a man to fill this role. Paul Walker is Christian Grey. The hair, the eyes, the smile…he's got it all. Paul Walker. End of story.

  34. 34

    Re: Maya – I AGREE WITH YOU

  35. 35


  36. 36


  37. oh well says – reply to this


    Hmmm, well seeing that Ian follows Perez, must be true, Sad but - I'm sure there is something bigger planned for Ian, when one door closes another one opens :)

  38. Missy says – reply to this


    I think that Ian Somerhalder is absolutely awesome and super hot. I seriously can't imagine anyone else playing CG. He fits perfectely!!!!!

  39. Yojo says – reply to this


    Ian is so talented and no offence but FSOG is a shitty written Book imo. He can do much better and he will ;)

  40. Ian all they way says – reply to this


    Team IAN SOMERHALDER BITCHES! He's the best and if they don't cast him, their loss

  41. Phoebe says – reply to this


    Oh god, Matt Bomer is gay. Sorry, but that will be the underlining joke whether you want to admit it or not. Exactly what one of the would be directors said. I'd be shaking my head the whole movie.

  42. 42

    God! Anyone but that washout Pattinson! eeekkkkkkkkk!

  43. Lisa says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill, hands down!!!

  44. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – Christian is young, he isn't 40 years old!

  45. Katy says – reply to this


    Fine by me! Garrett doesn't fit the part and Ian is too old! So it Matt Bomer. Alex is too young to play Christian but he could play Ethan. Henry Cavill is the PERFECT Christian Grey!

  46. . says – reply to this


    If not Ian at least paul walker they were both my choices

  47. Belle says – reply to this


    I'm still holding out for Bomer. I read the books picturing him as Christian. If not him, then an unknown who is also "the epitome of male beauty". None of the other actors recommended meet that standard.

  48. 48


  49. d says – reply to this


    Sorry Bomer is Alpha nothing, lolololol this is supposed to be shades of grey not shades of gay lololol. As for Skarsgard, where did it say she did not want him, I can see not wanting anything to do with Petteyfer, who's only skill is bumping and grinding.

  50. d says – reply to this


    Cavill has shown his inability to act without massive CGI input, stiff and cumbersome. A wax dummy could do just as well, and most likely would not even be noticed in the stead. Alex Petteyfer is skeevy and a rotten actor.

  51. lorena mtz says – reply to this


    Yo lei Master of the Universe, por esa razon Robert Pattinson siempre sera la figura que veo cuando leo 50 shades of grey… Fue una historia inspirada en el como protagonista, simplemente me gustaria que fuera el

  52. asia says – reply to this


    So over pattinson!!! Not him, please!!! My vote is for either Askars or Alex Pettyfer

  53. Casey says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill!!!

  54. Lacey says – reply to this


    Ian, Matt, Paul Walker, Alex Skarsgard are ALL TOO OLD. they need to get their uses on Henry Cavill before he gets snagged up!

  55. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry but I found this a VERY boring book, one of the worst I read. No way I would see a movie about it even if you gave me a large buttered popcorn.

  56. Bea says – reply to this


    Should have been Ian

  57. isabella zulueta says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder may be perfect for Christian Grey but he deserves a much better film than Fifty Shades of Grey which exploits sexuality in the guise of an epic love story. It is too commercial and truly outright soft porn. Ian is a great actor waiting for a great film to showcase his broad range of talent - and not an excuse to show him in all his naked glory. Plus the fact that he is such a compassionate humanitarian which may not jive with such a tasteless film.

  58. Lynda says – reply to this


    As ridiculously secretive as they've all been about this movie I find it hard to believe E L James would be blabbing about it at a Comic Con party. If Ian can't do it it's because it is a conflict with his tv series schedule. Ian Somerhalder is the only actor I've seen that is the complete package for the really important aspects of playing Grey. Can't imagine anyone else! Their loss and ours if this turns out to be true. And if Garrett Hedlund was really offered this role that seriously makes me question their sanity.

  59. clarinda says – reply to this


    Re: Lynda – exactly wat i had thought at first im sure him and EL had talked while he was in san diego and he was offered the role and he turned it down because of his filming schedule for tvd i love ian though im sure i wasn't the only one waiting for him to tweet about it and instead he tweeted about something totally different hes so cute he just moves on with life i like that about him

  60. 60

    Alex Pettyfer. He's so HOTT!!!

  61. 61

    Re: d – Have you seen The Tudors?? Henry Cavill is really good in that show…he stands on his own with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

  62. 62

    thangod npth their eyes are way 2 close 2gether n ians jaw is just ginormously square n just no.. im glad i adore matt bomer n think christian should be gay lol or alex or robert would be great 2 im a fan of both! just not chris pine gah

  63. ianfantastic says – reply to this


    Re: skye89 – you are really saying ians jaw is squared? Yet you root for matt bomer who literally has a squarehead! Ha!

  64. Eden says – reply to this


    Why not Adam Levine???? Guy doesn't even need a script!

  65. 65

    good lord. borrowed the books from my cousin's gf and it was exactly what i thought…these books are total shit and i really hope they stomp this thing out…but if they don't pick Ian they're stupider than i already thought they were…at the same time i wouldn't want him to make a horrible movie like this..these are the conflicts.

  66. Brenda Rogers says – reply to this


    Read few chapters of book but it was so badly written threw it away. If Ian Somerhalder had got the part I would probably have gone to see it, maybe, as I think he would have made the character come alive. As it is I won't bother going to see it and I know lots of people who had the same reaction to the book who won't bother whoever gets the part!

  67. Laura says – reply to this


    I'd love to see Charlie Hunnam play Christian Grey. <3 he is awesome as a biker on Sons Of Anarchy, I know he'd be able to play this character to a T

  68. aken says – reply to this


    Alex Pettyfer is the best but the book is really rotten

  69. Missy says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder is HOTTTT!!!!

  70. jaquise says – reply to this


    ; the perfect guy for this role is henry cavill !

  71. Jasmine says – reply to this


    MATT BOMER!! <3

  72. KC says – reply to this


    Matt Bomer all the way!

  73. jimue says – reply to this


    either Henry Cavill or some unknown guy

  74. 74

    i almost feel bad for Ian, because lets be honest garrrett did *not* want this shitty ass role,they can say whatever they want about him rejecting the role but we all know he doesnt wanna be tied down to this embarrassment but Ian was practically willing to suck dick for it! Dunno who this bitch thinks she is aiming for these high caliber actors….. Its almost pathetic, lower your standards for your shitty story and juss give it to Ian, a cw actor is as good as its gonna get.

  75. Nina says – reply to this


    Well all of us want a different actor for Christian Grey and a lot of candidate for the role of Anastasia Steele…..but my recommendation are that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will fix so well like Christian and Anastasia. Well E L James was used these two to inspire to wrote the Trilogy, and now that Rob and Kris are apart, its will be the hit of the moment to see these tow together…..Why not? Its an erotic movie: and see Rob and Kris together that will gonna be awesome….

  76. yesi says – reply to this


    i would like matt bommer but hes gay :(

  77. 77

    Rpattz is fugly

  78. Alex Pettyfer 4 C.G says – reply to this


    Re: ChrisRe: Leslie – So Leslie are you an Ian fan? Because everyone knew that Ian wanted this part real bad … I think it may have been all his self promotion that turned Team Fifty off. I did see an interview where Skarsgard said he would play the role (but lets face facts he's 37 years old and that is way too old to play a 27 year old) As for Alex P the only thing I have heard connecting him with this role is the test scene he shot for director Gus Van Sant,other then that I haven't heard Alex say anything publicly that he wants the role but let me just say I hope he is interested because he would be the perfect person to bring Christian Grey to life ♥

  79. Alex Pettyfer 4 C.G says – reply to this


    Seems funny now how all of the Ian fans are saying what terrible books these are and how bad the movie is going to be when they have been saying all along that Ian was born to play this part …. in my opinion Ian self promoted himself so much with his little cryptic tweets and hints that he already had the part that Team Fifty were probably turned off by that.

  80. Abby says – reply to this


    ^ Ian never self promoted anything. He expressed interest in the role when asked, he never talked about it otherwise, period. They should have been flattered that he always had such nice things to say when asked about it…considering most of the other actors who had never even read the book were dissing it in one way or another. There are fans of other actors who have been jealous of the attention Ian has received for this role from day one. That's there problem not his. He can't help the fact that so many saw how right he was for this part. He's a wonderful actor who would have rocked this role like no other. Ian has been entrenched in my mind as CG from the beginning, I came to know of him after I'd read the books. The one positive if this turns out to be true is that through the books I got to know about Ian and become a fan of for life.

  81. Danielle says – reply to this


    MATT BOMER!!! Perfect for the role!!

  82. maria.gr says – reply to this



  83. gen says – reply to this


    i hope this is just a rumor. ian somerhalder will be a really great choice as christian grey.
    but i think e.l. james will pick a british actor, she already chosen kelly marcel & sam taylor-johnson who are both british just like her. and i hope she'll not choose rob pattinson.

  84. Isha says – reply to this


    It will be Robert Pattinson,he met with el james,he said once upon a time that he will make her eat her words…Now she is eating them and letting Rob play it..he will sell,to twihards..the movie will do Ok…Thankfully now I don't have to suffer a bdsm psycho movie as Ian is not gonna be in it..haven't read the book ,will never…but was going to watch it for Ian's sake if he did it..Now that's out of my system..whew..and Ian will forever be the good compassionate guy in my mind..not a psycho woman beater..

  85. cherie says – reply to this


    Re: Bevs48 – lol, that is a Joke, Paul Wesley is the least of the contenders, He dosent have mesmerizing eyes,even if you would but contacts on him, he is not dropdead beautifull like Ian, no danger about Him, he could be a older version of justin bieber lol. he is half the actor, that Ian is. The movie will totally flap without Ian, since His Name and Matt Bomers, has kept it in the Spotlight. The only reason i would see the Movie is if Ian playes CG.

  86. keiko says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder should be Christian. If this article is right,I am loosing the interest of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie.Only ian can be perfect Mr.Gray,i think..

  87. avi says – reply to this


    Re: Abby – Don't you just love how everyone thinks Ian was acting like he got the role? He always talks about his foundation and how he wants to do good for the world. I've never seen or heard him brag about him snagging the role. They ask him questions about tvd and then there were the questions about FSOG and he answered them jokingly but people take it to extremes and think he brags. He is the only actor that's really wanted for this role and the only actor that's ever asked about it EL should give the fans wat they want we made her poorly written books famous

  88. Guyane says – reply to this


    If Matt Bomer doesn't play christian grey i will sue hollywood and burn my fifth shades book. he ISSSSSS christian grey.

  89. chicagrey says – reply to this


    Henry cavill is the only christian rey. The best!!!!

  90. Esme says – reply to this


    No! I can't believe Ian is out! He would've been perfect. His grin, his eyes, he's sexy okay well anywhores I'm getting carried away here. But I guuuuuueeeesss since Ian isn't an option I go for Matt Bomer all the way. Keeping my eyes closed and legs crossed hoping this movie isn't a dirty disaster! Ugh!

  91. abby says – reply to this


    HENRY CAVILL IS THE PERFECT CHRISTIAN GREY!!!.. if they pick Robert it'll be a total wack he does not match chrietian's body at all.. Robert is super skiny do not have nice musclely body, and his face is super ugly plus as much as he could try he cannot be sexy at all… HOWEVER HENRY CAVILL WOULD BE JUST PERFECT. ..

  92. Maryann says – reply to this


    Re: Maya – I feel the same way you do. No Movie for me. Matt is a bad actor. The other too aren't beautiful. Only Ian fits the part.

  93. Maryann says – reply to this


    Re: sami – He is a better actor than some of the others. Matt is a snoozer in WC seems like he is not comfortable in his role.

  94. titilove says – reply to this



  95. 95

    I still firmly believe that Alexander Skarsgard should play Christian Gray. Alex Pettyfer is too young to play him.

  96. 96

    Re: Leslie – did the author say she didn't want Alexander Skarsgard?

  97. JIVE says – reply to this


    Robert Pattinson???? I cant and I dont want to imagine him with a WHIP and carrying a BuTTPLUG!!! let him stay as Edward Cullen..I'm still gonna go with Matt Bomer!!! Matt Bomer!! Doesnt even matter if his "G" (he still makes me droll)

    Can they add Henry Cavill please!!!!! I remember I saw his butt on the 1st season of Tudor!!! yayks

  98. Yelina Solis says – reply to this


    No Ian? You must be blind, deaf, and dumb Mrs. James. That or the ACME Corporation had Wile E. Coyote drop The Giant Anvil of Stupidity on your head! You've lossed a ticket sale and I predict it will be the first of many.

  99. Ian FTW says – reply to this


    Ian Somerhalder ALL THE WAY! No one else con do Christian justice.

  100. 100

    Robert Pattison would be a HUGE MISTAKE! Please please don't do it. There are way more young, mature, talented, "sexy as fuck" actors who can be a tormented ,krazy Christian Grey.

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