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Russian Militant Groups Target Gay Teens For Public Torture — Police Have Done Nothing

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Looks like there will be no Benedict Cumberbatch-officiated weddings in Russia any time soon.

This is sincerely very heartbreaking.

Maxim Martsinkevich, well-known Russian nationalist and allegedly former skinhead, is leading a violent anti-gay movement in his home country that is specifically targeting teenage boys through a social network site called VK.com.

Martsinkevich — who is also known by the nickname “Tesak” (“Cleaver” in English) — calls the projects Occupy Pedophilyaj and Occupy Gerontilyaj. The supposed objective of the movements is to sniff out pedophiles, but the resulting action has been deceiving and abusing gay teens who are dating online.

Although the militant groups following Martsinkevich are illegal, the anti-gay sentiment in the country has been institutionalized. In addition to the church's premonition of a gay-precipitated apocalypse, Russian president, Vladimir Putin, signed into law earlier this month legislation that bans nearly any kind of homosexual behavior or expression, from same-sex couples holding hands to acknowledging publicly one is gay to even wearing rainbow-patterned clothing.

The participants in Occupy Pedophilyaj and Occupy Gerontilyaj set up fake profiles on VK.com, arranging dates with young men, who, upon arriving at the agreed-upon destination — often broad daylight in an open area — are bullied and tortured. The incidents have been filmed and posted online.

Some victims have reportedly subsequently committed sucide.

There has been no police intervention on Occupy Pedophilyaj and Occupy Gerontilyaj. VK.com occasionally temporarily terminates the groups’ accounts, but often allows them to come back online the next day.

Pavel Durov, VK.com’s founder, resides in the U.S.

He has made no public comments about these incidents.

We know when things are out of sight, they're out of mind.

But Pavel, when they're on YOUR site, you need to be mindful.

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Russian Militant Groups Target Gay Teens For Public Torture — Police Have Done Nothing”

  1. rockpunk says – reply to this


    awful, horrible, backwards country- and yo complain that america's intolerant and you can pretty much do whatever you want here- you can't even hold your gay lover's hand in russia!!!

  2. 2

    awful, horrible, backwards country- and yo complain that america's intolerant and you can pretty much do whatever you want here- you can't even hold your gay lover's hand in russia!!!

  3. luis says – reply to this


    Madonna should go in representation of all and make a complaint in Human rights watch.!
    this is awfull besides , we are all human beings.

    Putin is so afraid of his own half male (SPERM) that made him!, how could u possibly deny???…
    that u can LOVE a man if you`re made of it, besides the gender in reproductive GENDER choice , or Iikes., ther`s no way bad beeing GAY., or loving humans, animals and plants.

    People is being tortured and suffering a lot for what they like…, we word should wake up! This intolerance and hate is ridiculous and a lake of any human feel

    How in 2013 could people are so retarded and stay in their animal side.???
    This is ridiculous humans evolve years ago.!


  4. Katie says – reply to this


    And your beloved POTUS does nothing…..niiiiiiiiice

  5. 5

    Re: Katie – Moron! What can he do? Nuke Russia? You'd love that, hey Republican scum!

  6. 6

    Absolutely horrific. I never heard of VK.com until today, and I will make sure I never visit that site ever. The founder of VK lives in the U.S does he….Pavel Durov? Well I hope some news site tracks him down under what ever rock he is living under and makes him explain his views on what is being shown on the site he founded. Where are the international human rights organizations, and why are they remaining silent on this disgusting abuse?

  7. kiki says – reply to this


    terrible, terrible..terrible. am indeed heartbroken, wish Russia will seriously get over themselves, it is a new world with new generations where love and acceptance should prevail… God loves all…

  8. JOY says – reply to this



  9. EJOY says – reply to this



  10. 10

    We need this in America!

  11. Emir says – reply to this


    Re: JOYRe: Mad Dog – Shut the fuck up.

  12. lawbellesupreme says – reply to this


    Re: Emir – hopefully nobody gets so angry at you for being the bigot you are, and tracks you down, and tortures you. that would be a damn shame.

  13. lawbellesupreme says – reply to this


    Re: Emir – hopefully nobodyRe: Mad Dog – hopefully nobody uses your post to track you down and torture you because they hate your viewpoint. how horrible that would be. scared? how does that feel?

  14. stopthisshit says – reply to this


    How the #$%^ do the homophobes find their way to this website?

  15. CourtneySucks says – reply to this