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Over $1 Mil In Stripper Bills SEIZED By Uptight Police Who Couldn't Comprehend That Many Lap Dances!

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strippers million dollars confiscated cash returned by police

And now, another heartwarming tale from the single mom ballet!

Tara Mishra is just like any stripper, except completely different because…

(1) She saved over a million buckaroonies by twerking it on the pole — imagine how many patrons she had to satisfy to earn THAT!
(2) Nebraska police confiscated her $1,074,000, all bundled in hair ties, when they found it during a routine traffic stop and decided it was drug money!

So uncool!

The cops thoroughly investigated Tara, the car, money, and the folks driving — her business partners were driving the cash back east to buy a NJ nightclub — but found nothing dirty about the cash at all… unless you count the residue from the strip club patrons!

Thankfully, a judge who has presumably read the entire Fourth Amendment immediately ordered the cash be returned to the proper owners with interest, and everyone lived happily ever after!!!

Awww!! That's GREAT news for super-successful strippers with an absurdly unhealthy aversion to banking who insist on carrying cash — or having a trusty sidekick mule do it — across state lines!!

We love it when the good gals win!!

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6 comments to “Over $1 Mil In Stripper Bills SEIZED By Uptight Police Who Couldn't Comprehend That Many Lap Dances!”

  1. 1

    They had no business even searching the car for a speeding violation. None what so ever. Why are cops so corrupt?

  2. 2

    great story, and i think she's clever 4 keeping her money real close. like some really savvy waitresses, she'll be better able to avoid taxes x

  3. 3

    Re: Tash20 – they saw the bills and thought it was drug money. It's called probable cause.

  4. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    They are turning our children into sexually trivial objects. Objects that are discarded. We are offering no real protection for their future. We are corrupting male minds into conditioning that this 'is' what women are to be used for, thereby neither experiencing the nurturing of their soul.

  5. 5

    Re: Default Setteen – hahahaha my god.

  6. 6

    Re: Tash20 – They searched the car because there was trace marijuana when they stopped them. Because of the trace drugs they had the right to confiscate the money as potential drug money - Nick0611 is right. This story is DAYS old! If she had put the $s in the bank she would have had to pay taxes on it. Still it would have been wise to have the money deposited to an account to buy the bar or to get it put into a cashier's check instead of having friends drive bags of cash to Chicago.

    Smart woman saving her $s and ot spending it on drugs or something stupid and putting it toward something to better her future. Not certain opening a club or bar is a great idea in this economy, but heck, I haven't made 1 mill in the 23 years I have been at a desk job! Good for her!