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Zac Efron Needs To Improve His Career!

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Here's how!!!

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28 comments to “Zac Efron Needs To Improve His Career!”

  1. felicia says – reply to this


    "fuck ryan gosling… even though I love him to" hahahahaha awesome

    i honestly dont think Star Wars has done anything good for anyones career… I would love to see him in 50 Shades though lol YUM

  2. tempe says – reply to this


    As if anyone in Hollywood would ever listen to you, lol
    By the way , clean up your kitchen along with that god awful hiar.

  3. that says – reply to this


    How sad men who spend way too much time in the gym parade around like people want to look at them…just says to me, he is shallow and wants attention…nothing more…typical actor…gross…I bet he smells badly.

  4. Casey says – reply to this



  5. you bet says – reply to this


    The reason he has no career now is because he has not talent…people tire of looks when there is nothing else to offer…he is a tool anyway…Go back to school Zac and get a real job…your 15 minutes is over.

  6. 6

    Actually what might help his career, is TALENT, looks only get you so far.

  7. 7

    is it just me or is Perez morphing into Tommy Lee Jones in the movie batman forever
    ironically enough the characters name is two face

  8. 8

    Zac is doing just fine. I'm sure he doesn't need advice from a self-obsessed bully blogger.

  9. NE1 says – reply to this


    He's still delivering solid performances, he should have got an Oscar nomination for his work in The Paperboy.

  10. ann says – reply to this


    i actually agree with perez. zac hasnt ever been in a movie that has brought a huge amount of buzz. he is set to star in parkland based on the events that happened in the hospital where j.f.kennedy was. it should be interesting since its just in time for oscar bait.

  11. jay says – reply to this


    u know what i think? i think that his talent doesnt quite meet the standards of his appearance. yeah he is good looking, but maybe his looks overide his talent simply because…hes not as talented as everyone thinks.

  12. ann says – reply to this


    Re: NE1 – although i dont agree that he should have got an oscar nom (cusack and kidman were waay better imo), he does deserve one in the future.

  13. 13

    You couldn't even manage to launch your sissy boy band; you fucked up with Kat Graham, Lady Caca dumped you, Sliimy was a total failure, so in short, no one will EVER take YOUR advice about how to improve an entertainment career. You are a stupid, gross fuck, and no one takes you seriously. You are the joke among gossip hacks.
    Re: that – It's well known that Efron stinks; he goes to the Brad Pitt school of hygiene. I don't know why some famous men think it's okay to smell like an outhouse, but it could be one of the reasons no one hires this douche bag. The other reason may be that he has no TALENT. I've seen better bodies than his; if that's all he has, he needs to pack it in, take a fucking shower, and get a real job.

  14. 14

    Re: ann – He deserves a nomination in the future? Really? How the FUCK would you know that? If we base whether or not he has EARNED a nom on his performances to date, then he needs to go back to acting class. He'll get a nomination if he EARNS it, you idiot whore.

  15. Banks says – reply to this


    First of all Zac is a great actor just because you have no talent doesn't mean you can dis on his so how about you stop being such a dick and move on with your life and quit trying to ruin someone else's. Besides he is doing perfectly fine he wants to explore new things. It's not his fault the movie doesn't do that well it is the way the movie is scripted not the actor.

  16. Colin says – reply to this


    Zac, is a has been…. Let him retire

  17. sam says – reply to this


    does anyone know the song in the backround?

  18. DFA says – reply to this


    It's not his looks that has been a barrier, Johnny Depp, Leo, Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando, Ryan Gosling all are/were unbelievably good looking in their prime but they all have this little thing called TALENT

  19. Elle Corre says – reply to this


    LOL I <3 you Perez. Hilarious. And I totally agree. I thought his career would blow up after HSM but you're right… he hasn't made very good decisions. He should play up his looks, make some hit movies, and then he'll be cast in movies he really wants to - the more dramatic roles (if that's what he's going for?). Fingers crossed his career takes off. I would love to see more of him. yumm.. lol

  20. Elle says – reply to this


    Why do people come to Perez's site just to make fun of him? Some people have no lives… Why spend your own precious time being negative towards someone who is not being negative towards you or negative at all? Go to a website you like and read something/watch something you like. Fill your time with things you enjoy. But hey, I guess it doesn't really matter because negative or not, you're all just giving him more traffic on his site which makes him more money. Pretty sure he wins. LOL

  21. beethoven says – reply to this


    with every disney show or movie, the lead star tends not to get that far and if they do its because they are in the media for annoying stuff (britney, lindsay, miley, selena…notice a pattern?). however, when it comes to the guys, its a different kettle of fish (justin t, ryan gosling ) plus there tends to be fewer guys on disney let alone make it big. zac will probably do well in the future, get a few golden globes and festival awards. but oscar? hmm, he hasnt been in a movie that a majority of critics have really praised his performance no matter how good or bad the movie was.

  22. Brad says – reply to this


    I liked "17 Again." Wasn't that a hit movie? I don't know about box office numbers. He does have talent, but I don't think any of his other projects after "17 Again," bar maybe "The Paperboy" showcase his real potential.

    He doesn't seem to have anything great coming up either. They all sound like rather boring projects tbh. No real great story lines of any redeeming appeal.

    When you watch Zac's movies like the HSM franchise, "Hairspray," "17 Again," and "Me and Orson Welles" you can see that he has something special, but after that - nothing. Even "Charlie St. Cloud" had potential, but failed because it was poorly executed.

    True, Zac isn't really going anywhere with his career. But I don't think doing "Star Wars" will necessarily get him anywhere either. Better projects with great directors are the way to go. Box office doesn't really matter so much as long as he keeps getting work, I suppose. Maybe he doesn't want to be a "star." That would explain his choice of indie films.

    One good thing that I'll give Zac is that he's not choosing the easy paychecks by doing franchise re-boots, remakes or jumping aboard another franchise. He's committing to original projects.

  23. christina says – reply to this


    Re: Brad – completely agree, however i do think that he wants to be a star, simply because his urge to make it in hollywood is very obvious. the only movie i think that he could execute a good performance is parkland and, although his fans disagree, he hasnt got a big role. townies is a typically fratboys movie, are we officially dating and you belong to me are rom-coms again then autobahn is an action movie. i think the hype surrounding zac is truly over. it makes sense since vanessa hudgens seems to be rising as he is falling (ashley tisdale is nowhere to be seen). i have watched various scenes and previews from the frozen ground and i think this shows that we should have been focusing on her uprise not zacs.

  24. jenny_ says – reply to this



  25. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: sam

    Sam the song is All I Want by Kodaline

  26. 26

    Re: that – Your so stupid, he has that body because in the "Lucky One" he did a lot of marine training, it took him over 6 months to get those abs and he had to gain weight, and earn that body, your fucking stupid. He never shows his body like Justin.

  27. 27

    This little peen'd "SLING BOTTOM BOY" JEW HOMO needs to PAY HIS DUES and come out of the closet…

  28. Marissa says – reply to this


    Perez, you look homeless in this video