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Is it already time for those on again rumors to start up?? Sure seems like it because Justin Bieber has stirred the pot in a BIG way after being spotted … Read more…

44 comments to “Justin Bieber Shows Up At Selena Gomez's Birthday Party! And Left With Her At The End?!”

  1. pail says – reply to this


    they're dating. selena is a liar, a famewhore

  2. hkvmktyityidfh says – reply to this


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  3. angie says – reply to this


    nah i dont think they are dating, i think selena invited him but they are friends however she knows the impact it will have on the media

  4. 4

    Ok I hate when people call selena gomez a famewhore because you don't know her and don't what's she like from my view she has worked hard to get were shes at right.Before Justin came along she was famous she had one of the most watch shows on Disney channel.what I don't get is that no matter how many times selena say I'M NOT WITH JUSTIN AND ENJOYING BEING SINGLE and I put in bold letters so people like prez can get through there heads.I believe there just friends and they were friends before they started dating and they remained friends after most of my friends are people I have dated but there is no romantic feelings there so what I think the story should be is how Justin was a good friend to selena and came to her birthday because he missed the first on and left with.his best friend

  5. 5

    Some of her friends such as Swift and family don't like him, it's better that they were not there. Of course, they like his money. Hopefully they treated him right after going after a concert and going to another today sunday. He went out of his way for her.

  6. aisha says – reply to this


    wow i thnk itz nyder dating n nor 2 sho smthng 2 media itz smpli frnship lyk selena have vd oderz n nthng elc

  7. emily says – reply to this


    HL and Perez now. We get the pics of him arriving, but the leaving together, nothing! And even if we did what does it mean anyway? Oh yeah friendship.! Please. This girl is going to have literally jump the next available dude to prove she's moving on. The media is worse than the fans and some of them seriously need counselling!

  8. ONIT says – reply to this


    Oh, his new boyfriend is handsome. Nice to introduce him to Selena.

  9. sammy says – reply to this


    Re: ONIT – asshole that is his bestfriend from canada they are on tour together and his name is ryan butler..r

  10. ONIT says – reply to this


    Re: sammy – Thank you! In that case I have to delete the word "new".

  11. Mimi says – reply to this


    All ya are haters. It took balls for him to show up with a single red roses knowing paps and fans are going to talk but it shows he doesn't care what people say at the end ofbthe day he cares about her friends or not.

  12. Lady_Says says – reply to this


    Pants pulled up, no dumb hat, walking upright, Im impressed Bieber you don't look like a twat! Do this more often and I doubt he'd get quite as much flack. He just looks annoying other times.

  13. Arlene says – reply to this


    Oh man, what a stud!! Wearing a letterman jacket!! I wonder what sport he's in? The sport of being a douche bag!

  14. 14

    Re: aisha – uhh what?

  15. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    They have bee together for some time. They probably have an agreement she is going to claim she is single because the media is driving her crazy, and he agreed to it.

    if you pay attention, both of them have said in recent interviews that they want to start have large families and he said start young, she is implying she won't be around in 5 years, and she will slow down when she starts a family. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY SAY AND NOT THE MEDIA

  16. rb says – reply to this


    Can anyone think for once that she did not want anyone to proclaim that she is using Justin to sell her music by orchestrating her relationship status to the media! Selena is not a liar! She just used the words of meaning that's deified in the English dictionary. Examples Q=question/R=reply/MA=my answer):
    • Q-Are you single? R-I am single! MA-You are single until you are married.
    • Q-Are you and Justin together? R-No! MA-That’s because Justin is on tour and she is doing her thing. 'Pattie Mallette recent interview; said the couple’s status all depends on what day it is!!'
    So, she is not a liar or a fame-whore, and on the July 26 & 27 they were together, and they are both single until they are married.

  17. ERIC says – reply to this


    I'LL CRY

  18. 18

    Re: Arlene – You are proof that no matter what he says,does, and wears haters would have nothing nice to say about him yet they read every gossip article on him and check out his pictures which is called obsession.

  19. anastasia says – reply to this


    I'm so happy! I'm jumping up and down! Please Jelena get back together!

  20. Monica says – reply to this


    You don't have to be in a sport to wear that type of jacket. It doesn't have a name on it or anything presenting a team. It's just the called a letterman jacket because the type of jacket it is idiot. The only douchebag here is you for being a jerk towards a guy that hasn't ever done anything to you. Go hate on the jerks that have been in your life and have hurt you chick.

  21. 21

    Anyone hear how many times this little stain spit on her while he was there with his pictured boyfriend??

  22. 22

    Re: northernbearthepas – There is no solid proof he has spat on anyone. Are you that dense?

  23. Bob Bob says – reply to this


    Re: ONIT – Thank you for that. I needed the laugh today, hahaha.

  24. jesse says – reply to this


    Justin, this is a great look for you! You look classy, well-dressed and confident. Please keep this look up!!

  25. Dianna says – reply to this


    I love selena and justin they are two grate artist and i love JELENA , Selena is NOT a Famewhore she is a goos person and justin is a great person 2
    and haters gonna hate ,.

  26. Maria says – reply to this


    When Justin is with selena , justin controls himselfe
    they are a great couple JELENA FOREVER

  27. 27

    *inserts Taylor Swift eyeroll*

  28. Anna says – reply to this


    I'm not a Selena fan, but there is no way she is a famewhore. She seems really sweet and down to Earth and is doing pretty well in the fame business. Just because Justin has more fame then her, that isn't making more people buy Selena's albums so Selena isn't benefiting in the 'fame department' when she dates Justin. If Justin wants her back, then I want her back

  29. tega says – reply to this


    I hope he didn't spit and/or urinate in a bucket somewhere in a kitchen during her party b/c he was too lazy to walk to the men's room.

  30. what a whore.. says – reply to this


    (*insert taylor swift eyeroll here*)

    okay this girl is literally working way too hard to stay relevant & uses beiber for publicity..

    she is literally fighting to stay relevant and knows her time in the spotlight is LIMITED. she has absolutely NO talent, NO stage presence, NO musical credibility WHATSOEVER, and can't sing.

    honestly the day she fades out into the z-list hall of fame will be the best day for humanity.

    i hate this classless whore.

  31. Jenny says – reply to this


    Re: what a whore.. – I totally agree with u I think its wierd that she gets together with him when the single is coming out not together with him when its popular I think she acts so naive and dumb I think she uses him because she knows she has no talent so she will die out probably when shes 23 and without justin she wont get noticed do I think they will get married no if they do it will be a violent one.

  32. Z says – reply to this


    Re: pail – she is already famous

  33. John says – reply to this


    Any bit of respect or like I have had for Selena has gone down the trash can. If he people are not smart enough to see this guy is toxic and sure the teenie boppers love him. But the parents with the money are growing to have him and fast. She is going to find herself right with the spitter when the bitter end comes and it's approaching fast.

  34. John says – reply to this


    Just an observation but in the pic don't both Justin and the guy make a nice looking couple. I have always thought Justin tried to hard and he seems overly feminine in some ways. I wonder if Selena isn't just a front to hide behind.

  35. Chloe says – reply to this


    I want them back together! I loved them together. #NoHate

  36. AEM says – reply to this


    How many times has Selena stated that she is single then run off with Justin? 1. Tells Letterman, then goes to Norway. 2. In May, tells a magazine she is single then hangs with Justin in Vegas before Billboards. 3. With Seacrest interview, then goes to Justin's house to suck his d!<k.
    When 2 people who were in love break up, there is no such thing as "let's be friends". It is either "live happily ever after" or "crash and burn".
    The funny thing is even with Justin's fame and Taylor's "influence", Miley's songs are better rated as seen on Billboard Hot 100.

  37. AEM says – reply to this


    If Selena was not going out with Justin, would we be talkking about her?
    If Selena was NOT BFF with Taylor, would we be talikng about her?
    This is why Miley is more talented, because Miley does it BY HERSELF. She does it her way and WCS is #2 on Billboard Hot 100. Selena's C&GI was only #6 at it's peak. Note, on Top 40 radio, C&GI was NEVER #1, even though she made a "crying" video believing she made #1. Blurred Lines was #1 the week Selena that she was #1

  38. 38

    absolutely they're dating

  39. aneleesloves_jb1d says – reply to this


    Re: Z – why u guys have to be like tht Selly is a good person and a sweetheart i love her and i love justin and i support Jelena btw she is not a fame-whore u guys are really rude and she is already famous maybe justin is a lit more than her but they date bc they love each other and she is talented 2, and just bc she is dating justin does not mean tht ppl buy her albums, ppl buy her albums bc they like her music, and she is doing really great btw

  40. eric says – reply to this


    if Justin was able to crash the party and kidnap selena disappear with she
    she willingly or not justin goes to hell to search her
    and nobody stop justin
    only death can separate justin
    of selena

  41. 41

    Re: northernbearthepas – Can't he have friends without assholes like you assuming they are gay? There is no where in the world he can go and not be seen with a girl and not have people making up rumors they are dating either. He can't even talk to a girl in public anymore because someone will take a picture and call her his new girlfriend. Justin Bieber has no problem with women throwing themselves at him any where in the world.

  42. Nicole xx says – reply to this


    Haters: stop calling selena a FAMEHORE because she was famous way before he was AND by the way she HATES media!!! All she did was fall in love so if you jealous just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DEAL!!! Seriously get over yourselves …😒

    ❤Jelena forever❤

  43. timbondwest says – reply to this


    Re: sparksphan – Then why fly across the world just to be friends like in Norway or why did Justin fly across country just to go to her birthday party. Selena never came to his. I think they have to be together or they wouldn't be even taking picture she lost some follower. It's confusing everyone including scooter I think. they really do need to make up their damn minds.

  44. Anika says – reply to this


    wow we never understand what they want to do!