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Remember those photos that were swirling around? The ones depicting Justin Bieber hawking loogies in the direction of his adoring fans?? Well his re… Read more…

105 comments to “Justin Bieber DID NOT Spit On Fans; The Whole Thing Was A Hoax, According To Rep!”

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  1. Chrystal says – reply to this


    He's a total liar! He needs to stop and relax, he's letting his money and ego get the best of him, he constantly tweets out this bullshit of how he loves his fans and telling people to not take things for granted, when he's taking everything he has for granted! He's taking his fans for granted! UGH he angers me so much I could make a whole blog about it.

  2. shelbie murphy says – reply to this


    Okay Chrystal? You can leave. He doesn't take anything he has for granted. If you really knew him, or you'd know that he's extremely humble. And him loving us isnt bullshit. Them saying he spit on us IS.

  3. shelbie says – reply to this


    Re: Chrystal – uh, YOU'RE A TOTAL LIAR! Not him! He truly cares about all of us, & if you knew him you'd know he's extremely humble and doesn't take anything he has for granted. Him loving us isn't bullshit, him "spitting" on us IS.

  4. Lilly says – reply to this


    I would spit on Justin's fans too….

  5. Belieber Saru says – reply to this


    yaa Justin has been little bit overboard nowdays but one fact that'll never changeis "He Loves his fans".so I@m 100% sure that he didn't spit on his fan

  6. Yvonne says – reply to this


    What a bunch o bullshit my niece and her friends rented a hotel room close to were justin was staying. He didn't come out to greet them and he didn't send hot chocolate down. He came out on the balcony in the middle of the night and told the girls not to take any pictures and not to film him. One girl had her camera out and he went back inside. It was hot during the day and these girls were waiting all day for him he didn't even send water out to his fans. He is a piece of shit! Can't stand him. The money and fame has gone to his head.

  7. Chrystal says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphy – lol okay m8, and you really know him? HAHAH

  8. brock lesnar says – reply to this


    I could rip him in half in a heart beat if I ever see this little shit im going to end his music career for good.

  9. 9

    Re: Chrystal – You are full of shit for several fans have tweeted that he did provide hot chocolate for his fans and sang to them. The rep did not say it was at that specific time of the spitting incident. Get your facts straight.

  10. 10

    Re: brock lesnar – You probably are a big fat bully who would pick a fight with a 4 year old. Grow up!

  11. lol says – reply to this


    He's a talentless, ignorant, self absorbed little shit. The sooner his 15 minutes are up the better. When his retarded fan base finally wake up and see what they worship is basically shit all this torture will finally be over. Some may say other artists can't perform, but in reality they all trump this morons "talent". His music is awful, it just is. Anyone who denies it is tone deaf, simple. I can't think of any other explanation of why anyone likes this idiot. I feel like people only like him because they don't want to be judged for not liking him lol. He's white trash, he should fuck off back to the street corner to where he first started and stay there. Out of all the people with talent on YouTube they could have choses they chose him.. I can't even begin to explain how dumb that it lol. Just to clarify so you retards (beliebers) don't start crying and slitting your wrists again, I strongly believe if you're a part of his fan base then you should probably go smack your head against a brick wall until you realise how shit his music is or until you bleed to death. You're welcome. xoxo

  12. Dominic0 says – reply to this


    Way to post the creepiest gif ever Perez -.-

  13. Kamui says – reply to this


    This dog needs to just be put down. And you know what? I'd cry over the dog. I might actually smile if it happened to Justin "puss-face" Biebshyster. I'm with Brock Lesner down there. If I'd been out there and got spit on, I promise you, I'd have climbed the building and beaten him to death, ON CAMERA, with my bare hands. He may as well have hung his ass over the rail and shat on everyone. The disrespect is the same. But don't worry fans…he loves you. *shakin my damn head*

  14. 14

    Re: Yvonne – Hey Dipshit! There are pictures of him in broad daylight standing outside on the balcony with friends. What!, think they took the spit pictures at night??? Huh???
    He even posted a video on instagram.

    And he did send hot chocolate several fans tweeted so, this wouldn't be the first time he has given fans food. He once bought pizza for fans who were camped outside a Arena he was performing at.

  15. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    Of course his rep is going to deny it. Even if his disgusting spit didn't land on his fans, why'd he spit in the first place? I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to water plants with his saliva.

  16. sofia says – reply to this



  17. sofia says – reply to this



  18. Maria says – reply to this



  19. Joel Torres says – reply to this


    He did it.

  20. I spit on you.... says – reply to this


    Re: Zoey_Graham – you're an idiot, he didn't send that pizza or anything. Its called his people did and they are smart enough to do that since he's been a PR nightmare. I work in the industry and we all do it for our "difficult client" so lame @ss people like you actually think they give two $hits.

  21. Martha says – reply to this


    I'm not worried about this kid in the slightest. 20 years from now he will be forgotten, along with S Club 7 and 98 Degrees. There's a reason people like Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will be the only ones really remembered from this awful era of music: they present themselves with class, and make it only about the music. You will never see them pissing in mop buckets, and spitting off balconies. Whether fans were under the balcony or not it's still gross, he's on a balcony people, obviously there were at least a few people on the street below that clearly could have been hit. He's just another diluted classless dirt bag that needs a serious reality check.

  22. Jenna says – reply to this


    I bet he never gave them squat. He's just another punkass bitch with to much money and fame. I've seen him out in public 6 times and he has never been friendly. Even after a concert when there was a signing he was a douche. He just needs to get his shit together because I'm sure he could be a nice person. His head is just way to far up his ass to see anything.

  23. KimchiforKoreans says – reply to this


    He doesn't care about any of you people as he does not know you exist ^_^

  24. maya says – reply to this


    dude, he DID send hot chocolate to his fans and his fans knew it was him because he stood outside and made sure they recieved it AND he did not spit on his fans, even if he did they would have been happy.

  25. maya says – reply to this


    Re: lol – Please he has been famous for 6 years ok i dont think he has "15" minutes of fame dumbass. He donated over 10,000 dollars to that school for poor needy children, he saved those kids life you are indeed the worthless shithead, what are you doing to help society besides sticking your head up your lazy hatin ass

  26. 26

    Re: KimchiforKoreans – probably he noticed people with an attitude like you and appeared unfriendly. He has met thousands in the street and concerts and they could tell you he was very nice.

  27. The truth says – reply to this


    LOOOOOOOL Justin's a joke now and any fans who are stil up his ass are too ! The idiot pissed on the presidents statue thing and is now spitting at fans . Do the math , he's become a materialistic diva who needs a reality check. And to all you fans who say u 'know' him get a life he doesn't even care about u or know ur name

  28. really?? says – reply to this


    aww sooo naive!! please shoot me! so you girls actually THINK he loves his fans?? how can you be so sure? i can't "beliebe" what i'm reading, HUMBLE you say?? he has shown his douchebaggery way too many times,and he is nowhere near humble. He is just a spoiled celebrity with no manners whatsoever, sooo he sent hot chocolate to his fans, this is publicity and marketing simple as that, to keep naive girls like you buying his stuff. i do think he spitted on people, i think this wouldn't be the first time and that is so incredibly disrespectful.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Spitting's disgusting, period. Unless you're in a big field on a farm somewhere, it's gross.

  30. ashlee says – reply to this


    justin bieber is a manipulative, egoistic, dick head. he doesn't care about his fans. he only cares about himself. and beliebers are too stupid to see it.

  31. DIxie says – reply to this


    Beiber fans will continue to drink his spit flavored kool aid. He is a rotten piece of shit, speeding around in his car then running inside to hide when anyone tries to confront him.

  32. Jewel says – reply to this


    A "hoax"? Yeah I'm sure it was. How pathetic.

  33. obviously says – reply to this


    He spat on them. It happened. Then he laughed about it. I used to feel bad for this kid because he was obviously exploited from a young age. Now I just think his entire existence is just unfortunate.

  34. loopy151 says – reply to this


    yes he did spit on them, your being very dumb if you think he cares about anybody but himself. all he cares about is making money. & it's not just him, all 'famous' people care about is making money off you. more fool the people who waste there time and money on these idiots!!!

  35. Sidney says – reply to this


    Re: sofia – this makes you worse than any "hater".

    Re: shelbie murphy – Sorry, but I'm pretty sure you can't tell someone to "leave" an Internet page.

    The pair of you are doing exactly what Christian's do to atheists; being rude and aggressively imposing your views on someone that does not agree with the same things you do. It's pathetic. Shame on you, and grow up.

  36. Sarascara says – reply to this


    Re: sofia – Oi - don't you _ever_ tell anyone to kill themselves. Really? Over a petty difference in opinion? It's one thing to say "Please reevaluate your thoughts on this matter, reasons A, B, C." Sure Perez has said/done things that are questionable in taste, but let's be real - who _hasn't_ said/done something in questionable taste? I'm neither for or against Perez, but this is a pop star who's been having some attitude problems. Get some context and a little bit of empathy. And please, grow up.

  37. Matsu says – reply to this


    Re: Yvonne – so it's perfectly acceptable to stalk someone all hours of the day, take pictures of him without his consent, and when he tells you "don't take any pictures of me, or film any videos" you immediately think that the fame has gotten to his head? I hate the kid too, but nobody wants to be stalked all hours of the day by a retarded ass fan base. Jesus, he's only human. With that said, if he really did spit on his fans then all hope really is lost.

  38. Sara says – reply to this


    I still like Justin and his music, but he's getting out of line. And I feel like I'm the only "belieber" that has a steady mind. Some beliebers are crazy. Justin isn't an angel. He's not perfect. He probably does love his fans but that doesn't mean he's automatically incapable of spitting on people. I think he did.

  39. lol says – reply to this


    Re: maya – Ten thousand dollars? that's all? You're proud of that? lmfao. Damn, his fan base is dumber than I thought. Bitch, get your head out of your arse and stop being so retarded. The "famous" moron you worship is talentless, selfish and everything else I said before. Someone needs to smash your head with a dictionary, maybe then you'll stop being so dumb… But don't get your hopes up ’cause you need Jesus, although I think even a miracle won't help his fans.

  40. erl says – reply to this


    Re: brock lesnar – i dont think u would even be able to touch his shadow #SorryNotSorry

  41. yamelicious says – reply to this


    gosh..that dude is a jumbo size asshole..without ur fans ur NOTHING..and for his fans u guys are not blind..stop saying that he didn't because it's obvious that he DID!obcourse they will deny it..ughhh..i love his song but he shouldn't do that..Justin ur gonna be famous forever..so be nice!

  42. lmao says – reply to this


    @Maya .. OMG you mean he Donated a WHOLE $10,000 .. what a saint .. what a savior .. he is a joke … little girl are you one of those people that cuts themselves for this loser? you need to go ask your parents to get you some mental help ,seriously .. the guy has turned into a douche bag ..

  43. Bobby says – reply to this


    I was there people, he hocked two huge loogies.

  44. 44

    Re: The truth – You're fucking delusional! Justin sprayed some cleaner on Bill Clinton's picture, he didn't piss on any statue but in a mop bucket. This how stupid people like yourself not only spread rumors and lies but are so messed up in the head that they actually believe the crap that spews out of their mouths. But don't worry because you are not alone in being idiotic, there are others like you called Justin Bieber bashers. The spitting picture was a hoax.

  45. iPon3Time says – reply to this


    Okay, wow… if JB never spit on his fans, then what is he doing while leaning over a balcony whilst laughing with his friends. People don't just point and laugh at nothing. Furthermore, of there were no fans down there, he wouldn't be laughing at the sidewalk and spitting on it, then taking pictures.

  46. 46

    Re: shelbie – I've seen some idiots in my time, but you take the cake. If JB didn't spit on his fans, then what in the blue hell is he pointing and laughing at while snapping pics and spitting? Surely the street below isn't funny. It's like me spitting and laughing at a blank wall if that were the case… but honestly, you need a good, strong prescription drug for down syndrome.

  47. Senfida says – reply to this


    It was all over the local news in Toronto. It happened. I just pity both him and his poor fans at this point… He has a huge fanbase and is a terrible role model.

  48. 4channer says – reply to this


    His fans deserved to get spat on

  49. Susan says – reply to this


    Oh, he will just slowly die out..he will ruin himself the same way all the other young stars do it. Lindsey, Miley, Amanda, Brittany…oh! My bad, those are all females. Ya well, that's how he will end up…shaving his head, balls and anything else that has hair and cracking out at a Jc penny or target. Yup! Just wait….keep up the good work Justin!

  50. 50

    Re: 4channer – No it did not according to actual Fans that were there and it's confirmed by his representative. I would bet be surprised if Biebers' lawyers are not considering a defamation lawsuit.

  51. 51

    ok, but still…spitting off of anything is still wrong. germs dude. i know he didn't go to school or whatever but germs…

  52. thevoiceoftruth says – reply to this


    so basically one of 2 things happened..

    either he's the arrogant brat everyone would have you believe and he really did spit on his fans.

    or he was probably having fun, as kids his age are bound to do.. hocking a gob at a car seeing if they could hit it from the balcony.

    perhaps one of his friends set him up…

    whatever happened..

    certainly seems to have worked because we're all talking about how bieber spits rather than wake up to the fact that there are bigger problems in the world to discuss..

  53. Shelbiefool says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphy – Nah Shelbie, YOU can leave. You have to be as dumb as a brick not to know that Justin is an egotistical little thug as are most of his psycho fans. Sorry but your idol is a moron. It's nobody's fault but his own. Maybe when you grow up a bit you'll understand that. All the public relations in the world cannot hide the fact that Justin has turned into the biggest douche bag in the industry. HE has made himself into a joke and his so called "music" is too manufactured to save him. Everything is now about his thuggery rather than his tweenie bopper performances.

  54. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I think he is just exactly that- A spoiled rich teenager getting away with whatever he wants because he's rich and famous, showing up hours late to concerts and claiming he did not spit on his fans, Do you think he'd admit it if he did??? You all have your judgement so clouded by your OBSESSION that you do not realize that he is indeed very disrespectful to his fans. Just because he tweets "#sexyfans" now and again does NOT excuse his behaviour. That boy needs help and he needs to grow up.

  55. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphy – Oh, and you DO know him? You can't chase people away simply because you disagree with them. People have just as much right to dislike the boy and be upset with his actions as you do to excuse everything he does and pretend he's a godsend. Whether he spits on his fans or not is irrelevant. He's still showing up late to concerts-by hours even. I say that alone if pretty disrespectful to fans- And the fact that he allows and even ENCOURAGES his fans to behave to childishly and violent says it all. He is far from a perfect angel and is just as human as everyone else and you all need to accept that he is a teenage boy and teenage boys are jerks. Especially when they're rich and spoiled and their fans excuse everything they do.

  56. Nothing ever changes.. says – reply to this


    Consider the alledged sources…

    Somebody will always cling to an image to save their own asses of what the truth is…
    Another day, another dollar…

  57. growup says – reply to this


    you people need to get over yourselves.. "if you really knew him, youd understand" shut the fuck up. pay attention to the details, hes not the perfect little angel you claim to know he is.

  58. Wow says – reply to this


    C'mon. He peed in public and was sooo happy about…

  59. Dani says – reply to this


    He's a little sh*t, his ego totally got to his head.
    In Edmonton alberta where he was stayin for one of his concerts he stayed at WEM where my uncle worked. My uncle said the sh*t rode askateboard through the lobby and said " I got money b*tches".

  60. Anonymous says – reply to this


    He really is awful. I know someone who ran into him outside a Taco Bell and he wanted to get an autograph for his daughter, but Bieber shoved and yelled at him.

  61. sarah says – reply to this


    people are so dumb he's a 19 year old he can be a good person at heart and still act like a retard give the kid a break. it's funny that he peed in a bucket and I was like ew what a shithead based on how it's delivered on a site like this and yet if I was out somewhere drunk with my friends and someone did that I'd be all "omg lawl lawl that's so gross hehehe" but the point is it would just be another stupid thing someone did. Just to be clear I'm not a beliber or whatever its called it's just kinda brutal how ruthless people are.

  62. Mike says – reply to this


    From just reading your shit dribble of retarded comments, I can clearly see why you "Beliebers" are portrayed the way you are… You illiterate shits.

    I couldn't give a shit about him or what he did, I'm simply leaving a comment to tell you all how retarded you are. :)

    Also, cardonaivando, what are you? a fucking 6 year old girl from the 80's?

    "Re: brock lesnar – You probably are a big fat bully who would pick a fight with a 4 year old. Grow up!"

    ahahahahah hahah hahahahaha… Damn you really burned him. -_-

    All of you fucking fans go fuck yourselves you little shits.

  63. 63

    As a Canadian, I have a hard time believing he bought his fans hot chocolate in July.
    His rep must believe people still think we live in igloos to fall for that obvious lie.
    Guess after apologizing for Brian Adams we will have to apologize for Justine Bierber as well. Sorry world for this obnoxious performer.

  64. Amber says – reply to this


    Re: maya – 110 million dollars - Justin Beibers net worth. That's a nine digit number. How kind of him to donate 10,000 to a charity so that people will like him. That's not a selfless act that's making a big thing out of tossing a quarter to a homeless guy - I bet he would steal it back after. Dirty scum bag…

  65. nade says – reply to this


    Was there a CCTV around?

  66. laura says – reply to this


    Oh because you know him right? Lol youre fucking stupid.

  67. Justin Bieber says – reply to this


    Yeah i fucking spat on my fans, who cares. They are all trash anyway.

  68. Julie says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber clearly let his ego get in the way of everything else. He shows up late to his concerts, spits on fans, what's next? This kid should not be famous and other kids should not be worshiping him when he shows up 3 HOURS late to a concert. That's just ridiculous.

  69. Al says – reply to this


    This is disgusting - 100% thriving of his celebrity status by treating his fans like crap and getting away with it. Shame on him and all his brainless, degrading worshippers.

  70. Crime says – reply to this


    What about the fact that spitting on people is a crime?

  71. dust says – reply to this


    another one bites dust

  72. SW says – reply to this


    Hard to say what's happening but why does it look like him and his friends are kids up to no good, his friend looks like he's laughing at something.. Where'd the spit go? Fact of the matter is this kid is a douchebag already ..

  73. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphyRe: maya – Okay, here's a couple of things. One, yes 6 years is considered short term. Many good bands have been listened to for upwards of twenty years. Two, really? $10,000? That's it? Out of the millions he makes, he only donates $10.000? He didn't save ANYONE'S life, and depending on the size of the establishment his donation might have barely made a difference. It costs around 4,000 to raise a child for a year, and there are 500 children who are under the establishment (average for grade schools in the US). That's ten dollars per student. Really life changing, huh?

  74. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphy – He takes EVERYTHING for granted. He was a middle class white boy with some singing ability, so an agency snatched him up and made him a star before he was even an adult. He thinks the world is his for the taking, and tries to take it, literally throwing temper tantrums when he is denied. You think this is far-fetched? More far-fetched than when his bodyguards had to pull him outside while he was screaming, calling the employees of a movie theater 'monkeys' because they refused to let him bring his sandwich into the theater (as per the rules)? You 'Beliebers' are literally in an abusive relationship with this man. He could do anything to you, and as long as he occasionally bought some fans a pizza, shook their hands, or tweeted that he loves you all, you will run back for more.

  75. billy joe bob says – reply to this


    He did it… if you think just because his reps say he didnt that he didnt than you are crazy. They also denied him smoking pot meanwhile what was the truth? Oh right that he id do it and the only reason he admitted to t was because there as no way to deny it. Now they got smarter and the pic is a hoax. Bullshit. He did a stupid childish thing because he is a CHILD

  76. Zozo says – reply to this


    Ok guys so woo hoo he gave away 10,000 dollars Coldplay has given so much more money and they don't sit and expect fans to worship them for it same goes for several other bands and singers like bono of U2 and U2 itself ok so don't Fool yourselves that he's a saint for giving away money people should be judged on how much good they put into the world but also how much bad. He never spoke a word about the cut for bieber thing even though several people may now have a life altering addiction maybe not all of those who took part but just think of the people who will go back to the blade and yet he sits and does absolutely nothing. He's done countless other things he's on his way down and honestly at this rate it won't take much time now for his lowest point. I do believe he spit on his fans though because entitlement leads to this type behavior. I am no one to judge society will judge him and in the end he will be just another star engulfed by his fame.

  77. rockmaiden says – reply to this


    To clarify for all: He DID spit on his fans. My best friend lives near Toronto & took her daughter to see him. They were there & saw him do it. She sent me a text & told me right after it happened. FACT. Like it or not. I could care less.

  78. paula says – reply to this


    He loves his fans so much I don't get y he would do that..
    .but I do know that he is probably really pressured because he has no privacy and he never got to live a normal life never got to live in the really world he has not experienced anything and he just is probably confused and who cares we just need to stop judging him he is who he is and how would u feel no one constantly judge u all the time and hasent even spend one second with u so everyone needs to calm down with hatting on Justin and worry about them self

  79. Hamish says – reply to this


    Is it too late for his mother to have an abortion? What a disgusting act from a disgusting mongrel.

  80. xhide21 says – reply to this


    Well even if he did, he spat…. in Singapore he be fined…. And that's seriously disgusting…. Thanks America… for the new weird Idols u create lately…

  81. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Bobby

    I was there too. No he didnt.

    See how easy it is to say whatever you want on the internet?

    Dozens of fans with cellphones outside his hotel and not ine caught this on video?

  82. 82

    I think that some Beliebers need to be taught something about self-respect. Justin is being a jerk to them and doesn't care about anyone but himself right now. These girls are acting like cult members.

  83. Mary says – reply to this


    Shelbie sweetie you're what 12? Your little imaginary boyfriend is an immature twat. He's an egotistical spoiled brat who will likely be the next out of control Lindsey Lohan. YOU do not personally know him. You know his media persona.

  84. Mary J. says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – But how many of you would post it on the internet, brainwashed as you all are?

  85. Truth says – reply to this


    Bieber is the Jesus of the modern age, yet he does not teach us anything. He is followed by a mass following with a misconstrued idea of life. Even if Christianity is a lie, at least it creates nice people. #bieberpleaseod

  86. Hater says – reply to this


    I wouldn't get sick of bricking him in the face. #scum

  87. Haha says – reply to this


    Lies i have the video bitches!

  88. Teish says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphy
    You don't know him either. He may be a nice guy or an ass looking for attention. You never actually get to see him behind all of the fame. No one truly knows the real Justin other than his family and his friends from before all of the fame.

  89. Idiot says – reply to this


    Re: xhide21 – Canada gets the blame this time, not America.

  90. Zander says – reply to this


    I would spit on his fans too. Because theyre so stupid to think he isnt lying xD. He did spit weather he hit them or not. But his fans would love it anyways and swallow it. So why are people conplaining his fans are the hornist little school girls ever! Amd justin is a douche

  91. Hhhhh says – reply to this


    His music sucked! And his a dick, niw his fans are all idiots
    They deserve all the shit this prick has been doing to them
    because they are extrmely stupid. Yes match made in hell may they
    All die and burn and rid this world of an asshole and
    Millions of idiots

  92. lindtchilli says – reply to this


    Whether there were fans below or not, he was clearly spitting over a balcony and finding it hilarious. Nice.

    Stay classy, Bieber…

  93. wot? says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie murphy
    Ahh.. and you really know him? XvD

  94. Cheryl says – reply to this


    um he pissed in a mop bucket shelbie.

  95. Dana says – reply to this


    Spitting is never okay… Unless you have cat hair on your tounge.

  96. B* says – reply to this


    [re=6487468]Re: sofia[/re pretty sure perez is the shit n has many more than u so go belieb the hype some more!dont b rude on his own shit

  97. Mickey says – reply to this


    Re: maya – Biebs is just young. He will grow up soon enough and get it together. I think he is good to his fans and just as loyal to them as they are to him. I do see him buying pizza and hot chocolate for his fans.

  98. oh my says – reply to this


    What else was he supposed to do with a mouth full of baby gravy?ladies don't swallow duh

  99. kyzi10 says – reply to this


    Re: shelbie – r u 10 years old by any chance?

  100. DB says – reply to this


    Re: really?? – "Douchebaggery" … I love it.

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