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Katy Perry Opens Up About John Mayer Breakup: 'I Realized I Could Lose The Person I Loved'

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She has nothing to hide!

Katy Perry and John Mayer are definitely back on. And while things seem to be going really well for the two lovebirds, the bubbly singer was ready to talk about what went wrong between them the first time around.

In a new interview with Elle UK magazine, Katy revealed that she was in need of a wake up call:

"[John] pulled away. That was a big hello for me."

She explained:

"I realized I could lose the person I loved and I had to deal with some things, issues I think a lot of women have… You can be strong in one aspect of your life but submissive in another. In relationships, it was hard for me to speak up and set boundaries. I think a lot of that was to do with the fear of loss."

Given her Russell Brand divorce, we don’t blame her, but it’s amazing that she’s overcoming these challenges — it’s even better than John’s there to help!

Katy also added:

"The men I have gone for are challenging, yes, but they're also wildly intelligent and poetic. I’m not interested in taming anyone–I'm pretty wild myself."


You can do no wrong in our eyes, gurrl!

P.S. Katy also opened up about her Robert Pattinson relationship rumors. Read what she had to say about it HERE!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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19 comments to “Katy Perry Opens Up About John Mayer Breakup: 'I Realized I Could Lose The Person I Loved'”

  1. pail says – reply to this


    2 idiots

  2. jay says – reply to this


    This slut and her manwhore are the perfect couple

  3. Maria says – reply to this


    Douche and Douchette.

  4. Summer says – reply to this


    This broad katy perry is an illuminati biatche broad.

  5. sara says – reply to this


    Not that I care but I do believe this ho tried to get something going with Pattinson. She is just scare of the Twilight fans and hiding behind this douche.

  6. Lol says – reply to this


    What's she going to do when he dump her dumbbass then hold a press conference on the streets in front of paps. Katy don't have room to talk about any body else because she has a bucket of shit.

  7. Telly says – reply to this


    This slut should shut up.

  8. 8

    She is dumb as a rock, and on top of that she has some serious issues. She is making a fool out of herself for the whole world to see, and for what? An ugly, greasy, STD-covered egomaniac who looks like a hobo with acne and has his head up his own ass.

  9. 9

    Sounds like there are a bunch of jealous "mean girls" making comments on this post. Katy is very talented and hot. Face it. Guys want to be with her and women fantasize about being her and living her lifestyle, etc. John Mayer should be lucky that a girl like Katy is giving him the time of day, much less sleeping with him, etc.

  10. DJ says – reply to this


    I'm just really surprised these two got back together, especially considering that People magazine cover story(I think it was called 'Her Bad Romance)after their last breakup where John basically got the blame for the breakup. I think People is one of the publications that tries to be as accurate as possible and would check with celebrities and publicists before they run with a story, so I can't help but think in the very least she was made aware of that story before it came out. Of course, it was Us Magazine(I think) that mentioned the breakup was caused by her partying and John being condescending. Don't know how accurate that is, though.

  11. Sad says – reply to this


    Mayer condescending? A put-down artist?

  12. 12

    He is a horrible person. She should run as fast as she can from him. What is wrong with her??? Why can't she see this?

  13. star says – reply to this


    She is so cool. What other massive star would be so real and admit such vulnerability. I love her inside and outside. She is gorgeous and awesome.

  14. 14

    love her to death and that's why i'm sad that she's so stupid. He's an ass and an ass can't change it's spots. Find a man worthy of your love, lady.

  15. wrong poo says – reply to this


    Re: herpina – . Nah.. his head is not up his ass…it seems to be up katy's right now…. if it was up his own he would b trying to find joy… she is the one that claims to have proof of a soulmate

  16. bluez cruz says – reply to this


    Re: Summer – . That's what I heard also.. she is puppet strings and john has played well into some bad hands..

  17. Ass Hat says – reply to this


    Re: wrong poo – You mean head up her ass as in wearing her "ass for a hat"? Perhaps JM has found his Joshua Tree.

  18. Lotus says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621
    Hey, 'some guy' since when do dudes use the phrase mean girls? That's a good one! I know a lot of gay guys that love KP! Maybe that's what you mean? I'm pretty certain that most Grammy winning guys like JM have a plethora of hot women who love them ;) wait for it….lightbulb moment! There are also plenty of women who are prettier, wealthier, smarter, and whom live better lifestyles! Like no Paparazzi, old money, royalties from inventions, etc etc.Gee golly, theres a lot fish in the sea, captain! peace bro'

  19. flowerpetal says – reply to this


    Re: Summer – Just curious…what does the term you're using mean?