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Katy Perry Texted Kristen Stewart About Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors! Tells Her They're Just Friends!

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She wasn’t about to burst this Teenage Dream.

Following Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s breakup, we’re sure you’ll recall the rumors that arose — the ones claiming that Katy Perry was betraying her vampire friend and getting hot ‘n’ heavy with R-Patz.

But it seems Katy was far from ok with letting these rumors fizzle out on their own. In a recent interview for ELLE UK's September issue, the Smurfs 2 star admitted that she reached out to KStew shortly after word broke of her “relationship” with Rob, informing Kristen that there were in fact no Fireworks between the two:

“I sent her a text message saying: ‘I know you’ve seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you. I’m not that person’… I’m just trying to be a friend to him but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of t*ts.’”

That said, an insider revealed:

“Rob and Katy have always been better friends and [Kristen] doesn’t think there is any type of romance going on between them.”

Regardless, you make us proud, Katy!

Way to honor the girl code!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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17 comments to “Katy Perry Texted Kristen Stewart About Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors! Tells Her They're Just Friends!”

  1. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    Ketty perry is trash in book she broke rob and kristen up she used rob and far as rob how does it feel your friend betrayed thata what y get I feel bad for kristen rob you should be ashame of yourselfe

  2. December says – reply to this


    How is she "not that person"… Isn't that exactly what she did to Taylor Swift….

  3. Playa says – reply to this


    Katy is one mean playa. She had a hand in breaking them up and then is seen all dolled up with RPattz at the Bjork concert. She was using him to make John Mayer jealous. Don't forget this loser pitched Nikki Reed for KStew so it only stands to reason he thought he would be "moving on up" the fame chain. Guess he got a little karmic smack down. Kristen won't have anything to do with Miss "It's regrettable I have tits." Way to make a classy apology. I guess her ex husband taught her a thing or two about using text to take the lying cowardly way out But I'm glad RPattz got burned. DB Sweeney was right. This guy's a douche and in no way do I believe he was faithful to KStew. He took her back for the Twi-shit movies and that alone.

  4. Liza says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is a trash talking slut. She's fake and her music down right sucks. Her crying in that stupid documentary she made is all fake, awwwww Russell wanted a divorce from you and nothing to do with you, well why would he b/c you Katy Perry are nothing but garbage, case in point, look who you are supposedly dating now JM. Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if Katy Perry is in one of those stupid cults famous people get into. Hope ya tetas shrivel up bimbo LMFAO.

  5. blah says – reply to this


    not that kind of person?? yeaaa right, shes dating john mayer whom i recall dated taylor swift&hurt taylor. she was really good friends with her&now shes with john mayer. i dont see the appeal that all these women see in him

  6. Fake!! says – reply to this


    Hummm.. If it didnt happen why is Katy commenting on it?? Possibly due to the fact that she got alot of negative press about the whole thing.. She's fake!! Kristen is better off without either of them.. I love the fact that Kristen has said nothing about any of this at all. You don't need this trash in your life!!

  7. MJ says – reply to this


    Bet she did sleep with Pattinson. A two bit ho and John the lowlife DB. He is trying to peddle a album and a tour. She is trying to sell a movie that will bomb. Just love the way these two think they can out smart every one. No sale here keep your shitty movie and shitty music.

  8. Heidi says – reply to this


    Give her a break. Rob is friend with several women, doesn't mean he's boinking them all. He's a great guy and is still loved by all his fans. Make yourself happy Rob, we love you!

  9. deb says – reply to this


    She had to say something about rob, cause i'm guessing she got a lot of her fan upset with the rumors about her and rob. And not for one second do I believe that she did not sleep wait roll around in bed with rob she was in N Y with him for a week before Kstew got there getting drunk with him most of the people I know get HORNY when they get drunk just putting it out there. So im thinking this is just her way of trying to get some of her fans back. She suck and I bet she does. JUST SAYING

  10. sheila says – reply to this


    I haven't read the interview yet only discussions about it. My thought is that Katy didn't have to sleep with Rob to cause problems between Rob and Kristen. Anyone with interfering inlaws knows what that's like. I'm not saying Katy did that I'm just pointing out the possibility. Perez makes it sound like Katy was respectful of Kristen. I didn't get thatthat impression from the UK site, Daily Mail. It sounded there like Katy was defending herself against Kristen which is strange cause Kristen said nothing aboutKaty. I don't think Katy helps herself by dragging Kristen into this. Kristen did lose Rob so she deserved respect from her friend, Katy, just like Rob got.

  11. sheila says – reply to this


    Katy didn't have to sleep with Rob to cause problems between Kristen and Rob. Anyone with interfering inlaws should understand how a third party can wreck a relationship. Not saying Katy did that but saying she didn't sleep with him doesn't cover everything. I liked Katy until I read how she felt the need to explain herself to Kristen. If Kristen was her friend she should have shown a little compassion toward her too and not just comforted Rob.

  12. show ya right! says – reply to this


    @playa — I agree with you 100%. He played Kristen and slept with anyone that would let him. Don't worry Karma will bite him in the butt!

  13. Guest says – reply to this


    WHY does Rob keep running to the women? Is he looking for sympathy sex? He's a loser and Katys a famewhore. There were too many women in Rob & Kris relationship. Problem was Rob invited them in! I hope Karma bites him and Katy in the butt!

  14. Bimbs says – reply to this


    Lots of websites led off their coverage of Katy’s interview by saying how Katy sent a text to Kristen. Big deal she comforted Rob for days after the breakup and sent Kristen a text. I don’t see how knowing some big boobed woman who spent lots of time with your boyfriend before the split and is comforting after is much of a comfort to Kristen. I hope Kristen smiles and pretends to be friendly whenever she is forced to meet up with Katy so the media doesn’t attack Kristen. Katy got her just desserts for her interference. She ended back with John Mayer.

  15. Patricia says – reply to this


    Perez' your so funny. ROB and KATTY BIG liars!!!!!!

  16. badgirl says – reply to this


    hahahahahahahahah good one girl! im on ur side!

  17. badgirl says – reply to this


    why is it that everytime katy starts comforting someones boyfriend the girlfriend becomes single i mena shes saying that she didnt break girl code whan she did with taylor swift! shes some slut that thinks that shes the boss and shes a player she will suck life out him and her like she did with the rest of her boyfriends!