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Perhaps someone is a leeettle grumpy after seeing Robert Pattinson plant his lips on another lady? That has to be the reason Kristen Stewart's temper hea… Read more…

36 comments to “Kristen Stewart Slings Vulgar Disses At Paparazzo! Watch Her Potty Mouth Flood Over HERE!”

  1. Rachel Lnagtree says – reply to this


    Perez I am a fan of yours. I read it hours per day just because you are fairly accurate. I am begging you right now - keep you promise to Ellen.

    Keep being nice. Some people don't like it. Some people don't care. Some people tune in for the positivity. If they aren't tuning in for the positivity then they are a part of your old life and your old life is not worth it. You have a son, fantastic friends and a great website. Just be a good person. I will even write it for you if you don't have the time, but please don't regress into what you were. KIrsten is upset and angry at press and the fact she has lost her SO. Please just understand even if it's nothing you would ever do.

  2. madmike says – reply to this


    She REALLY went out in public looking like THAT????? BWAHAHAHHAHA
    Girl needs to take some time off.

  3. auj says – reply to this


    There are lots and lots of places to live where there are no paps.

  4. El says – reply to this


    Of course what we don't see is what they say to her to provoke this. You think she wants to be hiding behind a dumpster? Leave her alone, you're disgusting Perez, and so are these sleazy paps.

  5. Missy says – reply to this


    I guess not everybody has the patience to put up with all those loads of paparazzi crap

  6. bee says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart is cool chick. She's just upset that the paparazzi harass her. More than they harass anybody else; at least so far. Please find someone who can pronounce the name correctly; when asking questions. It's Pattinson not Paterson.

  7. Sarah says – reply to this


    lol you tell em Kristen ! ;)

  8. michelle says – reply to this


    I can see she's keeping it classy.

  9. 9

    Re: auj – How about making paps illegal ? The girls is followed aroung 24/7. You mean to say she's the one that should hide? She's the victim, the paps are the stalkers.

  10. 10

    Can't blame her.

  11. 11

    And Perez, does that mean that only men can use swear words ? Sexist much ?

  12. Jessie says – reply to this


    She's way more controlled than I would have been. First off I would have a Rottweiler and accidentally dropped the leash, just to see how fast that piece of crap could run.

  13. yani marie says – reply to this


    I love her. That's my baby <3

  14. 14

    Funny perez, you use these words and worse in you little video blogs or whatever you call them. You should have a warning before them that the f^%K, s#@t and other words will be use by you, quit judging her already.

  15. braziliangirl says – reply to this


    Paps suck. Leave her ALONE, you plain-nothings!. Oh, and women can curse too. In fact, I think we should curse WAAAY more.

  16. 16

    Papz come with the territory, if she doesnt like the lime light, get out of the acting business, go to ethiopia, Amazon or somewhere in the world where people dont know who the hell she is and actually do something positive in this world. I think she is trash, whats cool about some sewer mouthed pumped up little madam who thinks she's so tough that she can take on anyone, what a joke!! Where I come from kids hunt boar, deer, spend hours fishing, working on farms, cleaning living it rough and come out educated on how to live off the land to survive! this is tough not someone like her that all you simpleminded people seem to worship its unhealthy! I for one will not be spending one more cent on this spoilt bad mannered little tart. The sooner she disappears from our screens the better.

  17. Mimics says – reply to this


    It's time for intervention. This girl is getting nuts. And her fans still believe in her. Stewart, you chase fame. Be adult and stop childishly.

  18. Mandy says – reply to this


    You know… I can understand her. When people are all over you 24/7 I would get pissed off too. And I'm not easy to piss off.

  19. anonymous says – reply to this


    Those paps could make anyone go nuts. They are so incredibly rude. I don't know how these celebs can manage to keep their cool around these idiots. I'd get an ipod or MP3 player and listen to music or audiobooks to drown these bottom feeders out.

  20. 20

    KS is trailer park trash raised by wolves with a low IQ and no innate social skills!

  21. rawk says – reply to this


    ust remember to Diana!
    papzz cockroaches are ugly and are on them 24 / 7th She's a young girl, I would forbid such attacks aggression he goes through Stewart.

  22. 22

    There is such a simple way of dealing with paparazzi that it's quite distressing seeing seemingly intelligent people going on like yobbos every time they are confronted. Makes me wonder if the word "intelligent" is what could describe this actress… Unless there is a reason for this "madness", and we all know what it is - publicity? :D - and we also know that actors need it to "stay in the picture" so to speak.
    Anyway, the solution to discourage pestering paparazzi is: SAY NOTHING. Go about your business as though they were not even there. ALWAYS. And NEVER change this attitude.

  23. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Paz are such disgusting crust found at the bottom of an outhouse. I really feel sorry for Kristen she sound lik a trapped little girl screaming from behind a fence .
    Kristen should have dumped those drinks on his ass.

  24. Ana says – reply to this


    The paparazzi said something rude to provoke that response from her, come on, she's followed 24/7, it's really annoying. She deserves respect, she's just defending herself. Leave her alone.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    He does deserve to breathe the same air as believe your own press Stewart does.

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Learn how to handle the press. The art of banter is an actual skill. No need ever to do anything but sparkle.

  27. Jean Baker says – reply to this


    Hey americans, what do you want? Do you want her to wear a burka? I'm sure if you had a stone you would throw it at her… I am distgusted by your hate and negativeness. I hope Kristen Stewart stays strong. We love you Kristen!!! Keep it up!!!

  28. alexis says – reply to this


    Re: Jean Baker – you know bitch, we're living in a new world people are different they say what they want to say specially when they get mad , so stop ranting at kristen like your a saint , i'd probably do the same thing when i get pissed off!! and stop calling her brat she wasn't born to please you!! and FYI!!! she never wish to be famous, it just so happen that twilight made her famous, she loves making movies and making fame ….

  29. Danielle says – reply to this


    You aren't a disgusting fat bully anymore… Now just a disgusting bully…

  30. glo says – reply to this


    How about she was leaving work? Where the hell was the body guard? At least her movies make money.

  31. hawk says – reply to this


    Ask Prince Harry, what do you think about papzz. Kristen is still a princess and her vocabulary. I would not hold fists about!!

  32. faithful says – reply to this


    re:alexis - You Know what BITCH, Kristen can say what ever she wants to the paps. You're just a fucking hater anyway, go away!

  33. Anna says – reply to this


    Great Kristen! Great! Paparazzi are worst than hyenas.

  34. Patricia says – reply to this


    Remember the Diana, Princess of Wales was killed because of the paparazzi following the car. And now the paparazzi following 24/7:0 kristen and bieber. I understand they two they want a bit of privacy. They are also people equal to us. Paparazzi always looking for something to defame kristen and Bieber. Bieber was in justice, but who won was the paparazzi. My God until I if it were not wanted a celebrity paparazzi following me 24/7:0. Cheers for kristen and Bieber.

  35. Leah says – reply to this


    I used to hate her because Twilight is such a horrible franchise and then that whole cheating scandal because I had just had something similar happen to me.

    HOWEVER, learning that she didn't really care for Twilight and that she drives a ghetto-fab car has helped me to like her more. After this stunt, I think she's fucking awesome.

  36. misti says – reply to this


    This crap comes with the job-sorry. Her mother stated that she raised her kids to be adults, really? I really think if she were raised in a better home she could deal with this better like many of the celebs do. Her bad attitude and potty mouth only add fuel to the paps fire.