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E.R.'s Parminder Nagra Gets To Keep Almost E.R.rything In Divorce Settlement!

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parminder nagra nikki nelson

Former star of E.R., Parminder Nagra has won big against her ex-husband Young Louis CK James Stenson, and won't have to lose any of her earnings she made on E.R.!

James sued her last year, claiming that she was withholding hidden acting money from appearances on shows like E.R., Alcatraz, and Psych, in order to psych him out of money that he felt overly extremely entitled to.

The two have finally reached a settlement, and Parminder won an overwhelming victory. Not only does Parminder get to keep all the income, residuals, and royalties from all her roles, she also gets their California home, their home in the United Kingdom, profits from the sale of a rental property, and 3 out of the 4 of their cars.

A house in California and the UK? That's the perfect way to glimpse babies North West (eventually) and Prince George! That's hella jolly good!

So what does James receive? $450 thousand from their rental property sale, child support, his photography business, and a Mazda.

Someone call the actual E.R., because we wouldn't be surprised if he was flatlining right now!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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12 comments to “E.R.'s Parminder Nagra Gets To Keep Almost E.R.rything In Divorce Settlement!”

  1. nicky1985 says – reply to this


    Well, either I have problems with my sight or you are too lazy to do your homework properly. The man in this picture is not Parminder's husband but her ER co-star Scott Grimes.

  2. Dave says – reply to this


    That's not her husband. That's actor Scott Grimes, her ER co-star.

  3. Kp says – reply to this


    Another lazy report. Spend more time on research, less on self-indulgent videos.

  4. Skippyto says – reply to this


    That's not her ex husband in the pic

  5. Disgusting says – reply to this



  6. NikLuvsGreenDay says – reply to this


    That is not her husband…….sloppy reporting!

  7. Laura says – reply to this


    Nice Try…Wrong person!

  8. litlbluefrog says – reply to this


    That's Scott Grimes, not her husband. Jeez..

  9. Meghan says – reply to this


    I thought I was just going crazy or maybe wrong…but I see I'm not the only one who realized that the guy in the picture is Scott Grimes not her ex-husband.

  10. 10

    That's Scott Grimes you IDIOT!!

  11. fid says – reply to this


    Obviously Perez just copies and pastes and does very little work for his website. He can't even quickly Google the persons name before making posts. We'll see if someone sues him one day for his sloppy "work"

  12. Lameo says – reply to this


    I would agree that the man standing next to Parminder Nagra shares a resemblance with Louis C.K. Unfortunately this individual is Scott Grimes, former co-star of E.R., not James Stenson, Nagra's husband. Perhaps you were arguing with a colleague about the virtues of seeking truth, or maybe even contemplating your own existence. Or maybe you were singing your child to sleep…No, on second thought your child was probably with a nanny while you attend your latest Hollywood shin-dig with the most recent pictures of your young child so to be sure to have your "in" when speaking to recent hollywood mothers.