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Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Hints That The RHONJ Star & Joe Giudice Are Heading In "Different Directions"!

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teresa giudice joe divorce after legal struggles fraud

Is this the PR friendly way to say divorce??

We're not exactly sure what Teresa Giudice's lawyer is trying to say, but what Henry Klingman said after her court hearing today doesn't make things sound too promising for the sometimes fiery and always juicy Real Housewives of New Jersey couple.

After representing only Teresa during her hearing, Henry tried to explain why Joe Giudice has a separate lawyer. And while we get that part of it is strictly legal, it sure sounds like part of the reason might be to avoid any problems in the future if they aren't in the same place, so the say.

Henry explained:

"It's almost invariably true that in federal criminal cases such as this one, the judge requires each defendant to have their own attorney. It reflects the ethical rules so the lawyers avoid conflicts of interest. Even if people are on the same page like a husband and wife, they could theoretically go in different directions at some point in the future."

What directions could he possibly mean?

Divorce? One goes to jail and the other doesn't? One ends up deported to Italy and the other stays in New Jersey?

And here we always thought that the couple that defrauds together, stays together! We kid, we kid!

Do U think their marriage will survive this battle??

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN.]

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42 comments to “Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Hints That The RHONJ Star & Joe Giudice Are Heading In "Different Directions"!”

  1. 1

    If the charges are true, THEY DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL ASAP. I pay my taxes, I dont steal, I dont cheat the numbers, so why they? GO TO HElL…no JAIL!

  2. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    What this means? Theresa will be turning states evidence to shave some time off her own conviction.

  3. 3

    LOL Liquid Kitty, Tre's not smart enough to go state's evidence! What will happen here is Joe will get convicted and deported and Tre will be convicted but allowed house arrest because they have four children that need somebody to watch them. Is that what she deserves? Hell no…they're both dishonest to a fault.

  4. cathi says – reply to this


    Re: rtrchick1214 – that's right about Teresa. I don't know that Joe will be deported or not but he will go to jail.

  5. 5

    Hobbits wear pick?

  6. 6

    Hobbits wear pink?

  7. 7

    It means that should one of the decide to take a plea bargain or something different from the current status, the lawyer wouldnt be able to defend both.

  8. voiceofreason says – reply to this


    Go in separate directions means that Teresa will be blaming Joe for everything, claiming innocent spouse. A lawyer cannot represent both parties when this type of strategy is used…doesn't necessarily mean divorce.

  9. Eddie Talbot says – reply to this



    You are screwing with a family's life. Stop being an irresponsible reporter. They could lose their children DO YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR CHILD??? Back off bro!

    I thought you were going to start being nice. I guess when you have a child to raise you lose your morale standards. SAD!!!

  10. 10

    Re: Eddie Talbot

    His child is retarded, it looks like tatoo from fantasy island with crossed eyes. It holds its head to the side like toxic Avenger. He carries the mongoloid in the the wrong carrier to fuck it up even more.Of course Perez, wants the child taken way

  11. mizzb says – reply to this


    MVPnis: How could you be so disgustingly cruel about a child? Every child is a blessing and you're a pig for your post. For shame.

  12. laura says – reply to this


    He's going to take the major fall for her, that's for sure. There's no way he'll let her go to jail too. He knows she needs to be there to take care of the kids. Honestly, I don't think she had any idea what he was up to with their finances. I just don't think she's smart enough to figure it out and she also believes all of his lies in regards to his cheating so I really think this is mostly on him.

  13. flea says – reply to this


    My thoughts about the children are, if the parents really were good parents they never would have risked defrauding the government in the first place. If the charges prove to be true and they are proven guilty, they need to do the time for the crime.
    Melisa and Joe would be better parents to these children than their own. I would hope Bravo would either cancel the show or take both families off it. Exploiting the children any further would be criminal.

  14. bill olson says – reply to this


    how did Joe G get a passport and not be a citizen? n I know they all went to Italy
    a few years ago
    Please answer


  15. Casey says – reply to this


    We know Teresa's going to be like "I wasn't aware" "not that I'm aware..etc. haha…I can't look away.

  16. buzmeg says – reply to this


    Re: bill olson – He may have a passport issued by the Italian government.

  17. Bunny says – reply to this


    Nothing will happen to them. They will both get off and Bravo can give them their own show.

  18. NettiSpaghetti says – reply to this


    Yes it is unfortunately that there are four young children to be looked after but that was Tre's and Joe's responsibility to worry about that not everyone elses. You can't let someone away with fraud just because they have kids. Tre enjoyed the lifestyle their fraud allowed them and I don't think she should be allowed claim that she wasn't aware of where the money was coming from - I'm sure most of you out there know where your partner gets their money! Just because you are dumb does not mean you are innocent. Seems like she is already laying the foundation for blaming Joe though by saying that "…I know he wants the best for our daughters and me". In other words "it was him but he did it for his children".

  19. 19

    Yeah when you really care about your kids you don't put yourself in a situation where you can be separated from them. They filed BK, did not file returns, etc… Meanwhile how many people do you know file for BK and still live in a mansion and drive really nice cars and wear expensive clothes. They are throwing this stuff right in the Feds faces. It's disrespectful. I don't think Teresa knows much. She's a few sandwiches short of a picnic. This is all Joe. He screwed his old partner by signing his name to loan docs etc… It's a shame cause the kids will suffer. They are already man made brats to begin with. Away to advanced in adult talk for their age. All these people care about is material things. Why anyone would buy 1 of her books, or hair care line, or Fabalini stuff is beyond me. She's a trouble maker, ignorant, and ruthless. How she has "fans" blows my mind. She is an idiot housewife that knows nothin about nothin but some how she is doing well. ONLy in America!!,

  20. fan says – reply to this


    Re: bill olson – He has a passport from Italy.

  21. Sexymama1 says – reply to this


    Re: fan – I totally agree that Theresa is an idiot,but she knew damn well where the money was coming from!!!Shes a piece of trash that thinks her shit doesnt stink,so she and her criminal husband should be thrown in jail and serve time!!!!

  22. Morgan says – reply to this


    Re: bill olson – if you do the crime you most do the time. I don't see Theresa going to Jail because of the kids. However she has to give up her house and her lifestyle and pay back what she owes. Just hope that she learned a lesson that material
    things cannot bring you happiness. She is out of control and so are her spoiled girls. They are not being raised with values, get off the housewives and live a normal life.

  23. stacie says – reply to this


    He won't be deported ’till After he Serves his Time behind Bars you ding-a-lings…..

    and Teresa always be the instigator and starting trouble, when all the time she should have been minding her own P's & Q's…. Bet she feels like an idiot now!

  24. stacie says – reply to this


    Re: Eddie Talbot – In that case she should not have applied and signed any of the paper work that got them in trouble in the first place… so, good luck on that one Tre…

  25. stacie says – reply to this


    Re: cathi – What will happen: well, Joe will be deported After he serves his time and Melissa will end up w/ Tre's 4 bratty girls ’cause Teresa will be in prison for at least 10 out of the 50 yrs they could give her…..

  26. All. says – reply to this


    How dare people besmerch Tre & Joe, they are innocent of everything. The Fed attorney is jelious of their fame and is conducting a witch hunt. Even if they did make a few mistakes they should be given a pass because I'm sure it was unintentional. Joe is a good husband and great father. Joe also builds the best houses in Jersey and makes the best wine. He is alway there for his friends and always available. They open their lives for you and me, we watch and enjoy them, T is like the new Lucy, you got to luv her. Pray for them and write your public officials demanding that the charges be dropped, plus a public apology.

  27. All says – reply to this


    Re: fan – I couldn't have said it any better. It's going to be interesting seeing how Bravo distance it's self from her and how far.

  28. stacie says – reply to this


    Re: fleaRe: stacie – Plenty of people with kids go to jail…Teresa Giudice should be one of them…

  29. HoneyBunny says – reply to this


    Of course they are headed in different directions. He's headed (perhaps) for Terminal Island in California and she for a female Club Fed environment.

  30. 30

    Hey Perez! Always good to see your face. I don't feel bad for those two thugs at all.. they're awful Look at the horrible example they've been as parents in front of their kids since day one.Audriana is the only one who seems to be sweet and have manner.. Milania is or was a brat last season.but this issue isn' t their fault.They're disgusting people and I see jail for them.What good would two known criminals who seemingly screw over all their friends like crazy be doing on any show..They've pissed off everyone.. I don't see them going anywhere but prison fast.. Teresa looks like she gained about 15 lbs in this photo. I noticed this season she looked like she put on weight and even got a larger boob job.That doesn't look like the same person from last season..She needs to cut back on the spaghetti.. Skinny Italian? REALLY??? no!!!

  31. 31


  32. Bina says – reply to this


    Re: bill olson – The US issues a "travel document" for legal aliens. Looks similar to a passport, but does not say "passport".

  33. rita says – reply to this


    Joe has another trial coming up in October maybe the lawyer feels he is going away for this separate case. What a mess for the little girls to deal with other children at school. WHAT TANGLED WEBS WE WEAVE WHEN PRACTICING TO DECEIVE!!

  34. nanjes says – reply to this


    Re: Sexymama1 – you're right I hope that she rots in hell. Karma is a bitch

  35. 35

    Re: laura
    Theresa is dumb like a fox

  36. Vanda says – reply to this


    I actually don't mind Teresa. She's just a gullible person who sometimes doesn't think about the words that'll come out of her mouth…at least she's not fake!!! And she's entertaining.

  37. All says – reply to this


    Re: fan – I agree that she should have thought more about the impact all this would have on the kids. Who knows maybe she did and thought it was worth a chance. Those 39 counts are only the beginning, I'll bet if they looked into Joe and his numerous businesses they could find more. After the criminal trial it's going to be interesting to see if anyone goes after them in a civil trial..

  38. All says – reply to this


    Re: LizaGG – Well, maybe your right…

  39. Laurie says – reply to this


    Re: bill olson – Since he's marry to an american citizen he has to be a permanent resident which means he has a permanent resident green card and he can go out of the country but not longer than 6 months or he will lose his legal permanent resident status and his passport is issued by Italian government. A Legal Permanent Resident must wait 5 years after he/she gets the green card to apply for citizenship and it usually takes about a year to get the appt for the citizenship ceremony and that day he/she has to surrender his/her green card to the Immigration officers. I know this because I used to work for an immigration lawyer.

  40. 40

    Re: bill olson – I used to work for an immigration lawyer so I know that a person who is married to an american citizen becomes a permanent legal resident which means that person gets a green card and can go out and stay out of the country but no longer than 6 months or loses the green card. If this person wants to become an american citizen has to wait 5 years after getting the green card and usually within a year is called for the citizenship ceremony and at that moment has to surrender the green card and gets a citizenship certificate which can use to get an american passport. But when the person is only permant legal resident the passport this person uses to travel is the one issued from his/her native country thru one of their embassys or consulates.

  41. Michelle says – reply to this


    Could it be possible that they are going to fake a divorce in order for Teresa to take care of the kids and risk being sent to jail? Hmmm….

  42. Michelle says – reply to this


    Plus I swear sweet little Milania has ADHD. That kid is absolutely adorable. But I do think she has this medical problem.