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As one half of the year's sexiest couple, Amber Heard is feelin' the media's heat when it comes to the deets of her relationship with the desirable and impe… Read more…

132 comments to “Amber Heard Addresses Privacy Issues With Johnny Depp Relationship!”

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  1. 1

    Seems pretty naive to want to be in movies, but not want to be a celebrity. If it was really just about the acting, she would be doing off-Broadway theatre.

  2. Maria says – reply to this


    She is such a hypocrite! "I don't want to be a celebrity, I want to be an artist" LMFAO! Are you serious Amber? Then why the hell are you on the cover of a magazine and if you don't want to talk about Johnny why did you go public in the first place? I get she has the right to have a private life then don't go around town for months before Johnny and Vanessa offically split wearing his tshirt and his jewelry and flying in his plane. Sheesh this woman sure knows how to play the game very well.

  3. mkay "artist" says – reply to this


    Um what's a joke is comparing the K-trash to actors…KK pursues, encourages & manipulates the media and sought out a stake, a big stake in that game, so the mere mention of that whore is exactly what it wants.

  4. kat says – reply to this


    Well, she is promoting a movie and not promoting her relationship with him, so I can understand why she doesn't want to talk about him. I respect that.
    Also, every day she sounds more and more like Depp

  5. Meh says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – Johnny appeared in the video clip of "My Valentine", also months before his split were announced, wearing Amber's pendant and that's a lot more than just going around with a t-shirt like she did!

  6. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Seriously? Well shame on him too.

  7. yup says – reply to this


    amber and johnny are hypocrites.both are miserables.

  8. 8

    you hear that Amber you have Perez to thank for the loss of your privacy.

  9. clarisse says – reply to this


    there are more proofs that amber conected with johnny before he broken with Vanessa.Pics of Brittany with Lily Rose in 2011 and with Amber 2012.

  10. Judy says – reply to this


    Re: clarisse – Maybe because Brittany is friend of the Depps family and not an Amber's friend?
    It's pretty obvious to me that she has a friendship with the family, at least she seems closer to Lily Rose and not with Amber, and maybe she was hanging around with Amber just because they are common friends now because Amber is also part of the Depp family
    - Also Johnny collaborated years ago in an album for the animal organization she works for, so I can see more the connection between JD and Brittany, and just recently with Amber

  11. MK says – reply to this


    Re: clarisse – It seems obvious to me, watching the pictures of the tour around the world and also comments in instagram (Depp's daughter), that Brittany is friend with Lily-Rose and the whole family, and just after that -maybe- she has become friend with Amber. But in the same way that she become friend with the friends of her ex, Tasya Van Ree. So, it seems natural to have pictures of Brittany around with Lily-Rose even before to 2011, without any connection to Amber

  12. the public says – reply to this


    ive lost all respect for him..

  13. REALLY? says – reply to this


    What? she an artist? What? I really like her, but when she speaks …. OMG SHUT UP PLEASE!! She doesn't need to talk … She's a beautiful woman to look at. Why try at all costs to look smart? Unfortunately, she always gets the opposite effect .. It 's too obvious. Lets talk about just your body! Please.

  14. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    When you make it to cloud nine, feel free to be proud and obnoxious as you want, and no sign of grace or humbleness, because why not? That's the amber way…*smh* …That's all I have to say.

  15. Mia says – reply to this


    He used to date classy women… all the way back to Sherilynn Fenn to Vanessa Paradis. What the hell happened? Amber is so stuck on herself. He is a fool for falling for her.

  16. tega says – reply to this


    The island is not theirs, it is Johnny's. However, people need to remember that Johnny only ANNOUNCED the split in 2012 but him an Vanessa were already separated for some time before that. Vanessa was seen in France in Jan. 2011 without her "love" ring on, she denied the split while promoting one of her movies. Johnny also denied it in May 2012 during premiere of Dark Shadows and the confirmed it a month later. He had to do that b/c reports were coming out that Amber had been to visit him during filming The Lone Ranger. If Amber didn't want the attention she shouldn't haven't gotten involved.

  17. tega says – reply to this


    Vanessa said in recent interview that Johnny was never president and she was never first lady so she doesn' t understand why she should have to explain their relationship but what she doesn't realize that in Hollywood in US people of Johnny's caliber are considered "Hollywood Royalty" even though some people might not want to admit that and they are admired and loved by many who are curious about their lives. Amber better accept this and give some better answers. If Vanessa had just said what Johnny did from the beginning it wouldn't have gotten so blown out of control with questions.

  18. Hope says – reply to this


    If she is an "artist" then why does she pick superficial roles? If she doesn't want to be a celebrity she shouldn't be in the public eye and she shouldn't be dating Johnny Depp for that matter. She should be doing theater not film. I honestly don't think she knows what she is talking about. Her answers do not follow her actions.

  19. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: yup – No way..people are so rude with them,that is unfair! I remember when Johnny was with Kate Moss..Johnny didn't let her talk about their relationship with the press too,he is doing the same now

  20. idiota says – reply to this


    O que a Amber tem e inveja da relação do brad com angelina, mas ela tem de compreender que não chega aos calcanhares de angelina.E que tenha mais sorte com o seu Johnny de o faz tomar banho e ter juizo. Mas as cifras são elevadas e ela fecha os olhos,e ate adora.
    Mas não comprendo nada o deep tinha uma familia,acho que os amigos tem razão o seu coração e alma ficarm com Winona forever.

  21. Blake says – reply to this


    Re: tega – What did JD say from the beginning? He denied it too until they got "caught" boarding that plane together, and even then he denied it during the Dark Shadow Promo. How is this too somehow Vanessa's fault. Amber involved herself in a sticky situation and whether she likes it or not people see her a certain way. Just how Angelina and Aniston will forever be linked, and Angelina actually has talent on her side. Vanessa stopped wearing her ring in fall of 2011, after the family vacay pics. And the last time she and Johnny have been seen together was when they walked Jack to school at the end of 2011. In those photos there is a lot of distance between them, as Johnny walks slightly behind. But the fact that Amber and JD worked together in 2009, and then he goes on to have relationship issues… and now they're a couple…. well people have seen this story before!
    As far as this interview goes Amber does come across as obnoxious and insincere, only because there are so many pictures directly contradicting who she claims to be. She did court the Paparazzi and happily engaged with them, and gave tons of clues to she and JD's relationship. And as far as the acting thing goes, I mean come on! Acting to her is a job, not an art. If she was truly an "artist" shouldn't she have shown more development as an actress at the age of 27, than she has at this point.

  22. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Blake – When I said from "the beginning" I was referring to his interview from Rolling Stone when he first spoke about the breakup. Sorry…I should have said that. He said that between both their jobs they spent a lot of time apart and that eventually took a toll on the relationship so they just tried to keep it together until that wasn't working anymore. If Vanessa had just said something like that she wouldn't be pressured like she is now to explain more b/c she just simply refused to discuss it saying she had kids to protect all the while knowing she was putting out an album that would point to him being a cheat, says it is a genesis of their relationship then after it's released says the songs weren't written by her and had nothing to do with him.

  23. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Blake – When I said from "the beginning" I was referring to his interview from Rolling Stone when he first spoke about the breakup. Sorry…I should have said that. He said that between both their jobs they spent a lot of time apart and that eventually took a toll on the relationship so they just tried to keep it together until that wasn't working anymore. If Vanessa had just said something like that she wouldn't be pressured like she is now to explain more b/c she just simply refused to discuss it saying she had kids to protect all the while knowing she was putting out an album that would point to him being a cheat, says it is a genesis of their relationship then after it's released says the songs weren't written by her and had nothing to do with him. I agree Amber is not a great actress but with Johnny's help she can be one buthe did the same for Vanessa with her music directing in her music videos and even appearing in some of them.

  24. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Didn't mean to post this three times. Had problems with website.

  25. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  26. lizziebob says – reply to this


    Wow V A N A S S A is now spelled A M B E R. Poor dude, Johnny should just go for broke and start dating Madonna. I think MDNA would at least be more honest…if yur a celebrity yur a celebrity who dates celebs because that is what the entertainment money machine requires of these poor poeple. Ya ain't going to change those spots unless you do drop out and retire to an island in the pacific or well the Bahamas. Good luck with that art Amber. Vanessa may have left Mr. Johnny to pursue hers. I believe he takes care of the kids most of the time and a sick mom.. Really Johnny dump this chick.

  27. George Alexander Lewis says – reply to this


    Is it me or does Johnny looked pissed in that picture and she looks bored, it really looks like they are two people who have been together more than 3 years and are at an end of the good times. Sorry but she did not get him divorced and to the alter in time. Just go look at his new tattoo, he's about to move on and threatening celebrity extinction and she is saying it doesn't matter…right, go date a waiter.

  28. Ave Maria says – reply to this


    Please Amber go gay again. You love women go back to them, old men are gross. He will get too jealous when you stray. It says a lot that an old man can only love a young woman, he is shallow like most men and unable to completely love.

  29. Finish girl says – reply to this


    What the hell is Amber explains. Why mention Angel and others.
    His easy to criticize when Johnny pays for his the safety.
    He sounds so selfish. Old Woman I do not like about this at all.
    I hope they split. And Amber to stop talking the other.

  30. 30

    There is only one interesting-looking person in the picture above. Johnny's bodyguard Jerry needs his own reality show!

  31. Paty says – reply to this


    Jerry knows many things ..ja ja

  32. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Why the hell she keeps mention other celebrities.
    He said that he wants to be like Angelia Jolie and now does not want to.
    He really selfish. And he really often sounds like Johnny.
    I do not think he'll be getting anything roles that as he wants to.
    Both will sink slowly down at the expenditure involved.
    I really do not like Amber any more. Get to see whether Amber premiere
    Paranoia. so annoying

  33. bliss says – reply to this


    Re: Blonde Astrophysicist – You're right and i love the idea.LOL.

  34. Kat says – reply to this


    The woman made a 180 degree tournaround to make herself suitable for Depp. It's so see thru PR that it stinks.
    She doesn't want to be as famous as others, lol. The only reason why she even get's an interview and cover like this, not to mention the whole lot of television face time she will have in the near future is due to the fact that she is dating Depp and not related to anything she was able to achieve by herself. People only know her because she is Depp's armcandy and not because she is an artist (considering herself to an artist is a major joke anyway).
    PR must work overtime to get this chick sold to the masses,.
    It's such a shame, the woman can't act!

  35. 35

    she always looks like she recently sucked cock…

    yes u did perez and ur always right alwaYS

  36. Jadin says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – exactly right
    she is only saying what she knows Johnny wants to hear.
    those are his feelings and have been since HE was young.

    she is liar and a phony and how dare she even mention Angie and Brad….and when has Brad and Angie ever been seen hanging at a nightclub?? this girl is just spewing words to the complete opposite of what she wants.

  37. creil says – reply to this


    Fuck the haters.They are awesome together!!You don't even have the wright to tell them who are they gonna fall in love with!!!Come on,let people live and Love!!!

  38. Mandy says – reply to this


    Why many of you blame Amber for his split with Vanessa? Just get a reason that Johnny and Vanessa would have split anyway even without Amber because they had problems since the beginning. They spent very long periods of time apart because of their work. While she was working in France he was working somewhere else and they even spent entire months apart sometimes, so that's what made them growing apart. Nobody of them wanted to renounce to their work nor to work less. Both of them fell out of love because when you start to put your career first than love well, you're not in love anymore. people that love each others always try to find a solution to fix the problem to spend most of time together but they didn't because they both wanted to work more than they wanted to follow each others and Amber has nothing to do with this. It was their decision, so they both started to spend long periods apart knowing new people. And while he was rumoured of cheating Vanessa with Amber, it was also rumoured that Vanessa was cheating him with some french musicians, so it's a win-win. They both cheated and they both are to blame for the split.

  39. Mandy says – reply to this


    Vanessa herself admitted that her relationship with him was troubled since the beginning, so why people just don't stop to tell that Johnny is a cheater, that Amber is a homewrecker and that Vanessa is a saint? Saint my a*s because she had her flings anyway when she still was with Johnny if rumours are to be believed. But if you don't think that rumours about her that was cheating on Johnny were true, well you shouldn't even believe to rumours that he was cheating with Amber because all these rumours were never proved and anyone of us knows if they are true or not. Then Amber isn't taking advantage of his name since she doesn't say a word about him in interviews while Vanessa always used his name since the beginning to get publicity because she talked about her relationship with him in every interview. Even now she mentions him.

  40. Mandy says – reply to this


    Then who is that got pregnant of Johnny within 3 months that was dating him? It was Vanessa and not Amber and please don't try to make me buy that he was ready to make a child with her after such a brief time….. he didn't want to settle down with her at the beginning and they even split after that Lily Rose was born but then he came back to Vanessa anyway because it was the best choice that a person can do in similar cases and he really tried his best to make things work with her, so he moved to France to make her happy (so, he's the one who sacrificed for her for some years, not her because she always worked a lot as singer, as model and as actress even in past so don't tell me that she stopped her career for him because it's a bullshit) and he tried to have a family with her, but something was wrong just because he wasn't in love with Vanessa, he just tried his best to last with her but it didn't work, that's why she said that things between them weren't okay since the beginning and that it has been pointless trying to fix them, because maybe he felt he had to be with her and that it was the best thing to do and indeed things between there didn't work.

  41. Mandy says – reply to this


    Then I don't see that Amber is taking advantage of his money. She has her own money and she has her own apartment where it has been told that Johnny spends much of his time now, while Vanessa let that Johnny bought a home for her in Los Angeles even though she has her own money too… so think better about who's really taking advantage of his money! Moreover who is the one who doesn't care about privacy and realized a cd containing songs that talks about her love-life? It's not Amber of course. It's Vanessa that even announced that it's a cd containing the genesis of her love-life and that's a way to publicize herself and her work right? So who is the real one who is taking advantage of Johnny's name to get publicity and that is acting in an indiscreet manner? It's Vanessa as far as we can see by her behaviour because she made a lot of allusions about her split with Johnny so she was even false when telling that she didn't want to talk about that. Amber instead doesn't even mentions him and unlike Vanessa, she follows him everywhere and don't think just about her own (mediocre) career.

  42. LOL! says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – YOU NEED HELP!

  43. t says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – funny everyone forgets Vanessa and Johnny was kissing on the boat right after Dark Shadows. They were playing footsies so of course he cheated and she didnt know.

  44. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I think this couple will last. Amber does not want publicity for which is impossible,
    when is dating Johnny. Amber should not mention any Angelina and Bitt.
    Amber does not fear he will never be as Angel. Amber does everything that Johnny also does. So yet another reason that they belong to one and the
    no evidence of on public of affection which is a good
    because I can not imagine them make out. They are perfect for each other.

  45. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: t – Their kissing on their boat seemed stage and unnatural come on. Paparazzi were there taking pictures of them, so they were just acting for the cameras and there's no need to be a genius to understand that it was a staged act. Then even if it's true that he cheated on her you can't deny that also Vanessa was cheating on him. There were cheating rumours also about her. Some magazines were telling that she was having something with Matthieu Chedid while he was having something with Amber Heard, so shut up. Vanessa has never been the poor and betrayed woman. She made her part, so shut up. Things between Johnny and Vanessa were troubled since the beginning and that's not me who is telling, it was Vanessa who told it, so just stop on thinking that Vanessa was his soul mate. He never loved her actually or he would be still with her and he would have never cheated on her.

  46. Shanya says – reply to this


    Re: t – er…were they ever captured like that before? When they were actually together both Johnny and Vanessa always used looked indifferent or pissed off whenever Paps caught them on the boat, anything but money-shots. Those last few photos were clearly deliberate photo-ops and conscious PDA - just to hush down the split-up rumours ahead of Dark Shadows release. Just notice how deliberate his smiles and that kiss looked - you think Johnny and Vanessa weren't aware that they were being papped ? please! They had already split, he had moved on with Amber but had a mutual agreement to keep it under wrap till the right time. Depp simply wanted a breather after the public announcement so that it wouldn't affect his movies and not turned into a red-hot tabloid drama.

  47. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: LOL! – Just because I told the truth that many people refuse to see about Vanessa Paradis? Come on, she's the one who always took advantage of his name and now also of his money and you have to give me reasonable answers about what I noticed that Vanessa did until now instead of insulting because you just don't know what to say to prove I'm wrong and if you can't well, then you shut up.

  48. Sw.heart says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Well said.Everyone thinks that paradis is the innocent little girl.Wake up guys!!!She is the one that wanted fame.She convinced Johnny to leave France and go to L.A.I love Johnny and Amber,they just seem so beautiful together!

  49. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – In some agree, but I do not understand how to Vanessa
    associated with Amber's at ridiculous to give Flare magazine interview?

  50. Ben says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I agree with you. You told what most people refuse to see. Vanessa was rumoured of having an open relationship with him even before rumours about her split with him started. She was rumoured of seeing other men in France when Johnny was away so she's far from being a saint. I'm french and I know what I'm saying. I never liked her because she can't sing and she neither acts that good after all. Then you're right also about the fact that she's not that private. A private person wouldn't ever sing and contribute to realize songs like "The dark it comes" to be honest and it doesn't matter how much she can deny that this song doesn't talk about him, people are not stupid. She sold out her private life in her last cd, no matter what, so she can' tell that she has to protect her children if she realizes such cds where she publicized her private life. And you're right also about the fact that she used his name to get publicity because since she was dating him she talked about her relationship with him in interview and now she launched a cd telling that it contains the genesis of her love life just to sell more copies and to give it some publicity. Well Amber never did anything like this until now, so maybe she's better than Vanessa after all.

  51. LOL! says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – It's not about what you say, i didn't read all of it anyway, but you obviously CAN'T STOP. Have your opninion and post your opinion once, not over and over and over and over and over and over again. That's lame and boring for everybody and it doesn't mean your opinion is the truth.
    Maybe you'll be able to get a double date with a shrink for you and TEGA!

  52. OH! says – reply to this


    Re: Ben – " Well Amber never did anything like this until now, so maybe she's better than Vanessa after all."
    You got to be kiddin' yourself, the woman dropped hints about a possible relationship with Depp the entire last year. People outside the lesbian community didn't know her before she connected herself to Depp. You have to admit that this is true.
    The headlines for any given article on the net about this interview has Depp included, this is what draws people to read about her. Not her work or what she has to say, which is not much by the way, the journalist is the one who is trying to make the best out of her (mostly) old answers. She hasn't much substantial to say, that's why they bring in Harrison Ford and others to tell us how impressed they were. If she would have had something interesting to say, this wouldn't have been necessary, it would have spoken for itself.

  53. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: LOL! – If I post myr opinion over and over again as you said, well I'm not that different from other people here that post their opinion about Amber over and over again. They repeat over and over again that she's a homewrecker, that she's using Johnny, that she's false etc. so if they repeat always the same nasty things about her why I can't repeat what I think of Vanessa instead and how come that you don't complain about them telling always the same things and always expressing their hate against Amber? You complain only with me and never with Amber haters only because you're one of them. What about those people who are always telling same things about Amber and that don't get a reason that she's free of dating who she wants as also Johnny is? Well, reading their comments that are often similar doesn't annoy you…. then the truth is that I'm starting to repeat my post about Vanessa just because I wanna people to know that Vanessa never was a saint. It's not fair that most people know cheating rumours only about Johnny and ignore those ones on Vanessa. It's not fair to tell only a half-truth. If rumours are to believe they both cheated on each other so noone of them was better than thre other.

  54. Conclusion says – reply to this


    Re: Blake – Well said.

  55. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Blake – You sound so ridiculous! And what are these tons of clues she gave to people making them understand she was dating Johnny? Just because she was wearing his stuff? And these would the tons of clues? You make me laugh. It's just your thought anyway that she wore his stuff sometimes to make some publicity to her relationship because maybe she just did it because she likes to wear his stuff as well as she keeps doing even now. She still wears sometimes his pendant and bracelets as she has been seen wearing one of his bel in Berlin with him last month…. you all need to stop on being jealous and upset, you'd live better if you accepted that they are a couple and nobody is forcing him to be part of her life, so get a reason. Johnny wore the pendant he gave to her too many times last year and this year and he also went with Amber in public places since last year. He took her in some restaurants in Colorado, in France, in LA etc. there have been many sightings of them reported on t-w-i-t-t-e-r, so he was just hiding from paparazzi with her, but he agreed to take her in public places, so he was also spreading tons of clues about the fact he was in a relationship with her otherwise he would never had allowed people to see him with her in public places come on. It's very probable that he and Amber agreed about spreading unofficial clues to prepare public about the fact they were dating.

  56. SHAME...!!!!! says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – How many comments you've written? You can continue to respond at all. Stop with Vanessa in all your comments. If Johnny or his kids would read your comments about her, they would say only: "HOLY S..T!!" Shame!! And you'd be a fan of Johnny Depp? I don't believe, because you VERY BAD FAN!! I don't care anything about Vanessa , but she is the mother of his children, you should have respect for Johnny and his family, SHAME OF YOU!!!

  57. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: SHAME…!!!!! – Being a fan of him doesn't mean that I'm not free to tell what I really think about Vanessa. I always thought she wasn't right for him and if there are people than are free to express their disliking for Amber without being accused of being bad fans of him, why I can't express my disliking for Vanessa? Why you reprimand only me and not all those "fans" that tell only nasty things about his current girlfriend? If you reprimand only me and never them, this is a proof you're okay about them spreading shit on his new relationship and if you're okay, well then you're incoherent and also a hypocrite because a true fan of him would respect his choices and also his new girlfriend since it's her the lady in his life now and not Vanessa anymore. He chose her, nobody forced him to do that, but people are always telling bad things about her and his choice, so neither this is a proof of respect and of being fan of him.

  58. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: SHAME…!!!!! – Agreed. Regardless who cheated on whom. Vanessa is the mother of his children. They will always be in each others lives. If anyone deserves respect it is his children and the way people talk about their mother is shameful.

  59. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – You do have the right to state your opinion but the only difference in Vanessa and Amber is that Johnny and Vanessa are over. They aren't together for a reason and there is no reason to keep dreading up the past. Like you said you felt Vanessa and Johnny were not right for each other and they aren't together anymore so why keep bringing it up? Amber is the present and majority feel they are not right for each other. And have to agree with that.

  60. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I do not like Amber, but I do not hate him and I believe that Johnny and Vanessa difference
    Amber is not malfunction. But can not really to compare things.
    Johnny and Amber not been dating for 13 years and they have no kids and
    Johnny may not have cheated on Amber and the other way around.
    Vanessa bad feelings through music to deal with their split what many others
    also makes. People talk about because of Vanessa's ex Johnny Johnny, and one of the world's most famous actress, and the same applies to Amber. He's a celebrity. Wished or not.
    Amber is irritating to Me that he mentions about Jolie and Bitt.
    Because they are doing things as well range of different Amber and Johnny.
    Except, of course, movies. Amber should preach John Ylle
    why he spoke so Vanessa on public indication of tenderness. Or winona.
    And to compare jolie, bitt.

  61. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – You're such an hypocrite…. you're okay that people talk about him as a cheater, but when someone mentions that maybe also Vanessa cheated on him you trot out the fact that their children deserve respect and that the way people talk about their mother is shameful. Just explain something then: why you didn't say the same thing when you noticed that it's shameful also the way that some people talk about him telling he was a cheater with a mid-life crisis etc.? How come that you think that their children reading all these bad comments on his father wouldn't be hurt? How come that for you the way that people talk about their father isn't shameful? Why do you think that despite of Johnny and Vanessa have been both rumoured of cheating on each other it's allowed to talk bad only about him anyway and not of Vanessa?

  62. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – It's so hypocrite such a thing and it's clear that you're defending only Vanessa point of view and not for real her hildren point of view, otherwise you would say that it's shameful the way that most people here talk about Vanessa, Johnny and his new girlfriend…. and by theway, do you really think that his children wouldn't be hurt if they read what many people on this site often write about the fact that Amber doesn't love him, that she's a who..e and that she's only using him for money and to improve her career? They love their father, they sure care for him and they would be worried and hurt by such comments, don't you think so? No, you only care that people don't talk bad about Vanessa, you don't give a shit about her children because otherwise you would have worried also about all the horrible things that people say about Johnny and Amber because also them can hurt Lily Rose and Jack.

  63. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – whaaaa? Did I miss something? Did I ever defend Johnny's actions? No I am not one of those people that said it was okay for Johnny to cheat and lie. When did I say that? I'm the hypocrite? Look sweetie you better look at yourself before you throw hypocrite around because honestly I never said or did anything to be called a hypocite. I never defended Johnny's actions. I never said anything ill willed about Johnny or Vanessa. All I ever said was I don't think Johnny and Amber belong together and that makes me a hypocrite? You must have me mistaken with someone else.

  64. LOL says – reply to this


    "On the internet you can only see pictures of me around the road or with my dog​​."
    Yeah, right! The photos that we have seen in Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin.? She was just going around with his sweet little dog named "JD" . LOL. (Poor Johnny)

  65. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – You misunderstood the sense of my words sweetie. I called you hypocrite because you're okay that people insult Johnny and talk about him in a shameful way while in Vanessa case not using the excuse that they could be hurt to read awful comments on their mother. It's hypocrite to tell that Vanessa deserves respect for her children at least…. well do you think that Johnny doesn't need respect too for his children? Why you think that only Vanessa deserve respect? That means being hypocrite to me because noone knows what's the truth is about her split with him, so nobody can know for sure if he really cheated on her as nobody knows for sure if she cheated on him, so why Vanessa deserve respect and Johnny doesn't? You never told that people should stop on telling awful things about him and it's hypocrite to tell that only things that have been told about Vanessa are shameful because things that have been told about him are even worse and if you were really worried for his children you would be worried also about all the nasty comments they could read on their father and on the alleged "falsity" of his new girlfriend, but you aren't. You never reprimand those comments indeed and that proves to me you're a hypocrite who tell that their children should not read bad things only when it's convenient to you because it seems that when you agree about a nasty comment you don't care at all if it could hurt Lily and Jack.

  66. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – After reading everything you said Mia isn't the hypocrite you are. Seriously you keep saying Vanessa is the cheater but the way things look Johnny and Amber have been sleeping together since 2011. Even if Johnny and Vanessa were on the outs in 2011 to the public they were still a couple.

  67. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – When did I ever say I was okay with people saying mean things about Johnny? You tell me that? Just because I said Vanessa is the mother of his children and it's shameful the way people talk about her? Because people are! When they broke up they put all the blame on Vanessa. Seriously dude you need to chill out. I don't think it's right that people talk bad about either of them. You can state your opinion about both of them without being nasty.

  68. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – Oh Sara and what is your proof about the fact that he was sleeping with Amber in 2011 already? Did you see them? Were you in their bedroom and you just are assuming that some rumours were trye? Well assuming something and have a proof are two things completely different. Then do you have proof that even if he was sleeping with Amber, he wasn't already over with Vanessa? Nobody of us has proof that he cheated on Vanessa, so it's hypocrite insult just him and not also Vanessa for example because also about her there were rumours about the fact she was cheating on him. I'm just telling that noone of them should be called cheater without a proof and there aren't any. There are only speculations and no evidence. Moreover Vanessa wasn't wearing anymore his ring since october 2011, everybody knows that, so even if he started to sleep with Amber during the rum diary promotional tour, it was already after their break up and he was free to do it because he and Vanessa weren't even married and once you split with someone who wasn't anyway your wife, you can sleep with anyone you want.

  69. April says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – We all get you are a fan of Amber good for you! Could you please only comment when you have something new and interesting to say? You are saying the same things over and over and over again. You need to stop! We all get it you like Amber. Woo hoo! As for 2011 hello everyone knows they hooked up during the press tour of The Rum Diary. You must be in denial if u didn't know that.

  70. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Regardless of YOUR HATRED FOR HER, you know, that the respect is not an option, this applies to Vanessa as for Amber. If you, as others are not able to have respect for these people, then it would be better not to write about a public blog like this. Discuss at your home with your friends … Maybe for you it is not easy, but believe me, you can express their opinion without denigrating the people (including Amber and Vanessa). Bye

  71. 71

    Artist? She's an artist alright. A good con artist! Hopefully Johnny won't fall for it. I think she's saying and doing anything to get in his good graces to get a ring. If we can see through he, so can he. He isn't as dumbstruck as everyone thinks he is. I feel he is well aware of her wanting to walk with him every chance she gets to get the PR. Now, since she won't talk about him to magazines, no mag. is going to want to interview her. Johnny might be seen going to dinner with her but he is wising up and not letting her get attention off of his movies and PR. I love it when there is an Heard story and no one comments! She dare compares herself to Brad and Angelina???? Johnny's up there with Brad but Angelina she isn't. Not even close. What a loser….. Why does this nobody keep comparing herself to accomplished actresses?

  72. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – Can't you see that you're hypocrite? You say you never said you were okay with people saying mean things about Johnny, but meanwhile you're only reprimand people who tell nasty things about Vanessa and never reprimand people who write nasty things about him. I never read a comment where you reprimand someone telling nasty things on Johnny indeed and this proves that only people that talk bad about Vanessa annoys you, otherwise you'd be annoyed also about nasty comments on Johnny or if I'm wrong….. where are your complaints about this? I never read them in any topic here. You just complain if someone attacks Vanessa and not Johnny or even Amber because by the way, don't you think that it's also not respectful to insult Amber? It's not respectful at all to insult his new girlfriend and you know better than me that either Johnny and his children would annoyed and hurt if they read such comments, so why you're okay about them? You've just told it's fair to tell bad things about his current relationship and not about his past one and that's also an hypocrital thing to say since those comments can hurt him and his children more than you believe.

  73. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Just because Vanessa wasn't wearing her ring doesn't mean shit. Are you in junior high school? Are you pulling the Ross and Rachel debate "we were on a break"?

  74. Hmmm......oooookay says – reply to this


    Interesting….. If my memory serves correctly, she was all 'publicily' about her sexuality and relationship with Tysa (sp?) but not with JD? See, this is why she comes off phony-ish to me. Either Johnny has rubbed off on her in some way (attempting to public life public and private life private) or she doing what many, many, MANY girls do with a guy - act like they like, do, and think the same things the guy does so the guy thinks y'all share a command ground.

    Personally, coming from a female who use to be her age - I be'cha that's just what it is. And btw, that's the most boring looking cover of Flare magazine I've ever seen.

  75. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – You seriously need help! You cannot call someone a hyocrite because you assume they should of said something. So I should call out everyone that said Johnny is going through a mid life crisis? I would be a hypocrite if I did because I think he is going through something call it a crisis or what have you but he is. BTW I just came on here today and so how do you know if I didn't defend Johnny before?

  76. SHAME...!!!!! says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Stop saying that you're a fan! You're not. Johnny would never want to have a fan like you much less her kids! Choose another idol .. You are not worthy of him!

  77. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: April – Everybody knows they were sleeping together during the rum diary promotional tour, really? And how come that nobody has a proof of that? Please, don't be ridiculous, you should tell that everybody thinks that what you said happened because anybody can know for sure if it's true, neither you. Unless you have a proof and not just rumours to prove that what you said it's true you would better shut up and learn to call things with their appropriate names. You are talking about rumours, you don't have evidence and even if it's true that they were sleeping together during that period, I repeat that he had his right to do that since he was already over with Vanessa and in this case there's also the proof: either Johnny and Vanessa at the time weren't wearing anymore their rings.

  78. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Sara – And the fact that also him wasn't wearing it anymore doesn't tell you that they were over or you need Vanessa in person to confirm this to you? Please!!! You're just finding excuses to prove that he cheated, when it's evident that him and Vanessa weren't anymore a couple when he started to sleep with Amber.

  79. April says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – You are naive and pullling one from your bag how do you know they weren't? Some rumors have truth to them, just like when people kept saying they weren't together but they were. Also I have to agree with Sara just because Vanessa was not wearing her ring doesn"t mean they were not together. A lot of people don"t wear rings when they are married so why do you keep bringing that up? It's not as if Vanessa wore it all the time anyways.

  80. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Are you putting Johnny on a pedestal? Johnny Depp is human he is not God. He is not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. How do you know he did not cheat? Either on Vanessa or anyone else is the past? Sheesh grow up

  81. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – Well Mia, then if you feel free to tell you think he's going to a mid-life crisis, feeling free to tell nasty things about him so, why I shouldn't feel free of telling what I think about Vanessa? What's the matter, fans that talk bad about Vanessa aren't true fans while those that talk bad about him are instead??? It's ridiculous and you and other people that say nasty things about him have no right to tell that I'm not his true fans if I tell bad things about Vanessa while most of you are telling bad things about him. If you were his fans for real, you would respect his choices and you wouldn't judge his private life as you wouldn't attack his new girlfriend all the time. It's not coherent to tell that whoever talks bad about Vanessa isn't a fan, while who talks bad about him is a true fan instead. It's absolute ridiculous.

  82. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – The only person ridiculous is you. You need to grow up and stop saying true fans would support his relationship with Amber because if you were a true fan you wouldn't talk shit about Vanessa… uh hypocrite?

  83. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – You and SHAME have no right to reprimand me about my comments on Vanessa saying I'm not a Johnny fan when you're the first who don't REALLY LOVE HIM since you don't respect him telling nasty things on him and on his new girlfriend. I give up because many of you aren't coherent or really fans of him and think you can reprimand others when your behaviour is even worse, oh please, I'm not going to lose my time with people that aren't Johnny fans but believe to be it just because they like Vanessa and hate Amber without even trying to respect Johnny current choices. Bye people, enjoy your hatred for his new relationship then… rig, that really means be his fans, wow!!!!

  84. April says – reply to this


    Okay Mandy you are exhausting and I want everyone on this board if they find Mandy annoying as I do to just stop responding to her. She needs to know when to shut the fuck up.

  85. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – I just meant that you and SHAME have no right to tell me that a true fan shouldn't talk bad about Vanessa while you think it's allowed to talk bad about him or about his relationship with Amber because this is not coherent. And you tell me to grow up when you and other people need that for real instead? Well, an adult person would respect the private life of a celebrity and wouldn't be sure that he did this or that without even knowing him. How can you and other people can be so sure that he cheated without a proof? And why you think that cheating rumours are true only in his case and not in Vanessa case also? Nobody of you ever mentions that also Vanessa was rumoured before they split of cheating on him, yes, it's easy to think he was the only one who cheated even without a proo, rightf? Someone here talks about the fact that he cheated as they personally saw him doing that and this is very childish because unless you have proof you shouldn't tell anything. It's childish to think of knowing for sure a thing that was only a rumour and by the way, there were just a few of sites who told that he was sleeping with Amber in 2011 already, because most of the sites reported that they started to date in 2012, soon after his split from Vanessa, make better your research.

  86. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: April – Yeah, the truth hurts and is annoying right? So, if you think that expressing in every topic here your hatred for his new relationship for Amber means to be his real fans, good luck OR…. I'd better say, good night! …By the way HIS TRUE FANS are only those who write on Johnny Depp Zone because they respect his privacy, his choices and they never tell nasty things about him and neither about Amber, so I'll go there because after all it's evident to everyone that reads you that this place is full of haters and not of fans of him. Good-bye, I really give up this time, I can't fight anymore with obtuse people that think to be right as fans that talk bad about him and his new relationship. Enjoy your hatred on Amber and why don't you go to Jamber instead of writing here? That's the place where you belong.

  87. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – I advise you, not to waste your time with this Mandy, she is obsessed with Vanessa, maybe she doesn't sleep at night and then she is not very bright .. but it is a momentary illness ( maybe). :) Bye

  88. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – I agree with you and April. Mandy needs to know when to shut the fuck up because her truth is what she wants to see. And I give up with her. she is not worth my time. If she is a fan of Johnny I feel sorry for him he doesnt need fans like her.

  89. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – . I advise you not to waste your time with this Mandy, she is obsessed with Vanessa, maybe she does not sleep at night and then she is not very bright .. but it seems a momentary illness (maybe) :) Bye

  90. tega says – reply to this


    Re: LOL! – If you don't like what is being said here then take a hike and don't come back!!!!

  91. jamina says – reply to this



  92. Bacon says – reply to this


    Sorry girls, don't mean to offend anybody, but all of you are wrong someway because it's right to not talk bad about Vanessa, people shouldn't be obsessed with her because someone here seems to hate as it's right to not talk bad about Johnny or Amber either because some of you seem pretty obsessed with tour hatred for Amber also and we should admit that this is a thing that Johnny wouldn't like, so fans should care about not hurting him with their comments otherwise they aren't so fans of him. You cannot like Amber but writing everytime so many comments showing your hatred for her is another thing that suits more to people who write on jamber site indeed. Mandy is wrong about attacking so much Vanessa, but she's right when she says that people shouldn't attack do much him neither or his new relationship. A real fan shouldn't judge so much Johnny's private life and would try his or her best to respect his choices without insulting almost everyday Amber, him and his "mid life crisis". I'm his fan too and I prefer to not judge his choices since I don't even know him because I'm sure he appreciate more people that respect his choices than people who don't and after all also Vanessa told in her last interview that people should stop to try to judge their private life because they have only the duty to be liked by their fans as artist and not for what they do in their private life.

  93. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Bacon – I respect your opinions. I don't hate Amber but I also feel as a fan you should be able to speak up when you find something is wrong but I do agree you don't need to attack the person.

  94. Bacon says – reply to this


    I mean, what Johnny does in his private life is only his business and nobody has the right to judge him because nobody knows the truth anyway and nobody is anyway so perfect that can judge his actions. Johnny has only the duty to be liked for his movies, for his art and nit for how he wants to live his private life, that is nobody businesses and it's true that fans that judge him aren't so much fan of him. Fans first of all don't judge and second, they try to respect his choices anyway because it's not us that can say what's wrong or right for him. We don't live there with him, so we don't know many things regarding him and Amber and what we can read on magazines it's really a little thing that doesn't really allow us to know how things really are in his life. He and Vanessa are also telling they are in good terms with each other and Vanessa even let her children being with him and Amber for the lone ranger press tour in Europe, so if she's okay about that who are you to disagree? Amber is a part of Johnny life now. He chose her, nobody is forcing him to date her and if she was that bad he wouldn't have been dating her until now also agreeing to come out and in any case real fans of him shouldn't be so bitter because he's not your husband, just get a life.

  95. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: Bacon – You make some really good points. I understand what you are saying and agree. Sometimes I think we all over think this situation too much. I am one of those people and wish I could just go back and just enjoy his movies. I think I'll try to do that now. Thanks for snapping me back to what is important and that's Johnny's films.

  96. Bacon says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – You're welcome. Happy that you understand that some people here invest too much time thinking about his private life and presuming to know what's right for him and what not and I'm happy you understand what should really matters to his fans: his movies! ;)

  97. Hope says – reply to this


    Re: sunshine63 – Well isn't Amber trying to become the next Angelina Jolie? She comes out as a bisexual (Angie did that) and sleeps with taken movie star (did that too). She just needs the brood of kids and become a humanitarian and the Oscar and bam she's Angelina Jolie. I don't know about the Oscar part though.

  98. BulletProof says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – You're a moron with a pirate fetish!

  99. 99

    Johnny handles the media amazingly well.He also has the funds to keep the pesly photogs away. He can pay them more then any magazine will pay for a photo. I'll bet big bucks that exactely what he does. He knows all the photogs and his people pay them to back off. When the time is right he poses for camera's and signs autographs for fans. Amber is one lucky girl she really is.

  100. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Amber does not want to talk to Johnny. It's ok. But is it ok
    Jolie to criticize Bitt? I think he's promoting his film
    and not to talk about other celebs. He simply can not afford.
    Or is it? His talk only about themselves and not drag other celebrities in
    that, like Jolie who is really an artist. They have until the beginning of the same problems as Amber and Johnny now. Exchange condition holed up behind walls
    or to live as they please, and to accept that the paparazzi follow wherever you go.
    Re: Mandy

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