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Is Harry Styles GAY???

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Getting to the top and bottom of things!

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65 comments to “Is Harry Styles GAY???”

  1. 1

    soooo, you're reporting something that was reported yesterday via an interview from British GQ.

    Im normally not a bitch…but this is kinda reductive.

  2. percy says – reply to this


    uhmm if he were bisexual or gay, kinda think he would be with Nick Grimshaw. Guy is charming as can be and good looking

  3. Ingrid says – reply to this


    He'd be with Nick Grimshaw before he's with you, that's for sure.

  4. Clara says – reply to this


    Gosh, some people…
    He means that Harry is not with Grimmy, but with Louis.

  5. Jasmine says – reply to this


    things one direction doesn’t owe me:

    an explanation/justification of their religion
    any information about their sex life
    information about their families
    really anything
    they don’t owe me anything

  6. 6

    He's British, isn't that the same thing?

  7. Matt F. says – reply to this


    Think Perez is jealous that Grimmy has a greater chance of shagging Styles than he does.

  8. Marre says – reply to this


    He's def been sleeping with Nick in the past.

  9. Kylie Fredding says – reply to this


    stop pputting his friendship with Grimmy on the spot. And Nick Grimshaw's very hot stop hating

  10. hannah says – reply to this


    Wow way to be mean to Grimmy. Leave Harry's friendships alone so what if they're close, they've been close for a while they've spent the last two Christmases together. Friends do that sort of thing.

  11. Courtney says – reply to this


    I'm kind of disappointed you're back to reporting here say and assumptions….

  12. Auds says – reply to this


    Re: Marre – No doubt in my mind lol

  13. 13

    I thought you said on Ellen you were going to stop trying to out people. And Mario is 16 years older than Harry… no chance they're getting together. None. Zero.

  14. hilary says – reply to this



  15. Julie says – reply to this


    Poor Harry linked to everyone, him and grimmy are best friend's that' it.

  16. Jourdan says – reply to this


    You do know Caroline Flack is older than Nick Grimshaw so if Harry was bisexual that wouldn't stop him plus Grimshaw's one of his best friend's so dont insult him

  17. stargirl92 says – reply to this


    way to give out a subtle diss Perez your jealousy's showing. if harry were bi Grimmy'd get it before you

  18. ashley says – reply to this


    am I the only person who really doesn't care anything about this group and sick of hearing about them

  19. Connie says – reply to this


    Re: ashley
    same here might as well call it the Harry Styles band the others lack charm

  20. criticizing sexuality? says – reply to this


    You do realize Harry's only 19, figuring out who he himself is. Having people speculating about his sexuality is repulsive. Plus bringing his friend into it and then throwing shade at Nick Grimshaw, idk what's worse.

  21. Wendy154 says – reply to this


    Harry Styles is not the gay one, its Louis Tomlinson who is.

  22. 22

    I dont know about Harry Styles but I know Perez Hilton loves it in the ass up to the elbow, so we know he's gay. More gay than Big Gay Al, and he's pretty gay!

  23. Sara says – reply to this


    Harry is not bisexual he is gay. I don't understand how some people do not see it. Open your eyes people. Perez Hilton has more of a shot with Harry than anyone with a vagina

  24. BlkBetty says – reply to this


    PH - You look awful. What's with that fucking hair? Seriously. Not good.

  25. hellowtf says – reply to this


    Perez is asking NOW for the first time if Harry is bisexual, really?! Most of the people already know he's GAY, it's soooooo obvious. I don't understand how people don't see it and buy that stupid “womanizer´´ image that the media tries to portrait of him. Your gaydar doesn't work Perez because you are constantly outing men who are straight but then you don't think Harry is gay when he OBVIOUSLY is and has no shame of it actually I think. Plus, he wouldn't date Nick anyways because of obvious reasons and because he's already have a boyfriend.

  26. rob says – reply to this


    just saying if he was bi they would totally be together as a bisexual myself I have fell for a few of my best friends cause after all isn't that the same thing we look for in a relationship?

  27. Carlos says – reply to this


    Perez is so reductive

  28. chunkyyetfunky says – reply to this


    okay can you give your visitors at least a disclaimer before pressing play that you're actually going to be on the video? cause you are so much more likeable when you're not talking. your enunciation flares up your nostrils like olivia munn's after delivering her individual "acting" lines as seen in 'the newsroom'.

  29. nika says – reply to this


    well, he dated Taylor Swift and she wouldn't put out so maybe he ran to some dude:-)))

  30. Carolina says – reply to this


    I don't think Harry's gay/bi I think he's just an affectionate person but if he was he'd prob hook up with grimmy

  31. Fila says – reply to this


    I'm a straight girl and I'd hook up with Nick Grimshaw, dude is so good looking, tall and those hands lol leave Harry alone he's just living his life

  32. Isa says – reply to this


    Harry should be able to date whomever he wants and we shouldn't try to force a sexuality. If he says he's not bi, i'm going to believe him unless he says ootherwise because as a fan you "support". Nick Grimshaw and Harry have a very close friendship and it is not the first time it's been questioned and I just think it's sad that we live in a world where if your close with someone you're automatically f***ing them

  33. Darcy says – reply to this


    Harry and Nick Grimshaw are just two attractive men who are friends. That's it

  34. 34

    At least 5 of those guys are gay. AT LEAST.

  35. jocelyn says – reply to this


    I'm so sick of these gay rumors. Let him be dude like how uncomfortable to have people questioning everything you do first the Larry thing now with Grimshaw. Louis and Harry don't even look at eachother at their shows anymore its sad and it cause it rightfully bothers them. Leave nick and harry alone

  36. 36

    Re: nika – That relationship was only for publicity. x

  37. fiona says – reply to this


    who cares if he is or not. who he dates shouldn't be our business. ANd you know what Perez WHY WOULDNT HE GO OUT WITH NICK GRIMSHAW? Nick is attractive as f**k.

  38. 38

    Re: hellowtf – EXACTLY!

  39. nina says – reply to this


    no perez you know who he'd never go out with if he was bi? YOU.
    Nick is actually genuinely witty unlike you, you think you're God's gift or something

  40. veronica says – reply to this


    I'd go for Nick Grimshaw the guy's hot and British

  41. lindz says – reply to this


    Louis and Harry are not together. Louis is happy with Eleanor Calder I wish people would stop with this Larry bullshit. Nick and Harry are good friends but I think that's all they have the same group of friends (Grimshaw's) and go out and have fun. Nothing wrong with that

  42. olivia says – reply to this


    Trust me he'd be with the "much older" radio DJ Nick Grimshaw before many other btw nick is only 9 years older and fit as hell.

  43. 43

    Re: Wendy154 – They both are. They're gay for each other. x

  44. Kara Lynne says – reply to this


    Grimmy's hot who wouldn't be with him.

  45. 1dfan says – reply to this


    Yes Harry is Gay and in a long term relationship with his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson.

    Harry's high profile outings with Grimshaw were to get Harry's name in the paper and to distract people from his relationship with Louis. Louis girlfriend is for publicity as well.

  46. Carlos says – reply to this


    I dont know how u even step in front of a camera…you are so damn ugly :/ p.s. stop hating on gaga. The artpop era is among us!!! :D

  47. Sandra says – reply to this


    It's possible , I mean I'm kinda sure he is . Just because he's not "bisexual" doesn't mean that he's not gay or he simply could've been lying . Point is, Harry styles is no where near "straight" but if he was interested in boys I'm pretty sure he'd be crushing on Louis Tomlinson . (;

  48. Really? says – reply to this


    I don't think it matters whether he is or not. He's a gorgeous guy and he can do what he pleases.
    According to an interview, he said he's only slept with 2 people and is not gay OR bisexual.
    Even if he is, DOESN'T MATTER. Girls will still love him either way.
    There are plenty of guys out there who are just very open guys and don't have a problem being close to other guys and are NOT gay. Anyways, it's not really a shocker if it turns out he's gay and it's not a shocker if he's not.
    Over it.

  49. bethhi says – reply to this


    No, Harry is not with Louis and Eleanor isn't some publicity. Please someone explain to me where this secret relationship with Louis happens because they are never together and trust me we'd know because those update accounts are creepy as hell. Harry's said he's not bi and I believe him. The media and people need to stop forcing something on him. As for his relationship with Nick Grimshaw well they are very good friends and that's as far as we know.

  50. who caresss says – reply to this


    Harry's gorgeous and kind leave him alone. he's 19 seriously. Leave this Larry bullshit alone and leave this Nick thing alone.

  51. ok perez says – reply to this


    so your voice makes me cringe perez at least Nick Grimshaw can speak and not make millions cringe.

  52. Corina says – reply to this


    he's not but if he was he would date ZAYN BECAUSE THAT ONE IS GAY.Zayn has very feminine manners Harry onthe other side is very manly.Harry is just smart.Very smart .

  53. LARRY says – reply to this


    Harry said in an interview that he WAS NOT BISEXUAL AND HE WAS NOT WITH NICK..he s gay and he in with Lou.

  54. anna says – reply to this


    Larry Shippers and their paranoid conspiracy theories; of course they have to spam their ,,truth" absolutely everywhere

  55. ......... says – reply to this


    Let him be*! He is not gay or bi

  56. Anonymous says – reply to this


    He's unlikely to be gay, to be honest but if he is that's perfectly fine.

  57. Fabulous says – reply to this


    This isn't being gay, it's BROMANCE.

  58. Abbie says – reply to this


    Harry styles is not gay because i have met him and i have got him on skype and i have asked him and he said no and he swore down and i have also meet liam

  59. Abbie says – reply to this


    Harry Styles is not gay because i have met him and i have got him on skype and i have asked him and he swore down so down so non of you say he is because he is not
    Secondly i know everythink about 1D so just ask me anythink and tell you

  60. brittanoooo says – reply to this


    Why is everyone freaking out at him for saying that he probably wouldnt be with nick? I dont think its insulting or mean..

  61. Valeria Rodríguez says – reply to this



  62. Athane says – reply to this


    harry styles is not a gay!

  63. lolwhy says – reply to this


    Re: Jasmine
    You took that from my tumblr posts bitch

  64. OMG says – reply to this


    what the hell happened to hilton he looks like he's been taking it up the a$$ from too many random blokes. you know god sends a curse down to gays, so after a short while they start to look aged,ruggy and just disgusting.

  65. pt says – reply to this


    Re: Kylie Fredding – Would you care to explain how saying someone is gay is hating? because it is not.