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RHONJ's Joe Giudice Is A Violent Bully On AND Off The Camera?! All His Scary Tactics Revealed HERE!

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joe guidice

No one would call Joe Giudice a delicate flower.

We've seen the beefed up Real Housewives Of New Jersey hubby beat up multiple members of the cast AND even call his own wife a "c*nt," but such behavior is apparently not just for a ratings boost.

In fact, according to attorney Monica Chacon, Juicy Joe has used masterful gang-like tactics to scare her and client Joe Mastropole — Joe's former business partner— during a 2007 fraud case.

What exactly did the hot-headed reality TV star do to intimidate them, you ask??!

Monica revealed:

“Someone blew out seven windows at our office the same day we filed in court. They were shooting slingshots with marbles. Of course we didn’t catch Joe doing it, but my and my husband’s office and Joe Mastropole’s office were both targeted the same day we filed in court. It wasn’t a coincidence. [I've] dealt with heavy criminals and we’d never had to deal with that sort of nonsense before. You see a lot of different types of people when you’re a lawyer, but these two … I don’t know if they’re just that dumb, or if they’re crazy smart. They just don’t care! They do what they want, and they say what they want, and figure that someday they’ll deal with the implications. They have an inner-city, gang mentality. They’re like people who have nothing to lose. That’s what you’re dealing with. It’s crazy.”


If this is true, then someone needs to let the Giudices know this isn't the Godfather!

We just hope Monica doesn't get any other frightening visits from the man after coming forward with these claims because it sounds like this guy doesn't give a f**k about consequences.

Someone put a leash on this pit bull before he SERIOUSLY hurts someone!

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13 comments to “RHONJ's Joe Giudice Is A Violent Bully On AND Off The Camera?! All His Scary Tactics Revealed HERE!”

  1. Gianni862 says – reply to this


    Please.. its like a witch hunt for the Giudice's for a long time……. Teresa is not smart enough to know anything About taxes.. The whole window breaking thing is not a fact… We know Monica Chacon is out for the Giudices… this is the same women who appeared herself on several episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and was escorted out of a party for stirring up trouble. Perez needs to report facts and not here say…

  2. marabou says – reply to this


    Chacon is the Attorney that the Gorga’s ejected from their Xmas party, due to Teresa’s urging.
    I’m sure her public humiliation had something to do with her dedication and tenacity.
    She was a lawyer for a man suing Joe & Teresa in 2007. She failed against Teresa and but somewhat successful with Joe. .. she’s a pizzed off lawyer who played really dirty as far as I’m concerned. She's really proud of herself -
    to be proud of snitching and leading to ruin life of 4 innocent children is the worst devil that can ever be. Chacon is piece of shit, Perez get your infos straight!!!

  3. 3

    Re: marabou – The only people who are ruining 4 children's lives are their parents. When you have kids you shouldn't be committing crimes. Doesn't matter if someone ratted you out or not.

  4. Devvie says – reply to this


    Sorry Gianna862, but we all know Joe is a thug. It's all on tape and the 39 counts against them aren't child's play. They are some serious charges and they both can face up to 50 years. Joe will probably be deported if convicted. Teresa will probably take a plea deal so that hopefully those beautiful little girls have at least one parent to care for them. It's a mess and they have nobody to blame for it but themselves. It all happened prior to their celebrity, but lying to the bankruptcy court is what tipped everyone off. It's sad.

  5. dearmaraboubarbie says – reply to this


    Sorry Marabou Barbie, but those poor little girls parents broke 39 laws, not the lawyer. If Teresa didn't know she is still responsible because she signed the papers. She had to know something was up with all of this. She had false W2's she submitted, some saying she was the owner of a stucco company making over 14,000 a month. Joe was handing out cash to her when they were trying to go through bankruptcy, because cash is hard to trace. They hid their assets. They jeapardized not only their lives but the lives of those beautiful little girl. Responsibility and accountability start and stop with Joe and Tre. It is very sad for the children, but very stupid of the parents. And they broke the LAW, we all have to follow the law. Just because you like them doesn't change the facts. Teresa's spending on the show when they were going through bankruptcy made the papers and was on the show, that triggered the investigation into the hiding of funds. I don't think anyone realized they were screwing the law for a decade though. It's extremely sad, but it isn't the fault of the press this time, it's Joe and Teresa's stupidity thinking they can get away with fraud.

  6. eyre9672 says – reply to this


    Re: Gianni862 – Couldn't have said it better myself.

  7. 7

    I'm not sure shooting marbles through someone's windows with a slingshot is a "masterful gang-like tactic." Simple thuggery. (A journalist once spoke of a politician's brother and said, "He couldn't mastermind his way out of a paper bag." That seems more like Joe.)

  8. Gessie says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez? Throwing marbles at a window and she didn't see him do it? And you find this newsworthy. Sorry, I don't think thugs throw marbles, I think 13 yr. old neighborhood boys do. Stfu if you don't have anything accurate to say.

  9. 9

    that man is pure 100% testosterone. I would drink gallons of his jizz. what a Hot Hot HOT man

  10. Teresa's fans==IDIOTS says – reply to this


    How ignorant Teresa's fans must be to think that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is JEALOUS of her! Teresa is like a dim witted cult leader who is about to lead herself and her lambs to slaughter. And, Perez IS reporting facts! Fox News, NBC, USA today, E news, CSNBC, CNN…Have ALL said the same things!

  11. Lola says – reply to this


    Is she or Joe too dumb to know in America you file taxes EVERY year?

  12. All says – reply to this


    Tre & Juicy are innocent and are great Americans (even if Joe isn't ). Tre is the greatest reality star even and that should count for something. Certain people deserve a fab life like Kim K, Madona and Teresa of course. Due to their fame I would hope Bravo bails the out and pays their fines and fees. It would be a shame if Tre looses her beautiful home which Joe worked so hard to build. Oh the poor children, please write your public officials and pray for Tre and Joe.

  13. Malory says – reply to this


    Gossip gossip gossip.. I think this family is going through enough. They don't need the likes of Monica ( which I could give you real stories about.. REAL factual information) and wannabe a star, Kim g, who somehow rode the Giudice backs to try an make a comeback recently, piling in garbage. Are these people so desperate to be known, that they make up stories, & carry out unwarranted, and childish, vendettas ( being called old lady) to get ANY kind of media attention? I know Kim is of the false belief that all publicity is good publicity, even after being left on a curb by her husband, friends, and Bravo. Slow learner, what can ya say? Lol Monica is her friend.. This alleged rumor is nothing but a ploy to jump on the media train. If there were any truth to this story… II'm sure monica and her lawyer husband would have had the vandalism investigated and Joe would have been charged. He's not a ninja & according to charges that have been accummulating since * checks clander* for years now, he's not a good at pulling the wool over ones eyes, either. Why give this crazy or Kim G any attention. Too much! They'll keep coming out of the woodwork, ya know! Roaches do that!