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Sharon Osbourne Slams Dannii Minogue AND Nicki Minaj! Who's Next??!

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sharon osbourne x factor judge dannii minogue

Sharon Osbourne is on one lonngggg mean streak!

The X Factor UK judge has declared that the only reason she left the reality competition in the first place was to get away from "insignificant" co-judge Dannii Minogue, but Dannii's also the reason she's making a one season comeback.

Sharon explained:

"I chose to leave because I was uncomfortable there at that time with a woman that was on the panel. Yeah. She's insignificant, but at that time, I let her get under my skin and I should have been the bigger person. But hey, I chose to leave. That's all in the past. I wanted to end it on the right note. I'm only doing it this one season. It's been ten years, and I want to end it on the right way."

DAYUMMM. Someone's acting extra fiesty and it feels like no one is safe from her wrath, not even a spitfire like Nicki Minaj!

Sharon took it upon herself to review Nicki's judging skillz on last season's American Idol and her letter grade was far from A+!

Sharon dished:

"[Minaj] tries too hard to be something. She puts too much effort into it. It's like, just be yourself. She's a talented, gorgeous young woman, so just take a breath and be yourself."


…And we thought Sharon would approve of Nicki's spunky persona!

Guess we can't blame the lady for being honest and we shouldn't forget they DO pay her the big bucks for her uncensored opinions.


[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Sharon Osbourne Slams Dannii Minogue AND Nicki Minaj! Who's Next??!”

  1. 1

    yet again she's spot on. Dannii is a nobody in music and never was much of a big artist besides a few dance hits over 10 years back. And we all know damn well Nicki tries way too hard…she just piles it on. she's crass and tasteless.

  2. 2

    Frankenstein's Bride sounds like she's DESPERATELY in need of replacement body parts; she gets MEAN & NASTY every time she starts to rot & turn gangrene. Ozzie & their unemployed son, who's DEATHLY ILL, should be at the cemetery RIGHT NOW digging up some FRESHLY BURIED body parts for her….

    This DIRTY OLD VILE & NASTY JEW HAG will be GOOD AS NEW in the morning….Thank God for all the FAILED 12-Step religious AA/NA cult REHAB clients who are dying RIGHT & LEFT in Hollywood; Sharon will be kept in body parts for years to come…

  3. wow says – reply to this


    what has sharon done again, is she an artist or an retired artist. Like your a wife to a crackhead rock legend that could've been anybody. She wants to be simon so bad

  4. Richard says – reply to this


    Has Sharon Osbourne got nothing else to talk about? I mean seriously it's been ten years and the only way she can grab publicity is about talking about Dannii Minogue again! The woman clearly doesn't have anything else going on in her life. Sharon is also hardly an Oracle in the music biz….your husband had some hits in the 80s….move on! @sadoldhag

  5. 5

    She's aiming to be one of the most hated non talented hags in show business at that rate.

  6. 6

    She's probably trying to get ratings for her show which only 10 retired or elderly woman look at

  7. Calvin says – reply to this


    Sharon was actually a music manager before she even met Ozzy Osbourne. Im not saying she has talent, but she's smart.

  8. Alex says – reply to this


    I loved everything about Nicki on American Idol. Never missed an episode last season. To each their own. I can tell you that Sharon was not interesting enough to watch her on X-Factor one time.

  9. roxy says – reply to this


    Sharon is right that nicki minaj is trying to cash in on her minute Asian side with Chinese tatoo's who is going to like her in Asia. Get over yourself you cheap, dirty whatever trying to impose your name onto the rest of us. You are not one of us so don't try to be either and you so called 'music' is talentless and rubbish!

  10. 10

    What a bitter old kike.

  11. 2 cents says – reply to this


    Why does she always feel the need to make such hateful comments about everyone? I'm guessing she is not as happy as she lets on.

  12. 12

    x factor < american idol… why is this bitch complaining… go iron ya wrinkles gorl

  13. K says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – you f-cking piece of sh-t,stop acting like you talk for all asian,stop making asians look bad because they are a wonderful set of people in my opinion.

  14. K says – reply to this


    she on Nicki,s name again to get that pubstunt again i see,i actually like nicki on idol she say it how she feels,she didn't go there and sale them contestants fake dreams making them feel like the music game is this beautiful place and everything is up all the time,guess not lying made nicki a bad judge then so be it then atleast she is being real and did run on there and lie to anyone.

  15. robin says – reply to this


    @ Lasqueesha. I agree Dannii made a few dance hits (Who do you love now, Put the needle on it, I begin to wonder, All i wanna do). It was fun, but not a big happening in music industry. But here is a question for you….What music did Sharon made?? She is just a judge for begin the wife of Ozzy Osbourne?? She knows nothing about music. If there is someone insignificant on the X factor judge panel it will be Sharon!

  16. Cameron says – reply to this


    Re: roxy – nicki minaj had that tattoo way before she blew up she is not trying to be asian if you askswme she is trying to be an international superstar that everyone can relate to and yes she is trying to hard to be something else for the first time sharon says something I can agree to

  17. Danie says – reply to this


    None of those woman have much talent, but 2 of them built their own career, unlike Sharon.
    If she hadn't latched onto her husbands career, both her and her daughter would continue to be insignificant.
    She truly is the biggest of fame wh*res out there, plus she is a massive bully.
    I've honestly never liked her or her obnoxious family. They all have a delusional sense of entitlement.
    If she has something to say, just say it, stop lacing your insults with compliments.