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Amanda Bynes DENIED Release From Psych Ward! Judge Orders 5150 To Continue!

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amanda bynes 5150 continues judge denies freedom mental hospital apparent schizophrenia medicine

Amanda Bynes and her lawyer are convinced she's capable of caring for herself outside the walls of her psych ward, but unfortunately the judge they just stood before does NOT agree!

The All That star was placed on a 5150 hold in a psychiatric hospital over a week ago, but she still hasn't convinced those in charge that she's fit for freedom!

Today her lawyer argued that the doctors have no legal right to keep her detained for two weeks — as previously mandated by the judge — but it apparently didn't do much good!

Though hospital folk agree she's doing remarkably better on a steady diet of prescription meds, they want to keep her under their care and continue to monitor her mental health.

Sources say signs point toward Amanda suffering from schizophrenia.

One reason the doctors aren't ready to release her is because she hasn't even admitted to having a mental illness yet. In her state of denial, they fear she would stop taking the medicine just as soon as she leaves the hospital!

Amanda has been on the 5150 for ten days now since her involvement in that bizarre driveway fire.

Ugh!!! We're really pulling for her!!

Hopefully she gets all the help she needs!

[Image via Twitter.]

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22 comments to “Amanda Bynes DENIED Release From Psych Ward! Judge Orders 5150 To Continue!”

  1. teeter totter says – reply to this


    She needs to stay longer, the meds they found that seem to be working have only been in her system for 3 days, need at least a week or more to work, and she has to keep taking them.

  2. I says – reply to this


    Schizophrenics are notorious for denying being mentally ill. Their hallucinations and the voices they hear are that real to them as is the paranoia. Even after years in and out of hospitals, most of them don't believe they are sick. The best anyone can do is hope at some point it kicks in that she has to go to therapy and she has to take meds regardless of how she perceives herself. Glad the judge kept her in there but I feel horrible mostly for her family who will have to take care of her for the rest of her life despite most likely being abused and attacked by her with absolutely no remorse for her actions.

  3. 3


    u know my sister was in the mentle hospital voluntary for 3 months they jacked her up on pills and now we cant stop her wanting them last week she overdosed on pills and booze but shes alive and back at home all they did was jack up the dose this is a otherwise normal woman who happen to have post natal depresion is now addicted to prescription pills….. all they do is misdiagnose people and shove pills down their throat .. amanda should of went to rehab first then see if she was still off the wall before putting her in a mental ward… at least they have better drugs in there i suppose thats one thing …

  4. Y says – reply to this


    Re: GO iron ur balls 777 – you do realize she tried to light herself on fire in someone's driveway? Anti psychotic meds aren't like narcotics. Schizophrenics hate taking them because they turn off the voices in their heads. But oh we'll, I guess it would be better to let psycho run around lighting people's homes on fire. If she is "just fine" let her do the time for arson!

  5. Double Standard mario says – reply to this


    So when she is doing bad she is "crazy" and exploitable by people like you? Yet the first sign she is getting help, you are back on the bandwagon.You are the worst kind of fake person.

  6. Cool Brotha' Morty says – reply to this


    I'm glad they're keeping her in there, but it's too bad she doesn't admit she has an illness. I hope her parents get a conservatorship. I also wonder about the two $100,000 withdrawals from her accounts. There are reports that the record company paid HER that amount. Maybe they just told her that, but had her pay THEM that amount of money in her confusion. Or took it back. It's just ironic that it's $200,000 going out from her account, and "oh ,yeah, that's how much the rap deal was for". That's why she needs her parents to watch her money.

  7. 7

    i wanted to add my sister has NEVER TAKEN drugs in her life and doesnt even drink but now THIS IS happening… !! if ur not fucked up the SYSTEM u ask to help u will FUCK U UP..THEN PUSH u off onto ur family to try and UNFUCK U .. meanwhile amandas parents still try and get conservatorship the prob lock her up for good or lock her in some back room and spend the cashola..

    whos next perez on ur shit list …

  8. 8

    Schizophrenics (and Bipolar) frequently use drugs and alcohol to "self-medicate" in effort to escape symptoms of their untreated mental illness, yet, as stated previously, they often go off their meds because "they feel fine" or feel like the meds "make them foggy/slow", etc. Bipolars often like their manic "high" state and stop taking medications for that reason. Amanda fits the age for female diagnosis of schizophrenia (late 20's) and her behavior suggests that she may have it as well. Regardless, I'm glad Amanda can finally be professionally evaluated, potentially diagnosed and properly treated.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    With her well documented doing well to not doing so well contrasting history, recent fire starting with propellant, and add current professional medical opinion, it wouldn't matter what she or her lawyer argued. There is a minimum medical standard that one must meet to be allowed back into society.

  10. jtw says – reply to this


    Why the heck would her lawyer argue that she's being held there with no legal right? The freaking judge SAID she should be kept there for two weeks. How is that not having a legal right?

  11. SoCal says – reply to this


    I believe Amanda turned to drugs to cope with the symptoms of schizophrenia.

  12. Katelyn says – reply to this


    It is sad that you have to be a celebrity to truly get the care one with a mental illness needs. I really wish her the best.

  13. Katelyn says – reply to this


    Re: Y

    not all systems send you home on narcotics. anti-psychotics and depressants are COMPLETELY different. People talk so much shit about medications & doctors but don't realize all the good they do. I was on anti depressants from the age of 8 to 24. When I was put on them I truly needed them because I was not able to monitor my symptoms and anxiety or deal with any of it. Luckily I have been off them for a while now and seem to be doing ok now that I am old enough to understand what is going on and to deal. Most people are not as lucky as I am and do need medication their entire lives. Most schizophrenics and people suffering from bi-polar or depression self medicate with drugs and alcohol because when they use those things it makes them feel better. Once the effects wear off they are faced with reality and can't cope so they go back to the drugs.

    Sadly the same can be said about pain clinics that all they do is drug people up to become addicts. Yes it does happen and it is unfortunate however those clinics and doctors do also HELP people with chronic pain. Not everyone becomes an addict.

  14. siwped says – reply to this


    The best song in a LONG time!!

  15. elsie says – reply to this


    Man what a hypocrite. Like you really care after all the shit you've given her when she was clearly sick.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Glad they're keeping her for a bit. Once she stabilizes, she may feel a lot better, and the light might come on. I always loved her work.

  17. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Y – I had a schizophrenic uncle that committed suicide after 10 years of suffering with his mental illness. If she was addicted to drugs her family would have put her in a rehab. It is not a misdiagnosis, her behavior is class A schitz, or a heroine addiction. The hospitals cover all of their bases before they diagnose someone with mental illness, she was probably drug tested. If their were drugs in her system they would have deemed her a drug addict, not a normal person suffering of a mental illness. My uncle found out about his schizophrenia when he was in his 20's also. Sorry to hear about your sister and how upset you are about it, but do not knock down doctors for prescribing some medicine that could potentially bring her back to normal by adjusting the chemical imbalance in her brain with medicine. Not all doctors are bad people, or perfect. Misdiagnosis happens, but if she is responding positively to medications, thats a tell tell sign that she had mental illness.

  18. Y says – reply to this


    Re: liz – I'm not the one who has the sister. I agree with Anti psychotic medication works. At the very least, it helps to quiet the often angry mean voices telling schizophrenics to kill themselves. Amanda NEEDS to take meds or she'll end up in a driveway on fire.

  19. crazycatlady says – reply to this


    venus_oriental is exactly right. What often happens with people suffering from schizophrenia is that when they start feeling better on medication, they don't realize that it's the medication that's making them feel better so they refuse to take it once left to their own devices, and/or they don't like the side effects. Convincing them that they need to stay on the meds is one of the biggest hurdles. People with severe cases often end up hospitalized long-term, or they end up homeless and wandering aimlessly (like she was beginning to do). The fact that she has/had money allowed her to keep a roof over her head. But obviously even money can't protect her from herself, as her behavior caused her to be kicked out of her condo/hotel room/etc. Imagine though, if she had no money and wasn't famous, where she might be now…

  20. Trish says – reply to this


    Re: Y – Obviously it's a bad idea to put her in rehab because rehab is not a locked facility. She could walk out of there any time she wants and will continue to spiral down.

  21. John says – reply to this


    Stop bullying Amanda Bynes!!! u don't care a shit about her getting better, only making it worse for her! She really needs help, not more bullying by u!!!

  22. JP says – reply to this


    Re: Y – I couldn't understand a single thing you just said, are you sure you didn't get into her pills?