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Amanda Bynes Doing REMARKABLY Better Thanks To Med Cocktail!

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amanda bynes med cocktail gif

This is SUCH a good sign!

According to sources close to the situation, Amanda Bynes is on a med cocktail to control what appears to be schizophrenia.

Thanks to the advances of western medicine, we're hearing that Amanda has stabilized and the voices in her heard have subdued. This means the HIGHlarious and kind Amanda we once knew could be returning to us!

Rather than calling her nurses ugly, Amanda has opted for polite behavior instead — saying 'thank you' and everything! Wow!!

So hmm… seeing as how her court case is today, we're wondering if her uphill progress will be enough to let the judge free her or if he'll deem her situation serious enough to remain in the hospital. Regardless, her parents are still fighting for a conservatorship… meds or not!!

Big congrats to the hospital staff! This is truly an accomplishment!!

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33 comments to “Amanda Bynes Doing REMARKABLY Better Thanks To Med Cocktail!”

  1. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Good. I want so much for her to get better.

  2. fact checker says – reply to this


    um…. it's been a week. almost all prescription meds, particularly those treating personality disorders, take at least 28 days to begin to correct the chemical imbalances causing the disease, let alone produce any marked signs of change.

    SOURCE: I am a psychologist.

  3. 3

    Wishing her all the best. This is a physical illness just like cancer, etc.

  4. Nopenopenope says – reply to this


    I'm glad she's feeling better, but her medication isn't going to "cure" her in a week. I've been on similar meds, and I can tell you that if she's doing any different now it's either coincidence or therapy. She still has a long way to go.

  5. 5

    Shut up, homo. You've done nothing but belittle her, bully her, and do everything you can to profit from her problems. If you were a REAL friend, you'd shut your fucking mouth and give her some space. Your actions prove that you're an opportunistic, piece of shit asshole. I hope karma shits on your in a very huge way.

  6. Double Standard Mario says – reply to this


    Wasn't it just yesterday you were using adjectives like Crazy etc to describe her in your posts? You are aware that liking someone only when they are up and insulting/belittling when they are down is just as bad as bullying right mario?

  7. ohmy says – reply to this


    re: Wow Are You An Idiot - AMEN!!!

  8. Erica says – reply to this


    It's been almost 2 weeks.

  9. Lux297478 says – reply to this


  10. 10

    Perez, I criiiinge when I read the way you write some of your stories. HORRIBLE writing skills. Just bad.

  11. 11

    a beautiful girl, who has a long way to go bless her, fingers crossed this is the start of things to come :)

  12. Bitch says – reply to this


    Re: fact checker

    This is the internet, you realize you can say you're a psychologist, and no one will believe you right? Also, what psychologist uses the word 'um?'

  13. TrueStory says – reply to this


    Re: fact checker – THANK YOU for pointing that out. It's bad enough that anyone has to suffer through illness, let alone have it speculated and gossiped about.

  14. minipri says – reply to this


    She will never be the same. Forget the actress we once new. If she's lucky, she'll be able to work again but with schizophrenia, the odds are that she'll work a couple of years and after that she won't be able to do it. This is a tragedy and I personnally think the marijuana found in her blood - if its true - is responsible for her to develop this mental illness.

  15. MelissaGarzon says – reply to this


    Guys, shut up. He's Perez Hilton, he doesn't give a fuck.

  16. roo says – reply to this


    so incredibly happy to hear she's doing well. a girl her age in this sort of spotlight and developing a mental illness is not at all easy and i think she's stronger than what we give her credit for. it's a long road but it's a start. i hope she doesn't leave though, it's way too early to be letting her out.

  17. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: fact checker – I thought a psychologist would know that schizophrenia is not a personality disorder.

  18. Nemo says – reply to this


    My dad has a mental disorder, and like skizophrenia it is a chronic decease. You will have to take medicine for the rest of your life, just to function normally. She will be normal again, but it will be a constant battle for her.

  19. sarah says – reply to this


    I take a "cocktail" of these medications myself and while it does take more like a month to actually see the results of the medication it's not impossible that there are no positive changes so far.
    I know how many times I've humiliated myself or done unsafe, crazy things only to realize it when I was in a "better place" again and wanted to die of shame. I wouldn't wish it on someone who is in the spotlight. She is going to have to be so strong to move past what's happened being thrown in her face.

  20. At least she's rich says – reply to this


    The rest of her life will not be more than bitterness and sadness. The time(period) where we live is not ready still to accept, integrate people suffering from mental illness.
    We are as hundred years ago with the homosexuality.

  21. I says – reply to this


    There is a scientifically proven correlation between marijuana use and developing schitzophrenia. In most people it is harmless but in someone genetically predisposed to the disorder, pot can trigger psychosis. It is a shame because she probably used it to self medicate for something. She will have it for the rest of her life. She will also probably stop taking her meds the second she gets out and throw them away. Most schizophrenics don't believe there is anything wrong with them and often only take the meds " to get out" and get their independence back. It takes years for them to understand they need to take them.

  22. barney says – reply to this


    Amanda has not been Officially and /are Medically Diagnosed with any Specific Mental condition at this present time Stop saying she has.

  23. Rose says – reply to this


    I really hope that the judge does not choose to release her just because he sees that she has improved. If he knows anything about these illnesses, it is that there is a huge risk that the mentally ill person will stop taking the meds once out of the facility. People with schizophrenia often stop taking their meds, which is dangerous. After getting off them, you have to decrease the dosage when you start to take them again and then slowly increase the dosage to get back at the point you were before abruptly stopping to use the medication.

    Sorry but I am not having high hopes for this. I think they might release her, she will go back to her old ways until she does something stupid again. Then maybe then the judge will think it is serious enough to render her unable to take care of herself.

  24. 24

    she still needs a someone to make sure she doesn't OD on that crap when she's at home.

  25. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: barney – hi, you must be retarded.

  26. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – HAHAHA you make these comments which makes you no better than Perez this is his forum so stay away if you do not like. Maybe if you come out of the closet you might be a happier person!

  27. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: fact checker – Uh no. I was put on multiple different medications and each time I noticed a difference within the first 3 days. Sometimes even the first day. So excuse yourself "Fact checker" but for someone claiming to be a psychologist you must not know much about your patients or their medications. Im speaking from experience, not a text book.

  28. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Heather – it is not a realistic expectation for the meds to start working that quickly I have never met anyone who has gotten such quick results from their medication before I certainly haven't so you are EXTREMELY lucky if that is true/isn't any kind of placebo effect. The only thing fast acting that I've experienced when it's come to my meds is brutal withdrawl symptoms if I forget them for more than a day. a lot of combinations of medications dont even work well for some people. The realistic expectation that doctors advise when you start taking these medications is that it takes about a month for you to get the full benefit of the medication and even so you are starting at a minimal dose so depending on your situation it's likely going to take awhile to be in a stable place with any kind of deteriorated mental state.

  29. tulla says – reply to this


    I have been in a place like this. BUT never was the world watching! It gets better I promise.

  30. Jjgez says – reply to this


    "HIGHlarious"? This isn't a fucking joke, you sick fucks. This chick has a mental illness. Maybe you should stood up for the rights of those with mental illnesses, as much as you do for people who are LGBT, perhaps then you wouldn't be such a fucking asshole. So shut your fucking mouth.

  31. yvette says – reply to this


    Re: minipri

    …. wow, more ignorant comment award. If you knew anything about schizo… you would know that genes are required for schizo transmission. You must have the schizo gene if the disease eventually activates.

  32. Ashelynne says – reply to this


    Re: fact checker – EXACTLY!!! No doubt she suffers from the disease it was pretty easy to tell she could have the "gift" of schizophrenia or mpd that helped her to create all her fabulous characters on The Amanda Show. I've thought it LONG before all this happened. Unfortunately it appears it all got out of control when substance abuse might of failed in quieting the internal riot. I know from experience as someone with bi-polar, ocd, ptsd, and adhd that help does NOT happen overnight! It usually takes me three weeks to get rid of the nausea and dizziness after being off meds for a while or adjusting to a higher dose. Most people are well aware of 30-90 days of adjustment before real change is seen or someone stabilizes.

  33. Andrew Lloyd says – reply to this


    Re: fact checker – Schizophrenia is not a personality disorder. Also, medications used to treat acute onset of the kinds of symptoms she seemed to be exhibiting do, in fact, work fairly rapidly.

    I call BS on the claim that you are a psychologist.