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Do YOU Think Michael Jackson Was A Child Molester???

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That's bold!!

What do U think???

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351 comments to “Do YOU Think Michael Jackson Was A Child Molester???”

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  1. jesse says – reply to this


    i don't believe in that, he was a good man! :)

  2. tilor says – reply to this


    pftttt, he was innocent!

  3. brittneyfan says – reply to this


    no, 100% no he was innocent

  4. Glenn says – reply to this


    Re: bomo – "Kippy said "I think he fits the profile".
    Bollocks, I'm willing to bet you're not a psychologist and so know nothing about the profile. Also, you never probably never met Jackson let alone spend any significant amount of time with him so are not in a position to judge. I personally have knowledge of the 1993 allegation and the 2005 trial and I can say with 100% certainty that Jackson did NOT molest either child IMO. The first one was a shake down. How else do you desribe it when a family decides to file a civil claim for financial gain rather than inform the police?? The 2005 case was an exploitation by a mother and family who had already defrauded their health insurance company, local charities and had a history of lying in court. In fact one of the kids even admitted to lying in court in 2005! Not only that but the mother contacted lawyers about going after Jackson BEFORE she even met him!" so true, 100% agree!

  5. Ara11 says – reply to this


    Re: C – After studying the police & FBI files in depth, I'm pretty sure he wasn't.

  6. Ann says – reply to this


    WACKO JACKSON IS GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! ALL the facts support it. He PAID OFF at least 3 FAMILIES, and I repeat, 3 FAMILIES, PROVEN FACTS! MJ LUNATICS are only gaining more haters with all this BS talk of his innocence when he was clearly guilty as Hell! He should been more honest and not such a master manipulator, and ADMITTED HE needed the help! But instead he continued to decieve innocent children with phony charity schemes, and invite them his neverland, get them drunk, give them porn, pay the parents to take a hike while he molested innocent children behind bedroom doors that were rigged with alarms bells, and whistles to prevent his criminal activities from being discovered!! They surely were not in their popping corn! And Michael INSISTED on boys sharing his bed! Interviews prove it! He told children they "didn't love him if they didn't share his bed", that PEDOPHILE ANIMAL MANIAC! Attacking Gene isn't helping neither, No use in attacking Gene for what is already obvious to everybody! Gene is right! The facts are against Michael, and he was a phony, mass lying pedophile, deal with it!

    As for his music, IT SUCKS BIG TIME! Anybody with ears knows this!MJ Very OVERRATED in talent- His choreographed copied- from- boys kiddie dancing, and his weak squeaky voice prove it! He was such an awkward freak, and a promotion whore, that's the only reason he sold anything!

  7. HS says – reply to this


    NO MJ was NOT a child molester and he did not fit the profile. He was the victim of extortionist and a DA with a alleged vendetta, and yellow journalist looking for a career boost. The FBI investigated him for over 10 years and the report came out in Dec. 2009 and they found NOTHING to support he ever harmed a child. Too many people that knew him when they were children have said he never harmed anyone. RIP MJ

  8. Hs says – reply to this


    Re: Ann – WRONG! If MJ had the kind of scheme you are suggesting the FBI would have seen that. A settlement is not evidence of Guilty. The Chandlers went to a lawyer to get money from MJ who had refused to fund the dads screenplay and the dad allegedly was in financial crisis. The insurance paid the claim for Global Negligence over MJ objection. Two grand juries reviewed the case and refused to indict MJ for lack of evidence. Read Redemption and The Michael Jackson Conspiracy for facts not tabloid trash. The other allegation was from an ex-maid that had stolen from MJ and sold stories to Hard Copy and who testified in 2005 she never saw MJ touch any child. Grifters! MJ was innocent based on evidence! He was on tour many of the time family's of sick children came to Neverland to eat for free and play at the amusement park.

  9. HS says – reply to this


    Who pays any attention to what Gene Simmons says! This is the guy who brags he had sex with 4600 women. He was sued for sexual assault. PLEEZE ! Do you honestly believe Gene Simmons asked for the ID's of 4600 womens or teenagers he claims he had sex with. The Beatles and Elvis settled many paternity claims but that does not mean they were guilty and Gene Simmons knows this. Gene should Shut his mouth. Gene has won ZERO Grammys and Michael won 15. Maybe Gene's ego is a bruised.

  10. 310

    MJ was a Chester. Chester the molester. He hurt children, if he was not the "King of poop", he would have been locked up a long, long time ago. Amazing what money and fame can buy…!

  11. 311

    Re: PM2901
    Yes he is dead. But all of the children he ruined are alive & still struggling with what he done to them- RIP? NOPE!

  12. 312

    Re: raypearson – There were three that were documented.

  13. Diana says – reply to this


    No. A true child molester doesn't go on national tv and say he sleeps with children! His FBI files are available to the public - they never found evidence that he molested any child. Chris Tucker and Jay Leno testified at the trial in 2005 that the same family tried to extort money from them. It's all in the records.

  14. 314

    Re: oriada – You Jackson super fans are in denial. That or you are just very naive, or willing to look the other way because you admire him so much…He was the very worst kind of chester the molester..

  15. Beverly Sands says – reply to this


    No, I think he was just mentally a kid. He was always in debt and not good with money, etc… he was into the arts. I think he was just seeking escapism when he was around kids, not sexual kicks. I think he was sincere with his love of childlike things, not because he thought he could lure kids in. He wasn't normal by any stretch, but he wasn't evil.

  16. Chuck says – reply to this


    Reading these comments, you can pinpoint the exact moment when someone posted on MJ forums that there was a negative article on Perez Hilton and the fans started swarming over here to defend MJ's sick and twisted behavior.

    What a bunch of morons. Anybody who sticks up for a grown man who collected naked boy "art books", slept with other people's children and then whined about "ignorance" when questioned about accusations of molestation (after paying off the parents of course) is definitely on the wrong side of the moral divide. I hope they never breed.

  17. 317

    Re: lilsusieRe: A. – A horrible thing to think & say, but sadly, probably true :(

  18. 318

    Like any of the people who are saying that he is innocent would let that man be alone with their children, sleep in a bed with their children….Anybody with a brain knows that he was sick. The fanatics are in denial..

  19. 319

    Re: Jake – He would wear anything that made him look semi human. What a mess. Anybody who does that to their face is mentally unstable.

  20. 320

    Re: Math – You Jackson extremists never cease to disgust me. There is plenty of evidence out there that says MJ was a predator, Perez? None. Anybody who touches the subject or disagrees with you, or states that they think that he was sick, is instantly a pedophile? You are sick with the celebrity worshiping bug..A-holes!

  21. 321

    Re: Diana – The naked pics and books were not enough for you? Or how about the alarm that would sound if anybody approached his room..? I bet that you would not let your children be alone with him if he were still here.

  22. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: HS – CONT' —- There are OTHER such examples that came from FBI reports!! tHE Police investigated Neverland, and they uncovered MANY TELL TELL signs of Michael's criminal acts with children! Some of that evidence included Naked boy photos and books, elaborate alarm system on Wacko's bedroom to prevent accidental DISCOVERY of his criminal acts with children, semen from 3 different Males on his mattress, the fact that there was another guest bed IN THE SAME ROOM that never got used! Michael insisted on the boys sharing HIS BED! The FBI only went after a few complaints and leads that were active at the time, so if somebody wasn't actively complaining at that moment, like Wade, or perhaps McCauley, or that boy that was in Michael's cabin on that train ride, THEY WERE NOT INVESTIGATED.In fact, even when the FBI WAS TIPPED off on Michael, they often declined to follow through, like the incident on the train!! Can somebody say, MONEY TALKS!! The FBI files contain much evidence of the fact that both THEY AND THE STATE Declined to follow through or press charges EVEN when Pedo was FLAGGED for CRIMINAL CONDUCT!! DOCUMENTED Proof Pedo Jackson got PREFERENTIAL treatment, MONEY TALKS!!!


  23. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: HS – CONT' part 3—–The Facts are on our side, and AGAINST Pedo Jackson and his few, retarded nutty proponents!

  24. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: HS – Ooops, My previous replies were meant for the idiot above you. But here's my reply to you———

    There's PLENTY of relevant evidence contained in the police and FBI reports! Some of which I detailed in my previous answer. As for the rest of your insane statement, some facts,
    MJ DID NOT OBJECT TO THE CHANDLERS BEING PAID!! Wacko has been seen in MANY TV INTERVIEWS discussing that HE WANTED TO END THIS BECAUSE HE THOUGHT IT WOULD DRAG ON TOO LONG, -but why would it if the Chandlers had NOTHING on him?

    —ALSO WACKO'S SIGNATURE is on all the documents, and not an insurance company's, that really sounds like MJ was objecting now doesn't it? LMAO!

    And, even IF an insurance company paid, MJ is STILL guilty, as that only means that the insurance company's team of lawyers looked over everything, and determined that he'd lose the case, AND BETTER FOR THEM TO PAY! And for them to pay that many millions would speak VOLUMES against Wacko's case!
    Grand jury refused to indict for lack of evidence? WRONG! Evan simply didn't follow through, disappeared after getting the cash! So for his lack of cooperation and NOT PRESENTING HIS EVIDENCE, there was a lack of evidence for the Grand jury to review. The time limit elapsed and Evan still was MIA, so the Grand jury threw case out! BIG DIFFERENCE, trying to twist things, nice try!

  25. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: HS – CONT'-PART 2; ——And what about the other case for 3.5 million?——————————Or the one for 300,000?—————

    And Don't suggest to me your biased, lying, MJ endorcing books! I get facts from CREDIBLE sources!—As for the 2005 trial, JURY CORRUPTION is how Wacko walked away with not guilty! There's interview clips all over of 2005 jury members complaining about how they thought Wacko was guilty after meticulous examination of the evidence, but were bullied by the jackson fan foreman into agreeing to the not guilty verdict!!

    As for Michael not being home, Michael even admitted to sharing his bed with boys while he was there!— Free food at Neverland? Lol, more like FREE HARD LIQUOR for minors, FREE PORN, FREE NAKED BOY STATUES WITH ANATOMICALLY CORRECT PRIVATE PARTS FOR THOSE underaged CHILDREN'S TENDER EYES to view, and lasly, ALL Neverland roads led to Wackos bedroom, complete with security CAMERAS, SENSOR ALARMS,ETC, to ENSURE ALL BEDROOM ACTIVITIES WITH CHILDREN WERE KEPT PRIVATE! And just to be sure, Michael went through great lengths to seperate parents from children, and PACIFY THEM WITH CASH AND GIFTS BRIBES in exchange for their separation! All this amongst candy and rides, MJ, what a PHONY PEDOPHILE PSYCHOPATH!! And Even the children described Neverland as a reckless place where kids went reckless and bulk wild!! What a Horrible monsterl MJ was!!

  26. allabout$ says – reply to this


    is this for real? cmon, mj doesnt deserve this!

    !No, of course i dont think he was a child molester!

  27. 327

    No I do not. Imo many people who believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile have been influenced by the media. Today’s media has no concern about mundane things such as facts. The who, what, where, how, why and when of it all is often not considered. Many media people will offer their opinion which will cause those watching the adopt that opinion as their own. One of the many unfortunate things is that most people will not investigate what is said by the talking heads. They will take what they have been told as the truth. That is a scary thought because that shows how much power the members of the media have and how they do not hesitate to use it for their own purposes.

  28. 328

    The first point made by Gene Simmons is incorrect. While more than $20 million was paid it was paid by the insurance company. Mr. Jackson did not want to settle, he wanted to fight but was finally convinced, erroneously as it turned out, to settle. An interesting fact that few realize is that if Mr. Jackson had paid the extortion he would not have gone through the 1993 debacle, the “reporter” who exposed the so called “details” would not have had her career made and life would have gone on. However, Mr. Jackson’s expectation was that the law would protect him as he was a victim of extortion but that was not to be. A DA more interested in putting a Michael Jackson sized notch on his belt and making his career went after Mr. Jackson with a vengeance.

  29. 329

    The way that the supposed inappropriate contact was “exposed” was very clever. The father of the “victim” had his son seen by a mandated reporter who reported what he thought was a case of abuse. In truth this father had influenced his son by administering a drug whose known side effect allows the patient to be easily coerced into believing things that are not necessarily true. The father admitted in a taped conversation with his brother-in-law that there was a plan in place to ruin Mr. Jackson’s (though his name was not used) career if he was not given what he’d asked. Another fact two caseworkers met a “reporter” and allowed this individual unauthorized access to the confidential case file of this child. She was not only allowed to read it but she was also allowed to make notes. Why didn’t those caseworkers lose their jobs and why didn’t all three of those individuals go to jail? (Could it have been because of the DA?) What they did was illegal.

  30. 330

    There is a true journalist, Charles Thomson, who has done a lot of research on Michael Jackson. He is not a fan. He is a person who felt that the media attacks on Mr. Jackson were obscuring the truth and as he is a person who went to school to study journalism and knows how to do research decided to see what he could find. Look him up. You’ll be surprised what you will learn.

    My final comment is that prior to the trial the DA contacted the FBI to request that they investigate in hopes that something would be found to help his case. Need I say more? Had anything been found it would have been presented in court. There was nothing found because there was nothing to find.

  31. 331

    Re: Ann – The case could not be pursued in 1993 because Jordan refused to press charges. Evan could not influence his son to change his mind. 16. He hated what his father made him do and got away from him as soon as he could. They did not speak for more than 11 years. That was one of the issues that caused the break with the family and made Jordan request to be emancipated when he was The DA had the law changed so that should a situation like that arise again he would be able to pursue without the cooperation of the "victim."

  32. Ann says – reply to this


    Re: Liam – Hello, Obviously to gain their trust!!A wolf in sheeps clothing, like the catholic priests!! There's a pattern here! Sexual relations with Boys were more important to MJ than life itself, well worth the investment! I mean look at Michael, he centered his whole life around it!! He even decorated his 'innnocent' Neverland in NAKED BOY STATUES,!! Anatomically correct boy statues, everywhere, for all children to see, and for him to fantasize over! Trust has no equivalent monetary value. The evidence can't be denied, and gives the complete picture. Michael was sexually obsessed over boys, the facts prove it!Where there's smoke, there's fire!

  33. Stev says – reply to this


    Re: Beverly Sands – There was SEMEN of 3 different males found on his matress! Clearly not innocent or asexual, just not heteros! Michael was a pervy boy raper! The facts show it!

  34. lulu says – reply to this


    Re: Hs
    CORRECTION! Stop telling lies TO HIDE pedo's GUILT! And Grand jury refused to indict for lack of evidence? WRONG! Evan didn't continue cooperating after he got his cash from MJ! Big surprise, since Evan was absentee father, and admitted he didn't really care about his son! Lack of cooperation and NOT PRODUCING HIS EVIDENCE, caused a lack of evidence for the Grand jury to review. The time limit expired Evan was still missing, so the Grand jury threw case out! BIG DIFFERENCE, stop trying to twist things to hide Michael's guilt!

    Apparently, there was enough evidence when Jordy described Wacko's private parts markings that MJ gave up the fight, and surrendered the money!HIS SIGNATURE is on the DOCUMENTS!! HIS VIDEOS EVERYWHERE discussing how HE wanted all that to end!!MICHAEL CLEARLY CONSENTED TO THE PAYOFF! Same holds true of any insurance company, they wouldn't pay a dime if they saw that there was possibility in a case, and they didn't have to! And they paid MILLIONS!! Add to that, Pedo GAG -ordered the Chandlers!

  35. lulu says – reply to this


    And other facts, like There is evidence IN THE FBI FILES of Michael engaging in criminal activity with chilidren, but the FBI declined to follow through! Example for you Pedo Jackson Maniacs- MICHAEL JACKSON WAS WITNESSED DURING A TRAIN RIDE TAKING A BOY BACK TO HIS PRIVATE SUITE, AND SEVERAL WITNESSES HEARD SUGGESTIVE NOISES COMING FROM THE CABIN! THE WITNESSES were so disturbed by the noises they COMPLAINED, But THE FBI DECLINED TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON THIS VERY TELLING INCIDENT. PROOF-MJ got Favors from FBI! That boy has yet to file any complaints, like so many other MJ victims, doesn't make Michael LESS GUILTY!

  36. Ara says – reply to this


    At the conclusion of the 2005 trial, Rolling Stone investigative reporter Matt Taibbi—who was no admirer of Jackson—wrote the following:

    Excerpt from “The Nation in the Mirror” Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone. Iss. 977/978 New York:

    "Ostensibly a story about bringing a child molester to justice, the Michael Jackson trial would instead be a kind of homecoming parade of insipid American types grifters, suckers and no-talent schemers. The first month or so of the trial featured the most compromised collection of prosecution witnesses ever assembled in an American criminal case – a group of convicted liars, paid gossip hawkers or worse.

    "And then there was the accuser’s mother, who had to plead the Fifth Amendment on the first day of her testimony – a witness so completely full of sh—t that Sneddon’s own assistants cringed openly throughout most of her five days of testimony In the next six weeks, virtually every piece of Sneddon’s case against Jackson imploded, and the chief drama of the trial turned into a race to see if the DA could manage to put all of his witnesses on the stand without getting any of them removed from the courthouse in manacles.

    "Sneddon’s case against Jackson was bullsh—t. California vs. Jackson turned out to be basically a tale of a family of low-rent grifters trying to lay a criminal-molestation charge on a rich celebrity as a prelude to a civil suit."

  37. Meg says – reply to this


    No he was not. In his Jordan Chandler trial, some evidence used was a recorded phone call from Chandler's father Evan to a friend talking about their plan to extort millions of dollars out of Jackson by making sex abuse claims.

  38. 338

    No. I do not believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile; as Gene Simmons knows, celebrities are exposed to accusation and litigation all the time - I'm sure there are a few payoffs in his closet…

    I feel empathy for MJ, he lived a very sad and isolated life, I believe he didn't trust a lot of people and found refuge with children because they loved him unconditionally, they didn't want OF him.

    Pedophilia isn't something that is easily hidden, if MJ were a child molester there would have been hundreds of people coming forward over the years. We as a society love to destroy anything we don't understand.

    Michael Jackson's legacy far outweighs innuendo and speculation - he was an amazingly brilliant, loving man who would still be here today if people gave him back a fraction of what he offered of himself.

  39. 339

    Re: JJ – truth to every rumor? that's an odd thing to say.If I start a rumor about you are you saying that there is some truth to that?

  40. Arniada says – reply to this


    No he wasn`t
    He was a child in his heart. Yhat people just wanted to make money on him.

  41. Melda says – reply to this


    No he was NOT

  42. intrigued177 says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – Michael did not fit the profile of a Pedophile! It's on court record MJ's insurance paid the 1993 claim for global negligence and it did NOT prevent the Chandlers from filling charges. That would be illegal. MJ was against the settlement. The State of California law allows an insurance company to pay a claim against the insured wishes. Evan Chandler wanted money from MJ and he refused. Evan Chandler the dad is who accused MJ by filling a civil suit not charges. That is a red flag of possible false charges. 2 grand Juries investigated this and did not indict MJ because there was no evidence. The Arvizo's Mom had a history of suing celebrities and was charged with Welfare fraud. David Arvizo could not keep his story straight. They went to the same lawyer Chandler went looking for ways to get money from MJ. They told child welfare MJ never harmed them. Sneddon had a alleged vendetta against MJ. With all the thousands of kids that went to Neverland no one else has made accusation he harmed them. More people have said Mj never harmed him than the few were quasi extortionist such as Frank Cascio and his brother and sister, McCulley, Emanuel Lewis, Brett Barnes. Read Redemption, The Michael Jackson Conspiracy, the real FBI file which was released in 2009 and all but vindicated MJ. The FBI investigated him for 10 years and found nothing. You cant believe tabloid trash

  43. Intrigued177 says – reply to this


    Re: intrigued177 – I just wanted to clarify that it was Frank Cascio and his brother and sister, Mccully, Brett Barnes, Emanuel Lewis who have said MJ never did anything inappropriate. Frank was 5 when he met MJ since his dad worked at the Hotel MJ stayed at. He wrote a book my Friend Michael and discusses how MJ never harmed Chandler or the Arvizos. MJ was a target because he was kind. isRe: intrigued177

  44. dazman says – reply to this


    We`ll never know, but if you or I did it, we`d be looking at steel bars by now!

  45. Streak says – reply to this


    Re: Carpathia
    That was awesome!!! Very believable and I'm an MJ fan. :D

  46. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica
    Thats a crazy thing to say. I mean, you have no clue. Girls were not interested in him because he was too childish. What woman wants to hang around with a kid? The bottomline is, mj was a lonely lost soul who found acceptance in children. I admit, yes it's difficult to digest but I understand it….we all want to clin to our youth. He was beyond obsessed with it. He truly believed the children were his only FRIENDS. I believe they looked at porn together (i did with my friends at young age too) and yesss that could be seen as a crime but mj is anything but normal. Harmless yes, normal no. If he was normal he would have not been the genius that he is.

  47. Taylor Jackson says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton, you are a disgusting, sad excuse for a man.

  48. rosa says – reply to this


    Michael es INOCENTE INOCENTE INOCENTE y siempre lo sera. El siempre ha sido un buen HOMBRE y siempre lo sera. EL sera El REY del POP por siempre y para siempre. GRACIAS por el ramo de FLORES amarillas. Me encantan!! y huelen muy bien. No olvides Te extrañamos un monton……………..

  49. 349

    Re: bleahf – Read a lot..

  50. Iqra says – reply to this


    u fucking idiot don't u know that he was found innocent everyone is jealous of him and his money and why did he get out of jail cuz HE WAS INNOCENT jeez people when will u stupid haters will ever learn

  51. tristen says – reply to this



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