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Justin Bieber Enjoys The Company Of 'SIX' Women In NYC Hotel Romp!

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Yes, at the same time!!

We knew Justin Bieber was all for partying in the Big Apple — what with his underage club-hopping — but we had no idea that possible orgies could come from it.

Okay, he's a superstar. Maybe we had a slight idea.

According to an eyewitness, Justin decided to keep his Wednesday night inside …with enough ladies to sponge-bathe a small army! The source reveals:

"Justin stayed in most of the night [on July 31] and had three Spanish ladies brought up to his hotel room by friends. Then, three more women were brought in later."

Oh man… whatever could they have been doing?? Checkers??

The night before, Biebsy reportedly tried to score the fun with a girl he met at da club, as the lady in question confesses:

"Justin was surrounded by blondes. He flirted with me all night. He was tweeting up a storm while he was there and he even posted a smiley face and showed it to me. Then he asked me for my number, but I didn’t know what his situation was with Selena and he’s several years younger than me [she's 26] so I didn't. He was really surprised when I said no and he said, 'don’t you want to hang out at the after party?' But it was already 2am! I just looked at him and said no, laughed and then left with my friends. He seemed totally sober but he was flirting with girls all night. He definitely seemed single."

Oh Jussy… you can't win 'em all!

And even though 2013 has clearly been stressful for you (see what we mean here), we're happy to see you can still enjoy the decadent pleasures of life.

Just be careful when indulging in excess!

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14 comments to “Justin Bieber Enjoys The Company Of 'SIX' Women In NYC Hotel Romp!”

  1. 1

    Smells like 100 % fake.
    But that won't stop people from commenting on how stupid the guy is, on the fact that these girls are bitches, etc.

  2. 2

    HE is only 19 do people for get this. this is most likely false but come on. I know for damn sure I was doing far worse then he does. its just cause he is in the public eye that he has to be so mature. But he is 19 let him live. He cant even talk to anybody with out hooking up with them sleeping with them you name it. The media is ruining this kids poor life. Its so sad it really is. people keep throwing shade at him they are jealous cause he is doing well for himself at such a young age. He cant even show his love for someone cause these fans harass her. Just such a sad situation. I would want the money but never the fame.

  3. 3

    He just invited them over to pray and read the Bible together. Kidding, he probably wanted company to hear music and talk-we can't assume he was having orgies without proof. Besides, he probably had his friends there too.

  4. 4

    Re: overthere – Read my comment for your edification. If it's posted

  5. felicia says – reply to this


    if Iwas justin I would bring 6 girls (or guys) back to my hotel room… doesnt mean i gotta fuck anyone… somtimes when your young an famous you just wanna know that you can ya know

  6. 6

    Girls just wanna have fun !

  7. Maria says – reply to this


    this girls only want fame! gosh justin loves selena is so obvious.

  8. melissa says – reply to this


    Justin didnt do anything wron and he loves selena so people should chill about this

  9. Coach Red says – reply to this


    It is so funny watching him grabbing his crotch trying to find an actual appendage between his girly little legs! Sorry JB, nothing there! OH, and pull up your PANTS!

  10. Snotsie says – reply to this


    That's because it took 6 of them to find his dick.

  11. 11

    Re: Snotsie – you my friend, have just won the Internet.

  12. Sarah says – reply to this


    Leave the kid alone?! why don't you report on any of the good he does? He apparently bought pizza and got blankets for all of his fans waiting outside his hotel room in NYC, and just won a HUGE award? He's a 19 year old good looking kid..hes not supposed to be around girls? First you gossip about him underage clubbing, and now he decides to stay in for the night, and you assume he is doing the worst. The media is looking for news, and ready to pounce at any little ounce of story that might be out there about him, regardless if there is any fact to the story. That is so wrong!!!!

  13. 13

    How does anybody know for a fact that these women even went to see him instead of crew members? As for him being with women, what 19 year old guy is going to live the life of a monk unless you are training to be a monk? As long as he is playing safe, he should have all the fun he wants. You are only young once, and there are a lot of grown men and teens who wish they could switch places with Justin Bieber and have women throw themselves at them.

  14. Sayira says – reply to this


    Is this article even real?? And if it is, why the hell is he bringing 6 women up to his hotel room? Didn't he just surprise selena on her birthday? I'm confused.