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Leah Remini Dishes On Scientology's Dirty Little Secrets In Her New Tell-All! Get Book Deets HERE!

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leah remini planning tell all book scientology departure tom cruise katie holmes

It was bound to happen eventually — no pun intended!

When Leah Remini said sayonara to the Church of Scientology earlier last month, we had no idea her departure would be so dramatic!!!

Though she touched upon her reasons already, the 47-year-old actress has much, much more to say!

In fact, she plans on putting all those delicious deets into her forthcoming book!

She spoke recently about her planned memoir:

"[The book] will include my experiences, everything that's taboo to talk about."

Oooh! Xenu have mercy!!! This should be JUICY!

Hopefully Leah devotes an entire chapter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding, LOLz!!

Everyone and their mother is gonna read this!

Unless their mother is Kirstie Alley, LOLz, she's still pissed and def not purchasing a copy!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Leah Remini Dishes On Scientology's Dirty Little Secrets In Her New Tell-All! Get Book Deets HERE!”

  1. Pj says – reply to this


    Would never have read this before, now I can't wait!

  2. 2

    I used to like her then heard she was apart of this horrific cult…now I think she is slime. I gained a little respect for her after the departure , but the info was out there Waaaaaay before she quit. She defended the murder of Lisa McPherson which lead to more death and enslavery. People really need to read " blown for good". If people knew what this cult does , it would be abolished tomorrow.

  3. Wrenn says – reply to this


    She's 43…not 47.

  4. beach says – reply to this


    Good for her. Glad someone has the balls to do it. It's not a church, it's a cult, and a disgusting, controlling cult. Anyone involved with them needs their head examined. It's pretty obvious. The "cult" tries to hide it, but it's just a matter of time . . . . although they will always be stupid people who believe in stupid crap under the guise of religion and it being OK.

  5. CULT-TURE says – reply to this


    I'm sure she will be found dead before she even writes the book - RIP

  6. THE RONBOT HUNTER says – reply to this


    The Godless Cult does not forgive or forget. It works and runs like the Mafia. The Office of Special Affairs (OSA) is actually a dept of revenge. It will keep a file on everyone classed as PTS or SP. All Celebrities will have a secret file for future revenge attacks. It will expose ALL your sins and secrets which you told your auditor in session and in their security checks, and in their amnesty confessionals. Everything you in say in any kind of session is recorded by the auditor and then the case supervisor sees it. But if it has crimes or anything that can be used later against you, it will be sent to the OSA and put in your “Blackmail” File.
    All Celebrities are in danger of their confessionals being exposed when it suits the cult, because the priest-penitent privilege is always abused by the cult. The cult DOES record electronically all celebrities’ auditing sessions in the Celebrity Centers! Everything in your written file can and will be changed to make it worse than what you confessed to.
    If you are not a Celebrity you run the risk of being imprisoned in the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) camps. All missing staff members or relatives of staff members will be found there. Here is another fact; the diabolical Cult has FOUR RPF camps. One is known, but the others are where the “dangerous” VIPs are hidden.


  7. irishone says – reply to this


    Watch your back. They will "leak" your auditing sessions to the media. There are a lot of COS high up in Holly weird, so expect your career to suffer and to be followed and harassed. You are so brave for doing this. I am sure you know what the backlash will be, and yet you still stick to what you know is true. Best of luck to you. I hope that it will help others wake up and realise what is going on, since the government allows it and won't help. At least maybe their money will dry up if more celebs start leaving.

  8. Laur says – reply to this


    By definition all religion are cults… but I am glad she got out of there.. her poor child is now saved

  9. 9

    Re: Laur – Yes, but this one was created by a sci fi writer who did this as a joke.

  10. 10

    Re: Laur

    You think you are being smart but you are not, $cientology is not a religion, its has no resemblance to Christianity, Islam, or whatever. Educate yourself or STFU. Quit being an ignorant dumbass

  11. Isabelle says – reply to this


    Re: MVPnis
    Laur is actually right, all she's saying is all religions are cults, and not "Scientology is a religion". I think you misunderstood. If you're defending other system beliefs, let me add that one of the definitions of cult is "A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object".

  12. 73A039 says – reply to this


    Re: LaurRe: irishone
    Scientology does NOT have a strong hold on Hollywood. Their power is fading fast. Soon you'll see movies being made about them, and it won't be in a favorable light. Who would play David Miscavige? Shelly? Their Fair Game policies are no longer working, they are losing lawsuits, books are being written, one by a Pulitzer prize winning author and another the niece of their COB (is that how they really address him?). L Ron never predicted the internet. The Mormons are learning about their history because of basic research found on the internet, its affecting their membership too. Imagine their surprise to learn Joseph Smith was a pedophile and polygamist.

  13. MMm says – reply to this


    I am so glad she has left that repressive place! I have so much more respect for her and good for her book…tell it all!'

  14. speakUp says – reply to this


    I want to start hearing about each individual actor/actress slime who practices the scientology crap. Never mind John Travolta and Tom cruise. I want to hear bad stuff about the others like:Jenna elfman, Giovanni ribisi and his sister, jason lee. I am sure these mofos have plenty of "aliens in the closet" . One of these days there will be even more exploding things coming out about this cult, that it will gone.

  15. 15

    I'm extremely excited about this book. Go Leah :D

  16. Ali says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely LOVE it! GO LEAH.
    I hope she blows the roof off of this shady Scientology crap once and for all. Everyone associated with this "church" (while nice people,) are a bunch of KOOKS!Travolta, Cruise, Alley, Mastrson…all of them are just a wee bit off! Why? Why are they always so weird?

    Why isn't this church transparent? Where is the lady whose not been "seen" for seven years! and why hasn't anyone else asked about her well-being, ESPECIALLY Cruise who is BFF's with the husband. WHY?

    I don't think I hate any institution more than Scientology except perhaps Islam. They both can kiss my a$$.

    Leah is my new hero. I want to see her in every movie, on every talk show I want her in every newspaper, blog site. I want her to spill on these a$$hats at Scientology.

    I'm also so happy to see her fight back and not take their crap laying down. They need to be held accountable for their bizarre little "church," that's up to god knows what.

  17. Ali says – reply to this


    Forgot to add that I'm totally sick of seeing Tom Cruise on the screen. He's short, he's odd, he's aging and he just isn't relevant that much any more. He's been pushed on us for so long that the public accepts him as a "superstar" when in fact he's just meh….same with Travolta and all the other "stars" that are scientologists. Their 15 min. is up!