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Miley Cyrus & Big Sean Make Fire In Seksi New Music Video! Watch HERE!

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Did you ever think Hannah Montana would be the centerpiece of a rap video?!

Neither did we!


Miley Cyrus and her smoking hottness are featured in Big Sean‘s video for Fire, and it's soooo steamy!!!

MileyBird doesn’t sing on the track, but she plays a killer rap video girl!

Mizz Cyrus can be seen in little clothing, finger sucking, and making seXXXy faces to the camera!

She totes brings the heat, and this could be considered an even sexier performance than her We Can't Stop vid…if that's even possible!

The only thing missing is her signature twerk!

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25 comments to “Miley Cyrus & Big Sean Make Fire In Seksi New Music Video! Watch HERE!”

  1. Miley's Horse Teeth says – reply to this


    That was boring as hell. It actually looks like Miley made a fan video.

  2. ryan says – reply to this


    why does everyone think Miley Cyrus is hot? She looks like a female shrek

  3. Office Drone says – reply to this


    What was the point of that? Boring. No substance. No talent. Just a waste of money to produce something like this. What is going on with this world?

  4. 4

    Re: ryan – I don't know anyone who thinks Cyrus is talented or attractive. She looks like an angry lesbian, but a second-rate one, because Pink has that market cornered. Cyrus is an idiot twat.

  5. LNFAO says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – YOU are awesome! Your comment just made my day!…I agree with you 100%….I don't know of anyone who thinks she's attractive or talented either…just an auto tuned, 12 yr old boy looking lesbian with the voice of a chain smoker….

  6. fid says – reply to this


    I'm glad that this wasn't a video from one of her songs because for the first few minutes I had a WTF moment. It's always bizarre to me when "artists" change their look/style/sound so drastically, because it means that they have no real vision for their work. I understand she's young and perhaps she's evolving but it seems like she went from this hipster/indie girl who was losing notoriety, then suddenly she gets a bold haircut and starts dressing like a '90s rap "ho" that's gyrating all over the place. Hell, I guess it worked since she has people talking about her again.

  7. pail says – reply to this


    no boobs

  8. 8

    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – I think she's very hot! I wish she'd grow her hair out again, and stop dressing like an idiot, but the girl is gorgeous and has a killer body.

  9. Christy says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot
    Please stop. Miley is extremely talented. The media spends so much time harping on her that people just love to hate her. The truth is, most people spewing out hate are listening to her music in private. I've been to one of her concerts. She's a world class performer. Incredible energy and stage presence. She can work a stage and is a true pro. Enough of the bad energy towards the girl, she's not hurting anyone.

  10. candylou says – reply to this


    well that 2.5min of my life I'm never going to get back

  11. 11

    LOVE her

  12. Minnie says – reply to this


    Miley looks…ok. not hot, but ok. the "music" on the other hand is terrible!

  13. 13

    Apparently all you have to do is tweet half naked pics of yourself, than you too can be considered "sexy" by Perez. Doesn't take much…

  14. 14

    she was better in this video than she was in her own!

  15. _ says – reply to this


    "…What the Hell was that?!"
    - Krusty the Klown

  16. 16

    Butter her face…more like her overbite teeth. I don't know what anyone sees in Miley.

  17. josie says – reply to this


    Stupid, boring, pot head

  18. 18

    That was cheesy…come on..the rose? That was really really low budget and terrible.

  19. little birdie says – reply to this


    We cant stop was sexy? Ok so some folks are turned by manish narcissists. with no talent who like wagging the exact area from whence they poop at cameras to make a personal statement. If acting like one needs better quality toilet paper is sexy to Perez; who am I to judge? We cant stop was tacky disgusting and the dolls looked like they hated being sucked and slurped on which probably mirrors Liams attitude as well. No wonder he cant stop staying far from Miley .

  20. 20

    I think she looks hot…but that's me so don't hate!

  21. 21

    Her dads probably wondering where he went wrong. She ruined herself now because shes trying to get attention.

  22. Drake says – reply to this


    When is she going to hit bottom? She's a total drug addict looking skank. She was once really pretty with long hair and gowns - oh and Liam by her side. How can he be attracted to someone who is now the opposite of who they were? She is ugly now inside and out and her mouth- stop talking. People had short hair before you, Miley. Google the movie "Some Kind of Wonderful " because that's where I got the idea, in um, 1998. No ones copying you, fool. Who wants to look like a wannabe thug drug addict????

  23. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Liam will never marry this DELUSIONAL HILLBILLY WIGGER hahaha!!!

  24. helen Miley says – reply to this



  25. 25

    So ugly this thing!!!! Buck tooth. Ugly face. She's getting uglier by the day. Liam deserves a Victoria's Secret model!!! Wigger is right.