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RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Skips Out Of Town After Fraud Charges & Hits The Beach!

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teresa giudice rhonj beach vacation with friends daughters

Phew! Girlfriend best not leave New Jersey or New York!

We almost flipped our lids hearing Teresa Giudice had booked it out of town, but fear not, Perezcious readers, she's complying with the law.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey prostitution whore table flipper simply hit up the Hamptons with her family and some of her bestiez after being hit hard with 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion!

But there is definitely some juicy durt here…or maybe we should say there is NO juicy durt here because it appears Juicy Joe Giudice was not on hand for the family time! Uh oh, could they be headed for "different directions" sooner rather than later??

Tre still managed to have a fabulicious good time at the beach alongside former RHONJ star Dina Manzo as she posted pic after pic of her friends (above) and family (below)!

We don't know how she's managing to slap a smile on with 50+ years in prison hanging over her head AND possibly getting the boot from Bravo because of this legal disaster, but we're glad she's keeping her little girls happy.

But we sure hope she isn't living in La La Land or else gurlfriend might be in for a wake-up call…

…and we're not talking about our fave little terror Milania pouncing on her while she sleeps!

Ch-ch-check out more pics from her vacay (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]

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13 comments to “RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Skips Out Of Town After Fraud Charges & Hits The Beach!”

  1. jen says – reply to this


    prostitution whore? Wtf perez

  2. All says – reply to this


    Look at Tre whit that smile on her face, you just know that she is totally innocent. I'm hoping all of this will just go away, she is by far the most fabulous person on the planet. It would be a crime to prosecute her, I think she deserves a fabulous life and I hope Bravo gives her and Joe the $$$ the need to get out of this mess. Lets all pray for Tre & Juicy…

  3. Leah DeVon says – reply to this


    Hopefully Teresa can work things out. Have any of you seen the Netflix series Orange is the new Black?

  4. 4

    Come on people! Yes she is innocent until proven guilt BUUUUUUUUUUUUT…..lets just get real here. How can someone who is 11 million in debt still live in a gated mansion, send her kids to private schools and have a house on the shore? Pay attention! Before RHONJ neither she or her husband had impressive jobs…yet they lived like rock stars! Nothing is ever their fault either…not Joe's fault he got a DUI…hmmm not sure how a drivers licence with my pic and my bros name got in my wallet…we're not slumlords who's tenants have no heat…not sure why my family and friends are angry…She is delusional!! Stop praying for her! Stop feeling sorry for her! She bought this all on her own!

  5. Sharon says – reply to this


    This woman is a delusional sociopath. The nerve of her traipsing all over with a big, crazy smile on her face. Anyone with half a brain would be laying low right now. This will not go over well with the prosecutors or the judge. Dina Manzo is a pathetic lowlife. SHe doesn't speak to her own family, yet she latches onto this lowlife criminal for publicity. Disgusting

  6. STHU says – reply to this


    Re: All – She DESERVES PRISON!!! You Treebotts are brain dead!

  7. Cray Cray says – reply to this


    Re: Sharon – Amen! Dina is using this to get her name in the headlines! She is 42 years old and tweets pics of herself in a bathing suit to get attention. Her and Teresa DESERVE each other!

  8. SUSAN says – reply to this



  9. All says – reply to this


    Teresa is the biggest reality star ever because of the hope she gives to people. Look at the way they live, like rock stars without a care in the world. Coming from a working class background to achieve that level is inspiring. Joe & T prove that there is life after BK, a fab life. The Giudices just need some understand and love because the end justifies the means. Now that T has finally made it the Feds want to bring her down, even the Donald loves T. I don't know if the Donald loves Joe but his kids do. So there ya go…

  10. Brenda Davis says – reply to this


    Re: All – They have made it???? Look how they live?????? What is wrong with you? They are living a life they can't afford, cheating, lying, scheming. Is that what you call "making it"? And, even worse, they are teaching their children that this is OK. Not to mention the drinking, DUI's, trying to defraud the DMV and language that they use. I don't mean just the curse words, but the total lack of masterng the english language. They said that before the show, she did not work and he made maybe 1 million over 4 years, you don't live like that on $250,000 a year unless you are cheating someone. Paying cash for things pretty well tells you they are hiding income and they are stupid enough to do it on TV.

  11. asmiralda says – reply to this


    No matter4 how, I still love Teresa. RHONJ will be boring without Teresa. I can't imagine watching Jacqueline on the show. She is the most boring star in the whole RHW shows. She was the one who acuused her sister in laws liars she supported Dannielle. She slapped her sister in law's face during an argument. What a nice woman she is….NOT!!!!

  12. ellegirl3 says – reply to this


    Re: Superhot – AGREE!!! I think theyre guilty, im watching s1e4 now, and joe keeps giving cash )not his?) cash is the "safe" way to pay…joe has this attitude like, 'i dont want to do this'… i think theyre both very guilty…

  13. ellegirl3 says – reply to this


    Re: Sharon – we obviously she doesnt even have half a brain…. have you seen her forehead???