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Hmmm, we wonder if cocktails were involved?? We certainly have our suspicions, but we're not saying anything for sure about Henry Cavill's big night out … Read more…

19 comments to “Henry Cavill Caught Looking A Little Worse For The Wear Alongside Mystery Woman In London!”

  1. 1

    It was probably his friend. Another BEard tactic fail. Just go lock yourself in your mansion with a house twink and call it a day until the next Superman dude.

  2. Hannah Linda says – reply to this


    uptil I looked at the paycheck which was of $4013, I accept that my best friend could realey bringing in money parttime on there computar.. there aunts neighbour had bean doing this for only seventeen months and resently paid the mortgage on there villa and bourt a gorgeous BMW 5-series. I went here, w­w­w.b­u­z­z­9­0.c­o­m

  3. Dan says – reply to this


    He picked up a ho in a bar and they both look drunk.

  4. He's hot says – reply to this


    Henry is so super hot.

    Perez you keep saying you aren't getting laid - I'll tell you why— It's Your HAIR! Cut those long, messy curls off and have a more streamlined look. IT's IMPORTANT!

  5. Tezza says – reply to this


    Your version of events is screwed as thats not what happened at all!

  6. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Perez and mods, please get rid of spammer Hannah Linda. TY.

  7. Ali says – reply to this


    Why is it that the people who become "famous" always seem to be drunks, druggies, sexual deviants or all of the above? It seems like all of them are train wrecks. I wonder why Hollywood brass doesn't start fresh with normal people who aren't screw ups? I also wonder why we, the public, glorify these morons? What makes their dumb-a$$ so special?

    I wonder how long it will be until we see Cavil knocking up some trashy girl, going into rehab over and over and falling apart?

  8. Whatever says – reply to this


    That happened when alcohol goes to head not thinking correctly. Maybe that is his real lifestyle, getting drunk, laid with everyone and screwed them after. Sounds like a womanizer, player or just hiding something, who knows?

  9. Lola says – reply to this


    I think he will have sex with any girl no matter what she looks like; he is sexy; but he should get some higher standards

  10. Monster says – reply to this


    Henry Cavill you might as well party with Justin Bieber! SMH… did this guy ever realize people starting to notice him being an alcoholic and partying too much for his age is a sign of immature man! Geez Henry what happened to you? After your split with Gina you start acting like a rebellious boy. … WB get Brandon Routh back as Superman because this guy is more a decent man than Cavill sorry but it's true!

  11. Vica Eva Bacsy says – reply to this


    Don't be so mean. He's a healthy, young man with healthy needs he has to satisfy, that's all. Do you guys have any idea how embarrassing it can be having all the paparazzis around? He just can't take a step without them. I guess he'd like to have the normal life he used to have and relationships too, but probably that gets more and more difficult to him. What if he can't find a girl for himself who'd accept him with all his fame? If this girl is for one occasion only or not, that's all he has for the moment, I guess. Leave him alone and just go mind your own business.

  12. Diane says – reply to this


    Why its ok for him to run around hooked up who ever wants to and still being praise by his fans " oh its ok his young, rich and handsome " but if this Ellen or Gina doing this I bet his crazy fans already called them all the worst names you could possibly think off! Ya don't tell others that called on him to leave him alone because not everyone would tolerate his bad behavior!!!

  13. 13

    i want more photos of henry with no top on pleaseeee or his superbulge

  14. Prettylady says – reply to this


    If you Cavill fans are nice to the women he dated this kind of negative reactions would never happened. Most of you were so mean to Ellen to the point you made her look like an animal abuser and didn't stop bashing her when they were still together then Gina she was hated also and made fun off all through out their relationship so now your expecting people to shut up and leave him alone? NO! you ladies set an example!

  15. farila says – reply to this


    As fans, they will defend Henry, that's all!
    They will be jealous if he's with another woman and they will search for pics of him.
    I guess you can't understand that.

    But you should recognize there's nothing wrong with going to some pubs.
    He's an adult, and I know lots of adults who go to some bars and drink too.
    What's the matter? He does not even drive!

    You're searching for some trouble with his fans, here. Because there's really NOTHING wrong. I start to believe you desperately want him to do something awful just in order to make some news and annoy some fans.
    You can't just say "you're fan, so you defend him but he's doing wrong".
    Show me what was wrong here?
    Maybe the fact is too beautiful for you?
    That he's not partying with you and that you're not the girl in the car with him?

  16. farila says – reply to this


    What's wrong here?
    I'm starting to believe you're making up stories to have some news.
    He goes to pubs and drink. He is surely Satan.
    C'mon! Lots of adults here do the same thing!

    And yeah, some people can't see the difference between going home with a taxi and drive while you're drunk. That's what Ellen did. The fans did not make up this story.
    Ellen beating her horses is something I have doubts about.

    But the fact some fan dislike his girlfriends it neither new nor surprising.
    They love Henry. Anyway, I would say they were right saying neither Ellen nor Kaley could fit him.
    This guy's choices are weird to me.
    I respect them, that does not mean I like them. Honestly I won't bash someone just because he dates my favourite actor.
    We could dislike his girlfriend because of who she is, what she does.
    Nothing to do with his relation with her. And some fans liked his relationship with Gina Carano, some others likes that one with Kaley.

    Are you simply trying to get some trouble with his fans by seeking for some matters in his behaviours? It's not like he's Justin Bieber or Chris Brown. (or whatever the name of any weird celebrities) What's wrong? He's too good looking? It's because you're not the girl sitting next to him?

    So what? He's broken up with his girlfriends and that justifies why some people can judge him and bash him just because he drinks? (we don't even know if he did so)

  17. Vica Eva Bacsy says – reply to this


    Farila is totally right, I agree.
    You, others, go around and pick at all the women and men who just do the same. You could pick at every second civil person. You're searching for pretexts to justify your truth - just because he's famous. You know, we call that envy and malice.

  18. tina says – reply to this


    this guy could never look bad.

  19. HoldenOn says – reply to this


    Re: farila – Everything you said…well said