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Amber Heard Makes Johnny Depp Jealous In The Arms Of Another Man!!

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amber heard christian talent agent arm in arm

For someone who wants privacy, this may not be the best way to get it!

Amber Heard was seen with hunky Christian Carino over the weekend, arms entwined.

But don't cry for Johnny Depp just yet!

Christian is apparently her talent agent, so when they went out for dinner Sunday night, it was all about business… and maybe some confident friendship!

The two dined at Montana Avenue before leaving to go to a private residence together. We know… we know. Our brows raised at that last part too, but we HIGHLY doubt anything is happening here.

She's too smart to mix business with pleasure, and she's WAY too smart to leave Depperez in the dust! C'mon now…

CLICK HERE to see the lovebirds at their most recent photographed dinner date!

Then CLICK HERE to see the pic of Johnny, Amber, AND his kids!!! Total legit territory here!!!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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146 comments to “Amber Heard Makes Johnny Depp Jealous In The Arms Of Another Man!!”

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  1. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – I never said to be an insider, but I know very well the difference between a rumor and truth. What you're talking to your own admission are only rumors. (Do not think you are sly, changing the name, because you're not) BYE.. BYE MANDY2 :D

  2. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – Ok Jamine think what you want, I already give up because unlike you I don't have time to waste presuming things on people that I even don't know as you do with me but also with Johnny since you presume that he cheated even though you don't know him and you don't have any evidence about this. But the proverb that says that usually are dishonest people that see dishonesty in others is absolutely true! ;) then yes, I confirm that about Vanessa I talked about rumours, I never said they were the truth indeed. I just wanted to say that they have been spread many rumours about Johnny and Vanessa split and nobody can tell what's true and what's not unless this person is an insider, so since you said you aren't please stop saying that you know for sure what's true and what's not. There's no evidence that Vanessa cheated on him as there's no evidence that Johnny cheated on her so unless you have evidence you can't tell to know how things have gone between them. I'm just saying that NOBODY of us knows for sure if one of them really cheated.

  3. Michelle says – reply to this


    There have been even many rumours claiming that Vanessa and Johnny already broke up in 2010 but that they pretended to be still a couple just to prepare their children slowly to the truth so if this rumour is true (he even told that his last 2 years with Vanessa have been a bit bumpy in the rolling stones interview, so this is a half confirmation of that after all) maybe he started to date Amber when he and Vanessa were already over or maybe not, I don't know, I'm just saying that everything is possible and that nobody of us knows how things went between them because there have been a lot of different rumours and several version of facts, so how can we know which version can be trusted and which not?? You can't tell for sure that Vanessa never cheated as well that Johnny never cheated unless you have evidence or unless you were living with them with them!

  4. 104

    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – Your screen name fits you perfectly.

  5. 105

    Re: Anthony – That waRe: Anthony – There is a video in which Amber says she is a lesbian people always seem to ignore that.She is the one who put the label on herself.

  6. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – ITA I have seen the video there is doubt that she said it and she wasn't kidding when she said it.Re: Skins Fan

  7. Anthony says – reply to this


    My God, skins fan, again with this story of the video? You talk about that over and over again when someone makes you notice that she isn't lesbian. Jesus, you need help and need to get a life. She is dating Johnny Depp now and she dated men even in past. Tasya has been her only girlfriend so please stop reporting over and over and over and over again always the same story just because you can't accept that Amber doesn't care about the sex of the person and doesn't care about what people think. She always does what she wants and of course she was kidding in that video also because she had a sarcastic fave when telling that and people around her also laughed. It's so ridiculous that some of you are still so much in denial even now that she's dating Depp since almost 2 years. I won't label her as you do, but she likes men and women and she has many friends, gay and straight. You read too much in everything only because you can't accept the truth. Even her friend Brittany for example is straight, there's evidence she had or has boyfriend but despite of this some desperate people like you delude themselves about the fact that she's still into women. Stop with that because it's pathetic. She's into Depp now for whatever reason, they are a couple now and they're even serious if he decided of coming out with her introducing her to his children.

  8. tega says – reply to this


    I don't know if Johnny cheated on Vanesssa and I don't care. It wouldn't make me love him any less. I don't know if Vanessa cheated and I don't care about that either. Johnny is not God and Vanessa is not the Virgin Mary. They are humans with faults just like anyone else. We don't know what the arrangement was in their relationship and we don't know what really happened because it is not our business. You can believe the tabloids, you can believe the "insiders" and anything else you want to but they are trying to get on with their lives so let's just let it be.

  9. 109

    Re: tega – You know whaty our right no one is perfect and we shouldn't judge them for their personal life. Maybe we should leave them along and see how things play out.

  10. 110

    Re: Anthony – First of all once you are bi sexual your feelings for women don't go away my best friend is bisexual and married but she still is into women the thing is not act on your urges.As for Brittany I said I know she 's straight I never said she wasn't.

  11. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: wai – Indeed!!!!!!!!
    But what can I do if Amber is always the S A M E!!!!!!!!

  12. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – I'm not an insider, and I'm not those other people and you're crazy.
    And if you think I'm someone else's because you use other names here and probably you are Mandy.
    I don't believe that Johnny has gone to Paris. He was in LA at the time, but if he was, which is almost impossible because there are many liars tweets as some that tweeted that Johnny was in London.
    Anyway for me Amber is extremely,[ hello, oh sorry, wai], selfish. Selfish in the sense that she only cares about her wishes, some kind of parasite that doesn't care if the other will be destroyed, because what only matters to her is just what she wants

  13. Michelle says – reply to this


    Nicole, who the hell was talking with you???? I was talking with Jamine no, so why you come into our discussion?? Oh, dear, maybe you use more than a nick, maybe you're also Jamine, Manie and Veritas now I got it! Look, I don't really care if you don't believe he was in Paris in January because I live in France and I know people who I trust that confirmed me he accompanied her for a few of days. Many people here knew it's true and also the clerk of a famous hotel confirmed it. You're in denial as people were in denial when there were tweets of them together in Creede (Colorado) and in other places. Nobody never wanted ti believe that tweets of them together were true, but they were. Even when some people confirmed they were together last November on a LA club nobody believed and finally we found out it was true they were a couple and that all the sightings of them made sense. Think what you want about this, it's not my business what you want to believe and I don't really care neither.

  14. Nicole says – reply to this


    G Re: kandycaneRe: jamina – Thank you for the info

  15. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – You're really crazy. You was talking to me before. Do you live in France? Me too

  16. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Vanessa too was accepting him the way he was until she probably started to realize how that affects family life. Right now Amber is in his power, this is why he prefers them young, doesn't have kids and don't care about Lily or Jack except for tolerating or befriending them for their Johnny's sake (you're just naive or delusional Depp stan if you see her as a perfect 'Step-mom' that Johnny has gifeted his children 'cos there is no such thing). Right now she just wants to please Johnny by doing whatever it takes to for retaining the relationship and accompanying opportunities. If she starts a family with him, she'll be the next Vanessa.

  17. Michelle says – reply to this


    Sorry Nicole but I didn't get soon that you were answering to my previous question also because it took a while for you to respond. Anyway if it's you're French you should know that there have been sightings of him and Amber also in the restaurant he owned once with some friends. Many French people are well informed about that only you are in denial. And you should also know that many french people can't stand Johnny anymore since he's rumoured if having cheated on Vanessa with Amber, so they wouldn't lie about seeing him somewhere with his new mistress. They would never have interest about inventing sightings. You should know that french people know the truth more than others. We have been the first one indeed spreading the news that Johnny didn't come out for about a year with Amber because he had an agreement with Vanessa about not coming out for about a year at least in order to avoid humiliation to Vanessa and Johnny came out after a year about with Amber indeed. French indiscretions are always right and you should know that we don't like to lie about all this story.

  18. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – nothing, sometimes I have some information about Vanessa, because I have friends in France, I don't know much about Johnny and Amber, but I know enough about Vanessa, what I said is the truth, even if I do not know the details, but I let people believe what they want to believe .. For me it is the same. (Maybe Michelle-Mandy is sick Q_Q) Bye :)

  19. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – The only insane here is you Jamine\Nicole if you think you know the truth just because your french friends inform you. Are they insiders? If they are then I won't contest anymore your faith in them because you're free of believing they are insiders but if you know they're not, then who tells you that they know the truth? I mean, just because we are french my dear, doesn't mean we know the truth about how things went between him and Vanessa. Only them know if someone of them cheated, who the hell you think you are to know what's true and what's not? The crazy one is you if you think to know the truth. I personally never told that I know for sure that Vanessa cheated. I just told that there were rumours even about her in past as well there have been for Johnny and I've just told that nobody but them know the truth. You're presumptuous if you think to know the truth. Can't you understand that nobody knows it unless he\she is an insider or maybe you're God that knows for sure everything is true about Vanessa? Do you live with her maybe? I'm not saying she cheated, but since there have been rumours I have nothing in my hands to tell that rumours were false neither, I'm just telling that I really don't know what a celebrity does and if you weren't insane, you would understand that you can't know the truth just like everybody else that don't know Vanessa or Johnny in real life.

  20. LK says – reply to this


    Sorry for my intromission girls (Jamina and Michelle) but Michelle didn't say nothing bad saying that nobody unless is an insider can know what rumours are true and what aren't. I also live in France (so sorry for my bad english) and I heard in 2010 that Vanessa was rumoured of having something with Matthieu Chedid because they worked a lot together and there's a big chemistry between them that everybody can see. I'm not telling she cheated but it isn't this impossible thing neither. Who knows? Look at Matthieu and Vanessa together, then tell me, don't you see there's more chemistry between them than it could ever have been between Depp and Vanessa? Vanessa worked a lot with him in 2010 and only them know if they had something. Their fans can only suppose what it can be true or not.

  21. LK says – reply to this


    Vanessa is special in an unique way, but many people that were fans of Depp insulted her it's true. Once I even read on a site a poll where it was asked who was better looking between Angelina Jolie and Vanessa and most people voted Angelina writing horrible things about Vanessa and this explain why she never liked american people. They are evil with her just because she's slim and petite. Now on another topic of perez, someone wrote that Vanessa cheated on Johnny and that Jack is not his son…. well Jamina, you should get angry with people that tell such crazy things, why you get angry more with someone who just told that nobody knows the truth? Michelle wasn't insulting Vanessa after all while someone else did it by telling that she made Johnny believe that Jack is his son. This is a crazy thing that only insane people could report. Check in, their names are SilentNight700 and BINGO in an old topic here. They're totally out of mind.

  22. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    LK? That disaster story happened practically two weeks ago. I'm assuming you only read bits and pieces of what I said, judging by including me in your post. I did not say that. I strictly said that was something I read somewhere along time ago, cleverly adding my humor to the situation, asking has anyone else heard about this. Several people on here blow up about it, not answering my question at all, of have they heard about this, ignoring the point of why I mentioned it in the first place. Only two people replied to me fairly. The rest were ??? inept to understand anything past "I", the rest being "have a question".
    I don't want that pointless and unnecessary rant starting up again. You don't have the correct information. So continue your conversation, minus me.
    In fact, it was Michelle(one of them) that kindly replied to me, telling me all sorts of rumors that she heard before, way worse than that.

  23. Anthony says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – You're so pathetic and you think that all bisexual people are the same. If your best friend isn't able to be faithful to her husband doesn't mean that all the bisexual women in this world are like her. I also knew bisexual women in my life and some of them were faithful, others not and this depends on their nature and not on her sexual orientation. Your dirty mind is so twisted and wrong…. well then, if your theory about bisexual people was right you should believe also that even when a bisexual woman dates another woman her feelings for men don't go away because you only talk about a lesbian point of view. Uhm, let's see, if you think it's true that a bisexual woman can't stay away forever from a woman, you have also to think that when being with a woman she can't stay away from a man forever neither because bisexual people are oriented towards both sexes….. no way, also bisexual people can have monogamous relationships as also lesbian women can cheat because cheating depends if you are monogamous or not, that's it. Maybe in your mind Amber isn't monogamous because you aren't or maybe it's just your hope that she soon comes back to women but let me tell you, you're so annoying repeating always the same comments about Amber. Just get a reason, she's dating a man now and she's having sex with him since long. She must like a lot dicks I bet.

  24. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Dorothy – Of course Johnny prefers them young…isn't that the way it always is with all older rich men???? I realize that Amber is also doing whatever a stepmom does in order to keep her man, especially if is Johnny Depp. Whether Amber gets pregnant now or ten years from now people will still be saying she did it trap him so it really doesn't make a difference at this point. They have been together over two years now (maybe more) and nobody is forcing Johnny to be in this relationship.

  25. No Promo says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – So Johnny went to France to have dinner with Amber, but he wouldn't go to promote his $250 million blockbuster? And all the trailing the paparazzi did with Smber and Marie, and no one ever actually SAW JD?

  26. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: LK – LK whatever your names is, thanks for your support and for understanding that I never said anything wrong! :)

  27. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I totally agree.

  28. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: No Promo – What blockbuster are you talking about that he had to promote last January??? And anyway, Marie was just a decoy for Amber and you're naive if you didn't understand it yet. Everybody knows that Marie served as a decoy to confuse media.

  29. No Promo says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – Maybe you shouldn't be so defensive and actually read and comprehend, before you go on the attack! There was a red carpet for The Lone Ranger THIS YEAR, which JD dropped out of, am I wrong? So basically he wouldn't go to France to work, but according to you he went there to have dinner with Amber. And then to top it off he felt the need to use a decoy to throw off the paps. Why go through all that trouble if your still not ready to make your relationship public. And if anyone is naive it's you, since you feel the need to constantly defend 50 year old JD and his mistress!

  30. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: No Promo – Do you have evidence that he wasn't in France like pictures of him while being in LA during the same days he was supposed to be in Paris? Because I have my sources who told me that and unless you can show me pictures of him in LA during those days I don't believe you. You said he drop out of that event so…… and Marie was a decoy because everytime that Amber was with her paparazzi were called, how come? How would you explain that everytime that they were together somewhere paparazzi saw them? Do you really think that paparazzi were following them and they saw them everytime just for a case??Do you really think that

  31. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: No Promo – Do you really think that Marie didn't know that paparazzi were called?? Come on, you're the naive one if you think that her thing with Maries was genuine and authentic. Marie was part of the game and she also knew it and indeed she disappeared as soon as Amber didn't need her anymore. Look, Johnny can hide as much as he wants because he has enough money to go anywhere without that people take pictures of them. He can pay a lot of money to his security team to have all the privacy that he wants, that's why nobody was able to take pictures of him with Amber in Paris and neither anywhere else until he decided to come out. For a year and a half there have been many sightings about him and Amber everywhere, but nobody wanted to believe it was true. Even when they were together in Colorado and there were sightings and some tweets nobody wanted to believe they were seeing each other but the truth came out and sightings of them weren't lying.

  32. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: No Promo – It's obvious you're attacking me just because I defend Johnny because you must be a hater. I defend him because I'm his fan and because unlike many other fans of him I support him and I prefer of not judging what it's true or not about his split with Vanessa because there are too many rumours AND NOBODY OF US CAN KNOW FOR SURE HOW THINGS WENT BETWEEN HIM AND HER and I also don't wanna judge him for what he does in his private life since it's not my or anybody business. As Vanessa told "their separation was treated as if it were an affair of state but Johnny has never been president and he's not a model, he has a duty to lead by example. Artists only have the task to please their audience, for the space of a movie or a song" so get a life dear and go to jamber site to give vent of your hatred. This is not the right place.

  33. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: LK – I can not answer all the stupid things I read on this site. I already said I like both (Johnny and Vanessa). Sometimes I rise simply because some things don't correspond to reality. The things said about Jack are pure fantasy, I can not answer the "science-fiction", it would be pointless and ridiculous, but then again for umpteenth time, I don't have to convince anyone, you are free to believe me or not, I don't care, if I know one thing I will tell you, but if I'm not sure , I express only an opinion. That said I always like Johnny lot as an actor (to me, he is the best actor in the world!) even if he has been cheating with Vanessa and I continue to estimate Vanessa as a woman, as a mother and for her talent. All here. End..

  34. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – hmm.. i'm not insider, so.. maybe.. I'm GOD.. :P :P :P you don't know nothing, but you're very funny.. ahahahahahah…. :)

  35. Michelle says – reply to this


    Jamine, the funny one is you that even though you don't live here in France you think to know everything just because you have "French friends"…. Are they insiders? Don't think so, you're just crazy. Get some help dear.

  36. No Promo says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – You're not getting my point. I'm not attacking you! All I said was that Johnny flew to Paris to have dinner with his secret girlfriend (at the time it was still only speculated and not confirmed), yet he wouldn't go to France to promote a blockbuster movie. It seemed risky, especially to then go through the effort of using Marie as a decoy! Of course I know she was a decoy, as we're the staged pap pictures with Tasya. And I don't care that you want to defend JD all the time, but you immediately start attacking when someone is neutral on him and the subject of his affair with Amber.

  37. maria says – reply to this


    Why Amber would go to Paris for one day for dinner and two or three days later she returned with Marie from LA ? this does not fit

  38. tega says – reply to this


    Re: maria – testing website response

  39. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – This story was denied even by magazines and the only rumor I've heard here was that Amber is sometimes in a bad mood, she is bipolar and Amber went to the clinic, (I've heard about tranquillizers), two days before she show up along with Johnny in the concert of The StonesRe: maria – Correct. Johnny didn't go to Paris with Amber

  40. Michelle says – reply to this


    Ok Nicole keep lying if you wish. I wonder waste my time anymore with you.

  41. Michelle says – reply to this


    Sorry, I wanted to say that I won't waste my time anymore with you Nicole. Bye.

  42. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – oh thanks, I appreciate it very much. Adieu

  43. Nicole says – reply to this


    But this rumor about the clinic, I heard and I heard more than once and I'm tempted to find out if it's true

  44. Rumors?? says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – What were the rumors?
    I keep hearing people call amber a bitch, and judging by her interviews and what she said about ScarJo, it doesn't sound too far from the truth.

  45. SO Over this! says – reply to this


    OMG I am SO Over this mismatched, gross couple. She is using him for the fame and all ther money and expensive gifts she can get. She is a hooker, plain and simple. Bought and sold. She needs to be a bit careful cause she is by no means Johnnys type, ie a waif, this girl is tall and big boned. She is aging fast and in a couple of more years, when she isn't new or young anymore, she will be out the door! THAT is how Johnny Depp Rolls! He cheated on Vanessa and Kate and Winona. He is notorious for it. Everyone looked the other way and gave him a pass until this Amber thing. Here in Hollywood, huh uh!50 year old men with wives and young children do not get the free pass to skrew the new 20 year old bimbo off the bus from Texas! They are both ruining there reps and this is a pr disaster for them both. MID LIFE CRISES ALMOST OVER SWEEETIE????? Please hurry UP Johnny!!! Sheesh this is so embarrassing! And FYI Lily Rose is mortified by all of this. She saw how bad her dad hurt her mother and that stuff really can mess you up! That is from an inside source, for real. I feel really sorry for Lily, this is not fair to her, or jack!

  46. Mayk says – reply to this


    Re: GinaRe: Gina – That is exactly what bothers me, she tries to pretend she is smart and different but at the end of the day she is fake.

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