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Stunning, single, and totes open to some new adventures. Nina Dobrev may no longer be dating Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder, but the actress sou… Read more…

16 comments to “Nina Dobrev Spills On Her Type Of Guy Post-Ian Somerhalder Split & Friendship With Julianne Hough!”

  1. ana says – reply to this



  2. COOLCHARM says – reply to this


    I feel that she's going to fall for another guy on TVD set by the sound of it

  3. Portugal says – reply to this


    The Next personal that will date with nina will be Paul

  4. CC says – reply to this


    Get over your Paul Wesley,Nina Dobrev dream. If it hasn't happened in four years it ain't gonna happen. Besides she spends all her free time with Derek Hough. One big happy "famehoes".
    I don't care as long as she stays away from Ian. I saw her as nothing but a heartless bitch. The way she behaved immediately after the split was disgusting. You don't go on a 'I'm so happy, happy, happy" spree right where your ex can see it. You just don't do that to someone you supposedly loved for three years. Her mother obviously didn't teach her common decency.

  5. Portugal says – reply to this


    I agree with you, I don´t like Nina, She seems a stupid girl, Ian is a great person and he disorves much better than she. I love Ian and i didn´t like see ian with her, she is a bad person

  6. kay says – reply to this


    The funny thing is, the guy she describe is Ian in every way. I think when single girls get together and the only girl in the group that's in a relationship feels pressured. I feel this is one of those cases where she wants to find herself, with her friends. It's a shame really because good men are hard to find when you aren't looking.

  7. Lee says – reply to this


    Lol the plot thickens. Sounds like Nina's ideal date would be partying at Gay Bars in Salt Lake City with dancer Derek Hough. Out of curiosity I just asked my straight hubby if he would ever go to a gay bar with his friends and he said "nope, wouldn't be seen dead in one". Make sure you use a rubber with that one Neens.

  8. hddgc says – reply to this


    she's obviously talking/describing about paul ;)

  9. hellooo says – reply to this


    I am glad Nina and Ian both parted and moved on ..both of them are happy in their world.. Nina is party loving person where Ian is may be different …I hope nian fans and Nina fans now stop bashing Ian permanently n leave him alone.. waiting to see Ian with a nice girl …

    Her photos are are so much airbrushed though she is looking good for a change ..Good Luck to her , she seems getting closer to Derek Hough ..bit too close . peope keep saying she it too young…for go sake.. she is 25 yrs old woman…not a teenager ..but she does behave like a teenager.. i think Julliane,Derek and Nina suit each other …

  10. hellooo says – reply to this


    So Glad Nina and Ian parted ..atleast Nina and Nian fans will stop bashing Ian now …Nina is not a teenager , she is 24-25 yrs old but she does behave like a teenager ..she is a party animal and now got good bunch of friends who comes under that category .she can do whatever she wants.. her picture was completly air brushed though she is looking little nicer ….

  11. Karen says – reply to this


    Fake bitches stop criticising Nina. You know nothing about her personality or what is going on in her personal life, so stop talking shit about her you envious bitches!! I LOVE YOU NINA YOU ARE A GORGEOUS, SWEET AND SUCCESSFUL WOMAN.

  12. evelyn says – reply to this


    Re: Portugal – Never going to happen, they have absolutely no chemestry on or off screen, and paul says she is like a little sister to him. She said in on interview Magazine that right from the beginning she fought against her attraction to Ian and dident succeed, she fell in love with Him.

  13. tired says – reply to this


    Re: evelyn – If you haven't realized Nina lies a whole lot

  14. lovelybones says – reply to this


    She must be really glad for photoshop on the cover of the last article she looked curvy then in these pictures and in real life she looks like a stick

  15. niner says – reply to this


    Re: kay – wat i had thought as well which makes me to believe Ian broke it off with her and she tried to show him wat he was missing even though i think he lost that attraction after her whole im so happy summer

  16. 16

    She is extremely immature. When she commented she's attracted to mind (intelligence), humor, and talent, that DID describe Ian. Why can't she tell the truth for once? Every specific detail of the kind of guy she's attracted to WAS IAN! Talent? I never needed 'talent' for me to be attracted to a man. She's so self consumed. How can she say she's a 'relationship kind of girl' she was 21 when she started dating Ian. How many 'relationships' did she have before that? She's acting malicious and disrespectful to the long 3 year relationship they had together. Stop insulting Ian!!!!!Glamour, glitter, long fancy gowns and partying DEFINES her;she's acting very unprofessional making comments like that and shouldn't be allowed to since the TVD show is still currently filming. With these disrespectful comments she's making in this article, Ian should be allowed to retweet, people change and forget to tell each other!!!! She once said when she started dating him,"Sometimes you can't help who you're connected with," is she forgetting she said that about him? That WAS the chemistry she was referring to. Nina tell the truth for once! Or are you too afraid to tell the truth because YOU were wrong? You lead him on for 3 years for God's sake! Are you capable of any honesty?