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Russell Brand On Sex With Katy Perry - "I'd Think Of Anyone Else" During!

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Umm… Somebody want to make an eye appointment for Russell Brand?

Because he clearly CANNOT see if he thinks Katy Perry isn't the most GORGEOUS girl he could ever get into bed with!

Believe it or not (and we sort of DON'T believe him!) Russell recently told a crowd that while he was married to KatyKat, he had to picture other women while they had sex!

Pshh-aw! We guess Russell doesn't get off on a girl with great eyes, boobs and ass! Not to mention every other part of Perry that is downright PERFECT!

Russell joked about his ex-wife during a London comedy show, saying:

"I'd be having sex thinking, 'think of anyone, anyone else.'"

Talk about high standards!

OK. We're going to chalk this up to good 'ol fashioned jealousy. Katy's career is about to blow up even more with her upcoming album Prism. Plus, the girl just looks better than EVER!

So, since Russell can no longer hit that, he's instead trying to hit her where it hurts!

Whatevs! Katy has moved on, dude! She and John Mayer look happier than ever! Joke all you want Russ, but deep down, you know you miss kissing this gurl!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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47 comments to “Russell Brand On Sex With Katy Perry - "I'd Think Of Anyone Else" During!”

  1. 1

    Out of context, this is ridiculous! Please show or list the whole quote. It could be that he was trying to um, you know, too fast. Or, it could be that her hideous attitude was a huge turn off. We really don't know from that one line.

  2. 2

    Isn't he hooking up with Demi Moore these days?

  3. 3

    I think he was ashamed of being with her because of WHO HE WAS INSIDE and he knew he didn't deserve her.

  4. Nic says – reply to this


    This must be a fucking joke right?? He is so FUGLY and GROSS. If he was the last "man" on earth, I would kill myself

  5. b*llsh*t says – reply to this


    UHUH…i am sure he meant it..being one of the best and smartest comedians out there…REALLY??? but it is true that Katy Perry is just layers of make up and we all know now she is not that beautiful at all without all that shit on her face,,but who cares she is one of the best musicians right now…

  6. 6

    Re: b*llsh*t – She's a musician?

  7. 7

    I like Katy and her music but it is CLEAR that w/o her make-up she is NOT pretty. Her looks are ALL make-up. Remember the pic he posted of her with no make-up and how mad she got? She wears TONS of makeup. Once it is all applied, she can be stunning! Without it, she is like every other girl walking down the street. Not that he has much to talk about as far as looks. He always looks like he needs a good wash!

  8. 8

    Oh, and really, if sex was so awful with her WHY would he have married her?

  9. 9

    He didn't say he was thinking of someone else because of her looks…

  10. ashley says – reply to this


    honest opinion…. neither are the best looking so lets not throw stones in a glass house shall we. Plus for us ladies is that we can wear makeup and a good style can make anyone attractive it is how you carry yourself… i just don't find her naturally beautiful

  11. vicsze says – reply to this


    To be honest I can see why their marriage broke up. Katy was traveling the world on a year long world tour & just wasn't about to give Russel the attention that he apparently needed. Pathetic. What an A-hole. He wanted to end his marriage to her, that's fine, but don't trash her in the media for the next two years. Russell needs to wake up to himself & realise that he was lucky to have a woman like Katy & if he didn't appreciate her then that's his loss.

  12. lari says – reply to this


    If she is or if she´s not beautiful has nothing to do with this ridiculous quote that this guy said.
    Like… I didn´t know who he was before her, so that explains to me a lot about why he was with her.
    I just don´t get WHY SHE WAS WITH HIM, because even if she´s not that pretty, he´s one of the grossest men i´ve ever seen.

  13. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    Oh, Perez. By all means ignore all the good things he has said about her. And yes, Katy fans, he has been saying nice things about her while she has said all sorts of crap about him, making up stuff about how he has "weird" fetishes and the like.

  14. Any says – reply to this


    too bad he needs to talk about Katy to be on the tabloids.

  15. lari says – reply to this


    She could be the ugliest person in the world.
    It doesn't matter, no one deserve this.
    Russel should shut the fuck up and try to have some success for his own.
    Not by his EX WIFE.

  16. Sarah Davies says – reply to this


    Clearly meant as a compliment as she was too hot, so he had to think of someone else so it wasn't too quick!!!

  17. MB says – reply to this


    Did you ever think maybe, just maybe to some guys, it's not all about looks? I'm not going to say, she has a bad personality, but if you go watch the video for Friday Night, or whatever it's called, that's what I (personally) think her personality is, and to me, it's a huge boner killer. Not to mention I am so sick of her music, I could puke. I dislike it immensely. Yeah, she is physically attractive. Sexy feet, and honestly, I want to be physically attracted to my lady, and yeah it's as important to me that she finds me physically attractive (although I AM alright with every part of me physically no matter what anyone thinks about me, not that I'm arrogant or conceited or think I'm physically perfect, because I'm not), but it's not good if I wouldn't want to be around her and she annoys me. That could be what's up with him.

  18. 18

    I suspect that Katy will have at least 2 new songs on her upcoming album that are about Russell. Russell is probably getting scared of being the bad guy in her songs. I bet that's why he's saying some of this garbage about Katy. I bet Katy is volcano hot and plenty skilled in the bedroom just like she is with her music. She's a high libido Scorpio woman you know.

    Yeah, Katy looks better WITH makeup, nice hair and fancy clothes but what woman doesn't? Lots of super famous Hollywood actresses look pretty rough without makeup. I think Katy is a 7.5 or 8 without makeup and she can go up the scale to a 9.5 when she does her hair, makeup and clothes just right. You can't say that Katy is not one of the best looking female MUSICIANS of all time. Compare Katy to those women, not the supermodels and beauty queens. Supermodels sure don't have Katy's talent in the music business.

  19. anonymous says – reply to this


    She trashed him recently so now the shoe's on the other foot . This isn't that bad. It's blown out of proportion as things usually are by the tablloids and gossip sites…trying to sensationalize it.

  20. LOLLIE says – reply to this


    good looks dont mean good sex perez which is why u still solito. lol

  21. lala says – reply to this


    She was probably upright between the sheets. It's usually that way with chicks who are all show. Sorta like someone who wears a padded bra only to disappoint when unrobed.

  22. guest says – reply to this


    Hmmmmm. So now she gets a taste of her own medicine…when she does it, she's being candid, when he does it?????? I think this is hilarious and couldn't happen to a more deserving victim.

  23. 23

    Considering this was at a comedy club maybe he was joking. Maybe he was using his personal life as a source for his jokes. You people are fucking stupid and Perez is terrible at reporting. Also, since Perry has said worse things about Russell in her countless interviews, she can be a big girl and take her own medicine.

  24. kasey says – reply to this


    He's lucky he had a chance with her. He's not attractive ,not funny and there are men with cute british accents but his is repulsing. Katy perry is beautiful.

  25. b*llsh*t says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – yea a joke like Russell Brand made …get it?

  26. kay says – reply to this


    I don't think it was meant that he said it. I mean it is Russell Brand, the sex addict .. of course he wants to think of different women each time he has sex.

  27. kandycane says – reply to this


    To be honest katy isn't prettiest but she's beautiful. He looks like tiny Tim

  28. 28

    It doesn't mean a whole lot coming from someone as nasty and greasy looking as Russell Brand. *shudder*

  29. 29

    i'm sorry but i need more context to this quote. he could be saying that he thinks of anyone else to last longer with her. ooooooor… he could be saying she's ugly and he had a hard time keeping it hard. but with this small one line quote, i don't really know.

  30. Amber says – reply to this


    I think he meant it more in the way that people try and think of things that DON'T turn them on during sex so that they can last longer. He was complimenting her because she is so hot that if he thought about how hot she is during, he would be …premature.

  31. kristin231 says – reply to this


    if he thinks she is ugly, he would instantly vomit if he ever saw me…

  32. 32

    Even if this were true, why be cruel?

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's really tongue in cheek. It's part of his comedy routine. The crack might be comedic irony. She really is that beautiful, and there's the man joke.

  34. 34

    that's also what I thought. Men think of other women to turn themselves off of the present situation as to last longer

  35. 35

    she deserves it she started dissing him first

  36. 36

    Only a complete douche bag kisses and tells. What a low life. You would have to think of someone else if you were with that goof ball.

  37. 37

    Katy Perry has been bashing him eversince they got a divorce. Didn't she throw a "divorce party"? Wasn't she telling everyone and their mother how she was completely innocent about the divorce? What about her parents "thanking God every day for their divorce"? And what about the dirt she claims she has on him that she's saving "for a rainy day"?
    Russell has never said a single bad word about Katy, all he ever said was how he loved being married and that she was a beautiful person. I am sure that this is entirely out of context, but even if he decided that he's had enough of taking the high road when she has been talking shit for the past two years, GOOD FOR HIM!
    Everyone who thinks this is about looks is an idiot. There are a million reasons to picture someone else why having sex.

  38. Danielle says – reply to this


    Obvi it was a joke… Im sure that reading the WHOLE statement its completely different

  39. Casey says – reply to this


    I agree he's so jealous! It really seems like he felt inferior to her because he knew she was more awesome than him. He didn't deserve her at all! John Mayer doesn't either, but maybe he's changed. :fingers crossed

  40. Tumblraddict says – reply to this


    From what I've heard through the rumor mill, John Mayer thinks about someone else too. Come on Katy-bird, find a guy who's actually into you girl, and not just pretending to be!

  41. kim says – reply to this


    If this is true is just sounds like sour grapes. Clearly Katy is sexy.

  42. kristina says – reply to this


    Obviously taken out of context, doing so, you might as well make it all up Perez. Please!

  43. 43

    Wow. Way to take PART of a quote and use it out of context. I have read the WHOLE quote and it is clear that he wasn't at ALL insulting her appearance. He was poking fun at HIMSELF and the challenges he faced with marriage and monogamy. It had nothing to do with her appearance.

    And BTW Russell has been FAR more mature publicly about their split than Katy Perry has. He is also a comedian and after all her digs at him, he has every right to use her in a joke during his act.

  44. Jake says – reply to this


    I don't care how gorgeous you look on the outside you can still be a dead fish in bed. I'm willing to bet she frigid.

  45. Erin says – reply to this


    This is why I RARELY check this site… Seriously? If you were gettin laid by a hot person, you'd know he probably meant he did it so he wouldn't explode in 2 seconds. Not because he would rather be with other women. Always makin drama out of nothing!

  46. Will Jones says – reply to this


    Russell Brand, who's proven himself a homosexual whacking off another guy, should either stay away from women or keep his mouth shut.

  47. 47

    The guy is a pig sorry.