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OMG this is like a Harlequin romance novel!! Well, minus the sensual sexy stuff... at least for this version, LOL!! Like most of the world, you were… Read more…

18 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Reunion: Inside Their 'Sad' Romantic Tension!”

  1. 1

    How FAKE can you get.
    Where do you COPY these stories from, Perez ?

  2. 2

    I wish he would just leave her alone and let her move on without him. He is the one who doesn't want the relationship, so go away Rob.

  3. 3

    The immature fangirl part of me wants them to get back together and have a baby called renesmee but what would be best for them is to move on

  4. Renesmee!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    Re: mandiesmiley – I am with you there, except for the thinking I have any clue regarding what is best for them. But they should totally have after break up missed you sex, make a baby, name it Renesmee, get back together, invite me to their wedding, and oh wait did I type that? All the speculation is inevitable, but I think most sane types will know that if you have dogs together, lived together, were friends and lovers for years, yeah they might see each other now and then. Doesn't mean anything to us.

  5. mary says – reply to this


    Dear Perez..stop taking every opportunity to remind the world that she cheated on him….we know…you can't take a day without reminding us of that…it's also quite apparent that you have a crush on him and would love nothing more than for the rest of the world to tar and feather Kristen. ..no one knows for sure what went on..why she strayed…why then ended it again…you're worse than the mean girls in high school..you sure talk enough about stopping bullies but you're probably the worst one on social media

  6. desi says – reply to this


    OMG you and his so-called friend don't know when to stop. Robert really needs to talk to his associates about what they can say. Let Robert and Kristen figure it out on their own. I hope thing workout for them. Robert IS NOT with Riley. I saw a photo of Riley with her ex-fiancé Alex Pettyfer and they were close to each other. I don't believe you mention that Perez.

  7. 7

    Hello Kristen: I for one do not think this is the last chapter. …and I am Debra!

  8. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Anyone who is really close to Kristen and Rob would never tell you anything. There are only two people who really know what's going on. Kristen and Rob.

  9. Lisa says – reply to this


    It's obvious these two still love each other so the only reason they wouldn't get back together is if Rob's ego is too big for him to truly forgive Kristen and give them another chance. If that is the case and Rob is willing to sacrifice love for the sake of ego and public opinion then he doesn't deserve Kristen…or anyone really because he has a LOT of growing up to do!

  10. Fuckerman says – reply to this


    Why are people so obsessed with these peoples relationship?
    Pattinson is far from the best looking guy in the history of the world.
    He is far from the smartest, nicest guy in the history of the world, and Kristen is far from the sexyest chick in the history of the world, and she is far from the smartest or nicest etc etc etc etc etc….
    So why are all of you so obsessed with them?

  11. suzanne says – reply to this


    i wish everyone would just leave them alone and let them work it out in peace its no surprize that they still love each other

  12. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    NeeRob and knd d to work things out they love eachother still they needto geey awsy from friends spend time together find closer

  13. 13

    it amazes me how blindly everyone is willing to forgive a cheater. i mostly never agree with perez but he's right in this case. let's not forget that she cheated. i weep for humanity if you're willing to just sweep something like that under the rug! forgive but don't forget is a cliche for a reason.

  14. debby says – reply to this


    Hopefully, Rob's not looking to get his heart broken again. By now it should just be splinters. What's up dude? Hope your not that passive.

  15. Amanda says – reply to this


    I'm always wish for you two to reunite one day. Keep on loving each other deeply like your parents, Rob. I'll be there for you two. Wish you two can have the most wonderful life by reuniting. :)

  16. CATHRYN DELGADO says – reply to this


    ROBERT PATTINSON have no ferling for any one but Kristen Stewart his mother and his two sisters WHY don`t you STOP TRYING TO MAKING THIS BOY A WOMANIZER he is not

  17. sheila says – reply to this


    Re: SPNfangirl83 – Are you for real? You want to weep for humanity because some people want to quit milking this scandal. There are many more important issues in this world. Furthermore, this is certainly not you business or mine. Kristen has to answer for what she did but certainly not

  18. deb says – reply to this


    Hi I just like to come to this sight to see what people are saying. LOL some of the people act like no one in there life has f++k up but believe me everyone in there like has made or are going to make a big mistake once in there life. So why harp on the one Kristen made I'm sure she was not the only one. And I can say this you don't read about her being out with a different guy every day of the week or we don't here that she pushed a guy in the face and smiling the hole time so it really a good time to let the past be just that the past ! I think that she will do good in what ever she does. And as far as he goes only time will tell. right not I think he is more into redoing his image and that is in the need of a lot of work. I'M not a big fan of Robert's now I think he a big douche bag but if that what makes Kristen happy who am I to say F**k him.