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Lindsay Lohan Is Looking For A Roommate! Sober Coach Possibly Moving Into SoHo Pad!

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lindsay lohan sober coach moving in

Think you could handle living with Lindsay Lohan?

Well, her sober coach better be ready to do just that because it seems she's planning to move her coach into the place she eventually settles on in NYC.

We saw she was recently out and about in the city where she is apparently shopping for some new digs in the SoHo area.

But she's going to have to make sure it has plenty of space especially if she doesn't want to share a bathroom and half her closet! An insider revealed her living sitch plans:

"The goal is to have her sober coach live with her full time."

Right now LiLo is apparently living with Patty Uribe, the friend she was planning to go to Europe with until she canceled thanks to Oprah Winfrey's wise advice.

But we totes agree with LiLo for, like, pretty much the first time ever. Living with a sober coach is a waaaay better idea than living with anyone else ever in LiLo's life!

Let's just hope her sober coach isn't tricked into becoming her party pal!

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