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Lily Collins Gets 'Freaked Out' By Paparazzi While Hanging With Kristen Stewart!

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Lily Collins is well on her way to superstardom, but there are some aspects of the limelight that are just too bright for the young actress.

Especially when she's hanging out with her friend Kristen Stewart!

Lily is getting more and more attention from the paparazzi these days, but nothing as crazy as when these two Snow Whites hit the town together. Ms. Collins can learn a lot from the Twilight star on how to deal with pushy papz! Lily remembers a time when she and KStew were SWARMED by photogs who wouldn't stop following them! Lily said:

"I had the experience with Kristen where there were paparazzi waiting outside a restaurant and we were followed afterwards, and I do think it's such a crazy job to follow someone in order to get a picture. I get how much pictures are worth, but that is just so bizarre to me."

Lily is learning to accept that parts of her private life are going to become very public now that she's famous, including her love life!

She and her perfectly jaw-boned boyfriend, Jamie Campbell-Bower, are constantly getting cameras shoved in their faces. Lily has no regrets though in falling for her guy. She explained:

"I entered into this business knowing your private life can't always remain private. I don't feel the need to profess anything publicly or confirm something that in a normal situation you wouldn't have to speak out about. If I'm out and I'm photographed with someone, then that is what it is. [Jamie and I] took that chance and… whatever. It is what it is!"

We have to imagine Lily has had a TON of practice with dodging the press though. She's Phil Collins' daughter! There's no way you can grow up with a rock star dad and not get your picture snapped every once in awhile!

Despite having a famous father, Lily insists she's gotten to where she is now completely on her own! Lily claimed:

"Nobody has ever made a phone call for me. Weirdly, I enjoyed being knocked back at the beginning. Being told 'no' so many times made being told 'yes' that bit better."

You'll be hearing 'yes' a whole lot now, Lily! Just be prepared to do a whole lot more smiling for the papz, too!

[Images via Winston Burris/WENN and Ramey Pix.]

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8 comments to “Lily Collins Gets 'Freaked Out' By Paparazzi While Hanging With Kristen Stewart!”

  1. 1

    Good Luck Lily
    You seem like a nice girl so i hope you didn't fail at mortal instruments because if u did then you should expect an angry mob of mortal instruments fans (led by me) outside your house.
    Good luck excites to see the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Dan says – reply to this


    I saw her on Leno and all she did was name drop famous ppl she knows. Now she's doing it again. Saw a clip of her new movie, and she is lethal BAD in it. Embarrassingly, cringe worthy overacting. Makes me wonder how she got the part. Even reviews of it from Comic Con say it's an awful movie that's going to flop. I'm curious if Phil Collins put up a chunk of money to finance the project.

  3. blah says – reply to this


    idk why but she gives off this bitchy vibe, maybe it has to do with the fact that she home wrecked bonnie wrights (ginny weasley from harry potter) relantionship with jamie campbell bower

  4. blah says – reply to this


    oh&i call bullshit at the fact that her dad is phil freakin collins &it supposedly didnt get her where she is now.

  5. Mary Lou says – reply to this


    She's a darling. We all love her. She is great in MI. Haters can say what ever but she is a great young anf beautiful actress . Wish her the best!!!

  6. heoldaebaksageon says – reply to this


    Is it wrong to name drop a celebrity friend of yours? I don't see any problem with it unless she says something bad about them or claim herself to be better than them. And besides, it's the people who ask her regarding it. How does she think she can handle this and that. Since she's kind of new in the industry like franchise movies, the best people she can ask suggestions from are the likes of kristen stewart and jennifer lawrence which coincidentally are her friends so of course, she'll pay her gratefulness to them by regarding them.
    People these days think everything is fake and has its selfish purposes when there is actually a possibility that it isn't. If she's only known because of her dad, she could've just ventured into a music career and take advantage of her father's legacy. And accdg to fans and people close to lily, she's nice and she has a bright future ahead of her. The girl got potential.

  7. 7

    She is just another mono-browed, beady eyed wanna-be poor little rich girl. Without her dad's money she would never make a cut even into the B rated movies. Totally agree that the girl is talentless. All this so called famous friends are hanging out with her because of her dad. They are all so pathetic that it's funny :D I will eat my hat if this "fame" will last.

  8. 8

    have never liked her. heard lots of stories where she's bossy and mean on set. and she name drops like they pay her per celebrity mention.