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Teresa Giudice's Prosecutors Gunning For Jail?! Is Her Orange Jumpsuit Already A Done Deal?

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teresa giudice jail time for sure prosecution

Tre in jail?!

Do they have hairspray and spray tan and fake eyelashes and chicken cutlets and ingredienses in prison?

Teresa Giudice best hope so because it's starting to sound like she's headed to the big house! And we're not talking about a brand new mansion Joe Giudice is building for her even though he can't afford it.

While she's facing 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion alongside her hubby, it's rumored the Real Housewives of New Jersey star won't even be able to plea her way out of this one. Although, maybe if she did some bribing with some Fabellini or Juicy Joe's homemade wine…

But alas, an insider recently revealed prosecutors are going for the meatballs blood:

"Plea talks between the United States Attorney’s Office and Teresa and Joe’s lawyers haven’t formally begun yet, but prosecutors are insisting that BOTH of them do time behind bars. The government has a very, very strong case against the Giudices and wants to make an example of them. The Giudices will also be facing serious, significant financial penalties."

We just can't imagine Tre in jail! Okay, well, we can and she'll probably be flipping the lunch tables if they give her some subpar chicken cacciatore.

But, if she's lucky, then we won't have to imagine her in jail. And considering we've already heard Tre has somehow managed to get approval to visit Florida despite Joe and her supposedly being limited to travel in New Jersey and New York, we think she is DAYUM lucky.

The insider added:

"Joe is more than willing to take the fall for Teresa so that she stays out of jail. Teresa is hopeful that she could do house arrest instead of jail time."

And if she DOES get house arrest, we bet Tre could totes make a special cookbook out of it!

Fabulicious House Arrest Recipes For The Skinny Italian With Limited Ingredienses!

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12 comments to “Teresa Giudice's Prosecutors Gunning For Jail?! Is Her Orange Jumpsuit Already A Done Deal?”

  1. Sephora says – reply to this


    She needs to take these charges serious instead of running around trying to promote her crappy products!!

  2. 2

    Since taxpayers pick up the tab for housing and feeding inmates at 100k per year, times two at ten years each thats 2 million dollars we have to pay to babysit them. I say seize almost all assets. Put a retribution plan in place for the 11 million and fine the crap out of them on top of that. Teresa is capable of pulling in money legally. It is a far more logical option to see these two end up in a two bedroom apartment on a run down section of Paterson, NJ, with a Ford Focus in the driveway. With their visibility, I believe it sends a far stronger message to reduce their standard of living to what would put the fear of God into anyone thinking of employing these fraudulent means of acquiring "wealth". They will still be punished, but visibly instead of just disappearing into the prison system on our dime. And can people please stop wishing anal rape on Joe, and prison violence on Teresa? it's base, and frankly a bit evil. The comments on the kids are pretty frightening as well. Yes, when they are found guilty of fraud they should be punished. But the "feed them to the lions" mentality is a bit over the top. They will not escape suffering here, even in the BEST of outcomes. If anything, people should be so furious over the Wall Street banks that defrauded for BILLIONS, and were not only forgiven, but REWARDED with bailouts. These two will pay dearly one way or the other.

  3. 3

    So Sick of this bitch who thinks she is above the world!!!

  4. 4

    …the incredible foreheadless woman has spoken !..

  5. Diana says – reply to this


    I had a Federal case that I fought for 5 years. Once the Federal Prosecutor brings charges it's because they have more than enough evidence for conviction. They DO NOT offer plea deals.Federal Court is the highest court and they DO make an example of people. No, they don't care if you have children. I became pregnant during the time I awaited trial and was sent away when my son was 15 months. No mercy.

  6. Lisa Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SecretSquirrelRe: SecretSquirrel
    I agree I don't want to pay for them. Make them work. House arrest no good times. Make them sell everything till there is nothing left in fines and paying those they owe. Let her live is the rental over the pizza place or some one elses used house that "sceeves" her and work their way back up like the rest of us do. They will be watched carefully. I'm one of the little guys that all these rich people screwed while living in their big houses and driving their expensive cars. Sending them to jail doesn't do a darn thing for those they took from. Make them pay.

  7. Gessiewtf says – reply to this


    Why don't you back the hell off and stop reveling in other people's misery. I thought you had decided to be a nicer person so that Ladakh Gaga would keep speaking to you. Asshole

  8. Bess says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa Marie – wrong again, idiot. They most certainly do make plea deals. All the time.

  9. Aldo Russo says – reply to this


    Teresa & Joe might have made mistakes but please people they are seriously a power couple. Look at all the people that support them and love them, just like the big shots on Wall Street who never went to jail T & Joe should get the same consideration. She is just plain fabulous, Kim K is fab and so is Madonna, who loves T. The Donald also loves T, Bravo should pay their fees and fines so we can keep watching her be fab. Love, love, love….

  10. maryellen says – reply to this


    Honestly this whole thing doesn't surprise me with Joe & Theresa. What does surprise me is that BRAVO hasn't fired her yet?? I promise I will not watch criminals get ratings!!! Come on bravo enough already………flipping tables and zero class is one thing but 39 counts? Shall we all just look the other way? Think not.

  11. h h h says – reply to this


    Re: Aldo Russo – your are trying to get reactions. get a job

  12. notafan says – reply to this


    Re: SecretSquirrel – I am not sure where you got your number but I found Federal prison cost about $25-30k per inmate/yr. It beats the millions they would continue to be scamming people out of if left on the "outside". I have no doubt, if they are not in jail, they would continue to scam. not a doubt in my mind. They are VERY visible now and that sure didn't inspire them to do the right thing. These two are bold and without conscience. Prison bars are the only thing that will stop them. It is so sad for the children…but it might be the best thing to happen to them. They need to step away from the limelight and into the real world…not "reality". It does suck the kids will pay the highest price though for all this…. (the above comments are "alleged" and if they are found guilty. )