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In the weeks following Cory Monteith's heroin and alcohol overdose, there was speculation that the Glee star lived a double life in Canada. But acting … Read more…

20 comments to “Cory Monteith Lived 'No Double Life' In Canada; Surrounded By Positive Influences Before Death”

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    When something like this hapens, you never get all the answers you need. He spent a great evening weith sober friends and something pushed him to use once he was alone in his hotel. Maybe he should have had a sober coach. Maybe that would not have helped. Nobody knows. The prying needs to stop so his memory can just rest in peace. WHY is the public "entitled" to know all the why's and what's anyway??? Theonly people who really have a reaosn to those answers are his family, Lea and his close friends. Fans just don't.

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    I hope their message goes beyond - an overdose or drug addiction can happen to anyone. We know that. What needs to be addressed in this perfect opportunity is how to understand and intervene with addiction to avoid overdoses. Re: Kabuki girl - Addiction and overdoses affect everyone and because Glee has such a big audience of young impressionable people, where a message can be disseminated, why would they not take advantage of this? Addiction is not a dirty little secret that needs to be kept with only family and close friends.

  3. BetsyJane says – reply to this


    I think one reason that everyone is still so upset about this is that something in the story doesn't seem quite right. I know Cory is responsible for his own actions, but I find it disturbing that Ryan Murphy and the producers didn't fire him (a la rdj) or make a bigger effort to keep him in rehab longer. They could have required Cory to have a sober coach in his contract. Instead they paid the addiction lip service but didn't seem to follow up. I think people are still so upset because it just seems like the people around him didn't help enough. My husband said to me, "if you ever did heroin I would ensure you couldn't travel, I'd take your phone, and we'd be flying straight to rehab for at least a year." Obviously I'd never do heroin but my husband's point was that no one seemed to care enough.

  4. windsorwinkler@yahoo.c says – reply to this


    You can't force anyone into rehab. It is up to the person with the problem to overcome. If they had written a no drugs clause into his contract he just would have either quit the show, of done it anyway and lost his job. Rehab is pretty useless as it only has about a 2 percent success rate. The only way to stay drug free for sure is to never start in the first place. It isn't his friends fault , his families, or his friends.

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    I dont understand why perez is glamouring this 30 year old drug addict…is it because he's wrapped up in a pretty package? Party people, he snorted it, injected it and drank it…and admitted to everyone….he's no Romeo. Did Lea just want a cute boyfriend for the camera?

  6. beynac says – reply to this


    Calling BS on this one. Vancouver is known as a drug city, it is easier to purchase drugs there than buying water from a 7-Eleven. He obviously wanted something and he got it, sadly that is no problem in Vancouver and even looked down upon if you question it. Drugs in Vancouver is "normalized". It is looked at as an alternative and not something that should be questioned.

  7. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – You have a really poor outlook on life and people. His looks have nothing to do with it, in my opinion. But you're saying that just because he did drugs, he's a bad person and that's not correct. Some addicts, yes, are absolutely bad people. Some, however, are good people who made bad choices but tried to fix those choices and habits. Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, contrary to popular belief.

    Using your logic, let me say this. Does going to church make you a good person? Because sometimes it doesn't. Just look to Westboro Baptist Church. They are all regular church-goers but they're certainly not good people. Nothing is black and white.

    Cory tried to change his life and it overcame him. There's no need to label him as a bad person and make it seem like the only reason he's getting this much attention is because he was cute. His death isn't any more or any less tragic than say Heath Ledger, or Amy Winehouse. It's tragic in the same way. In the way that drug addiction took their lives.

  8. who wants truth says – reply to this


    Re: BetsyJane – right on people are beginning to feel and talk as I have since july 15 why was cory alone ,,why did he wait until last day to do drugs ,,first 6 were good days,,where were Lea and Ryan where was the love and support it was all crap talk,,where was the kevin guy who had a breakfast meeting that morning no shoe for cory should that not sounded warning bells ,,maybe if someone had checked cory would still be alive,his last tweet was around 6 am might have had time to save him,,many many unanswered questions,,smells of cover up ???


    I was a huge Cory Monteith fan. i believe that
    Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy were at fault. Cory had NO support in Vacouuver
    please read below
    How Addiction Treatment Killed Cory Monteith

    From his first rehab in his early teens to the intervention staged by Glee co-creater Ryan Murphy in March, the star was failed in every possible way by an abstinence

    Glee star Cory Monteith’s tragic death on July 13 was preventable. Now that more details have emerged about what led up to his fatal alcohol and heroin OD, that conclusion is inescapable. As a adolescent, he was sent to many potentially traumatizing “troubled teen” schools—and as an adult, he received addiction treatment that did not follow government guidelines for effective care and did not provide potentially lifesaving harm reduction information.

  9. want the truth says – reply to this


    Re: who wants truth – hey want to hear from a great addiction counsellor and do as I do Cory should not have died he had no support foe either Lea,,or Ryan,, or Fox tv, he died alone in Vancouver with no one ,,Andrew McIlroy had a breakfast meeting with Cory and Cory was no show,,shoud that not sounded warning bells and checked on him maybe might be alive today I would have gone to check?

    please go to google and type in name mark elliot and read his article it will open your eyes as to Cory and possibility of being alive
    god bless cory now he has support in gods hands we blew our chance shame on ue

  10. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  11. lacey says – reply to this


    It just begs the question: What the hell happened? Why did it all go so wrong. Why did it spiral so out of control like it did. He was doing so well. This story has really touched me because he was really something special. A man with a heart of gold ad a joy to be around according to people who knew him.It just sucks that this happened. I guess the question most on my mind is why did he begin using again in the first place after all those years of being sober? What was it that set him off to go back to that? I keep watching that interview Cory did with George Stromboulopolous and this outcome just doesn't make any sense. I'm beginning to think that he was dealing with a lot of secret pain and anguish that many closest to him knew nothing about. :(

  12. the truth says – reply to this

  13. the truth says – reply to this


    Re: CourtneySucks – you shut the fuck up courtneysucks you bitch
    we just want answers why don't you go back to your hole and crawl back in,u don't want answers we do we loved Cory for the kind careing,generous,thoughtful man he was,,i must surmise you are dead inside I challenge you to go to google type in mark Elliot read the article and see what were questioning if you can read ???

  14. the truth says – reply to this


    Re: lacey – hello lacey
    I just read you comments and I have felt this way since july 15 and then I started researching and your write on George Stromboulopolous,,on ellen on many interviews he was good so what happened on day 7,,,6 days he was good then boom does not make sense,,i hope you went to google and typed in mark elliot because that article really opened my eyes very good reading cory had no support otherwise he would not have been in Vancouver alone,,now God has him and he will be supported

  15. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: the truth – Lmao! What a hilariously ironic post.
    If you're going to insult someone at least learn proper grammar and spelling, you incoherent hypocritical fuckwit. Perhaps you'll have time once you're done ringing Cory's asshole with your pimply tongue dipshit.

  16. Zipporah says – reply to this


    Basically, when someone is addicted to drugs, they have little free will left. The drugs have set off neuro-chemicals in the brain. It feels like the best day of your life–Christmas and your birthday, etc, etc. Real life becomes black and white while only drugs are in color.

  17. Cefalu says – reply to this


    There were no experts and everyone around him was woefully ignorant which is unbelievable since this is L.A. You don't get off of heroin in a month.

    Cory was a good actor and probably fooled everyone. Since Ryan produced Glee a bit like a semi-reality show and used the real-life characteristics of the actors, perhaps really getting involved and starting a life with whom we know as Rachel was just too much. The character lives in her dreams and is not easily empathetic towards others. She wanted to make everything better and have her dream wedding and heroin addiction was just plainly incomprehensible in her agenda. She saw Fin and maybe lost sight of Cory. She will grow from this terrible tragedy. Perhaps her life would have been a tragedy if they would have married with Cory unable to change.

    Perhaps he realized that his days on Glee were numbered and his film career didn't really take off. On the other hand, being on Glee was a lot of work and he was no great singer or dancer. Perhaps the pressure was too much.

    But then many addicts have a number of close calls where they should have died and didn't. Basically, it was his time. That's all you can say. In any case, it is tragic and could have been my brother. Sympathy goes to all the fans. I apologize if I offended anyone with my speculations.

  18. the truth says – reply to this


    Re: CourtneySucksRe: the truth – you don't want to see the truth so crawl back to your hole and do what you most likely do pick up smoeguy go get high with anything and put you life at risk just like a Vancouver junkie which you most likely are and then deceide who to rob or scam or steal from for your next hit.
    you are a sad person who has no life and will die young bitch

  19. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: the truth – Lol, are you dyslexic or just a retarded curdfucker? Keep working yourself up idiot - if my posts affect you I'm winning. Have fun fisting Cory's asshole too.

  20. 2013 says – reply to this


    I'm still waiting for him to come out of hiding and say "america, you've been punk'd!" I'm still waiting… still waiting.. and waiting…