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Johnny Depp Is Full Of Hot Air!

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Such BS!

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28 comments to “Johnny Depp Is Full Of Hot Air!”

  1. Desirae says – reply to this


    I went and saw it. Because I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and Armie Hammer is adorable. I would not say it was the best movie that has ever been done. Or even one of Johnny Depps best movies but I thought it was pretty good it was a typical Disney movie though I am sure if they would have waited to release it when not some of the other movies that were out just came out it would have done alot better.

  2. Me Again says – reply to this


    I saw it and thought it was a lot of fun. I can't say it was the best Depp movie, but it wasn't bad, either. I'll watch it again when it goes the Netflix.

  3. 3

    You didn't see it because it looked awful? Is that why in the months leading up to it you were all "OMG we can't wait to see this movie HOLY SHIT it looks so good!!"

    You should probably gather all your writers together so you can attempt to have some consistency. Seems you're the one who is full of hot air.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    I can't believe you did this video and put it up without even bothering to see the movie in question. Really??? OoO. Copy and paste, indeed.

  5. beach says – reply to this


    You didn't even see the movie? Now there's a big huge surprise. You need to STFU unless you saw it. Once again, I know several who has seen it and loved it. And yes, he was being slammed for the movie months before it came out. Why people listen to critics is beyond me. They are consistently wrong and biased. I don't pay any attention to them. Nor should anyone.

  6. Regan says – reply to this


    Re: beach – I agree with you. Why people listen to critics is beyond. me. I liked the movie. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was easy to watch. I don't think anyone should talk about any movie if they haven't seen it.
    P.S. Perez, I am not crazy about your look lately. No more slams please, about how people look like they need to take a shower. Just saying.

  7. Cathy says – reply to this


    The movie was never going to land in anyone's top ten list of all time, but it was a great, fun summer movie. The Rotten Tomatoes stats are shown really quickly, but there is a huge difference between the critics' score (in the 20's) and the audience score (in the 60's). It would've been one thing if the critics gave it mixed or mediocre reviews, but they absolutely trashed it, for no good reason. I think that was the basis for Johnny's remark, and I say good for him for speaking up!

  8. creil says – reply to this


    Please,you didn't even see the movie!!How can you judge?I saw it and it was really good and moving.JD is amazing.

  9. Matthew Jackson says – reply to this


    Hundreds, if not thousands of people work tiresely to make this 'sub-par' movie yet the blame for poor box-office return always falls on the leading-actor. I've read so many articles questioning Depp's ability to bring in audiences as a result of this films returns. Shitty box office numbers has nothing to do with Depp alone. It's the result of a combination of shortcomings in a lot of departments (probably mostly writing and direction). Actors are constantly taking the big gambles and risking their entire brand when attaching themselves to a new project. Depp is box office gold, The Lone Ranger was just a hiccup.

  10. Matthew Jackson says – reply to this


    Having said that, his comment does sound a bit stupid. But he's probably just trying to alleviate some of the heat that the failing of The Lone Ranger created.

  11. stevie69 says – reply to this


    Re: Cathy – I agree with your comment about Perez. He (lately) looks like he needs to take a shower! LOL

  12. tega says – reply to this


    You're an idiot for passing judgment on something you didn't even see!!!! This movie had so much that the narrow minded critics just couldn't handle it. I saw it three times and all three times everyone in the theatres enjoyed it right until the very end and nobody was complaining. I do think it is a movie that needs to be seen at least a second time b/c it is easy to miss things. It takes no credentials to be a critic and yet people allowed themselves to be brainwashed by them. Go figure. I can only hope people outside of the U.S. have more common sense.

  13. 13

    I wish Johnny Depp didn't say that. It made him look arrogant. He knows there are prescreening of the movie for people and they wrote what they thought it doesn't mean that everyone thinks like the critics but their job is to write what they thought of the movie. It is always up to the customer who see's the movie on how they feel. I am disappointed in Johnny and the others attacking the USA critic's. They will look like fools and maybe bring sour grapes to any project in the future to anything they plan to do. Don't bite the hand that feeds you and don't complain and never explain. That is what he said to Kate Moss. Johnny Depp has changed so much in the past two years I think he should take some time off and rest. He needs to find himself again. The person he has become reminds me of Mel Gibson, the one who is ranting in public and show boating. His personal life is in shambles and his face is showing it. His attitude is showing it too. He needs to wake up again and regroup. I saw the movie and I still cant tell you the plot it had to many things going on. I will have to watch it a few times to maybe know what the movie was about or get what was going on. Sorry but this is the worst movie I have seen and I am not a critic just a customer in years. I know he didnt write the script he just read the lines. His acting is the same. I just saw a little too much broken English and a lot of Captain Jack Sparrow.

  14. 14

    Feeding a dead crow was too much to watch I looked down and just ate my pop corn. I didnt walk out since I paid for my ticket but I saw others walking out. Sad but that is the truth. Maybe the next film he can perk up and get back his spark.

  15. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – About your two posts…Johnny was not complaining - he was responding to a question asked by the interviewer about the critics. I work in a big office and some people said they thought about going but didn't b/c of what the critics said but those who chose to make up their own minds who went to see it liked it. Maybe you didn't and that's your opinion but in the three theatres I was in nobody was walking out.

  16. Kate says – reply to this


    you remember when he said that The Run Diary failed fault of "uncultured american public" and now he blames critics for long ranger flop….ja

  17. Kate says – reply to this


    Sorry….the lone ranger

  18. sleepingbeauty says – reply to this


    yea mr. I cant wait to see it omg, I remember reading those posts too. I did see it and it's typical Johnny comedy its funny as all hell!

  19. TaTa says – reply to this


    @Matthew Jackson : I agree Depp did take most of the blame but that's the other side of the sword. If you're going to get the biggest cut in money than you're going to get the lions share of the blame if it bombed! And remember this was a movie that Depp co-produced

  20. 20

    I have known johnny was going to play this role 20 years ago and was looking forward to it. However, the previews kinda suck :( I didn't see it. I will when it come sout on dvd though

  21. jamina says – reply to this


    I saw the movie, I had the feeling of seeing Jack Sparrow disguised as Indian. I honestly wouldn't see it again, but I don't think the worst movie of all time and Johnny remains ( for me) the best actor in the world. There is no one like him!!!

  22. 22

    well at least the photo was enjoyable…

  23. Nicole says – reply to this


    The movie premiered here, in France, on Wednesday and I saw it 2 times already. The film is very good, has beautiful scenery, Johnny is fantastic as always. It's a western, but it is a modern movie that can be viewed by anyone of any culture, age or in any time.
    I loved it. Tonto is very funny and wise. Very good movie. It's funny, has action and is beautiful.
    It's a brilliant work of Johnny, Bruckheimer, Verbinski, Armie, Disney and the cast, it's really worth to go to watch……….(and Johnny is shirtless…..sight)

  24. 24

    Re: Teenybits – No he wasn't being arrogant, and he wasn't talking about the viewing. The critics started trashing this movie, WHILE IT WAS BEING MADE. It never stood a chance and you have morons like this calling it rubbish it when they haven't even seen it!. It is just Johnny's turn to be bashed by the media. They get tired of building a celebrity up, so the pull them back down. All sells doesn't it.

  25. 25

    Johnny was talking about the critics bashing the movie whilst it was still being made. They seemed determined that it was going to fail and gleefully rubbed their hands at the prospect. It never stood a chance.

  26. psi says – reply to this


    Re: Clairepagan – Critics don't keep people from seeing a movie.There're too many low rated movies out there that made it big at the box office or have at least done well, no matter what the critics said.
    I agree with you that it's just Johnny's time to be bashed by the media.

  27. Cath says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, do you even have a brain cell? How about you watch it to find out for yourself. Oh, and by the way, I loved it, and I want to go see it again!

  28. 28

    Re: psi – most of these movies are part of already popular franchises or horror low budget movies.
    the critics did keep most the people away from TLR.
    he just got trashed because the movie got trashed. its not forever. he will do a movie that they will like and they will build him up.