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Doth OWN protest too much? Although Lindsay Lohan has been recently been a spokesperson for HIGHlarity, her association with just being high is causing c… Read more…

12 comments to “Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network Says It’s The “Perfect Brand” For Lindsay Lohan Reality Series!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    WHY is this big black DOPE giving her a million dollars to buy more drugs ? ? ? Of course for the t.v. cameras she is going to act all rehabilitated and all, but she'll be snort'n up a freeway with all that $$$ Doprah has given her ! Stupid stupid stupid !

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    IF Doprah REALLY careds, she would hire a sobriety coach 24/7 for this loser for the next year ! AND, put the $$$ she is giving her in escrow, to be given after she has proven she can stay off the blow, and Gerard Butler ! ;)

  3. madmike says – reply to this


    Oh Fauxprah - RETIRE ALREADY GIRL! …. God she's like herpes. GO AWAY and stay there.

  4. ms trudy says – reply to this


    lindsay has talked a lot of bullshit a lot of times. she has a very long road to prove that she is deserving of anyone's trust or concern. i hope that she stays on the path of recovery but my money is on another train wreck. so, let the games begin…

  5. 5

    Oprah has turned into a bottom feeder. I think she is hoping for ratings if (when) Lindsay falls off the wagon. And I wouldn't put it past her to give Lindsay a little shove off the wagon if the rating need help.

  6. 6

    Oprah Winfrey is a two-faced, racist asshole. I hope her shitty network sinks, and that she goes the fuck away already. Her moralizing is tiresome, and as she conveniently forgets that white people put her ugly black ass on the map, and the fact that slavery put her ugly black ass here to get rich, she's losing her audience. She needs to shut her big mouth about the imaginary racism she suffers and stop being the black Jerry Springer.

  7. 7

    Lindsay "Okra…per our contract…will you bend-over so I can LICK your EXTREMELY FAT ASS?"

  8. Rosie 0H says – reply to this


    Oh WOW, what an original idea (Deserves a Freedom Medal, ya think ?)
    Take a minor celeb, put them in front of a camera , and let them makes an ass of themselves
    And if your a fat black lesbian racist, use a white gurl, one who is addicted to booze, drugs ,dick, and girl on girl action
    This will make black people look better by comparison

  9. beach says – reply to this


    Shame on Oprah for stooping so low to make a buck. Lindsay doesn't deserve our attention anymore. Maybe in a couple years when she's been clean for a while I might be interested. So tired of spoiled brats like Lindsay being rewarded and have lost all respect for Oprah. She's a sell out nowadays FOR MONEY.

  10. WhatDaFuk says – reply to this


    What a great combination - a field nggrr and a low life train wreck. She sinks to a new low trying to pimp a near do well to save her struggling network in an attempt to get another billion dollars. I hope people remember Miss Oppie was at meeting of the richest people of the world to curb world population through genocide. Even though her wealth dwarfs in comparison she still had her fat ass there because she can do their bidding and play the role of wolf in sheep's clothing so well like a good little slave.

  11. 11

    opie dope is saying to lindsey, come to mama, baby!

  12. 12

    Wow too much racial stuff being said here. No need for that. My opinion here is that Oprah in condoning bad behavior here. Ms Lohan deserves to be black balled from acting of any sorts until she can get herself together and hold herself together for a good long time. She is just playing the system right now to make herself look good and to try to fool the courts, the media and the public. She is a low life disgrace who deserves no more chances. It should be left up to her now as to if she wants to stay clean and sober and wants to have a career and if she chooses not to then so be it the streets are not a fun place to be. People need to back away from the disrespectful using loser and let her figure it out the hard way. I will not watch her show I'm fact I will not watch anything that she is performing in. Her acting is complete shit but that's what is to be expected from an alcoholic junkie just watch the Elizabeth Taylor movie what a disgrace to the late Elizabeth Taylor that alone should have had her black balled..