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We can't imagine many first-time dads get to party it up on a bachelor weekend! But Prince William is no ordinary first-time dad! And he's not married to… Read more…

7 comments to “Kate Middleton Sends Prince William Off On A Bachelor Party While She Runs The Baby Duties?!”

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  2. godzilla says – reply to this


    Perez, I bet Kate was more than happy to get William out of the house for a while. He strikes me as a guy who'd want to "be there' every single second until he was getting on your nerves.

  3. 3

    I hate when married men go to bachelor parties. wtf. That's so insulting to the wife.

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    A little alone time is always good. After my husband and I had been married for a few years I went white water rafting with a friend. When I got home late Sunday, my hubby was asleep on the couch with a picture of us on our honeymoon in Cabo. So cute.

  5. LEAH says – reply to this


    OH THE PROPAGANDA !!! Sure she sent him off to get piss-faced drunk. Right…it's every new mother's dream. ???
    They used to do that TOGETHER, but now Saint Waity can't be a public drunk anymore. Willy must carry on without her. They partied for 10 years prior to getting married {and shacked up a lot too}. What a loser-marriage ! William is so sensitive ! Waity is so boring !

  6. 6

    It's every new mother's dream, ???
    Do they have a real marriage ? I kind of doubt it. Let's say it was convenient because Waity would do ANYTHING to get Willy. That made it easy for Willy. Now he can go get drunk with his ah, "male friends".
    I think Willy does what he wants to - he knows Waity waited just for the prestige and the title. Anyway, Carole Middleton runs everything so who needs Willy ? {except to help make the required 2 babies ? and provide lots of PERKS ? }.
    Truth is Waity and Willy Middleton {!} used to be public drunks together - for about 10 years. They were shacking up together too. Willy and Waity were trashy public drunks. Now Waity has to stay behind and protect her fake title while Willy can still go be a drunk, he was BORN royal. LOL
    I see Willy and Waity as pretty low class.
    They both dressed DOWN to come out and present the baby - Willy in rolled up shirt sleeves, Waity in a cheap looking, short dress. Now they say "no official baby photographs", I mean come ON. They are so damn boring and dull. Do something with some flair and class ?
    Instead bet you anything that Waity will be back to doing more "dress up in the wind" exhibitionism soon. Who needs hem weights ?!
    And Willy will keep on with his drunk partying.

  7. 7

    "GOLD ….LAME'……SHORTS" ? OK, so Willy really DOES skate on both sides of the street !!! Whoaa !!! Likes his back door rattled then ? MALE FRIENDS,DRUNK, GOLD LAME SHORTS… yes we "get it" William !!!