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Listen To Lady GaGa's Applause In Full HERE!

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Check out Lady GaGa's new single, Applause, below!

What do U think of the song???

Sounds a bit too weird for us! And most people can't relate to the song.

But, this should do very well in the clubs, where they will "clap" for her. Not sure how it will do on radio.

Doesn't sound very radio-friendly.

Listen to it HERE…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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289 comments to “Listen To Lady GaGa's Applause In Full HERE!”

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  1. Chana says – reply to this


    Perez, is it cool in the SHADE?! APPLAUSE! LOVE IT!

  2. panchovilla says – reply to this



    i heard it once and i'm over it.
    not good.


    so annoying.

  3. Jordi Avison says – reply to this


    This song is absolutely amazing! You've done me proud Gaga, shame some hackers had to spoil the anticipation of its release.

  4. Arm says – reply to this


    Super! This lady is an artist.

  5. GoodBoy says – reply to this


    Re: Julie – I thought of Berlin too when I heard it. But that's not a bad thing. LOL

  6. steve barone says – reply to this


    this is just awesome! such a fun day for pop music! let's spread the love for both katy and gag!

  7. DOUCHEFACE says – reply to this


    hahah you are such a DOUCHE!

    you obvioulsy hate this chick and will do anything to piss her off

    continue the good work and fight the good figh

  8. 108

    Re: ca – Are you Deaf? This song is garbage! Sounds like some horrible 80's Madonna Rip off!!! Katy Perry's ROAR is much better than this shit of a single. I love how Gaga is crowned as the LGBT Communities Savior when she obviously feeds off the 'Rejects' and the Gays. Without us Gaga is Nada!

  9. Rodrigo Caldeira says – reply to this


    Extraordinary, no doubt!

  10. Lame says – reply to this


    I don’t understand what most of you are even talking about. This song sucks. Big time. And I am/used to be a huge Gaga fan. Yeah Perez hates her now for some reason and he won’t say anything nice about her but in this case he’s 100% right. It will be a smash hit because its Gaga and people are brainwashed and hand fed what they should like but if we would all be honest for a minute we would have to admit this is not a good song.

  11. panchovilla says – reply to this


    Maybe Perez is right????

    I mean- when is GAAG going to stop copying other people's work?
    This song is nothing new- her vocals are Grace Jones.
    The music is Madonna.

    and really,… why should anyone have to be so insecure that you have to 'live for the applause'.

    No one should be living for applause…. that's so shallow and so baseless…

    live for self- empowerment.
    You don't need anyone to cheer for you in order to know you are good.
    Just another manipulated GAGA move.
    gaga doesn't know who she is.

    and it seems she never will.

  12. ARTPOP says – reply to this


    Swallow your poison, and wait for his massacre, idiot

  13. Lame says – reply to this


    [re=6500355]Re: This song sucks. Big time. And I am/used to be a huge Gaga fan. Yeah Perez hates her now for some reason and he won’t say anything nice about her but in this case he’s 100% right. It will be a smash hit because its Gaga and people are brainwashed and hand fed what they should like but if we would all be honest for a minute we would have to admit this is not a good song.

  14. Anthony says – reply to this


    Your a fucking hater. It's sad. I really liked when you decided to not be such a dick

  15. Lame says – reply to this


    Re: ndreaas – ….This song sucks. Big time. And I am/used to be a huge Gaga fan. Yeah Perez hates her now for some reason and he won’t say anything nice about her but in this case he’s 100% right. It will be a smash hit because its Gaga and people are brainwashed and hand fed what they should like but if we would all be honest for a minute we would have to admit this is not a good song…..

  16. 116

    Applause sounds like a reductive attempt at Christina's superior material on Bionic. Too bad Gaga destroyed the potential of that album, just like how Gaga is now trying to take attention away from Katy Perry. And why is Gaga always trying to imitate Christina's boombing raspy vocals?

  17. Jacob says – reply to this


    I am SICK of you and your BITTER ways, stop being such a bully. How dare you act like the bullies that has treated me and SO many others badly because of being different or "weird" like you put it.

  18. 118

    I just heard this horrible fu@#%$ song on the radio. Gaga isn't an artist, she is pure trash, and a hypocrite. Gaga asks for fanbases not to fight but had her monsters and Akon go after Xtina. Her fans are pissed that people are illegally downloading this sh#t but are happy to post Katy Perry and Xtina links. Your turn to suffer hoe!

  19. Ed says – reply to this


    Re: panchovilla
    The music may not be new or innovative. It’s pretty much everything everyone else has been doing with EDM for the past 3-5 years. But It can't be Madonna's music, because Madonna didn't invent this sound, nor has she come up with anything new or innovative herself within the last 8 years; since Hard Candy, she’s been basically following the crowd (or as in your definition: copying). And the vocals are Grace Jones? I love Grace, but how the hell did you get that?

  20. Nic F says – reply to this


    This is way more radio friendly then anything on Born This Way, a record I loved BTW!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Heather says – reply to this


    Why does lady gaga insist on being the next Madonna?.. Like stop it already….we get it!!! This song is crap and has no originality or catch to it….it just plain sucks and sounds like a desperate attempt to get back in the game. Sorry but your out of the game lady, try duplicating an icon like Madonna all you want and get naked, your time is up, and has been up for a while. Can you say…SELLOUT!!!!!!

  22. none of your business says – reply to this


    their both amazing

  23. galla says – reply to this


    I hate to admit it but I agree with you perez. and I also agree with whoever said it was a reductive version of girls gone wild by MDNA

  24. playboy says – reply to this


    just a couple of years ago Perez would be licking gagas ballsack praising her every move no matter how rediculous now its pathetic that now he is such a hater just because you are no longer friends. loser

  25. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: panchovilla – wow I couldn't have said it better myself, finally someone with more than half a brain on this thread….people don't know othe music, so they think she is original when in fact she isn't. The furthest thing from it. She tries to promote being weird and crazy but really that's old news, people judge you on your behaviours, actions and words, not if you have purple hair or are lesbian or bisexual. We got the point lady. Grow up, get some self confidence and wake up….then again, your too far gone to wake up…..such a shame for your "little monsters" ….ugh what is this world coming to…..SERIOUSLY.

  26. delgado rios says – reply to this


    the song is perfect. perez pls stop shading attempts you're making yourself look stupid. you have a kid for gods sake grow the fuck up.

  27. alexis says – reply to this


    I dont feel like this is a strong enough song for her! Its just ok, its not at the level of telephone or bad romance! I hope this album is great since BTW was just so average!!! Katy Perry's single is worse then this, the only hope left for pop music this fall is Britney!

  28. Chuck says – reply to this


    Love It !!!!!!

  29. Chris says – reply to this


    I like the song…I like Katy Perrys song…why are a bunch of grown people hating on perez??? who cares what his reasons for not liking the song are…he is still entitled to his own opinion doesn't mean he is right or wrong. We are all allowed to say what we feel no matter the reason…get over it

  30. Ja says – reply to this


    it was a little slow in the beginning, but it really picked up and i really like it. much better than katy's BORING kelly clarkson song, and i most definitely see this playing here in NYC very soon :) great car song! gaga's back guys!

  31. willy says – reply to this


    well let's not forget that you have done absolutely nothing in your life besides gossip. you're a shame to the gay community. but also you gave roar a good review… and i think roar is awful and it sounds like brave by sara bareilles…. whereas applause is better then roar and is original

  32. Ant says – reply to this


    OMG wow I used to hate her but this shit is so good!

  33. Jack says – reply to this


    I think it's good. I don't see why it wouldn't be "radio friendly"

  34. XXX says – reply to this


    Re: Heather
    No one on here said it was original. They're just saying that they like it. Calm down, Ms. I Think I'm So Smarter Than Everyone Else On Here. It's just a song.

  35. Gabe says – reply to this


    LOL if it wasnt for the celebrities you bash, you wouldnt be alive perez! You DEPEND on them! You depend on Ke$ha, You depend on GAGA, Katy perry, the kardashians, ETC.

  36. 136

    do i dare to say it sounds a bit like give me all your loving by you know who? ….. lol

  37. Ian says – reply to this


    Wow easy with the shade, Perez…

  38. Meee says – reply to this


    HAHAA the beginning sounds like Miranda Sings ! x)

  39. 139

    For you to say that it's "weird"? and that "most people can't relate"? It JUST came out and you're already making a broad opinion! Normally you post positive articles on Gaga, backing her different-ness, and now you're saying she's too weird? Honestly, this is probably one of her LESS weird songs… I just don't get it Perez :( I love this song, it's catchy! The woman is BACK!

  40. James says – reply to this


    I like it, its something different compared to other stuff on the radio. you like it perez admit it and just stop bashing gaga its sad

  41. 141

    but i do like it…not sure to what extend yet… but its not bad.

  42. Jewel says – reply to this


    ZZ Top?

  43. 143

    disapointed with katy perrys new single, not much with gaga she brung it. Someone needs to advise Perez that people would like him more if he didn't throw the negativity that he does. "sounds a bit too weird for us!" "not radio-friendly" made me roll my eyes. You've tried to make certain singers career go boom and they never did, your ear for music sucks so refrain on giving your negative opinions because we don't care about them nor do we want to see them.

  44. MN says – reply to this



  45. 145

    Re: Ed – Actually, Ray Of Light is credited for popularizing electronic dance music (called EDM nowadays)…That was back in 1998. Madonna's been remixed in the clubs since the 80's. Her first album was produced by a New York club DJ and her remixes have been playing in clubs since her first #1 (of 43) in 1982 "Everybody". So Madonna DID kind of invent this sound…If not invent, she had a huge hand in popularizing it. Not to mention, Tiesto, Guetta, Paul Oakenfold, Armin all got their starts by playing Madonna remixes in euro clubs in the 90's. So yes, Madonna is the Queen of EDM.

  46. howard tonkin says – reply to this


    No applause.

  47. 147

    Re: Ed – Also, nothing innovative?? Sure, I'll give you that. She's been lacking in the creativity department ever since 2003's American Life (which was waaaay too left of center for the general population), at least when it comes to her songs. But she still does good videos and she still is hungry and her tours are always top notch.

  48. Monica says – reply to this


    Why is this bitch always copying Madonna? It's pathetic. This song sounds like Madonna's Girl Gone Wild…!!!! She needs to be original. It sounds generic. I like Katy's Roar much more!

  49. 149

    Re: ca
    CA you are a freaking idiot. Perez disliking a song is bullying now. Gtfo you stupid slore.

  50. Tyler says – reply to this


    Um…it sounds like dance/pop music…it is hardly weird? Its' a bit different in the verse, but not weird…and that is what we want from Gaga…different?!? The chorus is typical pop/dance music, ( and yes it will be a hit in the club and in general.) Whoever thinks this is weird has not listened to anything but top 40 music their entire life and thus should never talk about music again…thanks!

  51. edonice says – reply to this


    Once it's remixed it'll make more sense. Right now it sounds to much like a studio demo.

  52. lalababe says – reply to this


    well it's not bad but its defo not a main single…Roar is way much better

  53. Emannxx says – reply to this


    The song is AMAZING!

  54. 154


  55. Joe Joe says – reply to this


    I don't even know how Perez exists as a 'celebrity'. I'm not going to side on this Katy vs Gaga thing but Perez you are an absolute bully and a hypocritical waste of space. Now I don't like to come and troll posts but you for one are one nasty piece of work and have absolutely no right to do as you do. You're a joke and to me definitely NOT a celebrity gossip-whatever. You make me sick seeing you on television or in the news. Hows that for bullying? You seem to like it a lot so why not eat it too because you're definitely not one to be giving negative reviews on anyone; you haven't achieved a thing to be giving negative critique.

  56. Kyla says – reply to this


    it's a pop song Perez….do people have to relate? Just cause it's not a break up song or Roar or Katy Perry doesn't mean it isn't a decent Pop song. If Katy put this out and it was her song, people would love it. The chorus is catchy as hell. In my opinion. Gaga has ALWAYS done her own thing, and look what it has done for her…. EVERYTHING. Fame is her thing, she is a genius. She is a true pop star. She knows all the tricks. I love it. Fresh and new. Go Gaga.

  57. 157

    not a fan of gaga or katy (britney ftw tbh :D ) and i like applause way more than roar. katy is just average and boring, applause is no gaga smash we were used to but its good

  58. Bukeey says – reply to this


    Fuck hypocrite bitches like you perez… This will be a hit, and it's more catchy than roar.

  59. Bukeey says – reply to this



  60. Haley says – reply to this


    I think it's a wonderful song AND radio friendly! It's happy and fun to dance to. As a Lady Gaga fan, I think this and Katy Perry's song Roar are both great up-tempo songs. They're both doing well for themselves and their careers.. Why does Perez keep trying to bring Gaga down? Gaga and Perry have made it publicly known that they're supportive of each other's music. They're both great artists with popular songs out - why tear down our entertainers when we can support and celebrate them for the artists that they are?

  61. VerpissDich says – reply to this


    Ugh this is the best. Well worth the wait. Mother Monster is back, Perez.

    This is going to kill, you just don't want to admit it.

  62. kali says – reply to this


    at least better than beat stealer Katy Perry

  63. Alexis says – reply to this


    What about this exactly is NOT "radio-friendly"? Your bias is so pathetically bias LOL

  64. beqa says – reply to this


    it's very good. i love it. i think it's great and amazing song. i like it more then ROAR. APPLAUSE great

  65. Dax says – reply to this


    Kate Bush is weird. Yoko Ono is weird. Nina Hagen is weird. Bjork is weird. This isn't weird by a long shot. Not that weird is bad, but if you have to express something as "weird," then you probably prefer safe shit…like..I don't know…Katy Perry's "Roar."
    That said, 164 comments as of my typing. Perez is trying to shade his former "wifey," but this is the most comments he's had on a story in quite a while.

  66. G.A. says – reply to this


    It's very boring. It will flop like all of that poor singles of BTW which were all flopped on the charts.

  67. 167

    Wow, You sure have some OPINIONS, perez.

    So, you don't like her anymore, because Born this way wasn't as succesfull as the fame monster, but I remember you tweeting how AMAZING Born this way is, many months before release.

    So eitherway. You said you would change, and stop the hate.
    The only change is that you're hot & hatefull now.

  68. G.A. says – reply to this


    Both Perry and Gaga's songs suck. Wait for Britney's new music produced by William Orbit!!!

  69. CARLOS says – reply to this



  70. FuckPerezShiton says – reply to this


    Dont focus on ANY blogger criticism. I have been a producer/songwriter/musician for over 10 years. Trust the artist, bloggers are not critics. The fans + music scholars are the best critics because they know the artist intimately. ‪#‎STOPHarassingTheArtist‬ we are here to entertain you. - Lady Gaga (the queen)

    We dont need you're opinion, so just stop. Why do you even post her stuff on you blog when you dont like her, or dont think her song is too weird, and not radio friendly! You make money out of spreading rumours, bitching and ditching Artist. So just fuck off Perez Shiton! go and play with your dildo instead… And leave the artist alone.

  71. Valentina says – reply to this


    I like it! How is it weird? It's different than what else is out there, def ahead of the game again.

  72. 172

    Oh, Perez. Your hating ass can have a seat. I'm not even a fan of hers, but even I know this is radio friendly and likely to be a huge hit. Why don't you pull your head out of your ass for a second, you'll feel better. Get over her, she's over over you! xoxo

  73. Beau says – reply to this


    This song friggen sucks. Eres nothing good about it. Its horrid. And the weirdos below that suck gagas tit and d*ck, get the hell outta here! Stop acting like little suckling babies to 'mother monster'…. Barf!

  74. reo says – reply to this


    This track is a great comback song it makes you wanna just get up and dance but yet it has that GAGA edge too. it its got a influential taste of David Bowie to it aswell no doubt it will be a top 3 smash #monstersbuytheappluase p.s it's better than katys plain roar

  75. 175

    Re: FuckPerezShiton – Oh shut up. You would as quickly dis Katy in a second. If Gaga never tweeted that, you would be on here raging against the Katy Perry Machine. Do yourself a favor and form your own opinion…Everyone is entitled to an opinion, not just Little Monsters and music critics. Like she said "We are here to entertain you"…Yes, that is the purpose of a pop star/entertainer, but that doesn't excuse bad music or it doesn't warrant the dismissal of certain "celebrity bloggers" and their opinions. Have you ever thought to think that it was Lady Gaga who dissed Perez Hilton? Perez promoted Gaga before she was ever famous and if not for him, Gaga and the internet wouldn't be so closely associated. Gaga must have done something REALLY rude to warrant Perez's anger and bitterness. Perez never disses Miley, Rihanna, Kesha, Katy, Britney or Beyonce or Madonna and I'm sure they don't pay him to promote their interests either.

  76. ByePerez says – reply to this


    It is kind of sad. That you can't man up! If you would be a real 'man' you should give her credits for the amazing song. Nevertheless it's clear to me that you can't put you personal things beside and me a objective blogger. A good person could seperate work from private…… So this is my last post her. I'm leaving in a silent (beside from this post :P ) protest.
    C'mon Little Monsters join our silent protest and leave this site!

    Ps love the song!

  77. 177

    This woman is a talentless, thieving asshole and the song sucks. But once upon a time you licked this woman's ass every chance you got and applauded every fucking thing she did. I guess you're a bitter little queen about her dumping your worthless ass, huh? Liking or not liking a song is a matter of taste, and I think everything this fugly whore does is terrible and unoriginal. But you? You're just a pathetic twat, Mario. I can applaud one thing Caca has done, and that's kicking your opportunistic ass to the curb, like the trash you are.

  78. 178

    it's not awful but it ain't great either, i feel cheated she didn't give us another Bad Romance or even Alejandro.

  79. a says – reply to this


    as much as I cant stand lady gaga this song is going to be at the top of the charts for months. roar is a blatant copycat and although this sounds somewhat like madonna , its 40000x better than roar.

  80. Diego says – reply to this


    Weird? omg haha its just perfect…. APPLAUSE IS GOING TO BE NUMBER 1.

  81. Minoku says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! *—-*

  82. 182

    This would be a great song to hear while your driving. So I totally disagree it's not radio-friendly. Wishful thinking, Perez. Sorry, she's thrown you away and moved on with her success. Adious, Loser.

  83. jowoww says – reply to this


    YOU are "redundant", Perez
    A knockoff generic wanna-be…riding on the tail coats of other more famous and actually worthy of being celebrites
    You are a hater and an undercover jealous boring bully
    You are a bad gay and don't deserve a child
    point blank
    let's get real
    this song is more relevant than your entire career
    …wait. can you call what you do a career??

  84. Sorcerer says – reply to this


    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    "Perez never disses Miley, Rihanna, Kesha, Katy, Britney or Beyonce or Madonna and I'm sure they don't pay him to promote their interests either."
    I'm kind of convinced that they do pay him (notice how he did a 180 on Miley), and I wouldn't be surprised that the bitterness toward GaGa began when her camp stopped paying him. **shrug**

  85. Shi-Hulk says – reply to this


    I really like it! It sounds much better than a lot of Top 40 music that is currently playing on the radio.

  86. Trevor says – reply to this


    Can't relate to it? The song is about the fans/audience, you idiot! Therefore, the song can be about ANYBODY listening. This IS radio friendly…last.fm crashed because of it! Thanks for your biased post.

  87. jen says – reply to this


    What did she do to you? first you licked her ass and now you do everything you can to make her flop lol hateerrr

  88. rosie says – reply to this


    wooow, didn't you use to worship gaga?

  89. Heyrickyyousofine says – reply to this


    Oh dear…All the hype for this? no seriously. THIS?! its just awful. nothing groundbreaking or innovative, nowhere near the high standard of her other music. Very disappointed. And here was me thinking she was gonna put up a fight when Britney's album lands….BRITNEY FTW.

  90. Italdiva says – reply to this


    LOVE IT! Totally Lady G! Agreed, don't know if it's radio friendly, but it sure it club friendly… Loved it…

  91. willy La Strange says – reply to this


    listen to it at more than 10 times. n the song won`t go out from ya head. GOSH it`s amazing.

  92. Michael says – reply to this


    I'm sure it'll be a huge it…since it sounds just like every other song on the radio right now.

  93. sako says – reply to this


    it wasn't that good

  94. bill says – reply to this


    omg…fiaaascooo!!! awful!!!

  95. michael says – reply to this


    lol perez is so bitter

    he is making himself look like such a joke with all of this gaga shade

    if he was still "friends" with her he would be kissing her ass and calling this song the greatest thing since jesus

    he's such a bitter loser.

    maybe he's jealous that this song will make gaga more money in one day than he will make in his entire lifetime.

  96. kami says – reply to this


    IT 'S AMAZING *.*

  97. 197

    This is some crap! It sounds just like Girl Gone Wild by Madonna! Seriously?? ***SMH***

  98. tony says – reply to this


    kinda weird…not too catchy…i like it but it's not memorable……maybe id like it more with a video….it is better tan Katy perrys "roar" ……but im still waiting for Britney's single…she never dissapoints

  99. Manny says – reply to this


    Hahaha I love that Perez is shading her. This is the only time I actually like him lol. I wonder what she did to piss him off haha. But any who the song is crap. Lady CACA is done for. She can go back to her bat cave and into non existence in this world. No one wants her. Except you monsters. Blah.

  100. 200

    i like it!!! her sound is finally catching up with her image!!!

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